A 29 year old mother + A 13 month old baby + A 21 year old sick, demented, waste of space = A Disaster

Murder charges expected in Arizona baby death

Arizona man held in death of baby 

Kingman man held in death of 13-month-old

21 year old Dustin Colpitts just got out of juvie in September after serving 6 years for sexually molesting 6 children, one of which was his 9 year old brother!!(Sick Fuck!!!) If you do the math he would have been about 14-15 at the time!! WTH???

That didn’t stop a mother from moving him right in with her and her 13 month old daughter Adriana Sweeney!! The hospital reported that she had severe bruising to the head and face in various stages of healing, that means the injuries occurred over a period of time!! Poor little Adriana died Tuesday night due to brain-related injuries.

Evidently, Freakazoid admitted to slapping and shaking the baby!! He’s been arrested on felony charges of child abuse and domestic violence-aggravated assault.

I don’t know whether the mother knew about his history or not, but shouldn’t she have known this twisted motherfucker inside and out before moving in with him and allowing him access to her child??

He was released from jail in September in Oregon. If she met him right after he got out that’d be about 3-4 months! Is that long enough to really know someone? If she knew him before that then she knew his history or at least enough of it to tell her to run away as far and as fast as she could! 

Shouldn’t she have seen the bruises that were left over time?? Wouldn’t it make her suspicious coupled with the fact that the baby cried the whole time she was left alone with this man??

This freak actually did an Internet query: “How do I make my 1-year-old happy?” He said the baby cried while the Mom was at work and asked how to soothe her: “When she is not sleeping she is crying,” he wrote. “How can I help make her more happy? It hurts me to see her like this.”

Here’s a hint you stupid prick you don’t hit or shake her and maybe if she only cries like that with you, you don’t fucking keep her!! Sounds like she was uneasy around you!!!

He’s admitted to abusing Adriana physically. I’ll be surprised if the autopsy doesn’t show other forms of abuse also. As far as I’m concerned he’s GUILTY!! He needs to be executed immediately! He’s been broken since he was a child and there is no rehabilitating him!! As for the “Mom” I’m not so sure she shouldn’t be charged as well!

These girls have to stop thinking they can fix or change a man!! It doesn’t work!! If your single you can afford to try, but if your a mother then your wants or needs take a back seat to the safety and well being of your child!! Stop taking chances on these worthless, gutless, controlling, sadistic, lazy, and selfish Dicks!! They are torturing and killing your children while you stand there saying “He’s just misunderstood!”, “He’d never hurt my baby! He loves her!”, “I can change him!”, “I can help him!”…… WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

I’m sorry, something about this story has stirred up the judgemental bitch in me. I’m sick of constantly reading about the boyfriends abusing these babies!! It physically makes me ill because if the Mom in the situation would just think about her child first it is preventable!!! All of these baby’s lives have been lost because there is a lack of mothers protecting there children!! It’s senseless….
R.I.P. Sweet Adriana…
*** Thanks go to Cynical Me for the tip and the write up.
  • CynicalMe



    Here’s hoping the inmates hand out justice because our judicial system failed to…

    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Thanks for the update, love!

  • Great Uncle Troy

    Lets all let Judge Steven Conn know how we feel about this waste of space, Call, E-mail, Write just do something to let him know not to go light on this case and give him the max…..

    • Your_Pal_Nancy

      Thanks for the update, so sorry for your loss. I think 27 years isn’t enough, let alone 10. I wish just once someone would think of the victim who does not get to make a plea deal. Adriana would have been a young, beautiful woman in 27 years, but she doesn’t get to be. Why should the one responsible for this get to continue his life after 27 years?

  • Great Uncle Troy

    KINGMAN – A 22-year-old Kingman man faces up to 27½ years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to shaking and beating his girlfriend’s 13-month-old child to death.

    Dustin Colpitts was arrested in January 2011 after he called 911 and reported that he was baby-sitting his girlfriend’s baby while her mother was at work when he noticed that the girl, Adriana Sweeney, was having trouble breathing. Kingman Police detectives were called out to the hospital after doctors noticed signs of abuse.

    The baby was airlifted to Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas where she was declared brain dead that same day.

    Colpitts at first said that the baby’s injuries, which included bruising on her body and hemorrhaging in the eyes, were the result of his resuscitation efforts. Hemorrhaging of the eyes is a common indicator that a baby has been shaken. According to court files, the baby showed signs of both old and new hemorrhaging and bruising, indicating that the abuse was not a single incident but occurred over a period of time.

    A month before the baby’s death, Colpitts posted a question on the Internet titled, “How do I make my 1-year-old happy?” He said the baby cried while her mother was at work and asked for advice on how to soothe her.

    “When she is not sleeping she is crying,” he wrote. “How can I help make her more happy? It hurts me to see her like this.”

    Colpitts pleaded guilty to manslaughter and child abuse charges. He faces a minimum of 10 years and up to 27½ years in prison when sentenced by Judge Steven Conn April 12.

  • Great Uncle Troy

    A Kingman, Ariz., man whose abuse of a baby led to her death at a Las Vegas hospital agreed to a plea deal that will send him to prison for at least 10 years.
    Dustin Colpitts, 22, pleaded guilty Thursday to child abuse and manslaughter in the January 2011 death of 13-month-old Adriana Sweeney.
    Kingman police said Colpitts was baby-sitting when he called 911 to report the little girl was having difficulty breathing. The girl was rushed to a local hospital before she was flown to Sunrise Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.
    Deputy Mohave County Attorney Greg McPhillips said Colpitts admitted he hurt the baby.
    “The defendant confessed to hitting, kicking, throwing and shaking the victim,” McPhillips said. “This conduct caused brain damage.”
    Under terms of the plea agreement, Superior Court Judge Steve Conn will sentence Colpitts to from 10 to 27½ years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled April 12.

  • Troy

    December 1st has came and past with no birthday to celebrate and no card to send and gift to wrap. 
    It was a somber day that will forever be a day of sadness knowing that Adriana will not age on earth but will grow another year older in heaven, Its been hard on all  and my prayer go out to her Father Joey Sweeney and hopes that he is healing and  trusting in the lord to help him show him the way.

    • KathyK

      Troy, my heart goes out to you and all of Joey’s family as Adriana’s birthday and Christmas pass.  Hopefully, the trial will be swift and this child molester/child murderer will get the max.  Is he facing the death penalty?

      I think the so-called mother should also have been charged.  The injuries were in various stages of healing, so any real mother would have known her baby was being abused.  It should be a crime to allow a known child molester to ever be alone with any child that you are responsible for.  Has she ever made contact with your nephew again?  What rationale could she possibly have for moving him in and allowing this to happen?

      Please keep us updated on the trial.  I hope your family’s holidays are as happy as they can be under the circumstances.

  • Uncle Troy

    Nothing new as we head into this thanksgiving week,  I pray each day that Adriana is in heaven watching down on us and playing with all of the other little kids and keeping her father Joey in her sight and watching over him.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      *HUGS* The holidays must be the hardest… keeping Adriana and all those who truly love her in my thoughts and prayers. <3

  • Glennstrmi

    It’s looking like it will be February of next year before he goes to trial for the murder of Adriana Sweeney, I hope and pray that justice is swift and carried out to the fullest of the law. I also hope that charges will be brought against   Jolene Wilson the mother of Adriana Sweeney.

  • Glennstrmi

     It’s been 4 months and yet there is no new news…  I look almost every day to see whats going on with not much hope that there will ever be Justice for Adriana, And the mother needs to be charged also for neglect in knowing about the boyfriends past.  If Justice is not done on earth it shall be done by God…   

  • Glennstrmi

    It’s been one month now and still can’t look at Adriana’s photo without crying, I think its so hard for me because I have a 16 month old daughter that would have grown up with her, I know nothing we do or say will bring Adriana back but keeping her memory alive and knowing she is no longer in pain and is in Gods hands is all we can do for now…… As for the Mother How on Earth could you ever try to cover this up….. She was lethargic for a week before you took her to the hospital She needs to be Charged right along side of the Bastard

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      <3 It's nice to know that Adriana was so loved. It means that her short life wasn't a complete hell.

      And I agree… her "mother" absolutely should be charged. Any woman who moves an RSO into her home to live with her children should automatically have her children removed from her care and be charged with child endangerment.

  • loving_mom

    Uncle Troy my prayers are with you and your family in your time of need.

    I hope they throw the book at him lock him up and throw away the key!!

  • Uncle Troy

    We had services for Adriana Sweeney on Friday the 11th here in flint, It was vary sad to see the family crying and all of the photos of young Adriana playing and her smile….. Just knowing that in the little time she did have here on earth was precious but she now is walking with God and watching over all of us here on earth and waiting for the day we will all be together R.I.P. Adriana Sweeney Dec 1 2009 – Jan 18 2011

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Thank you for posting.

  • Troy Sweeney

    Thats what we would all like to know? she left my nephew and moved with the child out to Arizona, Were asking god to put into his hands and heal all of touched by this tragedy…. My heart goes out our family in this time of grieving.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Oh, goodness… my apologies, Troy. I didn’t realize you were the baby’s father’s family. For some reason, I thought you were on the mother’s side of the family. Personally, I think that if the mother and her family knew this guy’s history, yet allowed her to move him in with this defenseless baby, they’re all guilty of criminal neglect, at best. I can’t manage any sympathy for any of them.

      But my heart seriously goes out to everyone in your family. :( I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  • Troy Sweeney

    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Thank you.  Sorry for your loss.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      I have one… why did this child’s mother move a convicted sex offender into her child’s home?

  • Troy Sweeney

    I’m the Great uncle of the Child and were from Michigan, the Father is from Michigan, the baby’s Grandmother and Great Grandmother are from Michigan, She has lots of aunts and uncles from Michigan, So were having a funeral here in Michigan.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Thanks for responding.

  • Peanacolada

    And can somebody explain to me why their having their funeral in MI?? No one they knew were from MI.

  • Peanacolada

    THANK YOU to whoever wrote this. SERIOUSLY WTF

  • Maddiec

    There were many people who knew this 21-year old was a child molester. For God’s sake the molester boyfriend, his 15 year old brother (yes, the one he molested) AND the boyfriends Mom all lived in the same house together!! It wasn’t like the boyfriend and girlfriend were living together alone and they just hooked up. The girlfriend and baby moved in with the family so there was actually 5 people living in the house. And yes, the girlfriend knew this monster’s history. Get this – The girlfriends family and boyfriends family knew each other back in Oregon FOR YEARS. This was no coincidental meeting. They all knew each other PRIOR to the girlfriend moving in. Mom needs to be charged too. She’s as guilty as hell.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Ugh…It just gets better.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae


    • CynicalMe

      Personally, I think anyone who knew about it and didn’t report it needs to be charged at the very least with complicity!! Definitely everyone living in that house and her family members that knew or condoned this shit!! As for the so called “mom” she and the boyfriend should both be put to death!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5NOC3HPZQXCHO3KTDEZAPRGL4 stowesails

    The 13 month old in this story is my niece. We are as angry and sickened by this as all of you are. This is a very difficult time for our family. The mother is not part of our family – the father from whom this precious child was taken is. He is hurting terribly. Please pray for our family as we try to move on. I have decided to use this horrible tragedy to hopefully educate women as well as men about the dangers of abusive relationships. If you know someone who you think is in an abusive relationship, say something – especially if there are children involved. Don’t think it isn’t any of your business. Keeping children safe is everyone’s business.

    • Deena

      Thank you for coming here to comment, my thoughts and prayers are with your family. If you need us we are here and there are so many wonderful people on here, any one of them will make time to talk to you, if you need a shoulder. *hugs to you*

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Thank you for comenting.  I’m sorry for your loss.  Really.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Thank you for coming here and giving us the information. I had temporarily forgotten that there was a birth father that might be feeling devastated about the loss of this poor child. I’ll keep him, and all of you, in my prayers. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

      And yes, preventing child abuse is everyone’s business. Thank you for using this tragedy to do some good in the world. You’re pretty amazing for that. And, as Deena said, we’re here if you need us.

    • CynicalMe

      My thoughts are with your family at this tragic time!

      I think it’s a wonderful thing that you want to use this to educate about abuse and help others. It truly speaks to your character as a person. I’m glad little Adriana had family that loved and cared for her…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5NOC3HPZQXCHO3KTDEZAPRGL4 stowesails

        Thanks to you especially, and everyone for your kind words of support. The gentle words of strangers are comforting. We miss Adriana deeply. It’s harder I think because my own daughter, Adriana’s cousin, is only 16 months old. Amazingly, it does help knowing there are kind and decent people who care and offer prayers. Adriana has many people who love her a great deal. One day we will all be together in the presence of our Father.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556838763 Nancy Marine Dickinson

    Okay – I figured out what to say here… Just looking at the guy’s photo makes me want to vomit. He’s molesting kids at 15 and the mom here has no problem with that? He molested his own 9 year old brother, something this kid will NEVER get past, and Mom thinks it’s all hunky dory?

    What can be said, (and I loathe that I’m even saying this but…) with Chester’s (I call him that due to the phrase “Chester the molester”) record being one as a juvenile, there’s really no way Mom could have known or found out about it, unless someone told her.

    Was this guy a registered sex offender? Was he ordered to stay away from children as a condition of his release? Was something missed in all of this?

    I’m not saying Mom’s an angel, by any means, but I don’t know here or the full story. However, she brought this guy into the life of her child and this is the result.

    What happened to dating someone, getting to know them, being their friend BEFORE you move them in for your bedroom bullshit? Is the self-esteem of women out there now so low that any cock’ll do?

  • Danielle

    I had a 5 year old daughter when I met my husband 4 years ago and a) they didn’t meet until him and I had been dating for about 5 months… (and he was introduced as my friend at a mutual friend’s house) b) once I finally introduced him as my boyfriend she still never, ever saw him sleep over or wake up to find him in my bed c) it wasn’t until we got engaged and another few months had gone by that we moved in together. Even after I got to know him, I still didn’t have him babysit her – SHE didn’t know him! Now remember, this is the man that I eventually married and we now have one of our own. BUT, I didn’t know what kind of guy he was 2 months into us dating and certainly not well enough to know what he’d be like around my daughter. I had to get to know him, IN AND OUT and upsidedown b/4 I’d trust him with my daughter. She is #1 – period end of story. I would have never and still would never put either of my daughters at risk for ANYTHING. Ok… getting off my soap box. Some women are such fucking selfish idiots. And right on to Veroinca — how about dating a man that fucking works during the day?? All these babies seem to be getting killed while mommy is out making a buck and boyfriend is at home. WTF? Unless he’s been recently laid-off — there are not many reasons why a capable man shouldn’t be out making some bacon. And even if he’s not working, maybe he should be spending his days looking for work. Who was watching her baby before she met this loser? If ur man doens’t have a job and is willing to watch ur baby all day 2 months after u meet – UM, RED FLAG retard.
    Ok, now I’m really getting off my soap box.

    • Ami

      I wish my mom had cared so much about her kids the way you care about your daughter. She married a man after only 2 months! 2 months! She also started letting him babysit my younger sister only a week after she’d been dating him (Why, I don’t understand because we had plenty of relatives who could’ve watched her)! It was especially stupid because my sister has autism, so she could be hard to handle. I remember one day, I’d gotten out of school early and I heard my sister crying from outside! I rushed inside the house as quick as I could and found my mom’s boyfriend beating my sister with a belt! I called the police and my mom afterwards. My sister was beaten so badly, she was in the hospital for a week. I’ll never forget that and my poor sister is still scarred from that to this day.

      And guess what? My mom still didn’t learn! She just got married to a man after dating him for 3 months (a month more; not much better). My sister is not living with our mom anymore, though. I have custody of her and I am NOT letting her around my mother’s boyfriend any time soon or my own daughter, for that matter!

  • Elaine C.

    Look whores, DO NOT move your new dick into your house after knowing him for only 2 months! I have had plenty of divorced friends who didn’t even introduce their children to a man until they had dated for over 2 months. These dumb bitches need to stop having children since they obviously don’t give two shits about anthing but themselves.

  • Veronica

    Alrighty then, I’m going to sound like a right-wing asshole here but I have a novel idea: why doesn’t the MOM stay home with the kid and the GUY go to work??? I don’t give a fuck if this is a sexist or retrograde comment!!! I always assumed I would be the immediately back to work type mom and then when I had my baby something happened and I was like, “I’m not leaving my belly fruit! No way, no how!” NOW, if you must, must, actually MUST work, then why not leave your kids with your mom or sister or something? And not some 21 year old twinkie who gives you lady-boners?? Also, how about dating a man who is capable of employment? Not to sound shallow or overly practical but COME ON!! Come on.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Veronica, I heart you and everything about this comment.

      I won’t even hold the coffee all over my laptop after reading “belly fruit” against you (which, btw, I’m going to have to steal from you.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556838763 Nancy Marine Dickinson

        I was digging the ‘belly fruit’ comment as well. I’d say more but I’m not permitted to smile any longer…

        Also, to really get to my teenage son I will use the phrase “fruit of my loins”.

        • http://badbreeders.net/ April

          Smile away.  Fuck ’em if they don’t like it.

        • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae


          It’s always fun to mess with teens like that.

        • CynicalMe

          My niece died due to a massive coronary when she was 8. It was completely out of the blue. No signs. She had a heart defect that was only detectible when she was autopsied, it was on the back side of the heart.

          My family all rushed to her and my sister’s side! They were away on vacation when this happened.

          Anyway, my point is NOONE can tell you how you should grieve!! We loved that baby more than life itsself and would have traded places with her if we could have! For the 3 weeks she was on the ECMO machine we were there and depending on when you saw us at times we were crying, others we were laughing and joking, and yet other times we were raging!!

          People had things to say about how my sister handled it after the funeral. The thing was she let people see what she wanted them to, she only broke down with a few close family members.

          None have the right to tell anyone how or how not to grieve!! Shame on all who try!

          Unless you’ve been through it you’ll never understand!!! There is no perfect way to grieve or time limit on it!! My grandmother still has issues with the loss of my mother and that was back in 1975…

          My family struggles daily to deal with the loss of our beautiful little girl! Some put on a brave face for public view and deal with the hell in private!

          Nancy, please don’t let the ignorance of others get to you!!

          Rant Over!!

          • http://badbreeders.net/ April

            I ♥ this comment.  Thank you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556838763 Nancy Marine Dickinson

        I was digging the ‘belly fruit’ comment as well. I’d say more but I’m not permitted to smile any longer…

        Also, to really get to my teenage son I will use the phrase “fruit of my loins”.

      • Veronica

        :) I’m glad you liked it. But I’m sad about your laptop. I hope it is okay…

        • http://badbreeders.net/ April

          She does it all the time.  I think she owns stock in Dell.

    • Grace W.

      I absolutely agree with you! I thought I’d be fine going back to work but when my son was born and I dropped him off at his grandmothers I cried and cried the whole day. Now I stay at home with him because babies are so precious and they grow so fast. I don’t want to miss a moment and no one can care for my child better than I can.

      I am sick of these dumb moms moving in child beaters and pedophiles and handing over their defenseless children to be abused by these monsters.

      • Veronica

        Yeah, everyone tells me it goes by so fast anyway so I figure what’s the point of rushing it? By the time, she’s (insert age when she starts to hate me, here) she won’t want to hang out with me at all, so I treasure our time together, now.

  • just a person

    WTH is up with all the dead babies recently? Fuck.

    In addition to executing this sicko, howz about we execute his parents (or whoever raised him) too? They obviously abused the shit outta him too. Fucking assholes all around.

  • Steve

    someone who chose sex over sanity. while I see nothing wrong with moving in with someone fairly quickly-love does cancel out logic at times-what’s up with no background check when there are kids involved? he is 21 fucking years old? she must not be a very savvy 29yo.

  • Stepho1375

    How can these women let someone they barely meet move in and watch their children alone!

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Exactly… it’s bad enough when they do one or the other… but to make him her live-in babysitter? WTF?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556838763 Nancy Marine Dickinson

    I don’t even know what to say… This one is really disturbing…

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  • Clevo

    Yeah, the world would be a lot better off without this waste of skin in it.
    Too bad he got out and was free to kill a child. He should be executed. Preferably by beating him to death.

  • Katie

    Where did you get the info on the juvenile record? I thought those were sealed even though I don’t think they should be for these kinds of offenders.

    I don’t understand why anybody would allow somebody like that around their baby, much less let them care for the baby unsupervised all day. Is it possible that she didn’t know about his record? I’m not making excuses for her, because she obviously missed lots of signs and made dumb ass decisions. I’m just asking if it’s possible that she didn’t know because records were sealed. It seems like the public should be notified that they are releasing a pedophile into their neighborhood. Why didn’t he have to register as a sex offender? It should not matter how old you are. Once a sex offender, always a sex offender in my book.

    • CynicalMe

      That info was in the news links I read on the story. The reason I think it was public is because he must have served out his sentence and wasn’t a minor for the last three years. That’s just a guess though!! Just about every link had that info in it so it was either public record or someone that knew him released it.

      • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

        I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck a guy that molested six children is not on the Oregon (where he was apparently incarcerated), the Arizona (where he moved when he got out), or the Federal sex offender registry.

        Maybe they were removed once he was arrested? I’m sure hoping that’s the case, because if he was never listed it totally defeats the purpose of these registries (not that I believe this asstarded gestational device would have thought to check).

        • CynicalMe

          Yeah, it makes absolutely no fucking sense!! I wonder if it was because he was a minor when it happened? Need to look that up later and see if minors have to register!!

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Katie, the info was listed in the news articles linked at the top of the story.

      Oddly enough, he doesn’t seem to be on any registry anywhere. I’m dumbfounded by this… he molested six children and he’s released without having to register? Let alone move to a new state where no one would likely find out about his past conviction…

      So there is a good chance the “mother” didn’t know, but seriously, WTF, she literally just met the guy and moved him in with her daughter. He was way younger than her (only just legal drinking age, and here she’s pushing 30), and not working. Seriously, WTF?

      And I agree 110% about “once a sex offender, always a sex offender”. Nothing a person like that can do will ever erase what they did. Never. They should have that shit tattooed on their foreheads in indelible ink.

      Better yet, (in lieu of the death penalty) they should be kept behind bars and made to perform hard labor to ease the taxpayers’ burden in their upkeep.

  • The Eccentric Celtic

    I’ve never met an abusive guy with such superior sex skills that it would make me risk my child’s life so I could have him around.