Pregnant Breeder on meth slams infant to the pavement

Police: Mother flings baby to ground in meth-fueled rage:

23-year-old Kayla Neighbors of Greenwood, Indiana was arrested last week for slamming her infant to the ground while tweaked out on meth.

Her neighbors were concerned because she was screaming about dropping her baby. When her neighbors found her baby and handed it to her she looked at the baby then threw it on the parking lot pavement.

She”s allegedly admitted to police that she was on meth.

And to make matters worse she’s 6-months pregnant.

The infant sustained a fractured skull.

Knowing what we know now most logical people wouldn’t even smoke cigarettes while pregnant or having small children around. So just imagine the amount of sheer idiocy it must take for someone to smoke meth not only while they’re supposed to be taking care of an infant but while pregnant as well.

It’s too bad that meth doesn’t make you sterile.

Thanks to Raven for the tip.

  • Beanmagnet

    The sad truth is being on meth causes women to become more promiscuous, therefore, leading to more children. Ive heard stories about dope head chicks having seven kids or more, all taken away from them. I know a lady who used to live in my town, had two kids before she moved there, both were taken away, had one kid while she lived there, he was taken away, then moved back to where she came from to have two MORE kids, and both of THOSE were taken away. Five kids to one dope head women, and that happens alot apparently.

  • April

    Naw – you don't wanna hurt the baby.  I say sew her snatch shut with a rusty needle.

  • Ihavekidstoo

    When it's time to deliver the second baby, I vote for a c-section with a rusty, dull spoon.

  • loving_mom

    Not trying to give you ladies and gents my whole life lol but, my dad did heavy equpiment recovery and he is a trained first responder. Daddy got into a very very very nasty accident, a semi pinned him between his truck and the semi (a chain broke….freak accident). This was when I was young and lived in PA it was about -10 or so that day very very cold. He broke both of his femur bones and had 15 open compound fractures.

    Dad was in the hospital for a while and when he came home he did home therapy. Mother said she could not handle the stress of having to deal with daddys injuries so she left us….and got married to the asshat that was supposed to be my daddys friend. He was a real fucktard. My bro and I stayed with Daddy for a few years and then Daddy decided to leave Pennsylvania. Mother threw a fit and went to a judge and judge said we had to stay in Pennsylvania.

    We were stuck with looney toons. Her penis kicked me out when I was 13 and then again when I was 17. My bro is with mother. All though she treated me like a piece of crap I do have to admit that given his disabilty Mother takes very good care of him. He gets the best education he can get and she has him on a waiting list for an apartment complex that has other “mentally retarted” people who live there with nurses and help. They also will set him up with a job, grocery trips, social and event outtings and transportation. She is getting older now and realizes she can't always be there for him.

    Ironically one of my older sisters has sadly taken in her footsteps. She already left one child close to where I live now (in Alabama) and my mother has the son she just had a few weeks ago. Mother is in the process of adopting him.

    I also want to make it clear here that even thought mother made the choices she did we never went without anything. We always had a home, food and clothes. As far as I know mother never slammed us on the ground or hurt us other wise!

  • TinaDev

    Wow. I'm sorry you had to grow up like that. It sounds like you chose the opposite route, though, and are a way better Mom to your kids than your own Mom was to you. What happened to your little brother? Is he living with your parents, still? I admire you for doing what you did. Sounds like your childhood was robbed from you.

  • loving_mom

    Addictions are sad. I grew up with two addicts. When I was 7 I had to pull my mom's tonuge out her throat before she died of OD that was while I was bathing my 3 year old little brother with Down Syndrome. My dad did his best to hide his addictions and lead a “normal” life. My mother has NEVER EVER apologized to me or my other brothers and sisters for her selfish decisions. My daddy, on the other hand, has been clean for about 6 years now. He has apologized in his own way for making my childhood more complicated then it needed to be and putting the responsibility for raising a child with Down Syndrome on a child.

    While my mother now is clean and only taking the meds she is perscribed and dosn't drink anywhere close to what she used to she still thinks like an addict. She still thinks she did nothing wrong.

    I have accepted my dads apology and he has been a part of my childrens life. Will I ever fully forgive my parents? No….I missed out on slumber parties, dating, my prom, dances, and most other social activities.

    When I got older I resented the fact that I learned that other kids didn't live that way and that my parents has the ability to get clean and still choose not to.

  • Kathy

    She probably boinks people for money. She's boinking someone otherwise she wouldn't be pregnant…. who's to say she didn't get paid for it. I hope she gets help. And, I hope the unborn infant hasn't sustained deformities due to her drug addiction. And, I hope the infant with the fractured skull finds a loving home.

    I'm with you loving_mom… if I had witnessed her slamming a baby to the ground, I think I would have lost self-control and knocked out whatever teeth she has left.

  • BriBee

    Drug addictions are sad. They tear families apart and change the user into nothing more than a creature seeking a fix. They don't have the capacity to care about anyone else–not their kids and not themselves.

    I hope she gets help, and those kids find a stable home.

  • loving_mom

    Where do ppl get the money for this stuff. After I pay rent, gas up the car, diapers, day care, cell phone bill, and electric bill I AM TAPPED OUT. I have no problem admitting that 85-90% of the time my bills are not paid on time. Much less trying to keep up with a meth habit.

    Why didn't her neighbors try and help her….or kick her ass after she slammed her baby on the ground? She may have been pregnant but, her face isn't. IMHO I would have laid her ass out. Just being honest.

  • TinaDev

    APRIL, that's the first thing I thought when I saw her nose.

    That poor child, and the one inside of her. I cannot understand drunk/drug addict Mom's. I seriously cannot. There are so many people who want babies. :( I'm so sad over this.

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  • April

    I'm sorry…. I have to say it….. Does her nose look like a…. a….. dick??? Dick nose??

  • April

    Damn…. This calls for a Mether's Day poem. Let me clear my head and I'll see what I can come up with.

  • Grace W

    If I had witnessed that I would have jumped on her white trash ass and beat the SHIT out of her. Probably till her brain matter (if she has any) was all over the sidewalk. Why the FUCK isn't her stupid ass husband making sure she is in rehab or that the daughter is taken out of her custody? Is he a meth head too?