Hart and Navarro keep their kids in a ‘dungeon’

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Man an accomplice to murder of his 4-year-old daughter, prosecutors say
Kearns father wasn’t home when girl died, but will he face a murder trial?
Thanks for this tip go to landysmom. One of our best readers…..

Our subjects today are Clinton Hart and Marina Navarro, both 21 years old…..it seems these two are less than civil. As a matter of fact, it would seem that they are less than HUMAN.

4-year old Vanessa Hart was beaten to death by her sperm donor’s crack snack (Navarro). With the help of the sperm donor (Hart). This murder is particularly atrocious, due to the extent of damage done to the child. The pediatrician who examined Vanessa at the hospital characterized the injuries as “the worst….I’ve seen outside of fatal motor vehicle accidents.” The little girl’s stomach was crushed against her spine to the point that blood vessels had been torn away from the colon. Part of the pancreas was also crushed, and the juncture of the small intestine and stomach was ruptured. Also discovered was extensive swelling of the brain along with cranial hemorrhaging caused by shaking and a blow to the head. All of this happened from a fall down the stairs, apparently. No….not really. Didn’t you read the first line of this paragraph? She was beaten to death.

The stairs are, as usual, simply a convenient (albeit unbelievable) scapegoat. The same pediatrician mentioned above stated that chances of these injuries being caused by accidental means are “as close to zero as you can get.” I guess Hart and his heartless witch will need to come up with another story. Which I’m sure they will. Perhaps they’ll try to blame the bathtub next. Or maybe little Vanessa’s sibling. Yup, she has a younger brother. According to a nephew of Hart’s who also lived in the home, Navarro rarely let either of the small children out of the basement bedroom that he referred to as the ‘dungeon’. Hmmm….dungeon and wicked stepmother….does anybody see a pattern here? Could this be a fairy tale? Unfortunately not. It may be a nightmare, but its no fairy tale.

Navarro (apparently preggo with Hart’s replacement child), has been charged with aggravated murder. In the state of Utah, this could get her the death penalty. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Hart was at work when the fatal beating occurred, but has abused the girl in the past, sources say. And he knew Navarro was abusing his daughter. I hope they try him for murder as well. And fry them in the same chair. No need to waste any extra electricity on either of these two monsters. I think we should just strip a lamp cord, place the stripped end into a puddle of water, make the two murderers stand in the puddle barefoot, and plug the cord into a wall outlet. Simple yet effective.

Just to show you all how extremely idiotic the sperm donor is, try this on for size……he claims that some of the bruising was caused when the child “ran into his fingers”, or was accidentally bruised when he was tickling her. What in the name of Satan’s underwear was he tickling her with? A freakin’ ANVIL???? And if the child had run into anyone’s fingers with enough force to cause bruises on her, I’d be willing to bet that the fingers in question would also be broken. Just sayin’…..

Just because I always wonder about these things…..I wonder where the bio mother was…..and where is she now?

Update: One of our readers (Manda) sent in a link which is posted in the comments thread, and also here. It answered my questions about the mother. Apparently jag-off took the children for a ‘weekend visit’ and promptly disappeared. Probably to avoid child support payments. Or maybe just for meanness – who knows? Jag-off and his pube-pet then lit out for parts unknown, and the bio mom had not seen either of them in over a year. Unfortunately, her first glimpse of her precious girl in almost 18 months was also one of the last glimpses she had of her daughter alive. The baby died shortly after the mom arrived at the hospital. If there’s any justice in the world, Hart and Navarro will both be dead long before their trials – at the hands of some inmate who finds out what they did to this sweet baby.

Thanks for the tip, Manda.

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     Pretty cool thoughts to learn about Hart and Navarro’s
    daughter….. I really enjoyed the activities of this little kid.  I will
    visit you later for more updates :)

  • Angies4kids

    OK I am so fucking disgusted…he admitted to it all.  OMG.  HOW?  Oh I am so angry. 

  • Angies4kids

    OMFG…I have no words…

  • http://badbreeders.net/ April
  • cjk

    Hart and Nevarro are in court today to enter their plea to the charges. Check the sltrib.com it should be there by tomorrow.
    Also, Vanessa’s little brother is doing great now, living with his mother and going to preschool…

  • Angel

    Yes….she was absolutely stunning, wasn’t she? She must be the prettiest angel in Heaven now…..

  • MiKae

    I usually don’t comment on any of the stories because everything on my mind has already been said. But I just want to say that little girl is beautiful. Fly high in Heaven, sweet Vanessa.

    As for her murderers, I say they should be hung upside down and beaten within an inch of their lives. Then, allow them to die a slow, painful death in a pool of their own blood.

  • Angel

    I just don’t bother to go….he’s not worth wasting my time on. I have better things to do with my life. His rantings give me a brain bleed.

  • Anonymous

    Angel, no…it’s the antithises of pleasure, it’s too bad that we need BB at all, but it is needed for this very reason. Thanks to BB and all involved for consistently, in spite of various problems, you all remain loyal to this cause!!!! Hats off!!

    P.S. I am not “allowed” onto Phil’s world site, so I guess I am in good company!!!

  • Angel

    Sorry, I must have put that in by accident. I’ll run on over and change it. As far as I know these people killed just for the sake of killing. There was nothing wrong with the child – except for the unfortunate circumstance that she had a selfish prick for a sperm donor. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Angel

    Beanmagnet, my guess would be that he took the kids for one of two reasons:
    1. To ‘get even’ with the mom, and cause her grief, or
    2. To get out of having to pay child support.

    Possibly both reasons. He’s a selfish bastard any way you look at it. I say the mom should be given a few minutes alone in a cell with each of these freaks, and be given the weapon of her choice. And she should not be held liable for her actions during that time.

  • Angel

    Thanks again for the encouragement, Kathy. If it weren’t for the horrific subject matter, I might be able to say that readers like you make writing here a pleasure…..but, all things considered, ‘pleasure’ is not a word I’d associate with ANY of these stories – except maybe when suggesting painful punishments for the offenders – its always amusing to see what excellent ideas our readers come up with for these dregs.

    So far, landysmom is holding first place in the punishment-comment arena. *Angel waves a blue ribbon at landysmom, and offers her a drink*

  • Angel

    Oh, good Lord! My heart is breaking even more now.

    Thank you for the link, Manda. I will edit the story to add in this bit of information. I have so many thoughts running through mu head right now, that I can’t even form a coherent thought, so I’ll have to wait a few minutes before adding the update. Thanks again…..readers like you are the backbone of this site.

  • Angel

    Have I mentioned lately that I love you? You have some of the BEST ideas!

  • Melanie

    People are disgusting. Let me rephrase that…People are FUCKING disgusting. Rest in peace little one!

  • Lori

    There’s a tag word that says autism. Which article mentions that? I didnt see it anywhere but I’m a bit groggy from a cold.

  • Dee

    How could someone hurt that sweet girl? I can’t understand these people…sick.

  • Beanmagnet

    This is so sad. Im not sure if I will ever completely understand what motivates this kind of cruelty. If they were beating and confining these children to the basement “dungeon” its hard for me to imagine they were WANTED by the adult sorry-excuses-for-parents. I dont understand why they would have moved and taken the girl away from her mother if they obviously didnt want her. Im curious about that aspect of the story. I also dont understand why people bring selfish, jealous, childish and cruel people around their children. Is pussy/dick really THAT important? Speaking of which thats something I need to ask my own father…

  • Jess9687

    So So sad

  • Anonymous

    Angel very WELL written, love the quips!
    I just want to CRUSH these people…I can’t even think of what to say about this one.. I think it’s time for a Human Being Recall……

  • Carolinagirl

    oh, my, God. Horrific. God bless her and I hope these two pitiful excuses for humanity burn in hell.

  • Manda

    According to this link, the mother allowed the dad to have him for a weekend and then he up and moved with the kids. It’s a story from July. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/49854705-76/hart-navarro-girl-child.html.csp

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    Oh.My.Gawd.  I’m in love with you.  *swoon*

  • landynsmom

    I think we need a throwback when it comes to punishment. how about some medieval shit like the breast ripper…or that thing they shoved up your ass with spikes all over it. That sounds better than anything else to me…Hell, I’ll volunteer to adminster this shit…After having a spike shoved up her twat I’m sure she’ll beg April to start throwing some stones!

    • Eretrea

      Medieval people were no slouches when it comes to “justice,” but my personal favorite is the “justice” shown in “The Cell.”

      Since they destroyed this precious child’s intestines, I think they should be chained down on a flat board and have their intestines carefully twined ’round a stick through a small slit in their abdomens.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aprilamber April

    Mother.Fuck. I didn’t want to write it and I shouldn’t have read it. I’m gonna go toss my lunch, come back to my desk, and dream of ways that these two deserve to die. I’m thinking the cord and puddle bit is too humane. I’d rated see them fucking stoned to death. fuck fuck fuck.