Eric Rudolph’s Mom: I Still Love the Murdering Little Bastard

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path-r.jpgRudolph’s Mother: Son Not a “Monster”

Eric Rudolph’s mother says her son’s confession to a string of bombings across the Southeast was “quite a shock,” but that she still loves him and will continue to do so “no matter what happens.”

“I think each man is destined in life to fulfill whatever he’s called to do, and some people, unfortunately, are on the dark side,” Pat Rudolph, 77, said in an exclusive interview from Florida that aired Monday on CNN, her first television appearance.

“I don’t see him as a monster. I don’t think I could,” she said.

The thing is, I don’t blame Pat Rudolph. From a spiritual standpoint, I understand what she’s saying. Her statement, when you reflect on it, is decidedly contrary to the fundamentalist Christianity that powers her son. In mystical faiths, the Divine is the source of everything we deem “good” or “evil”. To think you can eradicate evil by wedding hands and chanting “Kumbaiyah” while giving the world a Coke is cosmic foolishness.

So am I defending Pat Rudolph? Yep. Pat gets the first prestigious PBB You Look Like a Bad Parent, But You’re Not award. Hell, she should get it just for having to share her son’s last name.

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  • Nicole

    I knew a woman whose son was convicted of one of the more horrific crimes in my area. She believed her son was innocent, and I can probably understand that *more* than Pat Rudolph thinking that her son did it because it was his destiny. Regardless, I think it’s actually touching when a parent supports his child through a difficult situation; I think it comes with the job.