Jetley Morgan Dikkers Arrested for Child Abuse after Beating Infant Stepson

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j0341646.jpgIn Longmont, Colorado, Jetley Morgan Dikkers, 26, was arrested on four counts of  knowingly or recklessly causing serious bodily injury to his eight-month-old stepson. Dikkers had been the boy’s primary caregiver while the baby’s mom worked. Dikkers has also been charged with four counts of negligence.

Luckily for this child, the housing manager of the family’s building reported the infant’s visible injuries to social services. They immediately worked with police to get an arrest warrant for Dikkers. Finally, a time where the system worked!

The officer who was called out to check on the baby immediately saw multiple injuries like a large bruise on the left side of his face and a large bump on his head the circumference of a baseball. Oh my god!

The officer said the child also had bruises on his forehead, cheek, lip, chin, hands, wrists, back and ears. The baby’s lip was also covered with bleeding sores. A bite mark was found on the baby’s shoulder.

The baby was hospitalized injuries that weren’t immediately noticeable to police like a lacerated liver, three skull fractures, a broken leg, and several broken ribs.

What the fuck was going on? 

Dikkers told police the baby was injuring himself on toys. His other story was that he fell down the stairs while holding the baby and had dropped the baby while giving him a bath. Yeah sure, and when I hear the little boy’s mother didn’t believe that Dikkers abused the baby, I wonder if she was in on it too.

Prosecutors are still deciding if she will be charged as well. Dikkers is being held on $50,000 bond.

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  • Jazmin


  • doctorj

    Me again,

    When is Jetties mug shot going to be up here? Maybe you have it but wont post it because your afraid every one will think this serious case is a joke. One goofy looking dude ette!

    Ill send the site one if I can find one!

  • doctorj

    Hey MRB,

    Hope all envolved are ok except the parents!
    Im sure the mom as well as the 14yr old were all scared by him too. Maybe he threatened them. But like “mg” I know the parties too, as will come out in court. Jettie will be a Betty in prison! It seems like his whole family minus 2 of 3 sisters are from the backwoods of some other country anyway. Eating people (biting) as a joke, come on now mg, do you do that to your siblings?

    When a baby is hurt like that, its not an accident.

  • mg

    has anyone stopped to think that maybe the newspaper is fully accurate? i know both of them, they we have been friends for a long time
    everyone that truely knows him has a hard time believing this. as for the articles i can telll you they are not accurate at all. i saw the baby the night this happend, he did not have bruising on his chin, or bleeding sores on his mouth and there was no bite mark on his shoulder. he was sick and teething which caused a runny nose and and it was chapped where the runny nose was. the “loser” mother you keep trying to put down worked very hard for her family and yes she did notice the bruising and was very watchful with it, always asking what happend when she saw something new. the baby was not acting as hurt as the paper is portraying, he was a very happy little boy very active and her heart she doesnt deserve to have what is happening to her. if she would have thought or even suspected that man would have been gone before he knew what hit him she was very protective of him all she did was make a mistake so why dont you stop sitting on your asses and quit judging people unfairly by newspaper articles which arent even correct! did you know them? i really doubt it i do and the paper is causing nothing but slander and should be sued.

  • yoshi

    You guys make it sound like being a stay-at-home Dad is worse than the original story.

  • Pb3

    everyone of these stories involves someone that is not even related to these children. What is up with all these mothers going off to work and leaving thier children with there boyfriends/step fathers—why are the men sitting home and the women out working. Sorry but mom was involved in this one too—no way she didnt see signs and ignored

  • mainlady

    How come the Mother did not notice any bruising?

  • peach

    Ever notice how many of the step father or boyfriend abusers have the kids while the mom works? Is there a problem with the guy working?

  • April RJ

    These stories just get better. When will people learn they this shit just doesn’t fly??

  • Pak67

    What could an 8 month old baby do that could possibly make an adult do this much harm to him??? It goes beyond my comprehension. Just picturing it is unreal to me. What a wimp this guy is that he can’t handle an 8 month old but the mother has to be a real winner too, to even hook up with a loser like this guy. These types of people are just destined to attract eachother then throw kids into the mix and it’s a living nightmare. Glad he was caught.

  • rockdoll_71

    God, how sad. Well at least he’s in safe custody now. Thank God.