10-year-old gives birth — father is her mothers boyfriend.

Michael Chaffer is facing criminal charges for impregnating and sexually molesting a girl under the age of 13 — a crime punishable by life in prison.

An investigation wasn’t launched until the 10-year-old gave birth. You’d think someone like a friend, family or teacher would have noticed a pregnant 6th grader and called someone. At least the hospital workers were doing their job.

The 10-year-old girl (now staying with relatives) has had her newly born daughter have been taken away by Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services (JFS) and is now in foster care.

She is not likely to get her baby back as prosecutors don’t feel a 6th grader is capable of raising a child… and obviously she won’t be getting the help of her parents.

It looks like mommy (now grandma) may be going away too. The girls’ mother was warned not to let any adult men around until they could determine who the father was. But when caseworkers made a surprise visit, they found Michael Chaffer.

Hopefully both children are in better hands now.

(thanks kat for sending in this tip)

Category: Sexual Abuse
  • bmht

    thats wierd and awkward tooo jeez i dont want any of my children to do that. its crazy. i dont think i would alow my kids to do that sort of thing.  this article is mess up in the head……………………………………….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ABB7GOECBCEHGWFLB2VBGLLFNM Stef

    so the poor ten year old girl gets asbused and molested then she gets her child taken away from her and the poor baby doesnt grow up with mommy!!!????
    what is wrong with this world!!!! keep the little kids together!!!!!!!

    • Risskia

       I wish the little girl and her baby could both be fostered by the same family.   I’d take ’em both, but I’m nowhere nearby.