McMahan Clan Bands Together to Fight Off Incest Charges?

Bruce McMahanIf you’re reading around about Bruce McMahan, the hedge fund mogul who married his own daughter, you may notice comments on various sites popping up from a man named “zarconius”. Zarconius may, as he did on my site, claim that the daughter in this case is a complete liar – in spite of all the physical evidence mentioned in the story, and in spite of the fact that McMahan settled all cases related to his incestuous activity in a series of deals put under lock and key by the courts.

What Zarconius won’t tell you is that his name is Jeffrey. Jeffrey McMahan. I learned this little tidbit when he replied privately to my last comment on the McMahan post with this:

If you were a trusting father, there could be a few explanations for any picture, if that is even their hands! Emails and vibrator could be made up. I don’t see anything from the father in the article, it seems all leaked from her side of the story. How do we know they didn’t settle because all this was going to get blown out of the water in court? Just the fact that they settled, and she STILL released this produces a fishy odor in the air, something isn’t right here…

You’re right, Jeffrey. Relatives leaving anonymous comments on Web sites as if they’re objective observers is awfully fishy to me, too.

One has to wonder: Is there a normal, decent person in the entire McMahan family? It feels like I fell asleep and woke up in Chinatown.