Willie and Dominique Lunsford starved Danielle

8-Year-Old Brain Dead After Parents Allegedly Starved Her 

Couple Charged After Child Found Grossly Underweight 

That pig-faced pile of shit there is Willie Lunsford (44).  Pictured next to Willie is his blushing bride, Dominique Lunsford (34).  These two are in a heap of shit after their youngest daughter was found to be malnourished and brain dead.  That’s right.  Willie doesn’t look like he’s missed many meals, but little Danielle was starved for an entire year.    

At the beginning of the year, the eight-year-old weighed 60 pounds.  That seems like a reasonable weight for a 3rd grader.  When she was taken to UNC hospital in October, she had wasted away to 35 pounds.  Holy shit!   That’s almost half what a healthy 8-year-old should weigh.  Of course the Lunsfords have an excuse for little Danielle wasting away… She was depressed of course.  Now, I could be wrong here, but…. Do normal 8-year-olds suffer from appetite suppressing depression?  And if they do, don’t you take them to a fucking doctor after the first, say, 2 or 3 missed meals?  I’m calling stinky on the depression excuse.  Nice try Willie! 

Little Danielle is still being treated for malnutrition and starvation.  I’m not having any luck finding an update on her condition.  The Lunsfords other 3 children, a 15-year-old girl, an 11-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy (that were NOT starved), are in the custody of their aunt.  The Lunsfords are being charged with felony intentional child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury.  They spent about a month behind bars and are currently out on $15,000 bond each.

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  • Grace W.

    I don’t remember the exact link but here is one


    There are actually tons of websites that state this. Half of all the pilgrims that originally arrived died during that harsh winter, but the mothers all passed their food to their children. Food was so scarce it was rationed to a few kernels of corn a day. The mothers gave what little they could so their children could survive. I am sure all of us here would have done the same. If my child was starving I wouldn’t want to live. Then we have these two tubs of lard featured above who had tons of food obviously and had so much evilness in their hearts that they would withhold it from their precious daughter. I am so ILL over this…

    • Nichole

      Thanks! I forgot I asked the question. You can bet your ass that I would do the same thing.

      Sadly there is not any (that I saw) numbers for fathers who did the same thing. Maternal instinct is strong as hell but I am sure it is rare for a man to do the same for his family. Any thoughts on this?

  • Smokersally

    I don’t give a rats ass what age my child is…If she stops eating i’m taking her to thr fucking doctor!

  • Madison

    fucking disgusting nasty pigs. string em up.

    • priscilla


      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        This is why we love Madison.  She doesn’t sugar coat how she feels.

      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        This is why we love Madison.  She doesn’t sugar coat how she feels.

  • Floral

    It’s possible for a child of any age to suffer depression, but I’m sure it’s a very rare thing for children under 12. I don’t buy the depression excuse either. And even if she was so depressed that she starved herself, I’m sure there’s no way she’d starve herself to the point where she lost so much weight (unless she was anorexic), let alone became brain dead. I think anybody could tell she was starved.

  • Grace W.

    I know we have discussed this before but isn’t feeding your child the most BASIC show of maternal love? When I was carrying my son I was so vigilant of everything I ate knowing I was “feeding” my baby. As soon as he came out of the birth canal I put him to my breast and nursed him. For most mothers food = love. I know I cook meals (love to cook!) and always always heap my son’s plate before I even sit down myself to eat. I get the greatest pleasure watching my son eat and knowing he is eating healthy, nourishing food. I don’t understand the DEPRAVITY, the EVILNESS and SELFISHNESS of a “mother” who willfully STARVES her child.

    I was teaching my son about the first thanksgiving this past week. Did you know 18 Pilgrim mothers gave up their own food so that their children could have enough food during that first harsh winter in 1620? And of those 18 THIRTEEN of those moms died. DIED. Sacrificed food and ultimately their lives so their children could eat. THAT is true motherhood. Selfless, sacrificial love. I am so angry at this piece of shit couple. They’re not even hurting for food obviously. If they had been pilgrims during that first winter they would have probably eaten their daughter, forget sharing their food with her. I say throw them in a tub of hungry Piranhas.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      I like the way you think.

    • Smokersally

      Really like the way you think!

    • Traumachic

      Grace nice comment. Can you please show me the link on where you get this info. I would love to read about it myself. Sounds interesting. Thanks