More Parental Abandonment: Shalla M. Vint Leaves Nine Kids to Go Drinking, Baby!

Hopedale, OhioAnd you thought Heather heck leaving her baby in her boyfriend’s SUV for the weekend was bad. Well, it was. But Shalla M. Vint makes Heck look like Donna Reed holding a Mary Poppins umbrella. The 35-year-old mother of NINE from Hopedale, Ohio is going to face a jury over charges that she left all of her kids home alone to go out boozing. The family had been on Department of Human Services radar for a while, as the kids – who range in age from 2 to 13 – had been forced to go door to door begging for food. Police swooped in when they heard mom was knockin’ some back at a bar in nearby Cadiz; they escorted Vint to the Jefferson County hoosegow as soon as she came home.

Where the hell was the kids’ father? Or, um, fathers? Oops, my bad – there was only one, and Harrison County Sheriff Mark Miller hopes prosecutors throw the book at him, too. Dad, who hasn’t been named, was reportedly at work when the incident occurred. Given that the kids had no beds or blankets and their mobile home was hardly furnished, it’s no surprise that they’re gunning for dad to boot. You’d think that if you had no furniture, you’d be saving back your money instead of squandering it on whiskey shots.

What does Shalla Vint have to say for herself? Simple: she’s been framed! Vint insists that she left the kids at home with a babysitter, who mysteriously vanished into the night. We’ll see how well that tale holds up in court.

I’ll never understand the logic of someone who thinks it’s easier to squeeze out more kids than it is to tell your hubby to don a Jimmy hat. I pity these poor children. I’ll bet that getting arrested is the best thing Shalla Vint’s ever done for them.

(Hat tip: Danyal)

  • Anonymous

    Tubal ligation please!! 
    So basically the poor 13 year old is saddled with watching 8 other kids?????This woman has literally been pregnant since 1998. Now that she’s no longer pregnant, (HOPEFULLY),  the decision is to leave 9 kids on their own to go bar hopping? You gotta be kiddin’ me!Shalla what on Earth were you thinking hon? Could you be more irresponsible? What are you trying to do find yet another sperm donor for   10?? I doubt you had a sitter b/c a sitter would be highly concerned about NO blankets??!! And no beds?? What about the little babies. This is disgusting! If this whole “sitter” story is a fake, it’s going to be rough going to get all those kids to vouch for you Shalla. It can’t be easy but you chose to have all these kids, you must choose  reliable sitters too ! And get some freaking blankets. If you can’t afford them there are charities that will donate them you sadistic  barfly!!!

  • Ambermorris_31

    well you know wat its her fuckin business, and shes my aunt and i happen to know she had a babysitter who left the kids. so mind your ouwn fucking business, back the fuck up and step the fuck off

    • April

      Or what?  What in the fuck are you going to do about it?  Maybe if your aunt wasn’t such a piece of shit, people wouldn’t be talking about her.  So how about you back the fuck off and shut the fuck up.  Stupid ass hood rat loser.

    • Lillian

      Well, sweetie, if she’s so beloved, why weren’t YOU watching those precious children?