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No money for food so … she steals beauty products

Fulton mom charged with starving child is now accused of shoplifting

Just a quick one, here, folks because really what can you say but “what the fuck” when faced with such an utter failure of parenting like Melissa K. Nichols of Fulton, N.Y.

On June 30, police visited Nichols’ apartment looking for some items from a recent burglary in the neighborhood. What they found was what one called “the worst case of child neglect” she’d ever seen, according to reports.

The place was littered with junk and her 19-month-old daughter had at least one burn mark on her, because Nichols admitted to cops at the time that she had “accidentally” burned the baby with a cigarette. Both my parents were heavy smokers and I have very strong opinions about people who smoke around children after suffering through years of severe respiratory problems that magically resolved when I moved OUT of my parents’ smoke-hazed home at the age of 22. But I digress.

Police also say they were told that everyone in the apartment sometimes went days without eating. Which is fine if you’re a vain, self-absorbed bitch who wouldn’t dream of touching a hot dog or dollop of mashed potatoes now and then at the risk of gaining an ounce or two. But if you have a baby, you really need to have some food in the house, doncha think?

Now here’s where the failure becomes a case of glorious fucktardary. Nichols was recently pinched for shoplifting at Walmart. What was she stowing under her shirt, you may ask? Was it some milk for the baby? Perhaps a steak or two for herself and her squeeze? Nooooo. The stupid bitch shoplifted hair care products, clothing and toothbrushes. Her child might go hungry, but Nichols was sure as hell determined to LOOK good, wasn’t she? Of course, judging by her mugshot those products are NOT helping her much.

Stupid bitch got charged with petit larceny and released. The baby is in foster care where, hopefully, she is being given something to eat.

If she’d been stealing food for her child, I’d still say she was a dumbass because she could walk into any soup kitchen or church in the area and get some grub. But at least I’d say her heart was in the right place. This bitch stole stuff to make herself look good while she let her child go hungry and suffer from untreated cigarette burns.

As I said at the beginning … what the fuck?

Thanks to April for the tip.

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Updated: October 16, 2010 — 11:39 am


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  1. What a stupid bitch. I had an EX friend who was a stripper. She had 3 little girls, and they were always asking their mother’s friends for food. (I would always bring them something to eat when I’d go over there). Stripper idiot bitch was always whining she was too broke to buy food. She sure enough had plenty of money for hair extensions, 3 kinds of curling irons, countless pairs of shoes, tattoos, makeup etc etc etc. She eventually ran off with some douchebag she was fucking that she’d known for maybe a month. Her daughters got placed with relatives. Their worthless excuse for a “mother” did them a huge favor by getting out of their lives. Stupid bitches like this should face mandatory sterilization.

    1. I was once friends with a person like that too. She wasn’t a stripper, but was always out partying and left her daughter and son home alone for nights in a row. The kids would always come over to my house (I lived two houses down, so I was the closest) and ask to spend the night because they were afraid of being alone. I’d gladly let them stay overnight and make them dinner too (usually, the first meal of the day for them). Bitch-of-a-mother was always crying that she was too poor to feed her children, but she sure as hell had plenty of money to buy two computers, a plasma screen TV, get her hair done every two weeks, 10 tattoos and whatever else. She also ran off with some douchebag she didn’t know for long and left her kids with me. Getting out of her kids’ lives was the one good thing she ever did for them. The children’s relatives were actually fine with the kids being in my custody because they thought I was more of a mother than the kids’ birth mother. I always hope that the selfish bitch doesn’t have any more kids to make suffer. Like you said, stupid bitches like this should face mandatory sterilization. Too bad that won’t become a law anytime soon.

  2. Hag needs to go out and steal a face lift…or a hacksaw and just…well, ever seen the movie Seven? Lets cut her nose off to spite her own face, whatcha think?

    1. first know what the fuck your talking about maybe get all the facts before you open your mouths first off all the case files proves almost everything on this article to be false you are very dumb uneducated people and should know that slandering a persons reputation is still a crime in this country and you should check yourself before you end up on a site with your mugshot

      1. So she’s not ugly? Nah, still ugly.

        1. I’m sure you’d look ever so fabulous in your mug shot too.

          1. I have a bit more class than to ever need a mugshot.

      2. Please feel free to provide us with any documentation that the story is not true and we will gladly have it removed.

        1. Is it proof enough that all three cases were thrown out? It sure is intelligent to believe everything the media says, don’t you think? By the way, it’s not “beauty products”, it’s someone who was homeless trying to have a clean set of clothes and some shampoo. You know, DAILY hygiene? Read between the lines, jackasses.

          1. While her kids go hungry?

          2. She went to Salvation Army with her daughter, I saw her come in every day for breakfast and lunch. The father had taken her food stamps card to feed his own addictions, yet you don’t see anything up on this website about him. She came in for counseling for abuse from time to time. It’s funny how everyone only saw one child being abused when Raven B. was removed that day instead of two children. She was only 17 years old, in an abusive relationship, with no family or friends in the area to reach out to.

          3. She also was homeless at that time and didn’t have the child in her care if anyone cared enough to do the math.

          4. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Being a woman who was once in an abusive and homeless situation WITH children, I call BULLSHIT. If the father stole her card to feed his own addictions, she coulda had that damn card cancelled and ordered a new one. Also, there are domestic violence shelters, food pantries, free clothing places (in some areas)…when you are a parent, you have to put your children FIRST AND FOREMOST, especially when you are a victim of domestic abuse. YOU GET OUT AND YES THERE ARE SOURCES TO HELP YOU BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT. I don’t know about the state she lives in, but where I live, they help the woman find child care, a job, and a place of their own to live. You and whoever that guy is above you can defend her all you want, but she is still negligent because she continued to allow her children to live in a home with domestic violence, oh and she steals. Charges thrown out or not, she steals.

          5. You know if you had asked nicely I would have been more than happy to have the post removed. Being the reasonable man that I am I still may be persuaded to do so.

      3. Don’t you dare defend her!

  3. Guess she had money for cigarettes though!

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