Indian Parents, Son Force Fiancee To Kill Herself

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bollywood.gifEver see the movie Monsoon Wedding? I watched it with my wife a while back, and really liked it. I won’t go into details; I’ll just say that it’s pretty much the exact opposite of this story.

A couple of questions. First, a dowry? Really? I thought those went out of style years ago. Like right around the time Napoleon checked into his digs on St. Helena. Second – the guy stood to get Rs five lakhs – in cash! – and a house valued at Rs 13 lakhs! Dude – come on! That’s Rs 18 LAKHS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! Why so greedy? (No, I have no idea what that means either, but it sounds like a lot.)

Y’know, call me culturally insensitive, but isn’t this a bit, you know, Dark Ages? You have one set of parents attempting to sell off their daughter, and the other set killing said daughter over the deal. And the guy and his dad were cops. Guess they skipped class the day the police academy went over the stuff about dowries being illegal in India since 1961.

  • kristine

    Cause I love a challenge.

    Rs – is the Rupees

    Lahks is Million

    1 Rupee = $0.0221

    So Rs 18 Lahks = 18,000,000 Rupees = $397,800 ($287,300 in house and $110,500 in cash)

    Still not worth murder in my mind.