Charles was just 7 – and only 28 pounds – when he died

Dehydrated boy, 7, weighed only 28 pounds

Police say Haether Poertner starved her 7-year-old son to death.

My daughter is 18 months old and weighs 27 pounds. She is the smallest child in her daycare class. Charles Poertner of Newport News, Virginia weighed just one pound more than her when he died in June – at age 7.

He was found covered in dead fleas, debris and dirt, wearing only a diaper and laying on the living room floor, where police say he’d been for several days, according to the article in the Newport News. Charles, who had Cerebral Palsy, relied on a feeding tube for nourishment. It was dirty and discolored.

Charles died of severe dehydration, and medical and nutritional neglect, according to the ME.

On Dec. 3, after investigating Charles’ death for nearly six months, police finally charged his gestation device, Haether Kiran Poertner, 26, with felony murder and three counts of felony child neglect. She’s being held without bail.

Poertner was supposed to give Charles a prescription liquid food through his feeding tube. When the prescription expired, she switched to an instant, non-fat dry milk. Charles didn’t get the nutrients and calories he needed from that drink. The police complaint states that Poertner admitted she realized the dry milk was inadequate nutritionally and that Charles had lost weight drastically because of it.

When police found Charles, they also found two younger boys, ages 2 and 4 covered in feces, and the 4-year-old locked in an upstairs bedroom with the door deadbolted from outside. As we’ve come to expect in these cases, the house was filthy and bags of dirty diapers were everywhere. The house was so filled with trash, police could barely walk through it. The boys’ dad is in the Navy and was overseas when his wife starved their oldest child to death.

My best friend is in the Navy and has a special needs child. The Navy provides ample support for her whole family, therapy for her son and kick-ass health coverage that has made it possible to get him the medication and help he needs to thrive. So before some family member of this utter waste of a healthy uterus comes to this site to defend her by whining about how overwhelming and isolating it can be for a mother with a special needs child and a husband overseas, let me proactively cry bullshit.

There was simply no excuse for what Poertner did to her son. And I’m so upset over this story that I can’t even think of a good enough punishment for what this bitch did. But I’m sure our BB readers will have an idea or two.

Thanks to Pete Dujardin of the Daily Mail in Virginia for the tip.

  • Jessica Lynn Dorsey

    I want to break that bitches fuckin face. I have a five year old son with cerebral palsy. AND his father was deployed during his infancy. So I can speak from experience, that as a mother or even a human being with an ounce of compassion it aint that damn hard to get help when needed. Even worse, my Koda has a gtube and is fed pediasure thru it by a pump…the kicker? INSURANCE(MEDICAID) PAYS FOR ALL FORMULA AND GTUBE SUPPLIES AND PUMPS 100%! Hell they even ship the shit to your house! Im tired of selfish, scumbag, uteruses with legs abusing these sweet beautiful C.P. kids. Theres no fucking excuse! Just like that girl Danieal…that shit ripped my heart out. I cried like a baby when I saw that girls death photo. Its fucked up enough to harm or neglect ANY child. But to see a completely helpless, immobilized kid whos completely at the mercy of a piece of shit…thats the shit my nightmares are madr of. I hope general population takes care of this bitch. id like to believe the courts will handle it, but we all know all too well how that turns out. R.I.P. sweet baby. Youre free from that raging thundercunt.

  • Nanima

    My hubby is in the army here in Australia – the day our youngest turned 2 months old he deployed overseas for 7 months and I will admit, I had a meltdown… For a whole two days. I was left to handle everything from the kids who were an infant and 4 years old (all healthy thank god), sorting out moving into our service residence (and the idiot removalists that came with that) and making sure everything that needed to be done was done all while worrying about my hubby.

    My meltdown lasted two days because that is all I would allow it to last for, I can’t fathom how this POS let shit get that bad, I don’t know about services in place for military families in the US, but while my hubby was gone I would get regular calls from his unit god botherer to check on me and the kids, we had DCO (defence community organisation) checking on us and his CO would constantly update us on everything from what my hubby’s unit was doing overseas to planned family days on base.

    I know not all military wives and husbands are able to handle the separation and the increase in responsibility – whether it’s kids, financial or something else – and some do pack in in because they can’t cope, but with all the welfare measures available to families o service men and women, this should not have happened, she could have asked for the appropriate help when it was needed and no one would have thought her weak.

  • sweetd
  • emsy

    Kill the minging slag

  • Mary Elizabeth

    This woman needs to starve

  • Brandtpaula72

    i am an airforce wife.i know we have the best medical coverage.the miltary makes sure your child and you get what you need,so by them not giving the baby his medicine it was being pure lazy.

  • Brenda Comeaux-Billiot

    I have an idea on how to punish bed hair bitch, but I love y’all too much to make you vomit.

    • Clevo

      No, really…inquiring minds want to know.

  • sara

    Apparently it was something called a port a cath, not a feeding tube or central line.

  • Kathy

    I understand that it is extremely difficult to raise children by yourself, especially if you have a disabled child. I canNOT understand failure to seek help versus starving your child to death and letting him lay in filth. I want to wish evil things upon her, but all I can think about is those poor children and her husband who is serving us overseas. Wishing evil things on her will only further hurt them. The children should be placed with family or foster care until dad can get home.

    Was she always like this? Or, did she lose it when her husband left and she became the only care-giver? I can’t imagine that he’s been gone for 7 years. Such a horrible and sad story. :-(

  • Clevo

    Another total waste of skin.
    There is no excuse for something like this when she had health coverage to cover the cost.
    I feel so sorry for the kids and the Dad who is so far away, serving his country.
    Unfortunately she is a civilian.
    She should at minumum spend the rest of her life at Levenworth.
    I think April’s solution sounds best.

  • April

    Cruel cunt. I want to choke her with my bare hands… just so I can feel her heart racing as she strugles to take her last fuck breath as she looks into my eyes.

    I’m not evil….. I swear. I just hate her that much.

    • Deena

      Ohhhh… I just giggled at the very thought of witnessing you do this!

      I’m not eveil either, but… if anyone deserves it this evil cunt does!

      • Deena

        I can’t edit that is supposed to be “evil” LOL

      • April

        Can you see little 5’3′ blond me… sitting one this whore’s chest… with a wicked little grin and WIDE crazy eyes…. With well manicure fingers wrapped around her skanky fucking neck….. laughing maniacally, yelling “DIE YOU FUCKING WHORE!!  DIE!!!!” as she cries, wondering why I’m doing this to her as she struggles to get away me?  Like some sory of vengeful little vixen with freakish strenght.  That how I roll, baby.

        • Deena

          I can actually…
          with 5’3 blonde me, laughing hysterically and running around asking her “what’s wrong does that hurt? what? what? I can’t hear you, Oh must be those fingers around your throat! LOL”

          • April

            We’d make a hell of a team.  Women would want to be us and men would just die for the chance to watch us kiss.

          • Deena

            Well, of course!

        • ihavekids2

          That is a beautiful mental image!

          • April

            You got a little turned on, didn’t you?  Admit it.

          • ihavekids2

            Oh yeah, baby!

          • April

            I can see right through you.  You were picturing me in a hawt little tank top, little denim skirt, shoeless, messy hair, crazy fucking blue eyes, with a little glow (like after sex glow), fucking this bitch up like she never thought possible.  No one thinks I’m capable of it, bbut I’m scary if you fuck with me. 
            Damn… I just turned myself on.  Be right back…..

  • Karaann

    i usually don’t cry over the stories on this site very often but this one has me in tears..i am at a loss of words to say..

  • Jennifer Stogsdill

    I can’t even imagine what the father is going through, being overseas thinking his babies are being cared for when they are not. When I had to call my husband and tell him that our youngest had died, the things that went through my mind were horrible. I felt unfit as a parent that my sole job was to take care of our children and that I had failed. I felt the lowest of the low. When we got his autopsy report back it showed that he was completely healthy, good weight and otherwise in great condition, so why should I get my child ripped from me when you have scum of the earth killing their kids?! I’d rather have had my baby have CP and be here and alive and have to take care of him for the rest of my life than have him die “healthy” at 4 months. I do not believe in eye for an eye like the biblical punishment, but I sure believe someone to harm a child should get life or death, as they are unfit to live in society.

  • Deena

    IHK2… I love you!

    • ihavekids2

      *Blushes* Thanks! You’re pretty awesome yourself, lady!

  • Deena

    OMG my daughter is 3 and she weighs 30lbs and she is little… compared to all the other kids in her class in preschool.

    my 6 year old son weighs 62 lbs. gawd damn!

    This is one eveil bitch!

  • sara

    Wow, not only all the benefits of being military, but her husband being overseas gave her hazard pay. I wonder what she spent all her money on, definitely not on her hair.

    • April

      Bwahahaaahaaaaa.  They never do spend money on their hair.  Wait until you see the one I’m posting later today,

      • sara

        She has crazy eyes. She looks a lot like “feces mom” Emily Mcdonald around the eyes. I actually “knew” that one through mutual internet acquaintances, have you guys covered that one?

        • April

          I think that may be the one Deena is working on.  Is the the fugly cow that got busted with her mother?

          • sara

            No, feces mom is about to go on trial and had a micro preemie and was very big on live journal, her daughter kept getting better and sick, the nurses and doctors became suspicious, put a camera in her dd’s room and caught her on tape taking feces out her daughter’s diaper and sticking it on her line into her body (not a feeding tube like post news reports say, but I can’t remember the word for it, but it goes to the blood stream, not gi tract) She was caught this summer in the presence of a child and went back to jail, but got out again on Thanksgiving until her trial.

          • sara

            Oh and apparently she had been studying to be a nurse for pediatrics.

          • Deena

            I despise that bitch!

          • April

            Fuck me!  I do remember that one!!  Deena, can you link it here for Sara?

          • April

            I think that WAS posted on this site.  Fuck.  I can’t remember.  There have been so many… But maybe we had it posted as feeding tube.  Let me see if I can find it.  I think IHK2 wrote it.

          • Deena

            I sure can if you can’t find it.

          • TXmommy

            central line? Alot of times those micropreemies have tiny veins and thats the only way they can get ivs going. Those get infected easily without having crap rubbed on them!

          • Furious Mom

            I remember the bitch from Livejournal. She was on several parenting groups with me. Everyone felt so bad for her, as this was her second micro preemie. I remember several debates about her, because after her first preemie, doctors told her if she tried again, it would turn out the same, or worse.
            She posted regularly about the one she abused, and updated on her health. Looking back, considering what we know now, it was obvious she thrived on the attention she received from the livejournal community. She also thrived on claiming to be one of those “holier then thou” type parents, who believed in cloth diapering, all natural and organic foods, breastfeeding and the like, while she put down parents as being bad parents for not doing the same.

            A sickening thought I had, when the story first broke, was that she tried to have another baby despite warnings because her first one was having less medical problems, and she needed a new one to use for attention. It’s a disturbing thought.

          • Deena

            Nope Trench did her story awhile back she put the feces in the IV I think.
            But you are correct I do have the filthy mother and grandmother pigettes to write up.

  • TXmomma

    This is sickening. I have 5 kids and one who is special needs (shes 8) and requires feed tube nutrition & daily injections &&&& numerous other things. My husband works 1600 miles away. What happens in these peoples minds that allows them to think its ok to not feed a child who will not be able to eat otherwise??? I feel bad if my 3 year old asks me for juice and I am not immediately able to get it. That bitch deserves to be left in a dirty diaper, in a filthy room with no food. Awful.