5-year-old fatally mauled

Police: Child May Have Been Fatally Mauled:

I take a lot of heat for my opinion of pit bulls in that I think that the majority of pit bull owners are trashy. Well, pit bull owners can rejoice now because there is a dog that I think is owned by even trashier people, the wolf hybrid dog.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the breed they are a cross between an actual wolf, the animals from the wild that are vicious killers, and a domestic breed.

In Lincoln Park, Michigan a 5-year-old boy by the name of Kyle Holland was fatally mauled by one or more dogs in his own house. Police do not yet which dog or if both dogs were involved but one of the dogs was a 35 pound black and white Labrador mix and the other was a 90 pound wolf hybrid.

Kyle’s mother says that she put Kyle down to sleep Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to find that the boy had been mauled to death. However she claims that both her and her boyfriend did not hear anything. Before you ask how that’s possible let me just add that the boyfriend was arrested on unrelated drug charges. I’m not saying that’s why but it would explain a lot.

To make matters worse the dogs were not well fed and wolf hybrids are not even legal in the state of Michigan.

A trust fund has been set up for Kyle’s funeral expenses. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Thanks to Cathy for the tip.


    Please read the Trust Fund for Kyle carefully.  Do YOU want to donate to “We”?  Who is “We”.  You want to help with funeral expences for Kyle?  Well plan on paying for mom’s bail and court cost for her attorney too.   It says that “we” can spend your donation on anything concerning Kyle’s death.  Please go to Kyle’s facebook page, Justice4Kyle and join over 3,000 others that support his deceased father’s family.
    Whoever runs this site…..Kathy did you no favors tipping you off to Kyle’s trust fund……the mom you dissparage so well is the “WE”.

  • http://profiles.google.com/cathleenhirsch Cathleen Hirsch

    It was NOT a hybrid wolf.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Um…. Okay.

    • CynicalMe

      This is NOT about the BREED it IS about the innocent CHILD that died!! Get your priorities straight!!

    • Meredith

      Gee, that’s helpful…

      Care to shed any light on the actual important part of the story like the fact that a child was mauled in a house with 2 adults who some how were able to sleep through the attack? No? Well, then get the hell out.

      The kind of animal that did this is not nearly as important as the fact that an innocent child was killed while the people in charge of protecting him did nothing to stop it.

    • Anonymous

      I think after my last run in with dog owners about breeds I will leave the hybrid not hybrid info out of this.

      Ms Hirsch, are you really trying to say that after reading a story as horrific as this about a child actually being mauled to death while his adult protectors did nothing to help him, all you can comment on is whether or not this animal was a hybrid wolf?

      I think maybe it would be in your best interest to leave this site and never come back. Why don’t you just mosey on over to the PETA site and talk to them.

    • TNGRL

      You are so very wrong……test results are in & police have reported that it is indeed a wolf hybrid after DNA test were run on the larger of 2 dogs. Also reported today….charges against the mother & boyfriend issued by prosecuters office……MANSLAUGHTER  for both add in drugs, lying to police, & child abuse.

  • KT


    What this wiki site says in their ‘Mission Statement’ is in perfect alignment with Trench’s point.

    What they recommend in the ‘Meeting The Wolves’ paragraph is laughable “…we should bare our teeth and look them directly in the eyes”.

    Was this 5 year old taught to ‘bare his teeth and stare them in the eye’ so that, in his own home, while asleep at night, he is required to perform these unrealistic tasks just to stay alive????

    The article says no one should have wolves in captivity. Period.

  • Krissy

    And Jennifer, pit bulls make wonderful family pets… They can take a lot of rough handling from kids and tolerate it. Just train him/her to be gentle and stuff because they are high energy dogs. My pit plays very well with my Pomeranian Chihuahua mix. My pomahuahua actually taks my pit down. it’s very cute.

  • Krissy

    First off.. Wolves do whats natural, they are not vicious killers.
    Second.. Pit bulls are not all owned by trashy people… And are usually not human aggressive.. I have a two and a half yeah old pit and she is wonderful. She is terrified of men because she was badly abused. Yet she has NEVER bitten anyone. AND just because shes a pit doesnt make her violent or vicious. MY border collie is more prone to biting someone then my pit.

    • http://thetrenchcoat.com Trench Reynolds

      Not all owned by trashy people but mostly.

      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        I have to agree with this.  I know a guy who is NOT trash.  He owns one that isn’t aggressive – in fact, the dog has “certified sperm” and is often used as a stud – Kinda like you, Trench (heeheeeeeeheeeee).  Sorry.  I think I’m funny this morning.  The dog has never been aggressive, he’s nice looking, big head, muscular – people pay for this dog to father puppies.  Then my father has owned a few.  He’s a trailer dwelling, prison pig.  He has had super dogs and evil dogs.  I think the problem with the breed is that they tend to inflict more damage if they do attack than most other breeds.  Let’s be honest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jstogsdill Jennifer Stogsdill

    If I wanted to get a good dog for my kids, anyone on here know a good breed? I used to have a pit bull mix, but was terrified that she could attack my kids because they are unpredictable (the kids that is) and gave her to a sweet family with a huuuge farm. Anyone had experience with pugs??

    • Clevo

      Labs and golden retreivers are very friendly and gentle dogs.
      Labs tend to be more high energy and less sedate though than goldens.
      We’ve always had labs and they are very smart dogs and take well to training.
      Our dogs opened doors and climbed ladders for example with no training in that at all.

  • Tambrathegreat

    As a former pit bull owner (our girl succumbed to cancer in May,) I have to say that I take exception to your comment that all pit bull owners are trashy. My dog never bit anyone, never showed aggression to anyone but the one home intruder who tried to break into our house, and remains one of the best dogs I have ever had the privilege of owning.

    To be honest the reason you hear about more fatal maulings by bully breeds is because the media will put the name ‘pit bull’ on anything that bites. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

    I am well aware of the reputation these dogs have. Most terriers, which is the group pit bulls belong to, are very dog aggressive with high prey drives. They were bred to kill small animals of the vermin variety. Prey driven dogs can be very useful, if the drive is channeled properly. (Most working dogs such as Germans shepherds, Old English Sheep dogs, Bearded collies, Belgian Mallinois, Border collies, Pulik, Great Pyrenese, and the like all have high prey drives that are channeled into specific jobs.) My wire fox terrier has been more aggressive than Miss Pete (my pit bull) ever was. The key to responsible dog ownership is always training. Always.

    As for hybridized dogs, it does depend on the breeding program and then amount of time the breeder has taken with his animals to know which canid is best to provide specific traits. Granted, most people who want to own these animals haven’t always educated themselves properly, but at least one dog/wild dog hybrid is a stable breed. The blue heeler, aka Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland heeler, is a hybrid between several established European breeds and the Australian wild dog known as a dingo. They have been bred successfully for around two hundred years, and are quite a stable, even-tempered, if a bit mouthy, breed.

    It is a shame that you think that perpetrating myths about dogs is the same as education. It is also a shame that this site allows idiots like you to comment on the level of class of any of its readers. Perhaps you should work with dogs, as I do, eight hours a day, five to seven days a week, before you open your trap and let stupidity spill out.

    • Clevo

      While all dogs initially descended from wolves (proven genetically by mitochondrial DNA) the people who are doing a study of this have done some rather amazing experiments with both dogs and wolves.
      They had people raise puppies in their home with the love of a family and then raise new wolf cubs exactly the same way.
      What they found were traits in the wolves that were very different from dogs. They didn’t follow hand signals, did not show interest in what their owners (Alphas) were doing as dogs do and were aggressive when it came to food/ drink which they would attempt to get from the family anyway they could even though they were well fed.
      They were aggressive and unruly and had to be returned to their pack.
      As wolves were domesticated twelve thousand or more years ago, the theory goes, man chose the most docile and least aggressive and through continued breeding we have the 400 some species of dog we see today.
      But wolves are not dogs and regardless of training were very different and did not cohabit well with humans or take to training as dogs do.
      I would then surmise that any wolf hybred or half wolf might be more unpredictable than one expects regardless of training and probably not a good choice to have around a child.
      This is not to say that some are not compatable but given the recent studies I would expect that most would be more aggressive than most dog breeds.

  • b3n

    I would just like to say that wolves are not “Vicious” as they wrote “actual wolf, the animals from the wild that are vicious killers, and a domestic breed” They kind gentle beings, they do not kill for fun, they only kill wat they need, when they’re hungry. people need to stop blaming the animals. The breed of has nothing to do with it! Its the peoples mistreatment and and training the animals. Any animals that is mistreated and not socialized right will act out. And also when it comes to a pittbull or husky,wolf-hybrid when they bite someone people seem to make a big deal out of it, like “blufindr” said a small dog could also maul a child or anyone and no-one ever says anything or does anything about it, it just depends on who owns the animal and how they treat it, I own 2 siberian huskies 1 german shepherd 2 golden retrievers and 1 wolf hybrid,I also HAD 1 pittbull, people dont mind my huskies but everyone seems to be so scared of my german shepherd and wolf-hybrid they’re the same as any other dog, the police and dog catchers? or whatever, came to my house and asked me if i wanted my dog to be put down? cause people had been complaining about the dogs, they had never bit anyone or not even a growl, my 2 year old niece always plays with them, same with my 5,6,7 year old cousins. the dogs are very playful. as for my pittbull which was put-down while i was away, they had not even told me they took him, until i got home, the police had came over once i came home, they said they recieved a call that someone had called and that the pittbull bite someone? he was inside the house the whole time i was gone, (they broke my door to get in the house to pick up my pittbull) i had never taken him outside before he was an indoor dog, only let him out once with a leash.

    I Had been biten by a yorkshire terrier and a chiwawa? and i dont know what that dog is called but its small white with brown spots, some kind of terrier(not on the same day) and i had called the police dept. and they did nothing. i have scars on my legs cause of those little things lol

    • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

      Is English you second language?  Just curious….

      • b3n

        who me? lol well I’m gonna answer anyways, Yes english is my second language or third, I’m a Native American =) a Cree and yea my language is also “Cree” 😛

        • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

          Ok.  Thanks for answering.  If Eglish is your second or third language then your English is amazing.  If it was your first language I was going to have an aneurysm.  I thought I’d ask before I assumed.

  • Anonymous

    Any small dog could also maul a child. They have teeth too.

    Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying that there are some dog breeds that aren’t predispositioned to having a really nasty temper, but in my experience, it’s more how you raise the dog than the breed itself that determines whether it turns out nasty or not, as well as the individual dog’s personality.

    My mother has a couple of fluff balls, from the same litter (mother was Maltese x Shih Tzu, father Pekingese). The older one has the sweetest disposition, the other nips me every time I pet her; and they were raised in pretty much the same manner. My friend has a Maltese x Shih Tzu, and the bitch (not derogatory) is so timid that she’ll wet herself every time she meets someone new. Three very distinct personalities, two very similar breeds.

    As for wolves and other wild dogs, remember that they only really approach human habitations when their natural prey is scarce i.e. in the middle of winter or hunting season or whatever. Dogs aren’t really that much different from wolves. If these weren’t well-fed, and there was an available food source, I’m willing to go so far as to say that these dogs hunted this child like they would any prey in the wild.

  • Angel

    LMAO!!! Thank you for identifying that new language for us. I wasn’t sure WHAT it was…..

  • Angel

    Sorry if I was a bit unclear with my response. A 9 mil is not my first choice, unless the animal is a serious threat (i.e. did serious damage to another). I believe I also said that I might find a new home for a recent furry we got, because he has growled….some dogs can’t handle kids, and I would rather give him to a home without kids than have to kill him later for attacking one of mine.

    I don’t keep pepper spray in my house. You have to get too close to the intended recipient of the spray in order for it to be effective. If someone enters my house uninvited, I’ll shoot from a safe distance and ask questions later, thankyouverymuch (or maybe not ask questions, since if I fire, they will most probably be in no condition to answer questions for anyone other than a medium, lol). I love dogs, and hate to see them hurt. But I would hate even more for a child to be hurt. You have to agree, if you think about it objectively, that there are cases where euthanasia IS the only responsible option. Such as an animal who has been bred to fight – things like that simply cannot be ‘unlearned’ by a dog.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    What would we do without tards to entertain us?

  • Angel

    Ummmmm……. could you have possibly been any LESS clear with that comment you made? Exactly whose aunt are you? You responded to April’s comment to Moo8d, but it was about her father….so are you Moo8d’s aunt, or April’s father’s aunt (which would make you April’s great-aunt, so I guess we can rule that out huh?). Or possibly you were defending the owner of the dog, so you would be the great-aunt of the victim. Or….you could be the wolf-dog’s aunt – which would seem a little more plausible considering that you have the writing skills of a retarded schnauzer, and act like a bit**. Yeah, I bet that’s it – you are related to the dog. K. Thanks. Glad we got that cleared up. Why don’t you go and have a flea dip or something, and leave the humans alone……

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    I am almost certain that this person can’t smarten it up even slightly.  Don’t hold your breath.

  • jj

    I don’t speak dumb cunt, so would you mind smarting that up a little?

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    uh *gasp* wuh….umm…. wahh….  My feelings are hurt….
    Just kidding.  Fuck you!  TROLL.  Jealousy is  wasted emotion.  Stupid fucking shit stain.

  • janice

    hey fuck face fagot imhis aunt and u should keep your rich fagot ass commentsto yourself got it bitch.

  • vlad

    I've never had a bad interaction with an animal that was not completely either mine or the owners fault. There are certain pets you don't mix with children. Doing so is generally dangerous doesn't make the animal evil, mean or deserving of extermination just not good with kids. Any medium breed or larger dog can easily kill a toddler so the idea that any breed is worse is stupid.

    As far as 9mil, well personally I use mace/pepper spray for furred or feathered attackers, even PD K-9 will halt after being maced. I prefer 50AE Jacketed HP for bi-peds, far more dangerous than any other animal. Your site proves that quite clearly.

    Racism IS generalization (usually negative) based on race, look up the definition.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    Hey – my father owns a fucking pit bull and he's trailer trash.  He fits the fucking mold.  Know what else??  I live in California, I drive a nice car, I vacation in Maui, I can walk my ass to the beach.  So some generalizations are spot on.  What the fuck does it matter?  No one pulled out anything racial except you.  I find that far more offensive than a comment about a certain breed of dog – A comment that was mostly true.  Get fucking over it or move on.  The owner of the site wrote the story.  I think he'll agree with me.

  • Moo8d

    I do agree whole-heartedly. It comes down to supervision… if you can't watch your children around your pets, then you either need to be removed from the gene pool or just not own pets. I blame the owners, always. My thing is just breed confusion, and blanket statements. I'm sure you don't like hearing people tell you pit bulls need to be wiped from the planet, or Rotts are vicious, just like I don't hearing that because I own a certain breed (hybrid) of dog, I get to be thrown in he mix with what is apparently “trailer trash”.

  • Moo8d

    Well it's alright, I'm sure a person like you couldn't tell a pit bull from a stray asshole hair.

  • Moo8d

    Uhm. No. Generalization places people/things/objects in categories. I don't give a rats ass. When you make a blanket statement such as “people who own hybrids are trash”, it makes YOU sound like the dipshit. You need to kick it down a notch with your drama and rash statements. Unless you can block IPs, I'm going nowhere. I'm not going to sit here and let you make owners of the less-than-popular breeds out to be monsters. My dogs are family dogs, growing up with several children, and have never offered to even bare teeth at us. It is a sad fact of life that a few ruin it for the many, but I think you need to read what you said. “People who are offended by generalizations often fit the mold”. Hm, that would pertain pretty much ANYTHING. Like racial profiling. Like saying those who live in California are rich. All people from Kentucky have one tooth and share the same gene pool. And, “people who own pit bulls or hybrids are trailer trash”. Yes, you're going to offend people, because there is an enormous variation within every category.

    I don't appreciate what you have to say. This site is made with the hope that it would spread awareness about child abuse and neglect, yet every time a dog comes around it's got to be, “Oh, SURPRISE. They must live in a double-wide and sip Natty all day”. I like how there's no way it could've been the lab, because dontcha know, they're family dogs.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    You are a dipshit.  There's a generalization and there's racism.  You crossed the line,  Knock it off or I will have you banned.

  • Moo8d

    Right then. All blacks steal, Mexicans are lazy, Jews are cheap, and all Middle Easterners secretly have a bomb underneath their clothes.

    See how that works?

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    I find that people that get offended by a “generalization” often fit the mold.

    • Tambrathegreat

      I find people who justify generalizations to be stupid. Does that generalization work for you?

      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        Was that supposed to be an insult?  I guess I’m too stupid to know the difference.  Or maybe you’re just too moronic for me to care.  Either way…

  • Moo8d

    Usually, I like what you have to say, but not on this topic. First and foremost, that dog is nowhere NEAR wolf, not even low content. For example, here is a Husky x GSD –


    Same body shape, ear placement, etc. It's very clear that this dog is a mix, and not of the wolf origin. I have two extremely low-content wolfdogs that show more canis lupus characteristics than this dog. If you were looking at a hybrid, the dog would look something like this (low content) –


    To this (midlow content) –


    And finally, this –


    Notice the ear placement, eye shape, and the density of hair in the ears. If a dog is indeed part wolf, as shown by even low content hybrids, it will bear a striking resemblance.

    I'm in favor of owning any pet you want, so long as you care for it properly. A wolfdog, no matter the content, needs a LARGE area to roam, a high-meat and bone diet (extremely expensive), and proper measures need to be taken to enclose the animal. I have family who works at Wolf Haven in Olympia, WA, and they deal with low-to-high-to-pure content wolves.

    I've seen people make monsters of every breed imaginable. I'm pretty much your local canine expert. Having hybrids of my own, I do take offense to this. I'm in no way trashy, and take excellent care of my animals. Before you point the finger, look at the people holding the leash.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    “pitbull mix”….  That is not a pitbull. 
    Just saying…..

  • Alismommy8347

    people need to stop blameing the animals. The breed of has nothing to do with it. Its the peoples mistreatment and and training the animals to be killers. Any animals that is mistreated and not socialized right will act out. Pit bulls area actually great dogs. They are very loving and great with kids. I adopted a pitbull mix. Shes half pitbull half not sure what. But she is the sweetest love bug and even when my daughter gets alittle to wild playing with her she just takes it and has never groweled snapped at her. Its just like like the saying for guns guns don't kill people people do, Dogs don't kill people people who train them do

  • Ash
  • Ash

    I wanted to include this link aswell…
    (mother has been charged with manslaughter)

  • Ash


    I was telling my mom about this story, and she goes “oh yeah, it's been in the news” and I kind of went… uh, why? Not that it's not news worthy, but I couldn't see why it would be on Canadian local news, or national news… Turns out there was a story not too long ago about a newborn that was mauled by a pair of huskies, in Quebec.

  • Dee

    I agree!! Pitbulls have killed so many children. I hate pitbulls.

    • Tambrathegreat

      So have sports, but I don’t see you wanting to ban them. Grow up.

  • Terri

    I completely agree… I also had a west highland terrier for 6 years before I had my twin boys… When they started toddling around she was uneasy around them and actually snapped at one's hand. She didn't hurt him or bring blood but that was it for her. I loved that dog but my kids come first and she was re-homed immediately. That's all it took, I would not take the risk of her hurting them. I don't think she would have ever “mauled” them but I certainly wouldn't stand for that behavior and risk any kind of injury to them.

  • Angel

    I have one simple rule at my house concerning pets – There will never BE more than ONE unprovoked attack on anyone by the same animal. The first sign of unprovoked aggression, and I have a 9 mil with the animal's name on it. Pets can be replaced, children (and other people) can't. Simple. My pets understand this, and they leave people alone (unless they are threatened by them, i.e. strangers attempting to enter the yard uninvited, or someone threatening me or one of my kids).

    That said, I may have to get rid of the new puppy we got recently – he has growled at me (and others) a couple of times. I'd rather give him away than have to kill him later – which I would do if he tried to bite. Keeping aggressive animals around kids is child endangerment – plain and simple.

  • Sarah R

    That poor little boy to die alone and scared in such a vicious manner. Someone feed these asshole to the dogs.

  • Terri

    This is about dog owners and not the dogs. My oldest two children were raised around pit bulls and rottweilers. Mostly pits and one lived in the house with us while they were quite young. But they were never unsupervised with our kids. While we slept she was locked in our room with us. We also had a HUGE male pit that stayed outside and the kids were never around him without supervision. We had him since my kids were toddlers. So they were raised around him. We never had any incidents. We respected the breed and their power, and although were never aggressive towards us or our children… We never put our children in a situation where they could.

    Also I have 5 year old twins and we run a box fan at night when we sleep. I hear the boys when they go to the bathroom. How could you not hear a child being MAULED to death????

  • Ash

    Like I said, i respect that soem people will judge dogs based on breeds our yippy little dog is snappy… and old (could be the reason behind it). You try to nudge him away from the door when the mailman comes, and he will turn on you with teeth barred and bite. Our german shephard on the other hand, is a gentle giant. My brother got ticked off at my mom because our GS hates him. he comes to the door and sets the Douchealarm off, and the dog goes crazy. Me and him got into it when I brought up that he's happy around pittbulls and Rottys, but says other breeds are vicious just because they don't like him (well, those were my dogs, it's different!) Ha. His pb's are the things stories like this are made of.

  • jj

    I do, because I'm terrified of the things. I like ONE dog, my aunt and uncle have a teddy bear dog that thinks its human, but even those yippy 2 pound dogs scare me.

  • takurospirit

    My parents had a wolf hybrid (wolf/german shepherd) when I was a very young child. After the third time it attacked me the city put it down. I have scars on my hand still from when it bite all the way through when I was 5 and one of my ears doesn't quite match the other one because he tore it partially off my head.

    It's very sad that this child died. And also sad that they weren't properly taking care of the animals.

    My parents dog was old, had hip dysplasia and arthritis, and I openly admit I provoked every single attack. Some animals just aren't made for children. My mutt they got after they put the hybrid down would let my little brother sleep on her, push her around, and she attacked one of his friends when they started fighting. I don't know what my point is, other than than partially wild animals should be kept away from children. And I don't get how they didn't hear him being killed, unless the dog went straight for the trachea.

  • Ash

    I don't believe in grouping all dogs together. I'm a very strong believer in the idea of breeding, and owners make the dog. I've seen some VERY bad dogs, of good breed, and some AMAZING dogs, of terrible breeds.

    The thing you have to remember about breeding feral animals for captivity, is that it often takes several generations of animals, before all the wild instincts are eliminated. That goes for many different species, not just dogs (I've owned hedghogs, chinchillas, etc). It's also VERY important t oremember that some dogs are very sensitive to certain types of ownership behaviours. A dog raised in an agressive way, that will arleady have agressive (wild or not) tendencies, will not be a dog I'd want to be around.

    So yeah, good breeding (breeding good temprament and good health for example) and good ownership are what I base my dog judgment on, never just breed (though i do respect those who decide to judge a dog on breed— there tends to be a lot of reason to do so these days)

  • jj

    Didn't hear anything, my fat ass. Either high as hell, or just didn't give a fuck. I am TERRIFIED of dogs, so this is one of my biggest fears.

    That being said, my aunt and uncle have a wolf hybrid that scares the hell out of me (more than any other breed except pits). I haven't been to their house in over 5 years, and my children have NEVER been around that dog. It attacked their daughter several years ago, and she needed plastic surgery, but they still have that nutjob.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    Video here. Check out the ex. Stripper much??