New Jersey Breeder sets a BAC record with kids in the car

Cops: N.J. Mom Blows .39 With 3 Kids In Car:

We have a new leader sitting not so proudly atop of the BB BAC Board with a BAC so high I do not think we will ever see this broken.

36-year-old Georgette Massi was arrested in Mahwah, New Jersey for DWI, which is what we call it in Jersey, and for having her 3 kids in the car with her. Her kids are ages 1 and 6 while there was also a friend of one the kids who was also 6.

Massi has set the drunk bar, no pun intended, high by blowing a massive .39 BAC. That is five times the legal limit. By all rights she should have been comatose and not driving kids around in a Jeep Cherokee.

Her husband is blaming her drinking on, you guessed it, Post Partum Depression and he also said that he knew she drank but didn’t realize it was this bad. I’m sorry but my dad was a massive drinker and probably could function on a .39 but there was no way he could hide that. River in Egypt if you know what I mean.

  • Angel

    Ivy, in response to a couple of your comments to me:

    “You don't care. “
    Oh, how wrong you are…I DO CARE. Just not about the murdering abusive people who call themselves parents just because they were able to conceive. I care about the children who are on the receiving end of their anger. That's why I'm HERE. To speak for the children.

    “because there are too many people out there who still don't understand what it's truly like to be depressed.”
    If you had read my entire comment, I find it hard to believe that you would justify your views toward me with that line. What part of “I have been there” did you not understand? I have firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of this condition than most, since I battled it more than a few times. Again, don't lecture me about something I had, and try to use it to back up your views. The people who do things like this woman did make me, and others who didn't hurt their children, look bad by association.

    Also, the 'attack' was initiated by you, with your comment,
    “You obviously know nothing about what it's like to have PPD or know someone who's truly had it, otherwise you would not be making such outrageously ignorant remarks.”
    You made a comment to me based on your personal opinion with no concrete evidence to back up your remarks, and it turns out you were wrong. Not only am I educated about this condition, I have experienced it. Did my rebuttal to you sting so much that you had to come back and try to salvage your dignity? And you are still making comments based on your opinion of my views rather than my experience, i.e. the first two comments I quoted in this response. And now your feelings are hurt because I 'attacked' you? Really???? Have you had PPD? Are you speaking from experience, or just 'book learning? I'd really like to know, since you brushed my comments aside so easily.

    “I'm done here. “

    Can we count on that, or will you be stopping by other threads on this site in the future to let us all know how wrong we are to condemn these people? Just curious….

  • Ivy

    Angel, you are right. You are entitled to your own opinion that I'm trying to promote my blog, etc. I'm actually doing what I'm doing (i.e., posting weekly so that others can be informed) because there are too many people out there who still don't understand what it's truly like to be depressed. If it makes you feel better to call me names, so be it. If you'd read my latest comment exchanged with JJ (with whom I had better luck having a reasonable exchange that wasn't loaded with anger), you can see that I'm not justifying Georgette's behavior (or any other PPD mom's behavior, for that matter). I'm not going to say more, and why not? Because you are just going to use every excuse in the book to attack me. You've already decided I'm some kind of enemy. Buzzard? Get the flock out of here? Good one! I'll just end with this. You don't care. I get it. Whatever. I'm done here.

  • Angel

    I do know someone who has 'truly' had PPD. ME! After the births of all but my first child. I know exactly what it's like. Don't come here to lecture me and promote your blog – it means less than nothing to me. I know how the depression affects every aspect of your life. I also know that using such a condition as an excuse for hurting, killing, or endangering your child is A CROCK OF S**T! Although I suffered from that condition, I did not beat, maim or kill any of my babies – and I sure as hell didn't drink enough alcohol to anesthetize a small town and then take my kids for a joyride. Your defense of PPD in this situation shows both your arrogance AND your idiocy. I never said that PPD was a crock – only that in this case it is. And many other losers profiled on this blog also try to justify their heinous actions by screaming PPD. In my opinion (which you are entitled to disagree with) using PPD to justify or excuse abhorrent behavior toward a child is A CROCK! Especially when there are so many effective treatments for this condition. All the women have to do is ask their doctors.

    Again, don't lecture me – I've been there. Go back to your blog and post excuses for bad behavior if you want – and I'll continue to post my opinion that the abusive freaks here are using a valid medical condition as a scapegoat for their personal shortcomings. People like this make those of us who HAVE suffered through this condition look bad by association. Why don't you act like the buzzard you seem to be…..and get the flock out of here…….

  • jj

    Oops, forgot the K, “knew” better.

  • jj

    THAT”S THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT!!!! She new better and she should not have driven the car! Whether she had PPD or not doesn't change that. You just chose to focus on the fact that our OPINIONS of her husband's claims of PPD are bullshit.

  • jj

    Boy, it's never the murdering or child endangering woman's fault is it? I think you're the one who doesn't get it. Just because someone says they have PPD, or uses it as an excuse for bad behavior, doesn't mean that they:
    a)are suffering from it, or
    b)are unable to control their actions

    That's what you don't get. Just because someone says something, DOESN'T MAKE IT TRUE!!!!!!! I can say I'm a 24 yo, 6ft tall blonde, but does that make it true?

    So, buh-bye. I guess we're just a bunch of uneducated meanies who *gasp* expect people to be held responsible for their own actions. I'm so sorry that you find us lacking in some way, I hope I can find the strength to carry on.

  • Ivy

    Also forgot to mention that I am in agreement that Georgette should NEVER have driven at all in the state that she was in. For that, was completely irresponsible. She should have known better.

  • Ivy

    Oh, and forgot to mention that her husband, if in fact he really thought she had PPD, is culpable if he didn't encourage her to seek treatment.

    JJ, but you DON'T know Georgette's situation for certain, do you? No one but she knows what she really had to go through postpartum. If you read my post and have time to read some of my other ones, you'll see that all too many women with PPD don't know that they even have it. Many are still misdiagnosed today by docs who should know better but don't.

    Andrea Yates had postpartum psychosis. You, like a majority of people out there, don't understand what that is. I could go on and on about this, but I'm not going to because that's going to unleash fury like there's no tomorrow here, and I simply do not feel in the mood to get attacked by people who don't get it. I'll just say this. Postpartum psychosis is NOT the same thing as PPD. It's much more rare and a hell of a lot more deadly. It can lead to suicide and/or infanticide. True, it was incredibly horrendous what Andrea did, but does anyone know what she personally was going through? She was incredibly ill. Docs failing her with meds failing her and no support to speak of. Her husband and even her minister share the blame. Wikipedia will give you the details.

  • jj

    You're just assuming that is what we are doing, when nothing could be further from the truth. Several regular posters have suffered from PPD, and you don't have to have suffered from it to know (and sympathize) what it is. What we are saying is people whip out the PPD excuse ALL THE TIME! Personally, I read this crap so often, that I am skeptical whenever I hear a woman use that as an excuse for bad behavior. It's too easy to say that, and get sympathy or people defending their actions.

    As far as that bitch is concerned, how is that going off track? I wanted to know your personal opinions about a highly publicized case of PPD, that's it. It was said in a sarcastic way, sorry, that's just me. That's all any of this stuff is, personal opinion. I do believe that PPD and other mental illnesses cause people to do unspeakable things, just not in this case and not in her case.

  • Ivy

    I cannot speak for Georgette. I am just saying that people should not be attacking those who could have postpartum depression without even knowing what it truly is. True, this woman should have sought treatment if in fact she had PPD. I am in no way saying that every mom out there with problems should blame it on PPD. And don't go off track by bringing Andrea Yates into the picture.

  • jj

    According to your own post, these women are using alcohol to self medicate instead of seeking proper help for their issues. That's why the PPD claim is such bullshit. They know they have problems, they can't cope, so pick up a bottle. Just like any other alcoholic. The reasons for using (and driving, which is the point of the story, NOT the drinking) are not relevant. The fact that she endangered her children with her selfish actions, is why we are pissed. You cannot just blame everything on PPD! You probably think Andrea Yates was just “crying out for help” too, don't you?

  • Ivy

    Before shooting off your mouth about postpartum depression being a load of crock, get educated about it first. You obviously know nothing about what it's like to have PPD or know someone who's truly had it, otherwise you would not be making such outrageously ignorant remarks.

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  • loving_mom

    How in the world did she get up off the couch and make it outside with three kids? .39 she must be a beast drinker with no liver to be able to do that. Hubby didn't notice there was a problem? Are you serious or are you just so sick and tired of your wifes drinking that you overwork yourself to support her habit and pay bills so you dont have to be home?

    At least the kids are alive. If I were mom of the other child I would have a go at her even if the police wouldnt let me. Dad you need to keep ths lunatic away from your children and stand up for yourself and save your kids!

  • Angel

    PPD? My arse! Unless the PPD stands for post-party dimwit….I hope they let the mother of the other kid have a go at this mom. If it were me, I would make sure she was in no condition to drink for a while if she'd had my kid in the car. Full body cast, jaw wired shut. The only liquid she'd be getting for a while would be from a tube, not a bottle. What a loser….

  • Kathy

    Unbelievable. I agree, Trench… how was she even conscious? I would think that level would = dead. I'm grateful the kids are ok. And, this chick needs some recourse for her actions. But, she also needs detox.

  • cherishlee

    *om nom nom* Yum… tequila marinade.

  • Trench Reynolds

    She's from New Jersey where the weak are killed and eaten.

  • cherishlee

    How is she not… you know, dead?

  • Trench Reynolds

    Yes, silver bracelets.

  • April

    Holy fuck. Does she get a trophy for that record?