Drunk Ind. Breeder leaves kid in cold car naked

Brittany Hazelwood

Court: Drunk mom leaves nude kid in cold car:

Mom Arrested After Children Found In Freezing Car:

Police in Fishers, Indiana arrested 24-year-old Brittany Hazelwood for allegedly leaving her two children in the car, one of them naked, while it was 36 degrees outside. Police say that Hazlewood was drunk off her ass and almost passed out inside the house. The kids were said to have been in the car outside the house for 40 minutes. Hazlewood’s BAC was said to be .19.

The other Breeder of the pair came home while police were at the house and guess what. He was drunk too with a mighty .21 BAC. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit.

And to top it all off police say that the home was filthy with trash and open food.

Now as far as I can tell Hazlewood was not charged with DUI however if the kids were in the car in the driveway and she was inside passed out I’m going to assume that the kids didn’t drive themselves there which means that Hazlewood earned herself the #7 spot on the BB BAC Board.

And yet again we have a story where two Breeders are more concerned with getting their drink on then cleaning the house or caring for their children.

I wonder if the Breeders went to the same bar for both of them to get drunk and did they take the kids in the bar with them.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

  • Digchild

    Drunk-ass breeders shouldn’t breed.It’s so simple.

  • Steve

    I was just thinking that, many kids run around naked but I have never met one that did it willingly in the freezing cold.

  • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

    I hope both these stupid douches woke up with a bitch of a hangover. I’m sure that bitch thoroughly enjoyed waking up in the pokey in that condition.

  • Kathy

    I have a nephew who likes to be naked… maybe this kid won’t keep his clothes on either… I read this article and the first thing that popped in my head was “Stupid is as stupid does.” Yep, she’s stupid.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      My son likes to “streak” as much as the next kid, but he hates to be cold even more. I’m guessing that he wouldn’t have gotten more than his coat off (if he even had one of those on) before deciding that it wasn’t worth getting the rest off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556838763 Nancy Marine Dickinson

    This has to be asked… Did I read that right? One of her kids was nude in the car? What’s up with that? Not only was the kid not wearing a coat in below freezing weather but they were NUDE?

    This one’s eluding me…