Bad Breeders

Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Aziya was murdered by trained killers

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse 

Parents Arested for Infant Daugter’s Death

Ya know I’ve heard people say “our soldiers are trained to be killers”; I just didn’t know that included children, especially their own.  These stories never cease to amaze me!  This baby girl, Aziya, was only here a very short time, 3 months.  She died October 13th 2009 of staph and bone infections as well as multiple rib factures.  Unfortunately her birth vessel, Sara Davinger, and the sperm donor, Steven Davinger, were only arrested for the heinous crime yesterday, 18 months later, and have only been charged with Felony Child Abuse. 

At the time of Aziya’s death in 2009 her US Navy enlisted parents were living in a San Diego apartment with another couple and another adult male roommate.  The adult male roommate, who was also Aziya’s daytime babysitter, called 911 to report that the baby was unresponsive and possibly deceased.  The details being released by authorities are sketchy at best and do not speculate why the parents are only being charged with Felony Child Abuse and not with Felony Murder.  Did they abuse their sweet little baby girl?  Did they allow this male roommate/babysitter or some else to abuse Aziya?  The investigators and DA will not comment on the charges of the parents nor if there are charges pending against any of the roommates. 

Sorry I don’t have more details to report; as more information becomes available I will update you.  In the mean time say a prayer for this lost little angel.  May you rest in peace Aziya you are loved by us, if by no one else.      

***Thanks go to Jackie for the excellent write up.

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  1. That baby was a doll… All the adults involved need to be beaten!!

    1. Don’t you sleep? 🙂
      what a beautiful little baby. They probably can’t pinpoint yet who was actually responsible fo the rib fractures that ultimatly led to this childs death. Everyone involved in this baby’s care had to notice that he was ill. No one took him to the dr.? why does it still suprise me that parents can look at their sick child and not seek medical attention.?

      1. In the last 72 hours I’ve slept a grand total of 7 hours! Insomnia sucks…

      2. First of all the baby was a little girl. can’t you read? Secondly, I think the reporter needs to get all the facts. The mother has been separated and in the process of a divorce. She also has a restraining order against the father because of death threats on her life by him. She was under NCIS protection in a safe house when the evidence was revealed to her by the investigators. Once the mother had the facts she has cooperated FULLY with the investigation. She has also passed TWO lie detrectors tests! One by the NCIS investigative team that clears her of any physical harm to that baby AND one by san Diego county shoing she had no knowlege of Nor did she allow any of it happen knowinly. ANYTIME she saw the father being rough she corrected him. She was a victim of this sick man as well. He is very controlling!. There is also a video of this baby taken just days before her death. There are NO signs of injury! No bruises or contisions! I have seen it! So before you slaughter someone in the media DO YOU HOMEWORK! It is a tradgedy the entire thing. However, the Mother is not the problem here! The father is! There are several witnesses that have been threatened by this man! That obseved this man do harmful things to this child and said nothing until it was too late! It is unfortunate that no one believed her fussiness was anything more serious. But the father would always explain it away. Far away from family and a good support system, first baby, I am not excusing anything just want the facts out there. If you all are going to judge. RESEARCH! I would not want to be in their place. But I know for a fact the MOther is a victim as well. She is the sweetest, kindest and one of the most gentle people you could ever meet. No one has a nasty thing to say of her. The bible says do not judge, lest ye be judged!! I’m just saying…get the facts, ALL of them forst.

        1. First: let me address the he/she issue; yes I can read just fine and I can use my spell check too, and please forgive me for calling this beautiful little girl a boy. I have corrected that point in my previous post. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, now onto the rest of this:
          This video you speak of, was this child naked at the time the video was taken? If she was fully dressed I would like to know how anyone would be able to see evidence of the 40 BROKEN BONES she sufferd that, as reported by the medical examiner ,were fresh AND SEVERAL WEEKS OLD. I don’t care about your damned video, that med examiner’s report says all that needs to be said. Aziya was 3months old and had 40 “f”ing broken bones, rib fractures both front and back, 1 arm and both legs broken as well as abrasions to her face. Do you realize that most people go their whole life with no more than 1 or 2 broken bones. some never break any. How the hell can you break a 3 month old’s bones 40 times? do you know how pliable a 3month old babies bones are and how hard it is to break them? Do you know how much force had to have been used?
          You say that your friend and her husband are seperated, in the process of a divorce, she obtained a restraining order to keep him away from her, she was in protective custody, in a safe house, due to death threats to her life from him when the evidence was reveled to her, and “ANYTIME she saw the father being rough she corrected him.” well isn’t that special. She damn sure could protect herself but not her baby! She knew he was harming that baby, you said so yourself! Too bad she didn’t care enough about her baby to do all of these things before he killed her child! Guess what, you can take your baby to a safe house too.
          “the Mother is not the problem here!” She damned sure is part of the problem here! She may not have harmed the baby herself but she allowed him to harm her and she never sought medical attention for her. And that is what she is being charged with, allowing the abuse to happen and continue and neglecting to seek medical attention for her injuries once they occured.
          If she could get herself away from him now she sure as hell should have gotten herself and her daughter away from him then.
          “It is unfortunate that no one believed her fussiness was anything more… “,”Far away from family and a good support system, first baby,” serious.” UNFORTUNATE?” This little girl is dead and she died a horrific death. That is not UNFORTUNATE that tis a damned travesty! Unfortunate is, Oh, my, the cat got out or I dropped my moms favorite knickknack or I lost a $20 dollar bill. This is cold blooded evil and absolute, hard hearted, neglect. 40 broken bones and infections resulting form those fractures, she would have had a fever and been listless when she wasn’t screaming in pain. both legs broken…every time her diaper was changed she would have been in agony, most of her ribs broken both front and back…she would have screamed everytime someone picked her up or dressed her or bathed her. Bull Sh*t no one her mother didn’t now it was more than just normal fussiness.
          Hubby was arraigned yesterday and is in jail on $350,000 dollars bail, and guess what? your innocent friend has been officially charged , and arraigned in court YESTERDAY and sent to jail on $200,000 dollars bail. Sure she passed those lie detector tests about whether or not she harmed this baby but she sure as hell is guilty of medical neglect and failing to protect her daughter form ahrm as well as allowing the abuse to continue. Victim my a*s! Coward maybe, but victim? I don’t think so.
          “The bible says do not judge, lest ye be judged!!” It sure does but it also says “Thou shalt not murder”, and “It would be better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” that goes for those who willfully allow someone else to harm the little one’s too.
          And lastly: “She is the sweetest, kindest and one of the most gentle people you could ever meet. No one has a nasty thing to say of her.”
          I guess they do now!

          1. I see I’m not needed here!! I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show. 🙂

          2. *takes a bow*

          3. here I am replying to myself again. sometimes disqus sucks.
            I hate being so mad that i have to edit later.

          4. Abuser Hater
            First off…As a person who has been in an abusive, not just physical but mentally abusive, and from saying I know both the parents, I know what STEVE is capable of, I know how hard it is to get away from him and how controlling he is. I am still scared of this man two yrs later, so before you go off judging people look at the facts.. you know nothing about what the mother has been thru and thank you but everyone thats said anything knows that this baby was a happy baby and she never cried…only during the last few days could they tell something was wrong but by then it was to late. YES she should have been to a doctor but I am a mother, and sorry to say it but I dont run to a doctor everytime my children dont feel good.
            If you want to start poking at people to blame what about the care takers, or the friends that came over and SAW the father doing shit and turned a blind eye. Why arent fingers being pointed at them.. As a new mother you dont always know what to do, if your over reacting. I wonder honestly how many of you people commenting are parents, or have been around kids…have you ALWAYS spoken up when you felt something wasnt completely right…I highly doubt it…
            One of those people that took care of that little girl, has a son now, whos just over a yr old and she neglects the shit out of him, keeps him in a nasty dirty house and yet shes a fit parent…but one girl makes a mistake of loving the wrong man, and trusting him with her child and trusting his word and shes such a horrible person. You all need to look at more than whats written. you dont know shit about the mother so BACK off

          5. You are still scared of him… yet you “invited” (your words by the way) to live with you.  Sounds real scared.

          6. let me put this is dumb ass terms…dated him broke up…..they got back together….invited them to live with us…..THAN became scared of him because of shit and than I MY SON AND HUSBAND left….is that to hard for you to comprehend….
            people dont always show their true colors when they first meet someone….

          7. let me put this in dumbass terms for you bitch!  you left to protect your son and she stayed and did NOT protect her daughter, however you knew him to be dangerous and didn’t suggest or “invite” her and the baby to come with you.  Funny how that works.  Take a LONG hard look in the mirror tw*t… you are just as guilty! oh yeah and go fuck yourself!


          8. Oh shit.  Deena said fuck.  That means her claws are out and someone’s going home crying.

          9. that’s right sister… this little bitch, wants to talk shit we can do it all fucking day long. 


          10. Let’s do the damn thing then… I mean than…. shit I forget now.

          11. LOL… I’m working on one of my posts… Shannon probably know them too!


          12. Naw.  With every new post comes a new trolltard.

          13. Very True!


          14. so hilarious you to….im done with you people….i have better things to do than sit here and argue with simple minded people…peace

          15. Deena, I heart you, too.

          16. I heart you back!

          17. I think you mean “then” not “than”.  Then again, you use it in every single comment.  Just sayin’.

          18. And I’ll put this in dumbass terms: You knew the guy was dangerous. You
            LEFT because you were afraid of him. Yet you didn’t report to the
            authorities that this innocent baby was living in a dangerous situation.

            Boy oh boy, I sure as shit that LE has found this discussion and is
            following it… it would just make my heart sing to see, plastered all over
            the news, that another chickenshit got busted for not reporting abuse.

          19. As a matter of fact, most of us here do have children and I can tell you for a fact that any one of us would abso-fucking-lutely speak up if “something wasn’t completely right”. Who gives a fuck if you piss someone off if you’re wrong, what if you aren’t? That’s right, this happens – babies die when you turn the other cheek and keep your mouth shut!!! You can bet your ignorant ass if any one of us had been “friends” with this stupid, cowardly, sorry excuse for a woman not only would we have spoken up and reported her ass to the police but would probably have been on the way to jail ourselves for kicking her ass to an unrecognizable pulp.

            It sure as hell doesn’t sound like it was only a feeling that something wasn’t quite right, you’ve said yourself that there were other witnesses and I can only assume you was one of them so, congratulations, you have this baby’s blood on your hands as well you weak, ignorant bitch. Take your baby-killer defender bullshit somewhere else. No one here cares about excuses, only about that innocent dead baby. Fuck off.

          20. Thank You and loving you!


          21. Right back at ya chicky!

            Your sister did a great job with this story, BTW! = )

          22. I will pass that on to her, she’s been reading the site but hasn’t commented yet.  She will soon though.  I thought she did great considering the limited amount of info. available. 


          23. Right back at ya chicky!

            Your sister did a great job with this story, BTW! = )

          24. thank you ignorant fuck…but i had already left that apartment…i took my son and ran away from STEVE thank you…not from the mother but that asshole steve…the mother was a kind loving person who my son adored and still does. we didnt even live in CA at the time it happened..we just moved back here, and thank you i have two healthy children who rarley go to the doctors unless they spike fevers and thats the only time…unless its a major issue like they fell and busted someone… its beeen this way since they were little. i dont believe in the new age shit of going to doctors for ever bump and bruise. who are you to judge someone based of their beliefs…wait until this trial is said and done and the facts come out…your views might change alittle.
            that mother you like to rag on has stepped up since she left that asshole and has said she will do whatever it takes….

          25. She’ll do what ever it takes?  it’s a little too late for that.  Maybe instead of being on trial for the murder of her daughter, she should be on trial for the murder of his sorry ass.  According to you, that would have saved Aziya’s life.

          26. Gosh, thank you for saving yourself and doing nothing to help the other innocent child living in your apartment. I’m a good mother and a decent human being, that’s who I am to judge. I base nothing on anyone’s beliefs, I judge based on the fact that this weak ass bitch did NOTHING to protect her child from an abusive fuck who ended up beating her to death.

            So, you take your kids to the doctor when they spike a fever, eh? If I’m not mistaken, this little innocent soul would have had a fever if her little body was riddled with a fucking staph infection from broken fucking bones – that’s not “she didn’t feel good” that’s dieing a slow excruciating death you ignorant motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!

            Stepped up to what!? She sure as fuck didn’t do “whatever it took” to protect her baby from being abused her entire 3 months of life. Who gives a flying fuck what she does now!? If she truly felt bad about this and realized her guilt in the situation, she wouldn’t give a shit what is written about her here or any where else because it should all be shit she thinks about herself.

            Again, take your baby killer defending bullshit some where else.

          27. wow….shes not even around a computer to write anything asstard….and that baby wasnt even born when i left…and steve hadnt PHYSICALLY hurt my child, there were reasons i left and i know them…i never thought steve would stoop that low to hurt a child or TRUST this i would have ended it. and if you knew anything about this case…she didnt have a high fever…she had a low grade fever that everyone thought was her teething..she wasnt screaming or crying…
            i pray some day i come face to face with anyone on this stupid page….i know enough shit about all this shit to make ur head spin…but i cant post it on some site like this because im involved in the trial tryin to put every person guilty away….mostly that asshole that did it.

          28. Oh trust me honey, I’d LOVE to meet you in person too. 


          29. Involved in the trial yet spewing bullshit here.  I wonder how the DA would like that.  I think I’ll make a phone call.

          30. good for u….im not saying anything that i am not allowed to…and NCIS CPS DA COPS ive told them everything and they know how i feel…

          31. While you’ve got them on the phone, make sure you tell them that this moron
            KNEW there was a child living with an abusive adult.

          32. Never said she should come here to defend herself, I said, she would know that everything being said about her is true.

            You’re so very right – most 3 month olds take pain with a grain of salt, they just grin a bear it. FUCK THAT! This infant would have screamed every time someone picked her up but no one’s going to admit to that. You weren’t there, do you honestly think anyone involved in this case, anyone facing charges is going to fess up to the fact that there was obviously something wrong with the baby!? Of fucking course not, that would be admitting that they knew something was wrong yet opted to do nothing to help her making them negligent in her death.

          33. haha shows what u know…..everyone that lived there EXCEPT STEVE has said they should have said something….and they are all willing to sit jail time if it means that little girl gets justice…got u people are stupid…one question how do u unsubscribe to this bullshit page

          34. Uh Oh… somebody can’t stand the heat, run forest run!  Good riddens tw*t! 


          35. Yeah, I’m sure they’re seriously honest people. I’d trust them enough to make my license plates and that’s about it.

            Internet 101 – hit the little red X in the top right corner of your screen and all the bad people will go away. Fuck you and have a nice day!

          36. I’d be happy to ban you if it would help.  Just say the word.

          37. Oh, Gods… I guess I was wrong…

            OK, everyone sing along with me, here we go!

            This is the thread that never ends…
            It goes on and on my friends
            Someone started defending this bitch, not knowing what would happen
            And they’ll continue defending her forever just because
            (second verse same as the first!)

          38. Mu guess Meredith, it was a case of we can’t take her to the doctor because they will know she has been abused and take her… I think you are familiar with that scenario, we’ve seen it a few 1000x on this site haven’t we. 
            What yuo don’t know is Shannon has a crystal ball and even though she was on the other side of the country, she was able to see the baby was happy, never cried, never spiked a fever, even though her ribs were broken in front and back, I’m sure breathing was painful, as I had bruised ribs, NOT broken and it hurt, two broken legs and a broken arm.  Shannon’s crystal ball must have been on the blink! 


          39. its what i learned from everyone in that house and reading reports ass….i saw pictures…oh did they pose the baby to smile for pictures…go fuck off you fat c*** ass…
            go find a real job…

          40. There you go again trying to hurt my feelings… fat c*** that’s original, but you already used that on April… you are pretty big and bad with all of us… where were those big BALLS when Steveie boy was beating up your good friend and the baby???  That’s right you weren’t there!  I keep forgetting that little detail a person not present at the time, but sure as all the info. to defend the tw*twaffle calling herself a mother.  Please go away!  I asked nicely!  Fat Cunt!  ooops that’s your line, my bad!

          41. I believe you meant “fat ass c*** face” – that’s pretty original. Right up there with do do head.

          42. I stand corrected… and thank you!  LOL


          43. I do love the smell of a tard-bash in the morning! = )

            Here’s hoping she followed the instructions she was given and gets the hell out. To quote the great and powerful April, she’s making my ass twitch.

          44. It’s afternoon for me but a good tardbash after lunch, it always good too!


          45. Helps with digestion… = )

          46. That just mean Mer is somewhere near me!!  Happy dance!!

          47. sorry sweets!


          48. Is it sad that I actually just forgot what time it was?! The little wee one is off being spoiled by his grandparents and I seem to lose track of time when I don’t have him!

            Either way, if you decide to move to TN, you’ll be much closer to The Heart of It All and me! ; )

          49. Where are you????  I think we are headed to Nash in August to poke around at some real estate.

          50. Southwest Ohio, about 45 minutes north of KY. I think we’re 5 – 6 hrs from Nashville.

          51. Cyn and Cyn 2 live in KY.  All the cool chicks live far.  Nicole is the only one near me.  Dammit.  This west coast thing sucks.

          52. That settles it – you and Nicole go halvsies on a U-Haul and get your asses out here! = )

          53. Meredith, I am in Michigan right by Merto Airport… are you familiar with the area?


          54. A bit – I have family in NW OH and that’s the airport they use (not much in the way of well, anything near them!) we could nearly be neighbors!

            I call road trip south next winter – you start out, pick me up, we’ll swing by and get the Cyn’s and whoever else is on the way then go hit the beach! = )

          55. Sounds awesome! 


          56. Ya’ll come this way.  My house is big enough for everyone.  Sort of.

          57. APRIL! are you coming east???????

          58. Hoping to.

          59. Noooo.  She’s making my FAT ass twitch.

          60. She’s not a fat c***.  She’s a jizz burping gutter slut.  Get it right.

          61. Duly Noted!!  LOL  Do you think you can ever forgive me for my oversight?


          62. Forgiven.  Now come sit on my lap, but give me a minute – I gotta move my belly out of the way.

          63. between your big bell and my big ass, I am not sure that is possible.  But fuck it let’s try!


          64. I’ll bite your big ass.

          65. *bats eyelashes* you’re making me blush!


          66. I’ll make you do more than blush.

          67. You’re silly!! 


          68. thanks not fat either…5’6″ 110lbs…im skinny…

          69. That’s nice.  I’m not skinny.  I’m muscular.  I carry a surfboard in the sand.  it makes for nice thick muscular thighs and toned arms.  But you wouldn’t see past my fat ass to know that, right?

          70. Oh now, that would be ridiculous. Shannon said they were such good people, surely there was no call whatsoever for them to take her to the doctor! Wait bullshit detector woop woop woop!!!

          71. Shannon is out of her league here she knows and so do we… she’d running like a scared puppy!  Good Riddens, if you can’t take the heat stay the fuck out of the BB kitchen!


          72. When I was pregnant with my first, he kicked one of my ribs out of place.
            That hurt like a sonofabitch, and it couldn’t be put back into place for
            fear of harming him (which I gladly put up with for his safety…. and
            believe it or not, I don’t even guilt him about this like so many mothers
            would), and that hurt to breath. About a week before he was born, I sneezed
            and tore the cartilage that holds that rib in place. That hurt like a
            motherfucker, and it hurt to even lie down. I slept at night sitting in a
            chair for the last week of my pregnancy. It hurt to move and it hurt to
            breathe. I cried for my mommy every time I tried to lay down, and my rib
            wasn’t even broken… and it was just one rib. The amount of pain I felt
            was incredible, and I can’t imagine that a baby with multiple broken ribs
            would have been more comfortable than me.

          73. So you are basing your knowledge on what everyone else has told you about Steve. You never seen him hurt this baby. In previous postings Mary states that STeve was rough with the baby and that Sarah had to correct him. Is this because he didn’t know how to handle a new born or was he intentionally rough? You wouldn’t know this because you weren’t there. I too agree that everyone that lived there is guilty and should pay the price for her death. But if you are so sure that Steve actually hurt this baby then why isn’t he been charged with the Murder?

          74. because theres no physical proof…its hear say

          75. HAHAHAHA!!! One more comment my ass.

          76. She can resist us.  Just like everyone else.

          77. I was in an abusive relationship.  With a man who, it turned out, had gang affiliation.  Not only did I get the fuck away from him, I had him arrested and I went to court every day while his skin head friends stalked me and threatened me.  Your an idiot.  Give us another excuse for this c***.  Maybe if you try them all, we’ll start buying it.

          78. hello..she finally got away from him…Mary even said it she has a restraining order against him, was under protective custody out of fear of him…she has gone to court multiple times against him already…

          79. Are you 14?  Just curious.

          80. no april im 24 years old. a mother of two.

          81. So worldly at 24.  Mother of two, abusive relationship, knows everything about nothing.  I want to be you when I grow up.
            I pity your children.  Please find a responsible adult to love and guide them STAT.  I fear that they may turn out as fucking backwards as you if you don’t.

          82. HeHeHe….  love you! 


          83. EXCUSE me you fucking fat ass c*** face….
            I have been thru more shit than you could ever possible imagine. I know plenty about alot. I am 24 years old, I have two children ages 2 1/2 and one…they are my world. i would highly advice not mentioning my children…..they know wrong from right, they are smart beautiful little kids. my son knows not to hit girls, and to always say please and thank you, he knows to respect his parents and adult figures…my one year is is talking already, she knows what no and good girl means….
            my children are being raised right…because i know how it feels to be scared and not know what to do. i know how it feels to not be happy…so me and their father and soon to be step father, have sworn to protect and make them the happiest kids possible……
            SO DONT FUCKING BRING MY GOD DAMN KIDS INTO THIS SAYING THEY WILL TURN OUT LIKE ME… i have my issues everyone does but i pray they dont have to go thru what i did…

          84. Aww somebody got all butt hurt… boo fucking hoo for you!


          85. Deena, did you know I was a fat ass?

          86. Anyone got a coupon for preparation H they can send her?

          87. She’d have to rub on her whole body…. she’s a pain in the ass.

          88. So *she’s* the hemorrhoid… right right. Gotcha.

          89. Yup.  A giant one.  With a big mouth and no brain.

          90. Sure sounds like you love your kids when you can “god damn” them!

          91. Now now….. that’s how they love their kids in the trailer park.  Dey lurvs dem gawd damm kids.

          92. Tru dat **spits tobacco filled phlegm wad and kicks dog**

          93. I think Shannon left…. sucks when people think they can out mother fuck us.  It has yet to happen.
            BTW – have you noticed how I can get along with defenders as long as they aren’t trolls?  I’m a good person, dammit.  Today I gave a homeless man $5.

          94. Damn it I’m gonna miss that little moron. When you have the mentality of a 10yr old (some exclusions apply of course) it gets tiring to argue so you eventually just have to stick out your tongue, say neener neener and run away. Gotta put on the right equipment if you’re gonna play with the big girls!

            I have noticed. It’s just so darn hard to be nice to people who give you a twitch with just their very existence!

          95. she didn’t leave. shes lurking. can’t you just feel the hot air all around

          96. Hot air?  I live in California.  this place is full of hot air.  I do smell the horse shit, but that could be the comments she’s already posted still lingering.

          97. I have horses and I believe that their shit probably smells better than whatever the hell is oming out of her mouth.

          98. It’s like a fucking haunting…

          99. Wow.  I struck a nerve.  Someone doesn’t want their kids to end up like them.  Maybe there is hope.  They must get that from their daddy… Or should I say daddies?  Either way, have your self a wonderful day, sunshine.
            Oh, and my ass is fat?  Not from what I’ve been told, but noted.  I’ll make sure I lose an extra 5 pounds to suit you.  My guess is you are still toting around your “baby” weight and baby daddy doesn’t want to stick it to you.  now your panties are in a bunch because the baby killer lied to you, you’re a fat sack of shit with two babies hanging on you hip, the double wide isn’t room enough for your growing brood, and…. well…. you’re a loser.  Just think, you’re mother probably thought you’d have a bright future.  What a disappointment you must be.

          100. one father….thanks…was married to him for three years

          101. “Was” ?  Go figure.

          102. For an “intelligent” and “educated” woman, your spelling and grammar, and
            basic sentence structure are for shit. And I just had to laugh at

          103. I have read all of your posts but I am going to respond to this one because you addressed it to me:

            Until I see proof that the reports of the medical examiner are incorrect I will stand by every single word I posted.

            Do you think you have cornered the market on abusive relationships and you claim to think you know anything about any of us on this site? I was in an abusive relationship too. My EX husband was all of the things you said this ass hole is and more. The only difference I see is I was controlled while my ex abused me but I snapped out of it the VERY FIRST TIME he ever laid his hands on 1 of my children. ( and all he dis was slap her face) I was at the police station within an hour. I was in court for an order of protection the very next day, I filed for sole custody with no visitation allowed until the courts heard all the facts and I won. I moved myself and my children to another state for their protection. So that is the difference between your friend and me: I cared more about protecting my children than I cared about myself and I proved it by taking my kids away from a damaged and dangerous individual. Your friend waited to “escape” from this man until after he killed Aziya and then only to protect herself! she is a selfish lazy ass in my opinion and I have NO sympathy for someone who can allow her child to be killed. You don’t think she should be charged the same? This guy killed her daughter and SHE LET HIM DO IT.
            I am aslo a Registered Nurse and I have worked in the Emergency Room for years. I see kids all the time being brought in by mother’s who believe that someone may have hurt their children. They didn’t let the excuse of …Oh boo hoo, I’m abused and my husband is controlling stop them from seeking medical attention for their kids and getting their kids to a safe place. Neither did I.

            As far as your doubting that I haven’t spoken up every time I felt something wasn’t completely right? I don’t know if you mean about my own children or someone elses but you are very mistaken there. I have always and will always speak up if something is going on with one of my children that i don’t feel is completely right and I don’t care if they are 5 dyas, 5 months 5 years of 55 years old. I f you meant about other peoples children, I, as a Registered Emergency Room Nurse am mandated by the state to report any and all possible abuse that I am witness to. So not only do I have a moral obligation as a human being to attempt to protect to the best of my ability any and all people that can not protect themselves, but I have a legal obligation as well.

            BTW as far as your response to “Maddison”: although her language may be a bit flowery, her typing skills and grammer are a far sight better than yours
            “AcceptingNoExcuses”: I think your caps lock was stuck, you were not yelling at her were you? I assure you that not only she but all of us are grown ups. I also have no doubt that Aziya’s mother feels guilty unfortunately it’s a bit too little and a whole lot too late. She deserves to pay for the crime she commited not only against our laws but against God’s.
            “Cyn: are you kidding me? Aziya had 40 broken bones in various stages of healing. I could elaborate but instead just go back to my original post and click on the link. Colic, teething and the flu may produce a fever but not the kind of fever you would get from a systemic bone infection or sepsis. Would she have cried adn been fussy with the 3 ailments you mentioned? sure but she wouldn’t have been screaming in agony like she would from 40 broken bones.
            “Eretrea”: “cant let people read the reports…hello open trial still…police reports… ” but you can come on a blog site against child abuse and comment on those reports????
            “Kleen11”: I can’t even wrap my head around this one. You knew he was a monster because you dated him?…You knew he was with a woman with a baby?….you rented them the apartment/house? …you are such good friends of theirs?…. I guess you can count yourself in on those who should have a finger pointed at them too! so do you feel responsible?
            and “…. and quit attacking people you know shit about… we will not!
            “DodiaFae”: military or no military, any man tries to hurt my child I will kick his ass.

            * I see there has been more posts since I started typing this one so>>>>

            You knew who he was because you dated him, you left him because he was a monster, you didn’t know about him when you asked him to move in, you didn’t know his true colors or that he was a monster until after he moved in, You and your son and husband moved out because you realized he was a monster, were you dating him while you were married to your husband? this is way too confusing for me or maybe the problem is really that you make no sense. either way you knew he was a monster and you left that baby there with a monster with no concern for her well being. shame on you.
            Just go away and start posting on some other site, you’re giving me a headache.

          104. Would you like to marry me and my husband?  Just askin’?  I think I am deeply and madly in love with you!


          105. Whore.  I thought you and R were gonna marry me.

          106. We are planning our over version of sister wives…. I’m sure he won’t complain!


          107. I’m hotter than anyone of those sister wives.  Those chicks are fugly!!

          108. I know… your yummy!


          109. You are yummier.  I better watch how yummy I am.  I think I got one of our regulars in trouble.  She was a little…. um…. attracted, and hubby wasn’t diggin’ it.  If your hubby is cool with it, then bring it on, babycakes.

          110. I don’t foresee any problems with my hubby, he’s seen your pics!


          111. Is he aware that there is a strong possiblity you WILL fall in love and may not be home for days at a time?

          112. My dear I am already in love… as far as the not being home for days at time, he’ll understand!


          113. no…just bring him with you, i’m bringing mine.

          114. well I love you too but it would have to be a group marriage cause i’m hoping to soon be engaged to cyn cyn2 and april ans well as dodia and meredith.

          115. Total sister wives.  Holy hell.

          116. Ok I am good with that… you listed all my top favs. 


          117. What are you talking about? I never said I dated him? I didn’t rent them an apt or house. Never said I was good friends with any of them. Why should you be pointing the finger at me? Why should I feel responsible.

          118. Don’t get me mixed up with Shannon.

          119. I think she meant to point at miss Shannon.  Don’t worry.  She’ll come back and appologize.  She’s a cool chick.

          120. I think you are right I think the entire thing was directed at Shannon, the little blurbs in there to others I think were because of comments from Shannon, not directed at the people who’s names were there. 


          121. 🙂

          122. sweetie, that was a reply to shannon about what she said to you 😉 not directed at you from me at all, there were just far too many posts to respond to so I hit the shithead with them all in one.
            sorry if you missunderstood

          123. i didnt leave him because he was a monster…he and i broke up because he was still in love with sara…

          124. More proof that you are bitter.  I thought you were leaving.

          125. Christ Almighty…
            Just in case you are too stupid to know what is meant when people say it’s
            their “last” comment:

          126. Wow… your story is like New England weather… if you don’t like it, wait
            five minutes. It’s bound to change.

          127. Hi there, fellow RN (psychiatric, however, not ER) here dropping in to show my support and mentally nod my head emphatically at every point you make..
            I just had to commend you on the sheer awesomeness of this post. I can actually feel a breeze from the power generated by the “fuck you” ness of this, and it is the cool wind of justice. The only excuse close to good enough for failing to protect your child is that you’ve already been killed trying to do so…if that’s *not* the case? Shut up, get the kid and get the fuck out. Now. Do not pass go, do not stop to think about what a good fuck your boyfriend is or how he must be having a bad day at work or whatever, do not do anything but take your child(ren) and get out and get somewhere safe and get any required medical attention immediately. Is it possible you’re overreacting? Sure. What’s the worst case scenario if you are? Uh, you’re slightly embarrassed and you learn something? Wow, that’s awful. What if you’re *not* overreacting and you don’t do something? Oh yeah, your kid dies. I think that’s a pretty goddamned easy decision to make…

            I’m not going to sit here and rehash (anymore than I already have, sorry, really easy to get carried away with this, I think it’s the wanton stupidity combined with the brazen disregard for the precious life of a pure innocent INFANT that really fires you up) what everyone else has said- I just wanted to add my kudos.

            Bravo to all of you for standing up for Aziya’s memory and damning her murderer’s like they deserve. You all rock. I hope you all continue to expose and condemn these miserable scum sucking, waste of organs that other people could use, pre-use anatomy specimens walking around fucking up the lives of decent people and most of all, innocent children who don’t even have a chance to live their lives- semen spewing- baby-making factories and human incubators that are like walking EZ Bake ovens for the degenerate wastes of space they are.

          128. Damn.  Your fucking brilliant.  Wanna write for me?

          129. Aw, thanks. I don’t get to cuss at work so I’m happy to let loose here. And believe me, there are many times I’d love to let a few choice terms fly. It’s really just me sublimating my fatness (since apparently I’m not thin enough to post here {heh}) into “I wanted to major in writing but also wanted to someday be able to pay bills so went with a more marketable major- psychology- thus ensuring I would need to go *back* to college ALL OVER and do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in order to become gainfully employed. Or something. Actually my husband just has a fetish for the nurse’s uniform, so what can you do?) ah crap I don’t know where i left off punctuation wise. ?” }). I have a parentheses addiction. Note that it doesn’t affect my parenting, however. Until my daughter (currently aged 4, perfectly healthy, occasionally bratty as is the job of 4 year olds) is in English classes and she asks me for help and I bollocks it up, but then she can ask Daddy. He can diagram the sentences and all that shite.

            But the real question in answer to your question (oh, I wake up at 5:20 am and it makes me stupid) is:

            Do I get to spew venom at deserving tw*tlets? Cause I really enjoy that.

          130. Oh, it’s my other Soul Twin! I have a parenthesis addiction, too!

          131. Tara, you would be allowed to spew venom at tw*tlets if you write here or just comment.  BTW – weight means nothing – you ARE thin enough to hang with us chicks.  I welcome you with open arms.  Can I email you at the address you are using to comment?

          132. I think she’d be awesome.

          133. I may have her toss me a sample and run it by you for final approval.  We could use another fucking awesome chick here.  As long as she’s not more awesome than me.

          134. You *know *you’re the number one bitch. 😉

          135. Naw.  I’m number 2.  I think Shannon get’s number 1.

          136. Naw… she’s the number one Twatasaurus (can you tell that my son is heavily
            into the “Dinosaurs” phase? Next it think will be sharks.)

          137. Twatasaurus Rex  .

          138. I just laughed, and I actually snorted.

          139. Could have been worse.  You could have laughed, choked on saliva and fated while trying not to cough up a lung – maybe even peed a little (2 kids after all).

          140. Are you trying to kill me? I nearly did all that reading it.

          141. fated was farted.  Sorry.  Damn me and my sorry ass typing  skills.
            BTW – I’m feeling a little devious today.  Better watch out for me.

          142. ^^Extreme Geekery Alert Brought on By TWATASAURUS REX reference^

            Uh, my computer is apparently desperate to be slagged for scrap because I just spent twenty minutes writing this cute little comparison between the Twatasaurus Rex (Classification with Kingdom, class, phylum, order, suborder, family, genus, species) and the Pteranodon (uh, my favorite dinosaur…look! tumbleweeds blowing by!! and…crickets chirping…ok, and Torchwood references, and alligator factoids, and other extreme nerditrix things ) AND THE FECKING TRACKING PAD SELECTED AND DELETED IT. I apologize for yelling but I’m really angry because, although I’m tired and kinda seeing cross eyed, I thought it was kinda clever, because I LOVE THE TWATASAURUS REX and I can’t stop thinking of what it looks like now and I’m cursing my utter lack of artistic ability, because i can *so* see it in my mind. It looks like Casey Anthony + SyFy Saturday Night Movie Dinosaur + Random DWI on COPS /alternately you assume was/will be DWI within 12 hrs who is standing in line in front of you at convenience store buying cigarettes, beef jerky and like, diet mountain dew, all while wearing clothes that are too small. Not all tw*t-rex are fat, but all are…flabby? Like their scales just don’t sit right over their gamey muscle. They have dino equivalent of bunions (no offense to any humans w/bunions, it just suits the tw*t rex in my mind, my favorite aunt has feet that look like triangles, hand to God> and all have teeth permanently stained with lipstick, which darkens when they lie, are aroused (sorry) or meet a new mate. They are drawn to males of the species – the longer the rap sheet, the more desirable the male is. Jobs are desirable to younger tw*t rexes, until they realize that this “employment” constitutes a threat to their relationship because their man may meet other females at this job and thus be unfaithful to them, requiring them to show up under the influence of a minimum of 4 substances at the mate’s place of employment, make a huge scene, engage in physical altercation w/at least one human, one potted plant, and one electronic device of some kind. If security or police are not called, the male does not really love her. Amazingly, there is a subspecies of Twatasaurus Rex which is an educated, previously bright and caring female who has never shown any other signs of stupidity or Aiming For Darwin Award. Meeting the “right” guy can cause approximately the same amount of brain damage as a head on collision at 35 mph as far as decision making, overall mental prowess, compassion, maternal instinct, and generalized human integrity. In some cases, the combination of this “right” guy, plus the “right” girl, plus an infant can be deadly, resulting in the tragic death of the infant and the Full on Manifestation of Twatsaurus Rex With Rabies . This lying, scheming slag of a c*** will blame everyone but herself, and continue to do and say things that cause pain and misery to others that beings millions of lightyears away will be overcome with an all consuming desire to reach down to earth and eviscerate the snarling mendacious whore with a splintered speculum soaked in acid before dumping her still writhing (with tongue stapled to roof of her mouth) self into a rendering pit at a slaughterhouse while everywhere, photographs of the child she murdered are forced into her retinas, Clockwork Orange style.
            And………I’ve gotta go to work in a few hours. That’s gonna hurt.

            Good night all, it was lovely chatting with you, hope to talk again soon.

          143. Mother fuck.  That was brilliant.  Damn.  How can I love you so much when we just met?

          144. are you cheating on me?


          145. Not in the least.  I know you will think she’s awesome too.  I love her, but I love you love you.  It’s different.

          146. OK… I will put the kleenex away then… I can’t have people taking “my” April.  LOL… She is pretty freakin funny! 


          147. I love the hell out of her.  We need her here.  She will make our great little group greater.

          148. Awesome….


          149. Sisterwives!

          150. That show is repulsive.  And what are they teaching those kids?  it’s nauseating.  I caught ten minutes of one show where they were trying to justify that shit.  Fuck that douche.  Does he have a golden dick?  Can he make those bitches cream their pant just by shaking it at them?  What is it that makes that shit even seem like a good idea to them??

          151. Ug… sounds awful! I’ve never seen it, and never even heard of it until
            you ladies started joking about it.

            Maybe they don’t like sex, and the idea of not having a guy coming at them
            every night for it makes sense? I don’t know… reaching. You know, even
            if I weren’t “in the mood” for a month straight, I’d beat my husband with
            sticks if he thought of getting it elsewhere. Seriously.

            One of my ex-boyfriends was always after me for a “threesome”, and I’d say
            “Great! Can I choose the other guy?” LMAO Fuck that shit… I told him
            that if I were going to be with another woman, it wouldn’t be for HIS
            amusement… I’m such a selfish bitch like that. 😉 (Of course, this is the
            guy who begged me to get implants until I told him I *might *consider
            getting them if he got one first. Fuck that shit, too!) It’s so easy to be
            a selfish bitch when you’re dealing with a selfish prick, though.

            But those cult guys, I’d have no patience for dealing with those assholes.
            Even if their dick was pure gold and they shit diamonds.

          152. Not like sex?  Did you just say that?  Am I the only woman who has been married for longet than 5 years that wants in DAILY?  I want it.  He complies.  One night he fell asleep before I came to bed and I had hell waking him up.  When I told him I’d go find a boyfriend, he told me to make sure the fucker does laundry, because he’s tired of it.  WHAT THE????  Threesome with another girl – That’s something you do with a fling, not a steady partner (learned from experience).  Luckily I’m ecure enough that I haven’t had meny men ask for that.  The one time I allowed it, it was the girl who asked.  She liked my man and I didn’t love him, so I shared.  He was soooo fucking hawt and so was she.  Everyone wins.  Siterwives is repulsive.  Google it.  He’s married to like 4 women and collectively they have about 16 kids.  He’s ugly, the women are ugly, the kids are fully aware of the situation.  How do you decide which one your doinkin’ that
            night?  Coin toss?

          153. Shit! I didn’t say *I* don’t like sex. But there do exist women out there
            who don’t. Believe it or not. Maybe they each have a night, and the lucky
            one gets a “week off” of sorts by only having to do him once that week? I
            don’t know…

            And talk about your role reversals… LMAO Poor Mr. April!

          154. Poor Mr April??  Most men would LOVE being married to a sex kitten.  Hell, I know he loves it, he just doesn’t know it yet.

          155. I was being sarcastic…. my husband would think he’d died and gone to
            heaven if I wanted it every day… (maybe when the boys are older.)

          156. Nope.  I’ve always wanted it.  I’ve been like that since my first time.  It was like an addiction.  I never whored around (I always had a BF), but I usually am the breaker upper.  Yeah… I’m a dude in a chick’s body.  Plus I like sports, hot wings and beer, and girls with nice boobs.  Everyone is happy.

          157. He’s got 5 wives this season! I used to watch Big Love but that was fiction, this dude is a waste of space. It was absolutely high-larious to watch them on Ellen trying to convince her that the women were in charge.

          158. He was on ID the other night.  Some special.  I started watching it.  Even the commercials fucking piss me off.  “All I did was have sisterwives and I got fired”….  What the fuck?  All I did?  In most of the country, bigamy is illegal!!  You aren’t talking palyamoury, which would be perfectly legal.  Hardly moral, but legal still.  What are they teaching those kids.  Fuck anything that walks, marry any woman who causes you an erection and don’t worry about STDs – it’s all good.

          159. Gosh, all I did was break the law I don’t understand why people get upset! I think one of the wives was raised in a polygamous household but I’m not 100% sure. They probably think they’re teaching their kids to “make honest women” of their partners. I’d like to have some help around the house but we can hire a housekeeper, the hubs doesn’t need to go get a permanent partner!

          160. Yeah.  I’d smack a bitch if she came sniffing around my husband.  He’s fucking hawt and I want him all to myself.

          161. Your husband IS hot, but anybody with some sense would come sniffing around YOU instead.

          162. *giggles*  You’re funny.  It does happen.  I get a few sniffers, but not as many as he does.

          163. That’s just because you live around crazy people.

          164. No.  He’s that hot.

          165. Hey Lady, I saw those pics of him, and yeah sure he’s pretty handsome, but he can’t compete with you. I’m serious, If given a poll on who is better looking, he wouldn’t have a snowflake’s chance in Hell.

          166. Hmmm.  You haven’t even seen the hawt pics of me.  That’s saying something.  Flattery will get you everywhere.

          167. Ug… smacks of the FLDS, which I seriously take issue with.

          168. Sorry.  I meant polygamy, not bigamy.  My collegiate cultural and religious studies is getting away from me.

          169. why does disqus keep eating my posts? why?

            I have to type super fast, select all and copy them before they magically get sucked into Narnia or wherever it is all my missing socks and those 2 bras that fit really well (you know which ones, you all have them) always go?

            Yeah, thought at first you were hating on Doctor Who and I was all horrified and gaping at the monitor- then I realized it was directed at creepy religious fringe polygamists and just thought, “oh..Word.”

            Polygacertops? I think “asshole” easier and more to the point..Vagues it up a bit, yeah, but leaves it open to more interpretation. Like subclassifications.

          170. Ary you using a laptop? If so, it might not be Disqus… my laptop does
            that if I accidentally hit the wrong keys at the same time, or if I
            accidentally put my thumb too close to the “mousepad” under the spacebar
            (which is really hard not to do, when you think about it.)

            I used to have those bras that fit really well… until they, too, got
            sucked into Narnia (or wherever.) Then I got pregnant, and my boobs grew to
            about 20x what they were, so I didn’t bother getting new ones (and I can’t
            see spending an assload of money on “lactation bras” that wouldn’t end up
            fitting about 3 months after the baby is born, only to have to spend an
            assload of money on new lactation bras, then again three more months down
            the road… you get the idea.) I ended up with a bunch of cami-bras. Makes
            breastfeeding a hell of a lot easier, too. But, yeah… even some of those
            are a bit big now, and I’m hesitant to buy new awesome-fitting bras because
            I’m not sure how much my boobs will shrink after I finally stop

            (BTW, *LOVE *Dr. Who… he’s dreamy. So miss David Tenant, but whatcha
            gonna do?)

            Also, I’ve been fighting my parenthesis addiction for years. You come along
            and I just say “fuck it”. Thank you! ^_^ (Also, I’ve got an ellipsis
            addiction… I’ve tried fighting that one, too, but it’s just no use…)

          171. Damn! Damn my bad typing to Hell! I misspelled “Tennant”.

          172. Register on disqus.  It isn’t terrible.

          173. ::Standing ovation!::
            You’re awesome. I think that we should have a glossary of definitions and
            put this one up there. And I knew you had to be a Dr. Who fan.

            And, believe it or not, I would probably get at least some of your
            Geekasaurusness. My son is heavily into the Dino phase at the moment, and
            loves to show it off by asking people “What kind of dinosaur is this”, when
            he already knows the answer (*he’s *testing *them*.)

          174. Naw… she’s the number one Twatasaurus (can you tell that my son is heavily
            into the “Dinosaurs” phase? Next it think will be sharks.)

          175. Naw… she’s the number one Twatasaurus (can you tell that my son is heavily
            into the “Dinosaurs” phase? Next it think will be sharks.)

          176. Wish I could “love” this comment.

          177. what’s up with your posts? Disqus issues?

          178. Oh, they could be the ones I’m replying to via email… like this one…
            does this one look weird? If that’s it, I’ll stop replying via email.

          179. sorry i haven’t replied to you before now but …well life was a bit energized for the last 4 or so days… onto the rely:


          180. Yeah, your posts were super rad- I’m quite dumb now due to the ingestion of Nyquil which really just makes me kinda stupid but doesn’t actually knock me out or fix my cold so I don’t know why I take the shit- I’m about to try ye olde gargle with salt water for the ouchness that is my sore throat.

            and ER nurses are who you want with you when the zombie apocalypse starts.

          181. My daughter says no ER nurses are usually the first one bitten so you may want to stear clear of me when the dead rise on their own

          182. “As a new mother you dont always know what to do, if your over reacting.”
            Sorry… but there is no possible way a new mother could over react to
            someone pummeling her child. If my husband had done this shit when my first
            son was new (or even now), he’d have been incredibly lucky if the cops had
            gotten to him before me, because I wouldn’t have killed him… but I’d make
            damn sure he was left to suffer painfully for the rest of his life. Scared
            or no.

            And yes, anyone else who witnessed the abuse and said or did nothing is
            guilty, as well. But not as much as that baby’s mother. That is one of the
            two people that every child should be able to rely on to protect them no
            matter what.

            “One of those people that took care of that little girl, has a son now, whos
            just over a yr old and she neglects the shit out of him, keeps him in a
            nasty dirty house and yet shes a fit parent…but one girl makes a mistake
            of loving the wrong man, and trusting him with her child and trusting his
            word and shes such a horrible person.”

            Have you reported her? If not, you should get your ass off the internet and
            get on the phone IMMEDIATELY.

            And your friend knew that the douche she married was abusive before she left
            her child with him. Why on Earth would any woman believe that a guy who is
            capable of beating on a woman who is smaller than him is not capable of
            beating on a baby? That wasn’t a mistake, that was just plain stupidity
            and negligence, which, I’m sure you are now aware, is against the law.

            So, sorry, but you’re arguments are still not convincing anyone.

        2. Before you come here and RUDELY address the readers (and writers) – perhaps you should get the biggest fact straight.  There is a child that was murdered.  Everything else is minor compared to that.  Oh… and fuck you.

        3. hey bitchface the writer is not a,get your facts correct. this is a blog,cant you read? i dont give a flying fuck who was going through whatever. the asshole parents killed their baby you retard. so all the witnesses who saw things that were bad are just as guilty, abd where was your dumb ass if you know the mother so well why didnt you take a stand for the baby? so basically you suck just as much as they do. the mother(birth vessel) is the problem. she failed to protect her child. so you fucking c***rag, i reserve the right to judge the hell out of her and her penis. so please, fuck off!!!!!!!

          1. wow where did u go to school to learn to type so horrifically bad…a back woods barn cause thats what you sound like….pure trash

          2. No, trash is what we have to deal with here daily, when people like you come
            in here defending child abusers and child murderers.

          3. careful Dodia, she’s gonna call you “fat c*** ass”!  I wouldn’t want you get your feelings hurt like April and I did!  *wink*


          4. Don’t these people realize that insulting us is like giving us happy pills?
            It only means we’ve hit a nerve, and it wouldn’t hurt unless it were true.

        4. Fuck off! You want to defend a baby killer, I’m going to defend my sister who also happens to be the writer of this article. She did not fabricate anything posted all her info. or lack thereof was obtained from posted links above among others. I think considering the circumstances of the case, her “slaughtering” of the asswipes callign themselves parent was mild and virtually nonexistent. I can assure you that had this been written up by any of the other writers, the “slaughter” as you put it… would have been far worse.

          Now go spew your baby killer defending bullshit elsewhere… no one is in the mood for it here!

  2. Hey girls, this was written by my little sister and bestie Jackie, it’s her first one and she was very nervous. I think she did a great job!

    1. She did wonderful, especially considering the lack of facts available on this one! I hate the one’s they don’t release anything on…

    2. She did an excellent job.

      1. Thank you for posting it for me, my computer did not want to cooperate with me!

        1. No worries.  Did you see that I h ad to have Dodia post one for me?  It happenes.  It’s good we all love each other ,or this shit might NEVER get posted. 
          Tell Jackie thanks!

    3. well i think she did a horrible job because she couldnt even get her fACTS straight…

      1. Listen you stupid bitch… they are NOT HER facts… they are the facts available to her through the links posted above and others.  All she did was reproduce the information she was able to find for this site.  Now you can shut your fucking baby killer defending mouth.  She did not attack anyone in the post but you want to come on here and attack her guess what I am not the one you asshole.  Had post been written by myself or one of the other writers, we would have been far more harsh like this…. your good friend sat idly by and allowed the precious gift given to her by god die because she was nothing more than a coward!  Got that??  You admitted to inviting them to live with you so you have that baby’s blood on your hands as well you stupid bitch!  Why didn’t you step in?  You are bragging about your mothering skills and all… you too allowed her to die at the hands of a man you say you were scared of yet “invited” into your home.  You
        want to take me on bitch bring it!  I am NOT nearly as as nice as my sister!  Oh and Fuck You!  Hows that for some language.  Bitch!


        1. Why didn’t you step in? …..

          1. Fucktard is one word.  If you are gonna play here, play nice.  Better yet – fuck off.

          2. Are you trying to hurt my feelings?  Nice try tw*t!  A person who defends a baby killer (at any level of guilt) couldn’t do that on their best day.  But go ahead a give your best shot, bitch!  I have all day to fuck with you so keep ’em comin’ baby! 


          3. Dayum… she said “tw*t”, too. Twice! In one thread! Everybody dive for

          4. Are you proud of me or what? LOL

          5. Oh! So VERY!

      2. The “facts” come from the media sources linked.  Feel free to head on over to those sites and jump the shit of those writers.  But if you want to talk shit about mine, you’ll have to deal with me.  Eat a dick and have a nice day.

  3. Sorry so long, I think Cyn is rubbing off on me

  4. Guess I scared her away. Good! I hate having to explain why you shouldn’t try to defend these worthless scumbags

    1. you didn’t scare me away. I know the truth. You only know what is available to you in the media. What you are allowed to know. As for April , wonderful language. Shows your intelligence and your maturity level. The mother did not leave the baby and save herself. really? It is absolutely the most horrific thing in the world. Believe me I know m ore than you ever will. I applaud your convictions for the travesty of what happen to Aziya, and there are many children out there who right now the same things are happening to and it makes me sick as well.She did not deserve any of it. That beautiful baby is buried just 6 blocks from my home and I walk by her grave everyday. My comments and anger were not because of the passion you feel for what happen but for your quickness to hate when you obviously do not know the whole story. It will all come out. The father or now I shall refer to him as the husband. because he does not deserve the title of father, not now or ever, is a monster! period. The video was not of the baby naked. and for the record NO there were no bruises on the baby. If you have read the autopsy you would know that. or even seen the photos. The marks on her face should have been a warning sign. so true. when you are in a relationship with a habitual liar, control freak who is a master of manipulation it is hard to see it. Once outside the situation you can see the entire picture develop. So your misguided anger because you do not know or understand all the facts does nothing to bring justice for anyone. it only muddies the waters. I too am angry. Very angry.

      1. “If you have read the autopsy you would know that. or even seen the photos.”

        So, are you implying that you have seen the autopsy report and photos? Because I was sure I read the DA and investigators weren’t even commenting on the charges, much less passing out copies of the autopsy report to friends and acquaintances of the parents. How is it you have all this insider information? Are you her attorney? In which case, considering your grammar and sentence structure, you’ll save us a lot of bitching, because there’s no way you’re going to get the bitch off.

        I would think that you know little more than anyone else. If you are indeed, friends with the “mother”, then at most, you have heard her proclamations of innocence. It may come as a surprise to you but abusive, neglectful parents sometimes deny the charges.

        As for your statement that April’s language shows her intelligence and maturity level… I’ll let Mark Twain defend her. He said, ” Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

        A baby has been beaten, broken, and murdered. I think it qualifies as urgent and desperate circumstances. So to quote April, “Fuck you.”

        1. I don’t care what that c*** thinks about my language.  I’m bored with her.

        2. no implications here. I DO have a copy of the entire report. I do not need to prove a thing to any of you. Your rantings are no longer important me as they are are not factual and only partly true. You sounded as if you were truly interested, however I can see your onlu interest is to be on some power trip about your own opinion. Well perhaps you will understand this. Opinions are like assholes! Everyones has one. Any you my dear are one.

          1. She’s an opinion?

            How, exactly, does one become an abstract concept?

          2. An asshole is certainly several steps above a baby killer… and even more above anyone who can defend one.  Buh-bye.


          1. blah…blah… blah!


          2. Hey.  Here’s an idea – if you don’t like this site, hit the fucking X in the top right corner.  No one will miss you.  Buh-bye.

          3. “UNTIL THAN GROW UP”
            Wow… but we’re the ones who sound illiterate? Good one. 10 redemption
            points on The Spelling and Grammar Bitch’s “Fuck Off” chart if you can pick
            out what is wrong with that sentence. Though, after all the shit you’ve
            been shoveling here, 10 points won’t make much of a difference in the grand
            BTW, the “caps lock” key is generally in the middle of the far left column
            on your keypad. When the caps are locked, there is usually a little light
            indicating that. You might want to make sure it’s off, because it only
            makes you look like that much more of a bitchtard.

      2. you walk by her little grave every day yet why the fuck didnt you go to her house every day and try to intervine????????? we dont need to know the whole story. here i will dumb it down for you, shitty abusive parents=dead baby. weak minded mother who loved dick more than baby=dead baby. fucking babykillerdefender.

      3. one more thing turd burglar, dont talk about April that way.

        1. Thanks sweeetie.  She can hate me all she wants.  The feeling is quite mutual.

      4. I’ll be back to you in a minute: I have to deal with Shannon first because you are the grandmother and I am too angry to reply to you yet. I want some of this anger abated before I reply to Azias’s grandmother.

  5. Just thought I would add, that Steve is not the child’s biological father.

    1. Thank you for the info.

  6. I DO have a copy of the entire report.

    I, for one, am always interested in the truth. If you have a copy of the report, I’d be happy to review it and decide for myself if it will change my view of those involved in this tragedy.

    Other than that, I won’t take the word of some anonymous internet person.

    1. and that is exactly what you are as well. an anonymous internet blogger. I am very close and connected to this case. You won’t take mine or anyone else’s word for it, however you want others to believe the words you post. words based on partial information.

      1. The words we post are the facts available to us at the time.

        We’re here to be a voice for the innocent children that are abused and killed daily and to spread awareness about child abuse.

        With that being said, you come on this site and attack readers and writers and expect what exactly? Do you think just because you say something is wrong and show no proof your word is better than police reports, court proceedings, or the news outlets for that matter.

        If so you think mighty highly of yourself…

        I don’t know if your actually involved in this case or not. To be quite honest, the way you’ve handled yourself I don’t much care. Your coming off like every other person that comes here screaming “he/she didn’t do it!! They couldn’t do it!!” As they’ve all been told show the proof and the article will be changed or removed. It’s that simple!

        As for your friend… She’s been arrested and charged. NCIS aided in the arrests from what I’ve read so it doesn’t sound much like they are protecting her. The baby had broken bones so long she had 2 different infections from them!! Normally, with infection you get very telling symptoms like fever. Not to mention the pain that little angel went through! This isn’t a one time incident!! This happened over time and your going to tell me this incubator (I refuse to call her a mother) didn’t notice anything?!? Or are you saying she was to scared to protect her child?!?

        A real mother will go to any lengths to protect her child!! One not long ago lost her life protecting her son from a tornado!! When you have a child the “All about me” shit is supposed to stop!!

        The “woman” was in the Navy. Are you saying she was so weak she couldn’t stand up to her husband? All she had to do was make a phone call and help would have been provided for her to get her child safely away! Hell, all she had to do was pick her child up, walk out the door and go to the nearest hospital. They would have handled the rest!!

        I’m sorry, but your friend is as guilty her husband! She may not have abused that baby but in my mind allowing it to continue is much worse! Every adult living in that home is guilty of not helping that 3 month old baby!!! In my opinion the punishment should be death!! And don’t waste your time with the “judge not lest….” shit, to me it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

        Now as April has already said:

        “Fuck You”
        Have a Nice Day

        1. Well, you know, passionate statements are SUPPOSED to be accepted as simple fact.


          If this person has a “copy of the report,” all it has to do is upload it and send it to us.

          I would LOVE to see the report.

          1. Personally, I think she’s suffering from delusions of grandeur!!

          2. cant let people read the reports…hello open trial still…police reports…

          3. well then don’t come on here and preach about all the “so-called” information in the reports!  Hello!


          4. I’ll tell you what… after the trial, if she’s found innocent, the
            information will be updated accordingly. Then you can post the information
            and share a link. If it proves that the birth vessel isn’t (directly or
            indirectly) responsible for this child’s injuries, then that information
            will be updated, as well.

            Until then, why are you wasting so much time here? Shouldn’t you be
            supporting your friend emotionally or something? Honestly.

          5. I only update accordingly if asked respectfully.  Cuntzilla would have to rely on one of you fine ladies to acquiesce.

        2. as to symptoms…at three months old a baby could be….1. colicky 2. teething 3. have the flu or other sick……a fever could and does explain all of those things.. i know this because im raising two kids of my own….

          1. Out of my whole post all you can answer to is “colicky, teething…….” I know all that you fucking moron!! Believe me I don’t need someone with your mentality to tell me how to take care of a baby!

            I was nice in my first post. Now your boring me!! Your nothing but the run of the mill, piece of shit, trollish defender.

            Your no better that the c*** your defending! You want to talk about “facts”, well it’s time you face facts! Your stupid, weak-minded, cum-drunk, dick-starved whore of a friend is guilty!! Anyone in that house while they lived there is guilty!! The dick-less, scum of the earth, piece of shit abuser is guilty! If it were up to me they’d all be beaten to death!!

            Let’s see if you can wrap your non-comprehending, tiny ass brain around this, IT TAKES TIME FOR INFECTION TO SET IN!!! This baby suffered for awhile. This didn’t happen overnight! Between the abuse and neglect that poor child never had a chance.

            It would have been a hell of a lot more than colic or teething, BTW if you don’t take a 3 month old to the doctor for the flu or “other sickness” your a neglectful, uncaring waste of a fucking uterus you fucking tard!!

          2. im stating reasons why someone whos a new parent could think a baby acting weird would be….
            i know infection takes awhile to set it…the baby was a healthy weight, at the last doc visit showed no signs of anything wrong(YES OMG SHE DID TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR)….the caretakers stated she was happy and smiling baby, which was evident by photos on FB and MYspace, she was happy…people had concerns yes but they addressed them and never saw them happen again….no one knew anything was wrong until the end because it wasnt evident thats what no one here seems to get..
            I never saw the abuse happen, i couldnt have i lived across the country when that little girl was alive…but im back now and ive stated to everyone involved how i feel…including the mother. ive sat there and looked her in the eyes and told her EVERYONE is guilty in some form….so before you go fucking attacking me CHECK YOUR FUCKING FACTS…i never saw the shit but i had enough fear after living with STEVE for 6 months to take my child and run and NOT say a damn word to anyone about why i left…but i didnt tell anyone why i left and i feel guilty every day and i would sit in jail and never see my precious babies again if it meant that little girl found justice.
            Yes i will defend the mother til the end of time on some blog like this, her and i have had many talks about everything she knows how i feel..ive told her my hatred and anger towards every person involved, she knows exactly what i think…and she agrees…..

          3. Hatred towards everyone but mommy obviously!  You’re full of shit! 


          4. First of all… if you believe EVERYONE in that house is guilty, why the
            fuck are you here defending her? Seriously, it makes no sense.

            And we can all sit here and judge because it’s our right to do so, and
            because not one of us would sit back and do nothing in her situation, or in
            YOUR situation. Don’t forget, you basically did nothing, too. You say you
            never witnessed any abuse… not even of your friend? Yet you knew he was
            an abusive asshole. That’s why you were afraid of him and that’s why you
            packed up YOUR child and left… but you didn’t report the potential for
            abuse of that baby to authorities, which is your duty as a human being and
            as a mother.

          5. ALL of those symptoms could easily be ruled out by picking up the baby. If
            the baby cries harder, or cries out in pain, at being picked up and held
            normally, then something is very wrong. If you couldn’t tell the
            difference, I worry about your children. My child has stubbed his toe and
            cried when I touched it to check it out, and it wasn’t even fractured (I
            kept an eye on it and it didn’t swell.) A broken arm? Broken leg? Broken
            ribs? Just being picked up would make that child scream louder in agony,
            unless the poor baby was already so exhausted from crying that she just
            didn’t have the strength to do so.

          6. :et me make this clear…she didn’t act like she was in pain…she was the happiest baby when the sperm doner wasn’t around..they drugged her up on Tylenol so much she didn’t feel anything.

          7. Oh, is this Shannon again? Didn’t April and a few others tell you to fuck off ages ago? They didn’t mean to wait a few months then pop back in for round 2. Awa’ wit ye.

          8. Dodia… don’t you just love the line about them drugging her up so much that she didn’t feel anything.


          9. Yeah, because, you know… that just makes it better or OK or something. What a douche.

          10. Retard rodeo… round 2.

          11. Heh… that just made me laugh. ^_^

      2. See, it’s responses like this that convince me that you’re full of shit, that you have nothing whatever to do with the case (or you’re someone close to the bitch that failed to protect her child and are trying unsuccessfully to change public opinion in the vain hope that it will effect the outcome of her trial), and that you’re just an internet troll.

        If you’re not just an internet troll, then you obviously do care about our opinions of your friend, because you keep coming back, even after saying you won’t be. You keep responding. And if you had this proof you claim, you would scan it, post it online, and post a link to shut us up. As April has stated (at least once a week, if I’m not mistaken), and several of us have also stated, if you can prove us wrong, then do it and the information in the piece will be edited accordingly. If you can’t provide us with this proof, then we’re not going to believe you have it. If you don’t have it, then STFU and go away. Or stay… either way, whatever. Some of use really enjoy a good tard-bash now and then. 😉

  7. Just so everyone knows, Mary is the baby vessels mother. So of course she’s going to try and protect her. But the facts speak for themselve. The vessel guilty. And to make matters worse, she was allowed to bring another baby into this world. Good thing they took that baby away her. She doesn’t deserve the right to have anymore children.

    1. Thanks for the info and update Kleen11. Please keep us posted of any other updates you hear about.

    2. Thanks for posting.
      Obviously the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

      1. How true.

  8. BTW Jackie, excellent write up.

    1. “Daddy’s” MySpace page

        1. Sorry.  NO myspace pages.

      1. There’s some real nice pictures out on his MySpace page. What a great looking group of people. NOT Real party people. It makes you really wonder what was going on in that Apt.

  9. Where is the biological father of this baby? Or does the baby vessil not know who the father is? Did she marry this guy because she needed a baby daddy. Obviously she felt he would make a good baby daddy to convince him to marry her knowing this was not his baby. How long did she know him before she talked him into getting married? If he’s such a monster, I’m sure he would have been this way before the baby arrived. Or did he become a monster after living with the mother for awhile? Maybe she made him that way. I understand that the mother likes to party, so who’s to say she wasnt’ the one who was rough on Aziya and his trying to cover her own ass. Why were there 5 people living in this apt? What was really happening there?

    1. She didn’t need a baby’s daddy thank you. She did it out of love, she didn’t know he would have done that. And he has a violent temper and is very manipluative. He didn’t change while married with her. I know the facts. And she didn’t cover her own ass, it was the husband that did everything. And get your facts straight before you start spreading shit around. There was reasons why there were 5 adults living there. NOTHING went on.

      1. She did it out of love?  She loved dick more than she loved her child?  You said yourself, he had a violent temper and didn’t change while married “with” (I think you meant to) her.  She knowingly subjected her baby to a violent asshole.  She’s still a c*** in my books.  Were you trying to make her look good?  FAIL!!!

      2. Still in agreement with Cyn on this one… this woman was a military trained and could have kicked the average man’s ass. I’ve known regular women who were horribly and viciously abused by their spouse, yet they managed to get the fuck out to protect their children.

        Sorry, not buyin’ it.

        1. omg let me put this out there…woman military and kick asss doesnt always go to gether. thank you i served in the military, and i was never trained to kick and average mans ass. i think you need to re look up what average man and military and woman have in common…not a lot…the babies father wasnt an average man either thank you….

          1. I still maintain that, with the training that military personnel have to go
            through (and I’m sure that Soldiermommy can correct me on this one… please
            be honest, K?) that the average military woman (provided she isn’t disabled)
            is faster and more agile than the average non-military man, and therefore
            could kick his ass if she had to.

            A mother, a REAL, honest to goodness mother who loves her child above all
            else (especially a penis) could beat the life out of any motherfucker that
            laid a hand on her baby, military training or no. I know I would. All it
            takes is grabbing the nearest heavy or pointy object and a hard blow to the
            back of the head. I doubt that any jury in the US would convict a mother
            for doing this to rescue her child from an attack.

            If said mother didn’t actually witness the attack, she would at least
            suspect something is wrong (and don’t try to convince me your friend had no
            idea that her dick was harming her baby… not buying it unless you can
            prove she’s got an IQ of about 10.), she’d get that child IMMEDIATELY to a
            doctor, tell them of her concerns, and get a restraining order if they’re
            confirmed. The doctor would report the abuse to LE, who would then arrest
            the penis in question, and the mother wouldn’t have to worry about him
            abusing her OR her child again.

            You know… unless her IQ is about 10.

    2. ok KLEEN wanna know the facts heres the fucking facts…that apartment at the time in question was leased under MY ex husband and my name…HI..we invited them to come live with us and our three month old 6 month old son…we left shortly after…our friend was already sleeping on our couch helping me out with my kid….after we left, their other married couple friend moved in. it was a three bedroom apartment. lets see married couple, married couple, nursery, couch….seems to work to me… she doesnt have a drinking problem, but if she did im sure you would to if you had to deal with idiots like you guys posting this shit. he was a monster before and only got worse. i dated the said monster and i left because of him. she knows the babies daddy, hes just not a part of their life, and she didnt need to marry anyone she did it BECAUSE HELLO SHE LOVED THE IDIOT…people dont always make the best choices when they love someone.. if you are all so curious its easy to find out the people in their lives…oh and here ill make this one easy.. I AM THE MOTHERS FRIEND. I AM ALSO A MOTHER, I HAVE TWO HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN WHO I WILL ALWAYS ALLOW AS YOU PEOPLE PUT IT THE BIRTH VESSEL AROUND. i know what goes thru her head, i have been there for her thru this…grow the hell up people and quit attacking people you know shit about

      1. shut your hole! 


      2. Everyone that lived in that apt including yourself should be sitting in jail for allowing this to happen. It all started with you, when you allowed all these people to move in with you. If you knew Steve was such a horrible person and you were so afraid of him why would you allow him to move in. If Steve did all these horrible things then why isn’t he being charged with the murder of this baby. Or are all these so called facts made up to protect someone else? Anyone and everyone that lived there could have hurt that baby at one time or another. Why didn’t sarah ever take this baby to the doctor? You as a mother know that babies see a doctor at 6 wks and continually throughout their first year.

        1. ok the baby went to doc at the first months visit dickhead…and how am i guilty for letting people live with me…and hello if it takes me sitting in jail for allowing someone to live with me than so be it…i wasnt afraid of him when he moved in….i left because i was afraid of him….no one sees abuse and how bad it can be..mentally and emotionally until you get away from it…you people are just not sitting here saying no one is innocent….everyone is guilty in some form…

          1. It sure the fuck seems like you’re defending your friend.  If she’s so guilty, why would you defend her?  BTW – you say you have children, would you NOT do anything and everything in your power to defend them?  She sure didn’t.

          2. im also not in an abusive relationship…i dont have someone that controlled every aspect of my day…im not with someone who trust me i know this for a fact has a way of getting in your head and making you believe every word that comes out of his mouth… yeah he was that good in his ways he was believable…two odd yrs later and finding out EVERYTHING he ever told me was a lie, everything he ever told anyone in that group was a lie…i feel dumb and ill be the first to fucking admit it…that i trusted the wrong fucking person..
            but in a normal relationship….i would do anything for my kids and they both know it….

          3. So you are spewing your bullshit here because you’re pissed that he lied to you.  I see.

          4. My girl! 


          5. wow you people really are dumb as fuck…thats all you got out of it was that he lied to me…he lied to everyone…his friends in the military, co workers, his almost x wife, everyone…im saying none of you know these people, what and who was capable of what…i do now….so take ur blog, go rant and rave and do ur blah blah blah shit…peace out later days….ill leave with this…
            I dont care who ends of going to jail, I dont care if its me included, I dont care if some ignorant person online thinks I am a bad person for protecting myself and my son, I dont care if you dont agree with how I view things….WHAT i care about is information being reported truthfully..which no one here is doing, I care about that little girl having justice, which its in the works….so write what you want to i dont care because no one on this site cares about the truth, you make it evident in your writting.

          6. No.  WE care about justice for Aziya.  All you care about is being a pesky idiot.  I thought you were leaving?  What happened?  the last word wasn’t yours?  I hate when that happens.

          7. Isn’t that the third time you’ve said “peace out” and that you were leaving?
            Scrolling down, it looks like you haven’t commented again (yet), but I’ll
            be shocked as a tazed college dumbasss if you don’t come back. Please,
            please let me be shocked as a tazed college dumbass. This shit is getting
            far too time consuming, and I’m so ready to move on to the next troll.

          8. BTW, I can’t speak for anyone else on this, but I personally don’t think
            you’re a bad person for protecting yourself and your son. I think you suck
            as a human being for doing absolutely nothing to protect your friend OR her

            Also, this is not a news site. It’s a blog. The people posting pieces here
            are not reporters, they’re contributing bloggers. And as for the truth, the
            TRUTH is that a baby girl is dead because her mother failed to protect her.
            Nothing you’ve posted proves otherwise.

          9. Apparently… and therefore, her friend isn’t as much to blame as he is.
            Doesn’t that just make a shitload of sense?

          10. “but in a normal relationship….i would do anything for my kids and they both know it….”

            so in an abnormal, controlling, abusive relationship you wouldn’t do anything for your kids??? just saying

          11. So… they both know that you’d do anything for them in a “normal”
            relationship… but not in an abnormal one… got it.

          12. Yeah, we’re all ignorant, you’re right, but it wasn’t any of us that left a house out of fear and left an innocent child behind to suffer at the hand of the person the ADULT WOMAN feared.  I supposed you had no idea how to report your fears of him to anyone, right?  Who’s ignorant now?


          13. my fears didnt concern children….i never thought he would hurt a child..i didnt think he was that dumb….odviously i was wrong….and im still scared of that man, there isnt a day that i dont leave my home and im not afraid if him finding me..

          14. Yep, you were wrong that’s a fact!  So was your oh so wonderful and loving friend, and she was freakin coward!  You hurt my kids you deal with me, I know that mother fucker slept sometime.  So save all the ridiculous justifications for her inaction, it is falling on deaf ears.
            BTW if this guy was so blatant to hurt this baby in front of others, I find it extremely difficult to believe he would not do it in front of mommy too.  Just sayin’   


          15. Sooo… you *knew *he was capable of harming adults, but you didn’t think
            he’d stoop low enough to harm a child? Wow… you really *are *stupid,
            aren’t you.

          16. Woah, woah, woah… hold the phone here…

  10. That baby was soo beautiful. Strange those two could have made something so beautiful. By looking at the pictures on myspace of her parents they are uglier than shit!

    1. Hehehehe!


  11. What I would like to know is what the hell is up with the media? Why are ALL of them reporting false information? I know they can get the wrong facts from time to time but this is getting ridiculous. Maybe it’s a conspiracy and they’re just out to make all this baby killing fucks, oops sorry, *innocent* people look bad. Maybe it’s all these police officers, DA and ME’s giving them the false information so people like us will jump all over them.

    These baby killing defender idiots need to get their head out of their ass or at least install a window in their stomach. She did not protect that little girl or get her help when she needed it. She deserves to be shot and pissed on but charging her is all the law allows. Pity really.

    1. You know who we should be going after – those pesky baby killing bathtubs and stairs. Those are the real criminals here!

      1. Don’t forget the babies  themsselves.  So slippery……  They’re always getting dropped and causing so much legal trouble.

        1. They really should be held more accountable for their actions.

          1. Ya think??  Maybe the dog crate bitch had the right idea.  Lock the little fuckers up before they hurt themselves.

          2. We should also make them all wear electrified cone collars just to be on the safe side.

    2. The media is always wrong.  They always make up shit.  I’ll tell you like I told Dodia Fae – Everyone featured on this site is innocent.  All this child abuse, murder and rape is a conspiracy.  The babies are doing these horrible things to themselves to keep judges and public defenders employed.  Why can’t you people get that through your thick heads?????

    3. Sue, I heart you.

      1. Awe shucks DodiaFae ~blush~

      2. Sue rocks!!  She’s my friend on FB – go find her!!

        1. I’m going to be having friend requests out my ass lol

          1. Nope.  Probably just Deena and Dodia.  I try to be careful who I add from here.

          2. I don’t blame ya. Some these Psychos get a real hate on for you sometimes. 😉

          3. they hate me because I’m right.

          4. well I hope you would include me

          5. Just an FYI to all my favorite ladies on here (and you know who you are!) I
            you’re on FB, find me. 😉

          6. I added you.

          7. I know but I think I want sue too!

  12. Those pesky babies!!! I know when my girls were 3 MONTHS OLD, they were running around tripping over shit and breaking bones all the time…finally had to strap ’em down in their carseats all day long so those pesky cops didn’t come sniffing around to make up stories about me and report them to the media. Can’t imagine how they got to be happy, healthy, beautiful teenager. Too bad we can’t say the same thing for poor little Aziya, who didn’t even get to see her 1st birthday

    1. I hear duct tape does wonders to help with that ridiculous behavior. = )

  13. Locking them up seems to work for some of the idiots featured on here as well. Closet, dog kennel, whatever. I don’t know why these babies cause these *parents* so much grief. Getting them locked up and featured in all those false news articles and having to go to court to reveal ALL these things that will come out and surprise people but never seem to materilize and then finally becoming Bubba’s bitch. Those poor *parents*!!!

  14. Why does everyone insist on calling you fat, April? I don’t see you as giving off an air of fattness. I wonder is it the name? I know skinny Aprils, so that can’t be it. Maybe it’s the potty mouth. No, I think most on here have potty mouths so that can’t be it. Hmmm Something to think about while we listen to this dumbass babble on

    1. Have you seen me?  Are you on FB?  I’ve posted pics on here.  Just saying.  She should probably watch who she’s calling fat  neither deena or I are fat – unless you are considering “media” standards.  If that’s the case, neither of is is 90 pounds at 5’10”.  Try 118 at 5’3″.  I suppose that’s a little on the chunky side. 
      I think “fat” is just a generic insult.  People thank that is the ultimate way to insult a woman.  I guess someone never told Shannon you have to know a woman’s weakness to insult them.  My weight is NOT one of my weaknesses…. but it looks like I found Shannon’s.
      Bwaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa  (laughing my fat ass off)

      1. I am on FB but I haven’t seen you. I seen all kinds of posts of people that have and “fat ass” is not a term that any of them use unless of course they are defending a “fat ass” of their own.

        You keep “lauging your fat ass off” and you’ll not have an ass at all…118lbs…I’m dreaming of getting there but I unfortunately have the fat ass at 135lbs at 5’2″. Coming down from 170lbs so apparently all the giggles you guys have been giving me is working on my ass 🙂

        1. I was about 140.  I went through a little stress and now it’s climbing back up.  I’m an eating machine.
          I’ll email you my FB name so you can find me.

  15. don’t call deena a fucktard. she cares more about this little girl than you did. That makes her quite a wonderful person thank you very much

    1. Thanks Darlin’!  Shannon wants to hurt my feelings,you know what I say to that.  Not a chance in HELL!


  16. you take your child to the dr because of a fever? I thought you said you don’t have to do that. or at least Aziya’s mother didn’t.

  17. If Sarah was such a wonderful mother, then why doesn’t she have custody of the new baby? Why was she taken away by the state?

    1. okay i am back for one comment….only to point out these facts..kleen11 she doesn’t have custody because she would rather her baby be protected and away from her than to let that asshole near her, she knew she wouldn’t get custody and that was okay by her because it meant he wouldn’t have her either…and insult me all you want. i don’t think of spelling when i go off on people. Yes I will defend SARA about the fact that she really didn’t know what was going on. She was blind to it. Steve wasn’t abusive physically, he was abusive mentally and emotionally and I know that from personal experience. if he was physically abusive I would have said something. You don’t know the reasons I left, your speculating and continue to do so. That is fine by me. I wont keep going off. You can think you won, and that you intimidated me but you haven’t. By the way to inform you, one of the care takers of that little girl was arrested today. So justice is prevailing nicely.
      Yes everyone is guilty, including myself. Because I didn’t tell anyone I was scared and I should have, but all I thought was to get me and my son out of that house, because I felt no one would listen. If I am guilty of anything it was thinking of myself and the fact that I was pregnant with my daughter. I wasn’t the most liked person at the time because I had a little baby in that house and I wanted things a certain way. that little girl was NOT born yet when I left. When it came to sara being pregnant steve was the nicest guy ever and thats what I saw between them. Things got bad after I left.
      There is no excuse for what happened to that little girl, and I hope that justice is served accordingly. If that means I sit in jail for not saying something about what happened to ME than so be it. And I have told the authorities all of this. Yes some people are more guilty than others but until you know all the facts, and they will come out to the public in due time, its not fair to act like you know the whole story.
      I apologize for the name calling, that was below me to do so. I am a better person than that and I know this. I hope you enjoy your “blog” and your ranting and raving and I know you will have many things to say about this. Have fun with that. I wont waste anymore of my time. Now I am finished.

      1. NOW you’re finished?  I thought you were finished HOURS ago.

      2. Hah! Anyone want to take bets on how many more times she shows up before
        all is said and done? Maybe we can start an “office pool” sort of bet…

        OK, you were so afraid of this guy, yet he wasn’t physically abusive? Not
        buying it.

        I’m sorry, I didn’t get beyond that. My eyes are getting tired from trying
        to keep up with this, and the diaper that my son needs changing honestly
        doesn’t smell half as bad as the shit your dishing out.

  18. Parentheses addiction- the unknown sorrow. Where was OUR afterschool special?? And it’s not acknowledged by ANY psychiatric professionals. Most of them are pretty much illiterate anyway, their handwriting looks like a combination of hieroglyphics and what it would look like if you had your cat step in finger paint before visiting the litter box and then looked at the litter..upside down through a kaleidoscope. ..

    – anyway- I’m thinking that most, if not all of the c***lings who come and defend their babykilling friends and loved ones because “she didn’t mean it, she was in luuuurrrrve” are pretty much bog-standard axis II types- riding the spectrum of classic Borderine Personality Disorder – can you link to shit on this disqus thing?? — through to antisocial traits, probable narcissistic traits and oddly, often at the same time, dependent personality traits. However, diagnosing people through their comments on a blog makes me sound like one of those asses in US weekly who comments on Aniston’s maternity status with the (parenthesis!! “Does not treat Jennifer Aniston) – they just sound like my usual borderlines. They write like my borderlines talk. They argue like my pts argue. They contradict themselves the same way. They talk shit the same way. They’re contrary just for the sake of being contrary the same way. Then again, I could very easily be wrong- they could just be tw*ts.

    If this computer’s tracking pad selects all and eats my comment one more time I’m totally going to stop, drop and roll around on the floor, weeping. Although my 3 legged ecuadog is down there with some pretty dangerous gas so it might not be safe.

    How did all of you find out about this site in the first place? I followed a link from it was about that delicate flower that gave birth at the circus and left her baby freezing to death and drowning in the toilet but “blacked out” about the whole event?

    I’m from the original Prom Mom state, so I of course immediately hated her with an emphatic and deep vitriolic passion. Have we had any updates on what that disgusting skag is up to? I remember reading about the maintenance workers who found the baby, and how they called 911 and were saying to the baby “vas a estar bien, bebe.” Because *they are good people* and I just hope to hell that little baby remembers the warmth of Eder Serrano and Marco Calle as opposed to that vapid
    skank who left him there to die. Now I want to hit something again.

    Grr. I think I’m going to run upstairs and steal a kiss from the sleeping toddler instead.

    1. 1. You are awesome.
      2. If you have to stop drop and roll… don’t light a match. Doggy gas can
      be deadly.
      3. Go ahead, psychoanalyze away! We could all use a good chuckle… which
      brings me to…
      4. Please say you’ll write for April… I love your writing style. It
      makes me chuckle, and like I said, we could all use a good chuckle. I could
      also use a few new nicknames for these hosebeasts, and you seem to have
      quite the imagination.
      5. “Kissing Toddler” therapy is the best kind… that, and “Cuddling
      Toddler” therapy.
      6. I have no idea why I’m numbering this post. It’s late, I’m tired, and I
      haven’t gotten a decent night of sleep in ages. But my little monkeys are
      worth it. 🙂

    2. Sleeping toddler kisses are so lovely.  Do it.  I dare you.  I love you more every time you post.  Dammit.

    3. April! this chic is awesome!

      1. I know.  But but but….. I’m awesome too.

        1. April, never doubt that we all know you are the queen of awesome! We worship you and can only strive to stand in your shadow. mere imitators, that’s what we are.

          btw i just got done with that story and emailed it to you…be careful though this one really sucks

  19. Did everyone hear that the parents and the live in nanny all pleaded guilty to felony child abuse.  Steve could get up to 21 years, Sarah and the other guy have not been sentenced yet.

  20. The other baby that Steve and Sarah had just about a year ago has been put in foster car.  I hear that Sarah’s mom tried to adobt but something was found out about her and it was stopped.   I hope she’s with good people. 

  21. Steve and Sarah had another little girl, who was taken from them while Sarah was still in the hospital, is now in foster care.  Her mother tried to adopt but something went wrong and they will not allow her to do that now.  I hope she’s with good people.

    1. I hope she’s with good people too… thanks for the updates!



    1. Thanks for the update… Cyn…missing you baby girl!!

      1. Miss you too!  I’m still here life’s been a bit nuts lately…  Starting to slow back down now.

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