NY man challenges the BAC leader

Police: Man blows .32; Kids on the hood:

The dimly lit man over there is 37-year-old Johnny Winn. He was arrested in Cold Spring, NY for driving drunk and having a BAC of .32.

When I posted about the woman who blew a .39 I knew no one would come close. However I would be willing to give Winn some style points for driving drunk with two kids on the hood.

Alas that’s not how the scoring works but Winn not only gets himself arrested but he finds himself in 2nd place on the drunk board.

  • Angel

    I rode on the hood of my mother's car when I was 10 years old. But she wasn't drunk. And it still didn't work out well for me. I ended up in ICU for 2 weeks, and a regular room for another two. Both lungs collapsed, skin peeled off of my entire back and my right arm from shoulder to elbow (road rash). I still have some pretty nice scars…….

    To be fair to my mother, that WAS when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, kids rode in the back of pickups, seat belts were optional, and child safety seats had not even been invented. Man…I'm old….

    This guy is simply stupidity personified. Anybody know how old the kids were?