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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Bad boyfriend commits worst case of child abuse in county’s history

4-year-old girl in Johnston County a possible torture victim:

Man accused in girl’s abuse has record:

21-year-old Jonathan Douglas Richardson of Smithfield, NC has been arrested in the torturing of his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter.

He took the girl to the hospital Friday night claiming that the girl had “fallen out of bed”. Like I’m sure they haven’t heard that before. The girl had severe head trauma, cuts and bruises all over her body and evidence of sexual abuse. Polic e in Johnston County are saying it’s the worse case of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

I’m sure you’re asking where was the mother. She was in New Mexico training for the Army Reserves. So while she was training to defend our country Richardson was allegedly torturing her daughter.

Then again she had only known Richardson for 6 months and the baby daddy is in jail on drug trafficking charges. Richardson himself has a previous record for assaulting a female.

The living conditions weren’t so great either as they were living in a barn owned by Richardsons’ grandparents that only had an air mattress and no running water.

While the ultimate responsibility of what happened to this girl lies with Richardson, some mothers do need to find better boyfriends.

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  1. There would of been no way in hell that I would have left my child with someone that I had been dating for only six months. That is sickening.

  2. EveryVillainIsLemons

    “While the ultimate responsibility of what happened to this girl lies with Richardson, some mothers do need to find better boyfriends.”

    Or perhaps arrange long-term care with a relative or caregiver who isn't completely fucked in the head.

  3. Or have higher priorities, christ, swallow your pride, get over your c*ck lust and get some food stamps, housing assistance, job training and fafsa and student loans and go to college.

  4. Words cannot express how disgusting this story is. I hope that poor girl will be okay. I have a 4 year old too.

  5. She was in training for the Reserves, which is a step towards a better life. she probably should have made better long term care arrangements than a male she had dated for only 6 months with a prior record for violence against a female, but her only other option might have been state care, and that might have been an even more unpalatable option for her, plus it can be difficult to get your kids back from them.

  6. Training for reserves isn't a step towards a better life if you don't have proper care or housing even for your child. Reserves doesn't even pay much, unless she got deployed and what was her plan for if that happened to do with her child? That's actually a pretty irresponsible choice to make.

  7. I understand that the mother was trying to make a better like for herself and her little girl, but I am thinking that if she did not have someone to take care of her little girl besides this fuck nut, then she probable should have waited to enlist. I am praying for this little angel!

  8. This fucker has no soul. You can see it in his mugshot in those cold, dead eyes. As for the mother, at the very least she deserves to lose her child and have her bare ass spanked in public for leaving her little girl with a man she'd known only six months. And it's EASY to find cheap daycare in NC.

    I live in NC and the state operates a website that lists hundreds of daycare providers throughout the state. AND if you can't figure out how to navigate the website, you can CALL the Division of Child Development and they will generate a list for you, based on your geographic location and specific needs, and MAIL it to you. I know, because they did that for me when I was moving here from out of state and didn't know enough about the area to gather information on my own.

    Maybe this mother truly trusted this guy and thought that leaving her child with him would be better (and cheaper) than paying for qualified daycare. But if she has such poor judgment as to move in with a clown she's known only six months, then she certainly doesn't have good enough judgment to raise a child.

    As for the abuser, I'm hoping he gets the justice he so richly deserves in prison – before the taxpayers have to waste any money prosecuting his vile, loathsome ass.

  9. Oh and please, please, PLEASE! Let's have some “family members” or “friends” come on here and tell us how “WONDERFUL” a human being this wretched piece of slime is. And how the egg donor is a “GREAT MOTHER.” I can't WAIT to see April, Angel and et al shred them.

  10. Me too ihavekidstoo. I'll bring the popcorn. Need I bring the Malibu & Coke too? If need be, can get some Pepsi if that's more your taste. I'll also have the ever necessary chocolate, for gotta have stress relief – I don't skimp on quality either, it's Lindt.

    It's crazy to see how lopsided views of the gutter quality humans – it is very rare to see one of their defenders ever see the full spectrum of their WONDERFUL persons that abuse/kill a child.

  11. UGH! First off, what kind of sorry excuse for a Mother would be okay with living in a barn with a 4-year-old?Secondly, then be okay leaving that child with some c*ck-faced turd for weeks on end while living in freaking barn? What a stupid ass!! I'm sorry, I don't care, but stupid ass Mother has no business with a child if she think any of those things remotely close to being in the child’s best interest, really???

  12. Some of the craziest, stupidest shit I've heard….leave your child with some dickwad you've known for only 6 months. And in a barn, no less! Thank God that baby is alive. I'm sure there will be lasting scars (physical and emotional) and hopefully she will be removed from her mother's custody until momma grows up, gets a life, and puts her CHILD first in her life. If the bitch is lucky, maybe she actually will get a second chance.

  13. I just read that this little girl, Teghan Alyssa Skiba, has died. RIP, sweet angel.

    What an outrageously sickening end to a sweet innocent's life. Just 4 years old and being tortured to death. WHAT woman leaves their child (in a barn, no less) with a loser she's known 6 months? I do not care WHERE she went or why, you don't leave your babies like that!

    Teghan's picture and her smile made me cry.

    I hope her abuser never knows another day of peace….her mother deserves the same…hopefully no more babies for her…

  14. Send him to the front lines and have him eliminated. Maybe we could practice homicide bombing with him. Shove a stick of dynamite up his arse, light it, and launch him into a pile of sick child molesters. Blow the whole bunch of them up.

  15. OMG! I just read the story that she died and saw the picture too. I feel physically sick! What a sweet little angel! How can ANY walking breathing person do such horrible things to another human being, much less a sweet little child? I hope he gets put to death, but before succumbs to many months or years of sheer torture!!!

  16. That Army training will come in handy when she gets back to whoop his ass for this.

  17. Thank you for the update. I am sorry to hear that.

  18. Here's an update on this one:

    P.O.S says he “lost it” when the little girl defecated and urinated in the bed they shared. OK, where ELSE was she supposed to go, you wretched excuse for a human being, when there were no toilet facilities in the building? And what the fuck is a grown man who is NOT related to her doing sleeping in the same bed as this beautiful little girl?

    Oh I hope to god someone lets this shit out on bail because it is legal to carry guns in N.C. and maybe someone with a gun and a conscience will put this animal down before we have to waste any more taxpayer dollars on him.

    And as for the “mother” she admits she was afraid of him. So she left her baby with him? She should be locked up for the rest of her miserable life too.

  19. Huh? The loser mother left her baby w/a monster she had only known for 6 months and she think she's gonna “whoop his ass”? Please, she belongs in jail too.

  20. I'm totally sick to my stomach finding out this beautiful little girl died. The mother deserves to go to jail, too. Who leaves their precious child with a man they 1. know is dangerous, and 2. lives in a barn with NO BATHROOM. And, why the HELL was he sleeping in the same bed with this child? That is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!! POS, I hope they both rot in jail!

  21. And what the fuck is a grown man who is NOT related to her doing sleeping in the same bed as this beautiful little girl?

    Here's your answer:

    Medical workers at the hospital told investigators the child also had injuries indicating she had been sexually assaulted.

    Mamma was away, and apparently he had to take his “urges” out on someone…

    Oh, and I just loved this bit:

    Neighbors said Tuesday that they didn't know Richardson or the girl, but they spoke highly of the Creeches.

    “They're wonderful people that have been victims in all this,” said Vicky Smith, who lives next door.

    Uh, no… the victim in all this is actually dead, thanks in large part to the fact that these wonderful people stuck their bipolar grandson in a shed in the back yard and thought nothing of it when he had a 4 year old little girl living with him. Hello! Are people really that stupid? No, never mind, please don't answer that.

    Their grandson, who had a mental illness, was living in a shed in their back yard. I gather he was living in a shed in their back yard because he had a mental illness. These “wonderful people” should have called DSS the minute the mother moved in with her, never mind when the mother joined the reserves and left the child in the care of an unbalanced person. And never mind one with BPD who was smoking pot.

  22. Oh don't even get me started on the grandparents. You are 100 percent correct – those “wonderful people” knew their grandson was a head case and they turned a blind eye to the fact that a man whom they knew couldn't even take care of himself was left in charge of a small child.

    As Trench said in the original blog post, ultimately the killer is to blame for taking this precious baby's life, but there are a WHOLE lotta other people who share responsibility for the situation that led to her death, including the mother and grandparents (and the loser sperm-donor, birth father who felt his drugs were more important than his child, landing him in jail for it).

    And you know what really chaps my ass? I live in NC and our local paper, the Charlotte Observer, has consistently buried this story on inside pages while putting CRAP on the front page (yesterday they had an article about some trees that were killed at the courthouse). WTF??!! How is this horrible story NOT front page news every single day until this asshole is officially found guilty of murder and locked up for the rest of his miserable life? I'm a self-avowed liberal, but I'm ready to start bitching about the “liberal media” right now!

  23. The fate and suffering of little Teghan is one of the worst cases of child abuse and molestation I have ever come across. I followed the whole thing from the start, although it made me sick every time I heard about it.

    As there are some facts not mentioned in this thread yet, I though I give a little update for the ones that are interested. Because this story has even way more tragic twists to it…

    First of all, Teghan had actually two SAFE places to stay. Although her sperm donor seems to be a loser and was facing drug charges at the time the girl died, his parents are of a whole different caliber.

    “The paternal grandparents of a 4-year-old slain girl say they “cannot stop thinking of all the greatmemories she has given to us.” […] Gerald and Sarah Skiba, of Youngsville, said Sunday they had not seen their granddaughter in recent months. Teghan’s father, Jerry, was facing drug charges and the girl’s mother, Helen Reyes, had cut off communication, the Skibas said.The Skibas said they repeatedly tried telephoning Teghan but could never get through. They said they considered hiring an attorney in an attempt to get temporary custody of the girl but decided against it. In North Carolina, grandparents do not have visitation or custody rights, a stance recently upheld by the Supreme Court. Under the law, they cannot seek custody of a grandchild unless there is solid evidence a parent is unfit. “It’s so hard, they want you to prove so much,” Sarah Skiba said. Childwelfare officials have said that they received no reports of abuse regarding Teghan before her death. […] (Another fail for CPS!)

    Skibas said they had offered to watch Teghan while Reyes underwent military training. The grandparents said they tried to reach Reyes about her trip but were only able to talk with her sister, who claimed the training had been canceled, the Skibas said. […] The Skibas said they wished Teghan’s care had been left up to them and that they miss her.” “She made us feel so good just being around her,” Gerald Skiba said of Teghan.” (Aug 2, 2010)

    So, there was someone who wanted to take care of the little girl, but the LAW didn’t allow it. My heart goes out to the grandparents who so obviously loved the little one and surely would have taken good care of her. How much they must miss her wonderful personality and beautiful smile!

    And even if the BO didn’t want her daughter to stay with her Ex’s family (putting her own feelings over the safety of her girl…), her OWN mom would have been the alternative! “They said Reyes’ family care plan on file with the Army Reserves names her mother, Maria Reyes, as the sole caretaker for Teghan when the girl’s mother is away for training.”

    And the worthless excuse of a mother is guilty of WAY more then just letting her girl naively alone with a mentally unstable prick she had known for just half a year. “The arrest warrant for Reyes states that she knew that her boyfriend (…) had abused the girl before Reyes left for military training July 6. Prosecutors said in court Friday that Reyes watched as Teghan drank a Corona and two Natural Light beers, and that she knew Richardson beat the girl while Reyes made a trip to a convenience store.” (Jul 31, 2010)
    So, not only did she knew he gave her baby alcohol, but she let him abuse her before leaving her alone with him!!! In a barn! On an air mattress! Btw, interesting tidbit about the perpetrators grand parents: I remember I read (can’t find the source, though) that he was actually living in the barn cause they were afraid of him. And so was the mother of the girl, Helen Reyes, or at least that’s what she claims.
    About this statement, another blogger ( wrote – and I simply couldn’t put it better – “Well, Helen, then why the flaming hell did you leave your 4-year old daughter with him?  If he scared you, a full-grown woman in the military, why did you think it was absolutely okay to leave him as primary caregiver to a defenseless child?” Good point, isn’t it?!

    The grandparents of the worst bf ever claim they didn’t know what was going on. I say they didn’t WANT to. If they were afraid of him, what danger did they think he might pose for a toddler?! If they can’t prove they were deaf, dumb AND blind, they should be held just as responsible.

    The only thing that feels right about this whole tragedy is that mom Reyes (hopefully) wont walk away from this unscathed. She is charged with felony negligent child abuse causing serious bodily injury resulting in her daughter’s death. At least something. On the other hand, the last thing I could find about her was that she was out of jail on bond. The judge who allowed that is a total idiot. The prosecutor even wanted to raise her bond, but the judge decided against it cause “there was no risk of flight”. Haha, moron. >..<

    I am sorry that this piece gotten so long, I only wanted to write a short update about the charges. But this case really ripped my heart and soul and it still does. So, if anyone of you hears something new about it, please post it!!!

    Teghan, who was described by her loved ones as a very energetic, vivacious and lovable child, shall not be forgotten. Rest in peace, sweet angel! :'(

    1. Wow… seriously I can not even look at her beautiful face, I have a 4-year-old princess and she has that same innocent little girl smile. I am going to go cry now.

      1. I feel the same way! :’/

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