Gravelle: Confining Children Was Necessary

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Gravelle.jpgI hate Mondays. The weekend’s over, it’s raining, I have a ton of work to do, and now I gotta read about Michael Gravelle trying to justify keeping his kids in cages. That is the cherry on the cake of my day.

Reading this article begs the question: does Gravelle’s lawyer have any hair left? ‘Cause I’m quite sure that he pulled large swatches of it out of his scalp upon learning that Gravelle gave a guided tour of his happy home to a local news reporter, who in turn shared the story with the AP, who in turn shared it with the entire planet. When your client a) shows off his house’s urine- and feces-stained walls and baseboards and b) tells the reporter that making them sleep in the cages was “necessary” – well, you got worries. To paraphrase the late Johhny Cochran: the glove? Fits. So let’s take in comfort in the fact that someone else is having a worse Monday than us.

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