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Girl 10 found dead in truck


State Agency had many warnings


On February 10th Florida DCFS received the last of many phone calls regarding the well being of Nubia and Victor Doctor. Nubia and Victor were fraternal twins, whose life of abuse began just days after they were born, 10 years ago. Nubia’s burnt decomposing body was found in the bed of her adoptive father’s truck on February 14th, her brother Victor was found convulsing in the cab, covered in some sort of chemical with their father Jorge Barahona.

Let’s just take a look, shall we at the history of, the children, the parents and DCFS:

Victor and Nubia were born on May 28, 2000 to an alcohol and drug addicted mother who had already lost custody of the twins’ four older siblings. Nubia who was described by medical staff as “small and cranky” had a significant medical problem that per a DCFS report “will require significant medication, medical procedures and undetermined amount of surgeries.” The doctor suggested she be placed in a medical foster home where she could received care and be observed by a trained professional. DCFS records show that the twins were allowed to remain with their mother and her companion who, at the time the children were born, stated they lived on a boat, but for all intensive purposes they were considered homeless.

March 18, 2002 the child abuse hotline at DCFS received a report the twins had witnessed a violent altercation between mom and her boyfriend, which resulted in mom’s arrest after she threw a phone at the man. The investigation went nowhere for a year. Are we seeing a pattern here with DCFS?

March 2003, after The Miami Herald runs several stories about thousands of abuse reports not being handled, DCFS creates a “back log reduction unit” and they pick up the twins’ case. By now mom is back on drugs and in the hospital and twins are with their father. Mom’s parental rights are permanently severed. It did not end there.

January 2, 2004, mom is back in the kids’ life, back on drugs, and another call comes into the child abuse hotline. This reports states mom yells at Nubia calls her a bitch and tells her she hates her. Victor has bruises of unknown origin. Three unannounced trips were made to the Doctor home but mom (who has no parental rights) was never there and according to neighbors and babysitters, though she visited she did not reside in the home. The caseworker at the time Brenda Boston found the home; dirty with roaches everywhere, there was no food and had a horrible smell. Are you shocked? No! Yeah me neither… same verse same as the first, right! Nubia had a huge green-colored bruise on her face. Of course they took the children out of the house immediately, right? WRONG! DCFS felt “the children were safe and their father was appropriately caring for them, the bruise on Nubia face was accidental.” Did I miss something, what about a filthy house, with no food and a child with a bruised face… says appropriate care? Please someone enlighten a girl! The case was closed with DCFS and was handed over to a private child-welfare agency called Family Builders. One month after the DCFS closed the case daddy was arrested and charged with sexual battery, after he kissed and fondled another child. WTF! I guess by Florida DCFS standards that constitutes “appropriate care.” The twins were placed in foster care.

The twins’ names appear once again on the abuse hotline. This report states Nubia’s “father” had molested her, but did not specify which “father.” The twins have now been in the home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona for four months, he adamantly denies molesting her. Their bio-dad is seeing a sex-abuse expert and looking to regain custody. In March 2004, investigators made several visits to the Barahona home and documented no concerns. The children were well cared for, well dressed, attending school and doing well. Nubia said she was happy and would like to stay with her foster parents. The Barahonas, who had two other foster children, told the investigators they wanted to adopt the twins as soon as possible. The Barahonas appeared to be good parents. The reports notes, “Carmen loves the children very much.” A nurse who seen Nubia on regular basis did not agree noting; they never attended any of the appointments with her, sent her via “transportation” and had the children in day care without having them immunized. She felt that Nubia’s well being was not foremost to the Barahonas or they would attend the appointments with her. Once again the case was closed with no indications of abuse or neglect and there would be no need for services in the home.

January 27, 2005, yet another call to DCF’s child abuse hotline, this report states, “in the past, the foster father tickled Nubia’s private parts with his fingers, it’s happened more than once and in the presence of other adults in the home.” This call came from the psychologist working with Nubia and her bio-dad. Once again, the Barahonas denied any molestation was happening in their home and implied if such abuse was happening it was when she was with her bio-dad. The twins again denied being harmed by the Barahonas. Let’s just remember for a quick minute that these twins at this point are 5-years-old. Ultimately they did not believe the abuse was happening in the foster home.

A year later…. Yep, you guessed it another call. This time a teacher reported Nubia had a bruise the size of a tangerine on her chin and neck and bruising on her back. The Barahonas could not get their stories straight regarding bruises, she fell at school or she fell at home. Nubia was scheduled to see the Child Protection Team on February 24, 2006, but was not taken for two weeks; by that time there was very little visible bruising. According to medical experts, “this is not a case of child abuse, the child is very hyper.” DCFS closed the case AGAIN, saying there was no evidence of child abuse. What in the hell is going on here? Are these people trained to see these signs freakin blind or lazy? In my opinion it’s the latter of the two!

Ok so we have reports in 2002,2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 all about the same two children, but primarily Nubia, correct? What do you think happened in 2007?? Go ahead take a guess… I bet you’ll be right. Yep, that’s right, on March 20, 2007; Nubia’s school yet again makes a report to the abuse hotline, stating she “smelled rotten, her uniform and shoes were dirty.” On one occasion she had spilled applesauce in her hair the next day she still had applesauce in her hair. WTF! Oh and I forgot to mention she was “always hungry.” When contacted by the investigators Nubia’s teacher said she often fell asleep in class and once “became hysterical and scared to go home” when the teacher threatened to take her to the office. There was an instance when Carmen showed up unexpectedly to pick up Nubia from school, she wrapped a piece of toast in a napkin, took a carton of milk, a package of carrots and an apple and hid them from her mother in her backpack. That makes me so sad, she had to hide food so she could eat at home. She’s seven-years-old at this point. The principal reported to the investigators that; Carmen asked the teacher to punish Nubia at school for acting out at home and that Nubia appeared to be threatened and/or scared of her foster mother. According to the caseworker Nubia denied being scared and said the foster parents take very good care of the children and look forward to adopting them. What? What adult believes an abused child is ever going to tell on their abusive parent willingly? Come on now aren’t these trained professionals? The case was closed again with no evidence of wrongdoing. Wow!

The Barahonas begin the process of adopting the twins in 2007 and are hit with a formidable opponent, a stubborn court-appointed guardian, Paul Neumann. He seen something in the couple that scared him and he told everyone who would listen at the child welfare agency. The Barahonas sought help from administrators and even the Governor Charlie Crist. They wrote a series of letters accusing Paul Neumann and the school system of “tampering” with witnesses, trying to snatch the twins from them and violating their civil rights. Hell to the no, they didn’t… their civil rights! Are you freakin kidding me? They accused the welfare agency of being deceitful and playing them for fools… I think somebody has things slightly twisted. The twins were adopted in 2009, despite efforts of Mr. Neumann and Aunt and Uncle from Texas who fought to gain custody of the children as well. WTF! They had family that wanted them, but instead they were left with people whose treatment of the children,  at the very least, was questionable.

2010… Another report to the agency very similar to the 2007 report. Nubia’s hunger is uncontrollable; she sneaks and steals food and money, has hair loss, is very thin, unfocused, nervous, missed two weeks of school and has an unpleasant odor. When Carmen Barahona is questioned she blames everything on the Nubia’s medical condition that effects her endocrine system. Boy, they are just full of answers aren’t they? I supposed she beat herself, molested herself and starved herself too. Gawd Damn! Per the investigator’s report, “the parents ensure the children’s educational, medical and physical needs are met.” Here’s an idea professionals… take the kids out of the home and see if anything changes… common freakin sense if you ask me.

Now we arrive to February 10th 2011, a teacher reports that both children have been bound by both their hands and their feet and made to stand in a bathtub. Four days later, Jorge and Victor were found on the side of the road, soaked in chemicals and gasoline and Nubia’s decomposing, burnt body was found in the back of the truck wrapped in a black garbage bag. Victor was taken to the hospital, after being examined doctors found he had a broken arm and collarbone, scars on his buttocks and lower abdomen and marks on both wrists from ropes. I am sick… I am thankful to be at the end of reproducing the details for you.

According to neighbors, in the years they lived near the Barahonas they rarely, if ever, saw any children. One woman said she seen a young girl approximately 6 months ago, going to a car in her swimsuit. The surviving adopted children and a granddaughter have told police that they were told what went on in the house “was a family secret and never to be discussed.” The two other adopted children and 11-year-old autistic boy and 7-year-old girl have been removed and placed in a therapeutic foster home.

Victor is doing well now from a medical stand point and could be released from the burn unit as early as Friday.

Jorge Barahona is in Palm Beach City jail without bond, on attempted murder and aggravated child abuse charges. Where’s the murder charge for Nubia? There is an on going investigation into whether Carmen will be charged.

This is an excerpt from a letter the Barahonas wrote when fighting to adopt the twins, “If we have done anything wrong, let us be held accountable for it.” Ask you evil monsters and you shall receive.

R.I.P. Nubia, no one deserves what you went through, may you finally have peace and love with the angels.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.

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  1. I think the actions of DCSF would change if they are held accountable in cases such as this. Perhaps if they were charged with neglect and manslaughter when they ignore blatant cases of abuse, their tactics would change. There are too many cases, too often, of children dying at the hands of their parents/guardians because DCSF left them in care that was obviously lacking.

    1. Please first understand that I’m sickened and enraged at what happened to these kids, but I must, as a foster parent, point out that there are not enough safe places for these kids to live. Please consider opening your home to one or two of them.

  2. Heads need to roll at Florida child “protective” services, starting right at the top. And these two beasts need to die die die.

  3. People in these agencies need to pay criminally for what has happened here. Their neglect rises to the criminal level in my opinion. Also, it does not seem like the school did enough for this child. Maybe I’m wrong, but I could not watch a kid like that come to school everyday and not call the cops! Forget CPS, most highly-publicized cases of abuse where the kids have been saved is because someone called police, NOT CPS.

  4. Iam truly speechless, how can the DCF have failed for this poor kids.This is truly unacceptable.The Barahona monster lady needs to be off the street before she hurts another child.

  5. Iam truly speechless, how can the DCF have failed for this poor kids.This is truly unacceptable.The Barahona monster lady needs to be off the street before she hurts another child.

  6. update on the DCF issue:

    A three-member independent panel grilled child welfare officials Thursday about whether current mechanisms to investigate child abuse allegations, described as too complicated and often bureaucratic, kept investigators and case managers from detecting obvious signs that Victor and Nubia Barahona were in jeopardy.

    DCF official: Clear signs Barahona twins were in jeopardy not acted on…..duh!

    “The failure by Dr. Archer to consider the information presented by Nubia’s principal and teacher made her report, at best, incomplete, and should have brought into serious question the reliability of her recommendation of adoption,” Martinez said in his memo.

    The lack of communication among child welfare agencies about these allegations, along with a convoluted system to document abuse allegations and investigations, likely put these children at risk, and must now be re-evaluated to prevent future tragedies, officials said…..gee, ya think?

    at least someone is finnaly questioning the DCF in Florida and making an attempt to hold them accountable for their incompetence.

    1. thank you for the update. luv ya! ***muah***


    Update on DCF review. David Wilkins, the Secretary of the Department of Children and Families said “Nubia’s tragic life will not be a hidden sadness. We all owe a debt to her memory and all children to learn and do the best we can to protect what God has given us.”

    Let’s hope he means it!

    1. thank you for the update!


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