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12-year-old girl forced to cut up her own mother’s body

Girl Forced to Help Killer, Police Say:

Police: Man made daughter help as he cut body:

31-year-old James Hawkins of Memphis, Tenn. has been charged in the brutal murder Charlene Gaither in February of 2008. Gaither and Hawkins had three children together. Gaither was killed five months after Hawkins had been paroled from prison after serving 15 years for robbery.

What makes this story even more tragic is that not only did their then 12-year-old daughter witness the murder but Hawkins allegedly forced the girl to help him dismember the body. The girl claims she could only look away when her mother’s head fell to the floor after cutting it off with an electric saw.

When the girl protested that she didn’t want to do this anymore Hawkins allegedly said “Do you want to die too?”

Gaither’s body was found without her head hands or feet. She was identified through DNA.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Thanks to Lady Jade and IHK2 for the tips.

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  1. I want to kill this man myself. The dude likes pain? I’d give him pain. The dude likes death? Hell, I’d give him death. I literally threw up reading this. I’m glad that the prosecutors decided for him to get the death penalty cuz Hawkins truly deserves to die for killing Charlene Gaither as well as forcing that poor girl cut the mom’s body into pieces and then threatening to kill her [the girl] if she refused to cut the mom’s body further. R.I.P. Charlene Gaither, at least you are safe now and far away from your evil sadistic excuse for a penis and I hope that your daughter finds a loving home forever.

  2. I hope this guy gets horribly prison raped. Every day. With sharp objects.

  3. This is beyond sick. I have no words.

  4. Kind of off topic, but if Hawkins had just finished serving 15 years for robbery, and the daughter was 12 years old….how did that happen? Did he get conjugal visits, or was the sentence 15 years but shortened for good behavior? Just curious.

    Also, I like Jen’s idea. And hand out a couple of electric saws to some of the more sadistic inmates as well. I’m sure they could come up with some interesting ideas for ‘removable’ parts.

  5. Oh, and how old were the other kids, and were they present at the time as well? I hope they were at least able to place all of the kids together as a family unit in one place.

  6. I read a story like this and don’t understand how people can think there isn’t real evil in this world.

  7. Angel, the other kids were younger – two boys – and the girl says they didn’t witness the murder or the body disposal afterward. Thank god for that much at least.

    What a courageous, iron-strong little girl this is! I just want to find her and give her a big hug and tell her she didn’t do anything wrong. Thanks to her bravery, her little brothers are protected and her father will get the justice he so richly deserves. It’s never easy for a child to go against a parent in court, but for this little girl who was traumatized and threatened to do so is just awe-inspiring.

    I agree with SFDude. I pray she finds the loving, supportive family she deserves!

  8. This makes my soul cry.

  9. Angel, Im wondering the same thing you are. But 15 years for robbery is a long time? Maybe it was really 15 months?? But either way, poor little girl. I couldnt imagine what she went through.

  10. Evil personified. What a cruel, depraved human being…if he can even be called human. I’m terribly upset at the description of the dismemberment. I can only imagine the horror for that little girl who had to actually assist. She is brave beyond her years.

  11. He got paroled early. One of the articles says the girl was 4 when he was convicted for a string of robberies. So, her younger brothers were toddler/infant age. Looks like he served about 8 years.

    I agree that he is evil. And, I have no objections to the death penalty in this case. Hopefully, the girl will somehow learn to cope with this and go on to lead a happy life.

  12. I sure do hope he gets the death penalty. If this doesnt qualify for it then I dont know what does!

  13. Hahahahahaha! Great joke Trent!

    …. You are joking on this one. Right? Please say this is a joke!

  14. Yikes just imagine the trauma the kid had to go through.
    That’s so unfair that she would have to grow up not right in the head because of this 🙁

  15. that makes no since he should have been sent to the electric chair

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