You throw pooh; Ernest Oveal’ll kill you

NE Houston man charged in beating death of his toddler son 

Potty Training Punishment Leads to Toddler’s Death 

A’right folks.  Hold back your gasps from the shock of this one.  What we have here is another douchey dad who beat a 2-year-old to death for his lack of potty etiquette.  Before I go on, I have to mention this – I have YET to meet a potty trained 2-year-old.  I know they exist, but I think that it’s not quite mastered at 2.  That being said, an accident in the pants or a little poop flinging is certainly no reason to resort to beating a toddler.  Never mind that it really doesn’t help the potty training process.  If anything, it will make them LESS likely to want to use the toilet.

Little Ernest Eugene Oveal, Jr had himself a faulty diaper.  When his father, 25-year-old Ernest Eugene Oveal, Sr, found him in his crib, he had a messy diaper with feces on the outside of the diaper.  Senior put the baby on his potty chair and left him alone to go tend to his other children.  When he came back to check on Junior, little man had thrown himself a pooh-pooh party.  The little guy threw poop around the room.  Ewwww, but still no reason for what happened next. 

Apparently Senior takes this poop throwing thing pretty seriously.  He grabbed a belt , snatched the baby up by his arm and “disciplined” Junior until he became limp.  He, then, lost his grip on that slippery little tot, and Junior fell to the floor and hit his head on either the bed or the potty chair.  At that point, Junior was no longer breathing.  That will DEFINITELY stop the poop throwing. 

Junior was transported to the hospital.  He died from his injuries.  Investigators said that he was bruised all over his body and had head trauma that caused his brain to swell.  Doctors said that he would have suffered permanent brain damage had he survived.  An autopsy is pending to determine the exact cause of death. 

The remaining Ernest Eugene Oveal has been arrested on charges of injury to a child and is being held on $200,000 bond.  I’m not sure where the murder charge is, but hopefully it’s coming.

 This is not the first time Oveal has been in trouble.  His past record includes arrests for possession of a controlled substance, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  

Good job picking a man to father your children, Mom.  (I’m sure she’ll show up to defend him soon enough)

Thanks go to Elizabeth for the tip.

  • Anonymous

    White trash, black trash, yellow trash, brown trash, green trash… what matters is not the color but the TRASH part.  You’ll find a rainbow coalition of child beaters and killers right here on this site.  There’s no need to make it a racial issue, because race has nothing to do with it.

  • pissed

    Ni–ers don’t deserve to have children. Everywhere on the news, it’s always a black  kid killed by the hands of their good-for-nothing parents. Some coloreds just don’t have patience for children; just look around you. I’m black and I can relate……

    • Marsha

      I’m looking around right here at the stories covered on the site and seeing bad parents of every race and ethnic background.

    • DodiaFae

      Why in the ever-loving fuck would you post such bullshit? Seriously, dude, go back to your cave.

    • Your_Pal_Nancy

      Wow. You’re an idiot.  Coloreds? Really? the 1950’s called, they want their absurd racial prejudice back.

      • DodiaFae

        Wish I could “like” this comment twice. ^_^

    • Debbie

      Seriously? And you can relate? I know there is quite a bit of name calling towards sperm donors and egg layers….but dude…personaly I feel you crossed the line.

  • thecatsmeow

    Funnily enough, when potty training MY toddler, she got an m&m everytime she did anything on the potty (for the first little bit and then it got phased to only poop) and she seemed to pick it up fairly quickly :)

  • Blaquereign1

    my comment was added as blaquereign1 because the child that died was my nephew. Second, i would never defend this man ever because he took what was precious to my family. My sister who trusted this child’s father to watch out after his own sister is depressed and unable to cope with losing her first born. I cannot stop crying so please do not judge me or my words or my family because we are going thru hell at this time in our lives. We are waiting for justice to be served because this child did not deserve to die. He was the light of our lives.

    • April

      No one is judging you, hon.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I hope the fucker rots in Hell.  No child should be treated the way he treated your nephew (I refuse to acknowledge him as the father).  Please keep us posted on the trial (if you don’t mind).
      *hugs to you and your family*

    • DodiaFae

      My heart goes out to you and your family. I can’t even begin to imagine what your sister is going through.

      I hope the beast that took that precious baby from his family rots in prison.

    • thecatsmeow

      My heart is still breaking for your loss. I just imagine it as my own precious daughter and start crying.

  • Artistjams

    Ahhh, the days of poo! So fondly I remember the disgusting bodily functions that came out of my beautiful daughter!

    One time, I was lying on the floor with L and had her up in my arms over top of me..I was making noises and pretending she was flying…she giggled and giggled…until she puked directly into my open mouth! UGH!

    Then of course, the many “blow outs” she would have…sometimes while I was changing her “tinky poop-butt” a stream of watery poo would come flying out all over my legs, on the floor, and the changing table. I have had more poop on places then I’d like to admit since L was born. One time she even pooed and didn’t tell me. She was playing in her room and climbed into her toy box…poo everywhere by the time I realized what happened. (She was a late poo potty trainer, early on the pee though).

    Guess what I did? I actually laughed about the mess she made. I thought it endearing that she had poo everywhere, even on her own mama..yet I can still remember her big brown eyes staring up at me through her curly little brown locks kind of smiling, wondering why I was laughing. She had ZERO clear that her situation was anything wrong.

    That’s why this story in particular hit home more than any before it. I remember many a mornings going in to find L with poo coming out the sides of her diapers. I even remember one time while I sat her on the potty while I leaned over getting her tub ready and her fingering a little terd all over the toilet seat. I might have felt like “What next?!”..I even laughed everytime..I definitely blogged about it…it WILL ABSOLUTELY be stories told to her future boyfriends…but want to hit her???? NO!!

    • Artistjams

      I meant “zero clue” btw…not “clear”

  • just a person

    I want this son of a bitch dead.

  • Amsfast

    Rot in hell

  • Grace W.

    Oh my fucking word! I am PISSED OFF. I want them to hang this sonofabitch! Attention shitbag baby killers of the world. Babies cry, kids fling poo and pee their pants and flush your watches down the toilet. This is called “welcome to parenthood”. It may may you cuss till you’re blue in the face and you might need to step outside for a smoke but it should NEVER NEVER NEVER make you beat your child especially to the point of brain damage and death.

    My son is a little stinker and always has been. He never flung poo but he peed designs on my wall. I certainly didn’t kill him for it. MOTHERFUCKA! Damn this shitbag sperm injector. I HATE HIM!

    • April

      Grace.  I miss you when I don’t see you here for days.  Stop doing that.

  • debbie

    I am from Houston, and I can tell you we don’t take kindly to child murderers. I have read several articles on this case, and not one comment is defending. Several range from ” get the gun”, “bring back the hanging tre”, ” here bubba, fresh meat”, to “quick trial, quick needle”, “beating for a beating”.

  • debbie

    I am from Houston, and I can tell you we don’t take kindly to child murderers. I have read several articles on this case, and not one comment is defending. Several range from ” get the gun”, “bring back the hanging tre”, ” here bubba, fresh meat”, to “quick trial, quick needle”, “beating for a beating”.

    • April

      I’m from Texas… We love to kill criminals, don’t we?

  • Veronica

    This is so sad! What’s this kid supposed to do, not poo? Not be curious about the stuff?? It’s not his job to understand that this is gross to his dad! He was two!!

    There are a million things that try your patience when you’re a parent! Cleaning up poo is just par for the course. I mean, the kid’s been on this planet for two years, surely you’ve changed his diaper before!!! I know for some parents the poo is the worst part but you gotta know that and be especially careful to hold your fucking horses when you’re exposed to these triggers. And yeah, why not hold your breath, clean up the kid and just fucking cool it!

    • Clevo

      I know I’ll take some heat for this but really, when you need more education & training to be licensed to drive a car than to be a parent it spells trouble.
      Consequently you have heinous thugs and murdering bastards like this one killing innocent babies. Children are not adults and a two year old’s understanding and ability to master his elimination are works in progress. What adult with half a brain who has ever put a thought together does not realize this? This big prick had a tantrum, simple as that, and now a little boy is dead. I hate it!
      It doesn’t say much for our society or our nation. Every one of these violent asswipes need to be executed.

  • Veronica

    To me hitting your kids is like smoking a crack pipe: there’s no classy amount or degree to which you can do it… you think you have your habit under control and then… you don’t.

    • Eretrea

      Veronica, I love you.

      I have been trying to make others understand that for years and years. There is no way to be a big, strong person and smack a little defenseless person and have it be anything other than abuse.


      • Veronica

        Thanks for the love. I actually really, really realized that I could never hit my kid when I saw a comedian discussing hitting your kids as being akin to hitting your wife. Like when you say you never hit your kids and people say, ‘never? not even when they run into the street?’ imagine if you said you never hit your wife and people asked you, ‘never? not even if she runs into the street?’

        I think it’s crazy that most of us would NEVER hit people our own size but that some people don’t hesitate to hit tiny, helpless, totally dependent people who only loves us…

        My standard is, if you wouldn’t treat your wife that way, then it’s wrong for a kid. PS sadly, you can’t use the way women treat their husbands as a standard…

  • Meredith

    Why didn’t he clean the kid up? Who the hell leaves a 2 yr old to sit around in his own poo without thinking he’ll make himself a little art project.

    @Blaquereign1 – Wow, a defender on the first comment, impressive. Lemme guess – he’s always been a model father he was just overly stressed from his recent job loss? Let’s just see how stressful he finds his new job as Bubba’s Bitch. Worthless piece of garbage.

    • April

      You owe me a new keyboard.

      • Meredith

        Feel free to email me the bill! = )

        Never underestimate the power of poo and a toddler’s imagination.

        • April

          Toddler?  Hell!  My 10 yaer old thinks it’s groovy if he leaves a stragler.  Boys are just nasty.

        • DodiaFae

          That why my oldest always had a onsie on (and it had to snap back to front, not front to back) until he was nearly 3 years old. And it’s why the baby will always have a onsie on until he’s nearly 3 years old.

  • Blaquereign1

    The mother was at work at the time and left their children with their father because he had recently lost his job and was able to see after his child.

    • Eretrea

      Apparently he REALLY wasn’t able.

      In what special world does being out of work give you a pass to kill your baby?

      ‘Cause I don’t want to be in that world. No sirree.

      • Meredith

        I’ve been out of work several times before and yet, some how it’s never crossed my mind to beat my children for being children and say it’s due to my stressful situation. Silly me!

      • April

        I’m really hoping this person was defending the mother and not dipshit, here.  Maybe that’s what the comment was all about.  Mamma was at work, so don’t blame her for her man being a pile of horse shit.

        • Eretrea

          I hope so….and yet, when I was with a man who made me start questioning his parenting abilities, I divorced his ass. Not because he was ever cruel to anyone – just because I questioned.

          Turns out I was right, and I bet there are many signs for so many of these mothers.
          It’s OK to leave.

          • April

            I refuse to believe that the time a man beats a baby to DEATH is the first time he laid his hands on the child.  The women are just as much to blame.  I don’t wanna hear any of that “but he’s was such a good daddy” shit/.  Fuck you and your good daddy.  Daddy…. MURDERER!!!