Status update

Yesterday I got back from my trip to South Jersey to see my mom.

I wanted to thank everyone again who donated in order for me to be able to go and see her.

Not only was I able to get transportation to see her but thanks to your generosity I was able to pay for my meals as well so as not to be too much of a burden on my already overtaxed family.

For those of you who may not know my mother had fought skin cancer last year and had gone through chemo and radiation treatments. They thought they had a handle on it but the cancer had gotten into her brain. However when I got there she was out of the hospital and moving around under her own power. She looked good for someone who is undergoing cancer treatment. I think if she maintains her treatment she’ll be able to beat this.

As you can imagine I was not very much in the blogging mood while I was there. Thanks to April and Angel for picking up the slack for me while I was away.

And thank you to everyone’s well wishes and prayers for my mom.

While I was up there I did receive some great news. I will be starting a new day job shortly. However this does not mean the donation buttons will be coming down just yet. While I will have a steady income I have a lot of ground to make up after 9 months of a low paying job and 3 months of even lower paying unemployment. As you can tell by my wishlist Reynolds Manor is in severe need of a few appliances. However please do not consider this another solicitation for donations. I don’t think I could ever ask the readers of BB to ever assist me again as you all have done more than enough.

Again my words do not seem like thanks enough for all that you’ve done but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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  • April

    Trust me when I tell you that Trench is an amazing man – and we all no what a judgemental bitch I am.  And Jeri – You can call me whenever you want to.  I love the Hell out of you with all of my heart.

  • Morrigan Reighn

    I have been known to give money to perfect strangers because they said they need it. if its true or if its a lie, doesnt really bother me much. if i see someone in need, and its within my ability to do something about it, then i will…whether its cash, paying for gas, or a blanket out of the back of my car, or just a sympathetic ear – someone to hear them. i simply cannot not respond to another in need. i know of too many people that would just walk by and ignore a chance to help…i cant be like that. and if by what i do someone else is inspired to help someone else along their way, then im glad of it. i lost my mom a number of years ago to cancer, and if i could have done more for Trench and his family, i would have. and i have never met them, talked to them on the phone, or even had a conversation with him on here ( i think ) and its the very least i could do to help him. grow up, get a heart and stop being so damn selfish….be human.

  • April

    Some sites even charge a membership fee.  Trench has the option of doing that and I’m confident that most, if not all, of the regulars would pay a reasonable membership fee.  Asking for a “donation” was just trench’s way of not forcing anyone to offer up money.  He certainly didn’t ban anyone that didn’t donate and doesn’t give special treatment to those that did.
    Kellogg – we don need ya.  Losing you as a reader certainly won’t make any of us lose any sleep.  Buh-bye.

  • Angel

    Several of us are not ‘strangers’ to Trench. Several of us on this site have each others’ phone numbers, and personal addresses, and have visited one another. Why do you care if somebody wants to help a friend? Nobody is forcing YOU to donate. Go look at other sites…..most of the other sites out there have ALWAYS had the little ‘donate’ option to keep their site going. Many religious news sites do, and even some ‘regular’ news sites have them. Why do you have your panties in a twist over this one? Trench only recently posted a ‘donate’ link, even though several of us have told him for months (even years) that he should. It costs money to maintain a site, and whether you think so or not, I think this site is worth supporting.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out…..

  • Trench Reynolds

    And you are….?

  • Kelloggchase

    It is quite odd for someone to ask for $$ from strangers unless it is a scam. I understand you feel ‘close’ to your readers, but your situation should have been handled between family and friends. I will no longer visit this site.

  • Angel

    Hey, why don’t you eat a root, dude… must have a very sad life. I might feel sorry for you if I wasn’t so busy thinking about what a jag-off you are. You wouldn’t be able to start a site like this, let alone keep it going.

    And if you’re gonna insist on using big words like hyopchondriac, do yourself a favor, and use spell check before posting. Your ignorance is showing.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Oh I get it. What you’re patiently waiting for is bail money because you must have been featured on the site before.

  • Trench Reynolds

    So what are you ~waiting patiently~ for? Friends? A personality? A shower? The loss of 300 lbs.? For your parents to finally acknowledge you?

  • Not A Sucka!!

    and the get em to send ya money!! thats smaaart!!

    (sorry, my old puter wouldnt let me finish what I was sayin, well maybe I’ll put 2 things on my wish list, a cruise and a new puter. I likey them hp mini ones..maybe a navy blue color…)

  • Not A Sucka!!

    Ok, wait…all I gotta do is start a blog finding every story of sick shit people do, copy, paste, add in a few of my own funny “isms” and my dozen or so followers will send me money? AND I can make a wish list too!! Well hot damn! I hit the jackpot! I mean, I’m vying to be the next “Dr.Phil Family” so I can spin you a tale of sorrow like no other! Everything from stillbirth, sudden death by seizure, preemie twins, child abuse we all suffered, one military death, and even leukemmia! Not to mention my schizo granny, my hypochondriact mom, my drama sis, my bi polar, which is fast cycling, oppositional defiant 15 yr old that no one seems to know how to help us help him before he turns into a sociapath and ends up in one of your I see the “donate” button…how to I get mine set up? Cause I’m plum worn out and I can’t afford a vaca..I was thinking maybe a 10 day cruise?…I’ll make it easier and have that be the only thing on my wish list and what my donate button will be for! Where do I get started? I can’t wait to scam all you naive kind hearted souls too! I’ll even find some nasty, crazy ass child abuse stories your way and let “Trench” (is it?) take the credit! Man oh man you gotta good thing goin on here dude…make people like you by republishing all the crazy shit in this world!!

  • Trench Reynolds

    Thank you Tracy. As a lurker myself at most other websites I really appreciate it.

  • Trench Reynolds

    I also wanted to thank everyone for trusting me.

    There are a lot of scams on the internet that claim someone is suffering from cancer and those people should rot in hell.

    But you had the faith in me to think that I was not scamming you and again I thank you.

  • Tracy Hall

    I am an avid reader and really appreciate this site-Never commented before but I felt this was the appropriate time. I just read your status update and found myself silently cheering for you. Congrats on the time you got to share with the ones you love!

  • Anonymous

    Glad things went from worse to better!!!!

  • Ash

    Congrats on the Good News all around Trench :)

  • Stefie

    Great news ! I’m happy for your mom and for your job, I cross my fingers this is the beginning of a nice era for you and your family :)

  • Angel

    I’m soooooo happy that your mother is doing well. I’m still praying for a complete remission and recovery for her. And congrats again on the job.

    And if I win the lottery, I’ll take us all on a cruise, AND take care of your wish list!

  • Trench Reynolds

    If I do we’re all going on a cruise together.

  • ihavekids2

    Glad to hear your mom is holding her own, and that you got to spend some time with her. And congratulations on the new job! Good news comes in threes, so maybe there’s a winning lottery ticket in your immediate future too!

  • Trench Reynolds

    Thank you Courtney. I really appreciate it.

  • Courtney

    Hey, Im so sorry to hear about your mum. Skin cancer is a terrrible disease and to many people dont think its deadly. I had a melanoma removed when i heavily pregnant just last year. I was extremely lucky to come out with clean margins, but the doctors tell me theres always a chance that the disease could spread to my organs further down the track and i wont know it until its too late. I hope your mum wins her battle with this ugly disease . My thoughts are with you.