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Va. couple charged with murder in death of 11-month-old daughter

Murder charges for baby’s parents:

Breeders Linwood Jones Jr. and Shawntay D. Jones, both 25, of Suffolk, Va. were arrested Monday and charged with murder in the December death of their 11-month-old daughter Zanya Jones.

On December 1st paramedics were called to the house to find Zanya laying on the floor. Her body was already cold and rigor mortis had already started to set it.

The Breeders were charged with murder after the autopsy revealed that Zanya died from malnutrition and dehydration.

As usual in these cases the home had little heat, trash all around, no running water and feces in the bathroom.

Makes me wonder if they had a flat screen TV and an Xbox though? Not only that but it doesn’t cost money to pick up the damn trash in your house. And if they were really that bad off there are plenty of government programs that would let you feed your own damn kids.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

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  1. One thing that really pisses me off in cases of babies/young children dying of malnutrition at their parents’ hands is that 9 times out of 10 the parents are fat pigs, showing that they were feeding their own fat behinds before feeding their kids. If I was that bad off you can better believe that my kids would be eating before I even thought of feeding myself. What losers.

  2. I agree Deborah, if it comes down to my kids eating or me eating, they get it all…. How anyone can let their child starve is just beyond me.

  3. Sorry, Debra, not Deborah….

  4. people like this are usually on all the government programs for free food; food stamps; WIC…and the food gets purchased and sold with all profits going to support their addictions (i personally know a couple like this…thank God a relative came forward and took the kids and is giving them a loving; stable home…2 of them have gained around 4 lbs. each and grown several inches since they came to live with her 6 months ago). guess that’s what happens when you feed them several square meals a day and snacks.

  5. It is discraceful that ANYONE could starve a child to death… That poor child would have had a slow and painful death. Bring back corpral punishment…. eye for an eye!! Starve them and leave them sitting in their own poo and rubbish. That poor child!

  6. I feel for children who have to go through that kind of neglect, there is no reason for it, as a mother of three children I would feed them first before myself, I am their provider, protector and the one who gives them unconditional love. Children are a gift from god loaned to you for a period of time, it is time people out there realize that in the end it is god they will have to face! I would sooner starve before I would let my children go hungry!! I hope these people get whats coming to them!!RIP Zanya

  7. i dnt know why such people like that even have
    children that dnt know how to look after children i think these kind of people should suffer more than life sentence

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