Brian Martin is possibly the fastest drunk alive

Police: Father Grabs Drink While Kids Play Outside Bar:

29-year-old Brian Martin of Des Moines, Iowa was arrested on child endangerment and public intoxication after his kids were found wandering around the bar parking lot.

The bartender says that he was only in there for 5-10 minutes which means he was either blind stinking drunk before he got there or he drank in an entire keg in those 10 minutes because he blew a stupidly impressive .233 BAC.

At the time of his arrest Martin allegedly said that “maybe I’m not in any condition to take care of my kids.”

Ya think?

With that BAC we have a new champion sitting atop the BB BAC Board.

Thanks to Aric for the tip.

  • TinaDev

    He was definitely drunk before he got to the bar AND obviously still drunk when they took the above picture. Nobody is THAT happy to be arrested unless they are drunk or high.

    I'm thinking NO visits again! And, I'm also very happy the children are okay and were not injured.

  • loving_mom

    I read the full article and mom came and got her babies. Hopefully mom is a more responsible person and they were just visiting with dad. Mom word of advice…..supervised visits.

    I am glad the babies did not get hurt and are safe. They are young to 2 4 and 8. Sweet unharmed babies.