Sandra Augusto’s intra-vaginal parasite beat her son and she let him


Police: 4-year-old beaten with belt 

Boy, 4, severely beaten with belt

Police: New Bedford man abused 4-year-old 

Witnesses: Mother of abused 4-year-old left him with strangers

You know…. People think I’m a bitch.  As a matter of fact, it would probably shock ALL of you to find out that my husband is the primary disciplinarian in my home.  As much of a hard ass as I think he can be at times, he has NEVER laid a hand on my son.  Even more, as much as I love him and he is able and willing to rock my fucking world, I would never sit idly by and let him beat my fucking child.  I just can’t imagine that there is a dick in the world that would temporarily render me retarded enough to let someone hurt my kid. 

Sorry for the rant… back to 33-year-old Sandra Augusto and her main squeeze, 31-year-old Elvis Garcia. 

Augusto’s 4-year-old son was hospitalized after “allegedly” being beaten with a belt by his mother’s vaginal occupant, Elvis Garcia, over the period of five days.  The child had cuts and bruises covering his body and dried blood in his ear.  The child’s injuries were so severe; they reduced some of the hospital staff to tears.  

The articles don’t mention WHY the little boy was beaten so severely.  Not that there is any reason for it.  They certainly don’t mention what Mommy Dearest was doing during the beatings either.  I can only imagine that she hunkered in for a front row viewing of the cock wielding asstard beating her baby boy.  Oh, swoon.  Authorities are claiming that she allowed Garcia to punch and beat the child.  Stoopid twat.  I wish someone would let me punch and beat on her for a few days. 

As much as Garcia sounds like a swing piece of meat that I’d want as much as a case of syphilis, Augusto isn’t much better.  I’m thinking they may have been a match made in Hell.  According to the source article, the child was taken to Children’s Hospital two months ago for an infection on his buttocks and his mother failed to take him for his follow up appointment.  Sounds like she was hiding something, huh?  The DCF launched an investigation and granted temporary custody of the child to his maternal grandmother – AFTER relatives mentioned that they were worried Augusto was dealing drugs and she was keeping the child from them.  They should have done that the minute he had an infection on his little butt.  Wait!  It gets better.  Augusto’s own father told police that she was never home and her house was filthy with… wait for it….. wait for it….. Piles of dirty clothes and dog feces.  Ick.  Augusto also kept the child’s bio-dad from seeing him.  He (and other relatives) filed a affidavits in family court claiming that she kept him from his child and often left him in the care of strangers.  Yet, no one did anything until now?!?!       

Augusto gets more attractive as the story goes on – She was fired several months ago from a local salon where she worked as a hair dresser.  She was arrested about a week ago for shoplifting.  She wouldn’t tell authorities where her son was, but eventually told an “acquaintance” to bring him to a relative.  My guess is she knew of the injuries and was protecting her pet sperm spitting cobra.  The relative who went to pick up the child said that she could her Garcia’s voice saying that “the child is not here”  while she spoke to the “acquaintance”.  More CYA (cover your ass), I guess.  When the relative finally saw the child, he was clearly in pain and crying.  He asked to be taken to see a doctor… and that’s when the shit hit the fan. 

Police recovered several belts and a wooden back scratcher with a broken end from Garcia’s apartment.  They also found used medical tape.  At the hospital the child asked a nurse if she was going tape mouth to keep him quiet.  How sad that he would even think a nurse would abuse him.  As if it was a “normal” thing to do. 

Elvis Garcia was arrested and is being held for dangerousness and is being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in substantial bodily injury and reckless endangerment of a child.  Last August, Garcia was acquitted of attempted murder charges for shooting a male patron at a barber shop.  He was acquitted because the victim refused to identify him at the trial.  Damn.  He should have been in prison instead of beating children. 

Saundra Augusto has been arrested and will spend the next 90 days in jail for allowing Garcia to beat her son.  She was denied bail and is being charged with permitting substantial injury to a child, reckless endangerment to a child under 18 and being an accessory after the fact.  She has two older children who are cared for by relatives.  Three kids, severe vaginal needs, no brain…. What a fucked up combination. 

There is a possibility that additional charges could be filed and more people arrested as the investigation continues. Detectives are also investigating to see whether the child was sexually abused.  I’m hoping not.  Please, gawd, don’t let him be sexually abused. 

Thanks go to my sweet Dodia Fae for the tip for this one.

  • missme

    I wish a bitch would touch one of my damn kids, I would gladly do jail time for murder. She need to be kicked in the vagina with spur toed boots, and he need to be hung and whiped

    • DodiaFae

      I wouldn’t wish for anyone to touch one of my kids… I’d rather not do the jail time (and definitely would rather that my kids not ever have to deal with abuse of any kind), but would do jail time if it came to that.

    • Malevolent April

      My vag hurt thinking about that. Remind me not to piss you off, okay.

  • Nemesis6770

    hang them both with piano wire.. slow and painful.. poor little man! normal life does NOT hurt!

  • Guest508

    I went to high school with this trashbag cum dumpster. She was a straight up whore in high school. She and he should rot in hell. That’s not even good enough for them.

  • DodiaFae

    This one made me cry pretty hard… poor little love. This little one is about the same age as my oldest… can’t even fathom doing this to such a defenseless child.

  • DodiaFae

    This one made me cry pretty hard… poor little love. This little one is about the same age as my oldest… can’t even fathom doing this to such a defenseless child.

    • April

      Did you see that I found more info on the birth vessel?

      • DodiaFae

        I did. She’s a fucking hosebeast.

        • April

          Yeah.  No shit.  Then, enter the person commenting here who knew her.  It’s as we thought.  She’s a whore.

  • Guest

    I read most of your articles and this one hits it real close to home, because I have a five year old son and I feel so bad because this little boy was beaten so bad that he will defintaly recall every event and can put it all together in his head what happens when he sees tape and other item that he would get hurt with. This is terrible. I pray they don’t put him back with his mother and I pray this these realitives show him what love is and help him recover from these terrible people. Poor baby

    • April

      It’s hard when they are the same age as your child – but, really, no child should have to suffer through ANY abuse.

      • Eretrea

        Hear, hear. No child. No adult. No biological being (except ticks – i hate them).

        And so few people are outraged…

    • April

      It’s hard when they are the same age as your child – but, really, no child should have to suffer through ANY abuse.