Dad Has Sex with Daughters to Produce “Pure Bloodline”, Say Prosecutors

DNAOur next tale of parenting gone horribly astray comes from hot tipper Karen, who informs us about a Brooklyn, New York dad who went all French aristocracy on his family. The unnamed dad (who remains unnamed so that his kids aren’t subjected to the shame and ridicule that ought to be his alone) maintains that he’s innocent of having sex with his daughters over a period of two decades. Prosecutors are accusing the nameless 48-year-old New Yorker of inseminating his children since they were 13, in order to maintain a “pure blood line” within the family. According to the state, the father has sired six children by his own kin.

I wonder: How the HELL can the dad plausibly deny this? All it takes it a simple DNA test to determine whether he’s lying his ass off. What excuse will he be able to concoct once the lab results come back? “Your honor, my client steadfastly maintains that somebody masturbated him in his sleep, and used a turkey baster to inseminate his daughters”? Good luck finding a jury who’ll buy that.

I can only hope that this man’s daughters aren’t ruined for life due to the ordeal that he put them through.

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