Drunken Stupar (Ties BAC Leader)

Woman allegedly drove with 0.39 BAC, child in vehicle:

40-year-old Joleen Stupar of Sheboygan, Wisconsin was arrested after being found allegedly slumped behind the wheel of her minivan drunk while her 3-year-old was in the backseat.

Police say she had a BAC of .39 which ties her for first place on BAC Board. I guess it didn’t take as long as I thought ot would. Also police say they found a half empty bottle of vodka in the minivan.

It seems that Stupar was training to score high on the board as she had been previously charged with other DUI’s in which she had BACs of .36 and .33 in 2005.

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

  • Digchild

    She should get treatment for her drinking problem.Otherwise,excessive drinking could kill her.

  • Angel

    Frequently, I would imagine. How the devil did her husband not know what was going on? Or did she even have one? What a selfish loser….

  • Amy

    It does make me wonder how often these mothers are drunk at home. How often are these 3 & 4 year olds left to fend for themselves…

  • Kathy

    How are these people not dead or comatose? I'm glad the kid is okay. I hope she gets help.

  • TinaDev

    Thank God she passed out & was unable to drive – it could've been worse. I will never understand drunk mothers.

  • kellykellykelly

    She has the perfect last name, sounds like she drank herself into a “stupor”