Dallas Breeders who starved the kids guilty

Mother accused of starving 3 kids gets life term:

I originally posted about Abneris Santiago (pictured) and Alfred Santiago here. They were the Breeders from Dallas, Texas who starved Abneris Santiago’s three children in a Dallas motel room. In the previous post I said they were husband and wife but that was incorrect. Alfred Santiago is just a bad boyfriend even though they share the same last name.

Alfred Santiago was not only actively starving the children but he was raping Abneris Santiago’s daughter as well.

Well we may not have to worry about them seeing the light of day ever again. Alfred Santiago was convicted and sentenced to two concurrent 99-year sentences. I would prefer they be consecutive but let’s face it, he’s not going to live that long.

Abneris Santiago pleaded guilty halfway through her trial and was sentenced to life behind bars.

Abneris Santiago apologized to her daughter in court saying that she wasn’t strong enough to stop the abuse. I’ll agree with that. She wasn’t strong enough to choose her children over her vagina filler and now she has the rest of her life to think about it.

I would also like to point out the neck tattoo. That’s all I’m saying.

Thanks to Paxillated, another great name, for the tip.

  • kari_ann

    what a piece of shit i hope they throw her in a hole somewhere and just let her starve and be raped over and over again fucking cunt

  • Licash

    So pissed “I wasn't strong enough to stop the abuse”…is all she told her daughter, yea, I remember my mom telling me the same sorry ass thing!
    Bitch, you'll get yours in prison…….you'll be the bitch!
    Alfred will be someones bitch too…..ugly dumb ass!

    • digchild

      I agree with Abneris Santiago’s statement to her daughter,mentioning that she “wasn’t strong enough to stop the abuse”.But seriously,this wasn’t because Abneris was incapable of putting an end to her kids’ abuse.Rather,it was because Abneris was too selfish to put the needs of her kids above her desire to party and have fun with her new boyfriend.I hope that Abneris uses her time in prison to reflect on how atrocious of a mother she had been.Finally,people like Abneris and Alfred Santiago are a disgrace to society and no one can ever dispute that. 

  • Kathy

    You can't be too sensitive on here. Just because this chick has a neck tattoo and is trash, doesn't mean that all tattooed people are stupid or trashy. I happen to live in Trench's favorite state in the union, but I'm not offended by the comments. I know that I'm educated, have all my teeth, am not inbred, etc. Don't take it personally. Now, if you go get a python and a pit bull and move into a trailer, watch out. :-)

  • Angelica

    Tattoos don't make people criminals, crime makes them criminals. I am heavily tattooed, yet I have a college education and my husband works for the local Sheriff's department as a correctional officer. We're both law-abiding citizens, and we don't have any criminal history. I would just like to point out that there is a difference between tattooed trash and intelligent people who appreciate the art form. There is indeed a huge distinction. As a mother and a human who despises abuse and abusers, I do not appreciate being categorically placed with those individuals because I am tattooed. Society is judgemental, however, I hope you won't be. Keep up the good work!

  • jj

    I would like it if “someone” smashed her in the face with a shovel.

  • Beanmagnet

    One of the main reasons I still love Texas. She plead guilty and GOT LIFE! I wonder what she would have gotten if she didnt…. but then again
    Im sure they took full advantage of the probable fact that she didnt set up a bargain before her guilty plea.

  • Legion

    Her photo is next to the Dictionarie's definination of BITCH.

  • Mel

    I can't make out the neck tattoo, what's it say?

    It's been a year since the kids were found, anybody know how they're doing? Hopefully well.

    But I gotta wonder, I believe the articles of which I read several different ones, stated the kids were being cared for by their maternal grandmother. Think about it, she's the one who raised the mother, who taught her the value of life, role-modeled what a parent does.

    If her daughter had such a low self-esteem and a victim mentality, and willing to share her life with that monster of a human being, her own mom must have allowed her to grow up with some really awful crap. How good a job is the maternal grandmother doing this time?

    I'd hate hate hate to work in either prison where these pieces of scum would be doing their time. Not sure I could keep from hurting them, and I'd be finding every chance I could to restrict them from their food.

  • shsc82

    What a shame they didn't get a visit to old sparky. It always makes me happy to see child abusers get just sentences though. Nothing makes me angrier than when they get slaps on the wrists. The one that makes me the angriest are the 3 involved in the Baby Peter case, did you know the harringey council actually wanted that bitchwhorecuntmother to be able to keep custody of the spawn of satan she was pregnant with while jailed?