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SoCal Mom is the Definition of Drunken Irresponsibility 

Karen Honeycutt

Karen Honeycutt, a convicted drunk driver, has been charged with second degree murder, gross vehicular manslaughter, and DUI.  Prosecutors are seeking a sentencing enhancement because she has several previous convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol.    

This occurred following a car crash in which Karen was picking up her kids from school.  Out of the three children, ages 8, 9, and a 17 year old stepson, only the 8 year old had his seat belt on.  9 year old Chloe and 17 year old Charles, which I read has Cerebral Palsy, were thrown from the vehicle.  Chloe had multiple injuries and died at the scene.  Charles Williams Jr. has a broken back, and 8 year old Zachary had minor injuries.  Karen Honeycutt had a broken neck and is being kept in the jail ward at the hospital. 

According to witnesses and reports Karen, on her way to pick up another son from high school, was driving at speeds up to 100mph, lost control of the car and hit a concrete light pole and a tall tree in the center divider.  The crash crumpled the front of the Jeep, leveled the light pole, and somehow sheared off the top of the tree.  

Lorraine Yelton, who was a law enforcement officer in London, said she was driving with her two daughters when she saw Karen’s SUV zoom past.  Moments later, they saw it crash and people flying from the Jeep. 

First, Yelton went to the SUV where Zach was crying for his mother saying she was still inside.  They found her in the back of the vehicle, apparently she wasn’t wearing a seat belt either.  Charles was unconscious lying on the ground.  

That’s when she saw Chloe.  She lay on the ground next to her and tried to comfort her.  “I held the little one in my arms and I sang to her and I said a prayer for her.”  “Her face was beautiful.  I told her to hang in there, that her mum and dad love her,” she said.  “I knew that she had died in my arms.” 

Yelton stated that not long after the crash Karen’s son, while walking home from school, happened on the scene and recognized his mom’s car and started screaming and wanted to know why his sister wasn’t talking to him… 

This is a tragedy!  Not only did beautiful little Chloe lose her life but her brothers and family are left to deal with a loss that was utterly and completely preventable!  

I’ve chosen to write just the facts on this without my feelings for one reason.  I’m thinking of the brothers.  I wouldn’t want to traumatize or hurt them anymore than they already are.   In one horrific act they’ve lost their sister and their mother!  

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more beautiful little girl!  I hope all the kids recover quickly and completely from this! 

I’m going to end this with some quotes from an email written by Chloe’s teacher: 

“Chloe was a kind-hearted, exceptional girl that will be greatly missed..” 

“She was always thoughtful and hard-working in class.  Her friends have great memories of her handball skills and have decided to name a hit after her.” 

“Her beautiful smile and heart will always be remembered.” 

R.I.P. Chloe

Thanks go to Deena for the tip.

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  1. What’s really sad are that so many of these children do so well in life, are loved at school, yet they are living with such crap at home. Probably school was the only real place of happiness for this child. School can be great for some kids, but your home is supposed to be your real haven. It’s terrible how many kids live this way and hide it from the world.

  2. Also terrible: how many people must’ve known that this mom was a drunk driver and didn’t do anything. So sad. And so unfair.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Veronica. She had a seventeen year old and a nine-and ten-year old in the car already, so unless schools in her area are housing elementary and high school kids together these days, she had to have already gone to at least two schools. And not one single person noticed her driving? I find that hard to believe….

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I say stuff to parents who drive like assholes picking their kids up at my son’s school and they’re just doing it because they think they’re the most important people in the world so, I can’t believe that no one noticed this woman and didn’t call the police. I hate that we live in a world where people just put their heads down and ignore kids in danger.

      1. Exactly… ignoring it not only put these children at risk (with fatal consequences), but everyone else that was on the roads she drove on that day.

  3. Omg this is so sad. Why would anyone be stupid enough to drive that fast with kids in the car? Drunk too!? Something that could have and should have been prevented. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to the kids that will never forget this for the rest of their lives. Rip little angel:(

  4. This is horrendous. Imagine the terror of these children. Imagine being the young man with CP and NOW you’ve got a broken back because mommy is a sot and an idiot. Imagine being the person who held that little girl as she died. Imagine being the one who wasn’t picked up yet and having most of your family damaged or dead.

    Poor everyone – except her. Maybe the broken neck will prevent her from lifting the bottle to her lips.

  5. “Prosecutors are seeking a sentencing enhancement because she has several previous convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol.”

    And rightly so. Let’s get this useless lush off the street or, better still, give her the needle. But when will we start holding judges responsible for their stupid decisions? If this rummy c*** had “several previous convictions” for drunk driving, why wasn’t her ass in jail doing hard time? If the judges had taken Drunky McDyejob’s actions seriously and punished them appropriately, “Mom” might already have been cooling her heels in the slammer and this little girl might still be alive. But a bunch of moron judges in SoCal treated drunk driving like a fraternity prank, and now a little girl is dead. When will judges be held accountable for not erring on the side of public safety instead of criminals’ “rights”?

    1. Totally agree and LOVE the drunky McDye job!

  6. As long as I’m preaching anyway, always buckle up your children and wear your own seatbelt as well. Notice the minor injuries of the one person who was wearing one and the horrible injuries of everyone else. Here locally we had a 17, 18, and 19 year old killed in three separate crashes. Three young lives snuffed out, and in each case the victim was “ejected from the vehicle.” If they’d been wearing seatbelts, they’d still be with us today.

    Forget about looking macho. Forget about protesting the seat belt laws by disobeying them (talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face). Forget about some one in a million anecdote where a seatbelt caused a death instead of preventing one. None of that will matter to your grieving family after you go through the windshield and have to be scraped off a tree. None of it will matter to you at your child’s funeral. So buckle up!

  7. Awesome write up! You got the pictures in…. I knew you could do it!

    1. Thank you! The pics took a few tries to get it right but I finally figured it out 😛

      Hope your son is doing better!

      1. He looks a little less dead today.  Thanks for thinking of him.
        I think you did an amazing job!

        1. Hope he gets better soon!

          Thanks for the compliment this one was tough! Chloe looks strikingly similar to my niece.

          I re-wrote this one about three different times..

          1. She was beaautiful.  Unfortunately, so is her mother.  But she should have a pretty full dance card in prison.
            J is feeling better today.  He’s finally eating.  But I’m not so great.  Ugh.

        2. Hope he gets better soon!

          Thanks for the compliment this one was tough! Chloe looks strikingly similar to my niece.

          I re-wrote this one about three different times..

  8. I read this blog all the time. I never in a million years thought I’d know someone on this blog. I knew Karen when I was growing up. She and my mother were friends for years. The sad thing is when I was little I remember her drinking and partying. I haven’t seen her since Trey was a baby. I feel so incredibly sad for Chloe.

    1. What are the chances of that?

  9. The little girl was so so beautiful, may she rest in peace.

  10. Wow.. That one really upset me. R.I.P. Chloe 🙁 <3

  11. This happened right down the street from my home. The street she was on circles through many subdivisions. Lots of children were walking or riding their bikes home at that hour. The posted speed is 40 and she was doing 100?! As sad and tragic as the story already is, I suppose the rest of us,waiting for our children to arrive home safely, lucked out.

    Chloe went to my son’s elementary school. While riding home that day, he was interviewed by local news.

    1. I’d say that you lucked out.

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