Julie Powers Schenecker has a way of dealing with mouthy teens… She kills them


Julie Powers Schenecker Mug Shot Released

Report: Fla. mom accused of killing 2 teen kids hit daughter in months before shooting

Florida Mom Charged With Killing Children Appears in Court 

Police say mother admits killing teen-aged children for being “mouthy” 

Julie Powers Schenecker Weeps in Court, Bail Denied in Murders of Daughter Calyx and Son Beau

 From the outside looking in, the Schenecker’s must have appeared to be a model family.  Parker Schenecker is an Army intelligence officer who, until last week, was working in the Middle East.  His wife, Julie Schenecker, gave birth to his 2 beautiful children you see there; 16-year-old Calyx and 13-year-old Beau.  Calyx was a cross country runner and her little brother was a soccer player with Mama Schenecker toting the kiddies to and from their activities in an SUV like a good soccer mom.  Pretty fucking textbook as far as Hallmark commercials are concerned, right?  Right up until last Thursday when Julie had enough of her mouthy kids.

  50-year-old Julie gunned down both of her children last Thursday.  She shot Beau twice in the head as she drove him home from soccer practice.  Then, leaving her dead son in the car, she entered the family home and shot Calyx twice in the head as she sat in her room studying on the computer.  Her reason for the blood bath?  Because the children were “mouthy”.  Hmph…. What teenager isn’t mouthy?  You take shit away from them, but not their lives! 

 Prior to this incident, there were small indications of trouble in the home, but nothing to lead anyone to believe that the family was in danger.  Neither of the Schenecker’s had ever been arrested.  There was no history of domestic violence.  No reported drinking problems.  No history of drug use.  I could go on and on of the things that weren’t wrong with this family.  This is not the “normal” family that we see featured on this site.  The only indications of this family not being “perfect” were pretty reasonable by any standards. 

 Calyx told authorities, in November, that her mother had hit her twice.  Calyx admitted to saying something that she should not have – in fact, Calyx was in counseling for verbally abusing her mother.  Julie struck Calyx in the face.  Not my idea of a suitable punishment, but certainly not child abuse.  Julie admitted to hitting her daughter to officers.  They didn’t observe any marks on Calyx and determined that there was no abuse so they left without charging Julie.

 DCFS got wind of the family’s domestic issues and did their own investigation.  They showed up at the home sometime before Christmas.  The Schenecker’s told investigators that the family was in counseling.  They also told investigators that the normal course of action for bad behavior was time-outs or taking away privileges to punish the children.  Parker told the investigators that it was the first time that Julie had ever hit one of the children; that Calyx could be very disrespectful and he often found himself being the peace maker.  The children said that they felt safe in the home and the case was closed.

Two days later, Julie crashed her car into a trailer hauling landscaping equipment.  Officers believed that Julie was showing signs of being impaired – she was glassy eyed and “mushy mouthed”, indicating possible drug use.  Officers were not able to conduct sobriety tests at the scene because Julie was taken to the hospital.  An officer went to the hospital to obtain a blood sample, but Julie had already left.  She was ultimately fined $115 for driving 70 in a 55 mph zone and had to attend traffic school. 

Julie’s mother in Texas called police to check on her daughter.  She described Julie as “depressed” and claimed that she couldn’t reach her on the phone.  When they arrived at the home, no one answered the front door.  Julie was eventually found on the back porch, wearing a blood soaked robe and slippers; the youngest child, dead, in the SUV and his sister dead in her bedroom; both shot with a .38 caliber pistol that their mother had purchased just days before.  A note explaining what Julie had done, and claiming her suicide, was found inside the home.  I guess she forgot to carry out the suicide part.

 Julie was taken into custody.  She reportedly told authorities, supposedly with little remorse, that she purchased the pistol with the intent of murdering her children and then taking her own life.  Later that day, she was in the county jail wide eyed and shaking.  She was taken to the hospital, where she remained in intensive care for an existing medical condition.

 Julie is being charged with two counts of first degree murder.  She made a teary eyed court appearance this morning where she was ordered to be held without bail.

Julie Powers Schenecker is proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover – An upper-middle classed soccer mom who is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of her two children.  There’s something you don’t expect here on BB

Thanks go to several people for this tip.  You know who you are!

  • http://badbreeders.net/ April
  • Angies4kids

    Shit, my daughter just smacked her lips AND sighed at me on the phone, should I stop and pick up a 9mm on my way home from work?nn

  • annonamous

    I went to school with Julie. You want to talk about a mouthy teenager! She was the queen of mouthy! There’s no way she’s insane. She’s was just born a bitch and just grew bigger.

  • http://badbreeders.net/ April
    • Angies4kids

      OMG how sad!u00a0 I cried through the whole thing!u00a0 nnu00a0

  • Kathy

    I remember reading this article when it first hit the news. How horrific. The only thing I could think of was my mouthy 8 y/o who has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I can’t imagine killing him. He makes me nuts. Sometimes I have to tag my husband into the ring and then take some time to get out of the house to chill. But, it never occurred to me to cause harm to my child. I simply don’t understand mental illnesses and hope I never have to. Such a sad story.

  • Mysteryfan1968

    Get ready for the most pathetically obvious attempt at an insanity defense.

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Annihilationone

    I live in Tampa and this has been all over the news for a minute now. I’m surprised that there is not more on this story than what I have read. Even the news reports say the same thing. People at the supermarkets are even talking about it when I was in line the other day. I just feel soooo bad for the Dad. He has just lossed his whole family in a blink of an eye. The kids are dead and “mom” is going to spend the rest of her sorry ass life in prison ( which I think she should get the chair!). God be with the Father right now because he’s really gonna need you!!

  • CynicalMe

    I’ll see if I can find the article I read this morning but there was talk of the father and the kids attending an Al-Anon meeting previously.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April
      • CynicalMe

        That’s it the ABC News link!!

        • Steve

          Cool. thanks for mentioning that-because it does make it a little easier to connect some dots. If I can be honest for a second, I do think that this type of behavior goes on far more than most people realize in families where “that sort of thing doesn’t happen”. I think people are just generally frail at times. Someone with a drinking problem-and certainly someone who has had people covering for them for a while-would help them hide it from everyone until something ‘happened’ they could no longer hide.

          I should mention there are cases of alcohol related psychosis where people have gotten off. I mentioned to him about this case and he said “Oh, we have quite a few people at work who drank themselves into ‘being crazy’.. Its actually VERY common.

          • Steve

            sorry-my typing is terrible tonight-‘him’ is my partner. I think its time for bed!

          • CynicalMe

            I understand what your saying and yes alcoholism is often hidden from public and family views due to how it would appear to the neighbors and such.

            I have a hard time seeing this woman as frail though. From what I’ve read at one time she worked with her husband as a Russian interpreter which should mean she was throughly screened and evaluated. My uncle did the same type of work as the husband and before he married my aunt our whole family was checked out.

            Do I think she’s nuts? Yes, because it’s the only explanation that sits right with what she’s done. I don’t think alcohol had anything to do with her going insane either unless she was on a medication that didn’t mix well with it and from what I’ve read that is possible.

            Do I think she should stand trial? Absolutely!! She was very methodical in planning this murder! She knew what she was doing and why. She made lists and notes and planned every detail right down to a DNR on a post it!

            She maybe insane but she is 100% competent to stand trial and be convicted. IMO she deserves to die. She killed two beautiful children with promising futures! I realize that’s not going to happen though.

            I’m sorry, I’m a very big believer in personal responsibility and owning your actions! I’m just really tired of all the excuses people use to explain away their bad behavior!

          • Steve

            Oh, I think she should stand trial, but I don’t think we have an insane person, we have someone who rationalized an insane activity-but you bring up some good points about screening, testing and background-it definitely makes me more suspicious. this didn’t ‘just happen’. it took planning.

            I am with you on owning your actions. we live in a world where it seems people are happy to give ANY explanation other than “its my fault, I take full responsibility for this.”

            How often do you ever hear that? someone owning up in these cases. almost never I’d bet.

          • CynicalMe

            I don’t think she is truly insane either. That just sits better with my mind as far as the alternative:

            This, for lack of a better word, “evil” bitch methodically planned to murder her kids and planned her defense as well!! She sat on the back porch drinking water and smoking cigarettes, waiting for someone to show up. Oh, and she just happened to forget to shoot herself too!

            There will be many in society and on her jury that won’t let themselves believe she wasn’t insane!!

        • http://badbreeders.net/ April

          I wish I had seen it before I posted this damn thing.  You have no idea…. My computer crashed.  I had just finished it.  Never mind.  Fuck it.  It’s up now.

          • CynicalMe

            You wrote this on the information that was available at the time just like we always do! Don’t stress over it!! We always have the comments section for new info! SMILE :)

          • http://badbreeders.net/ April

            I think my smile is broken.  Spent the day in bed.  Not sure I can do tomorrow.

  • Steve

    actually it sounds like what she was manifesting was the beginnings of mental illness/covered up drug or alcohol abuse-hey, it happens. You think people down hang themselves in million dollar houses? She is also an age where she is hitting menopause, at a time where her teen daughter sounds like most teens her age(totally self centered, raging with hormones and acting out in an attempt to define their power). it will be interesting to see what happens with this case regardless.

    • Steve

      that was supposed to be don’t.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      I was wondering what other stuff hasn’t come out.  Affairs, divorce, there has to be more.  She didn’t just offthe kids because she was pissed.  I can’t wait for the details.  I’m sure drugs played a part… but there’s got to be more.

  • Steve

    is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was “Glenn Close killed her kids?!”

  • dee

    I have had (and still do have) sassy mouthed teens but I’m not going to kill them. I think she must be mentally ill (at least the wild eyed photo looks that way!)

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      My theory is that she just wants it to look like she’s insane. She’s not. She didn’t even attempt to go through with the suicide she was supposedly planning, which is lamer than the “call for help” shallow wrist-slash (usually in the wrong direction, anyway), trying to hang oneself with something that will easily break, etc. She wrote it in a note, then went out to sit on the back porch. She’s nothing more than a selfish bitch.

  • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

    That little boy is absolutely adorable, and the daughter was beautiful, too. Such a fucking waste that they’re both gone and this bitch is still alive.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Calyx is beautiful.  She’s the one in the upper right pic.  I bet there is a school full of boys mourning the loss of that beauty.