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February 27th Galveston Police responded to a 911 call for an unresponsive 2 year old.  Little Traeshon Dewayne Young was not breathing when officers arrived on the scene.  Officers performed CPR until the Paramedics got there.

When the Paramedics removed the toddler’s shirt they found evidence of severe abuse all over his body.  Captain Heyse called the circumstances of the baby’s death “disturbing”, but he declined to elaborate, citing the need to protect information that was key to the investigation.

March 5th 22 year old Porsche Mitchell was arrested and charged with 2 felonies, endangering a child and injury to a child.  Her bonds total $150,000.  (Yet another bio-mom that thinks it’s ok to leave their baby with the favored dildo!!  Although, it sounds like she did some of the abusing herself since she’s also charged with injury to a child.)

Police also had a warrant for 24 year old Dontrel Alexander Sanders (who is NOT Traeshon’s father!! I’ve read a few articles that call him the father.  Traeshon’s father is Gary Young.   Dontrel is only the incubator’s sex toy!!) charging him with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, He’s facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.  His bond is set at $225,000.  (Wait!  Where the hell is the Murder charge and what the hell is he doing with a bond??  Didn’t he evade capture?!?)

It seems that chicken-shit was scared to face the music.  (Just goes to show how tough these bastards really are that beat 2 year olds!) He evaded police until that night when family convinced him to turn himself in.

Now, they had bulletins out everywhere, it was on all media outlets, they even posted a reward.  Evidently, he’d been seen driving around town with Ms. Arianne James who one article calls an acquaintance and another calls his girlfriend.  (Hmm…  I thought the waste of a uterus was his girlfriend!)

Anyhow, while researching this case I wanted to know if Ms. James had been charged with aiding a fugitive.  I found no charges, but what I did find was interesting.  She’s the abusive dickhead’s baby’s momma!  Not only was she driving him around, she had her kids in the car with a man that a week before had abused a 2 year old baby to death!!  (You stupid, cum-drunk twit!!!  What the hell were you thinking!  Let me guess “He’d never hurt my kids!!  He loves them!”  You’re a moronic fucking hood-rat!!  At the very least you should be charged with aiding not to mention child endangerment!!  As you like to say “Peace Bitch”)

The circumstances surrounding Traeshon’s death are still being investigated.


The bio-mom’s sister, Ashlie Blanks, says she can’t believe her nephew is gone.  “You don’t mistreat children.  They are a blessing from God.”  “He didn’t deserve to be abused.  He shouldn’t have been abused.  He should have been loved and cared for.”  She says her sister told her the boyfriend had been watching him while she was at work.  “He didn’t even get to finish life.  I was looking forward to looking at him at graduation and watching him go across the stage.”  The mother of 4 says she will seek custody of Traeshon’s 1 year old brother who is now in CPS custody.

I’ve ranted enough throughout this post I’m going to end it with a little bit about Traeshon affectionately called Trae Trae…

He loved to run and play football with his daddy.

Help with his little brother “G.G.”

His favorite words while playing football were “hut, hut, ready, set, go.”

He also loved playing video games, Daddy’s’ Day Care, watching Yo Gabba Gabba and the Disney Channel.

R.I.P. Trae Trae

My thoughts go out to Traeshon’s family!  He was a beautiful child with a smile that would outshine the sun…



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  1. Wow. Just unbelievable. And she was abusing the baby as well? This makes me wonder how long it would take to beat someone to death with a wiffle-ball bat.

    1. I assume she had a part in the abuse because her charges include injury to a child.

  2. fucking hoodrat turd burglar, seriously what the bloody hell is wrong with these scumbags? its always the same old story, im soooo sick of pos parents that leave their babies with other scumbags. fucking sick of it. i hope this bitch gets passed around like the slampig that she is.dont even get me started on him.

  3. Damn, if they spent as much time taking care of their kids as they seem to spend time on ridiculous names these kids would be alive still. She is named after a $70,000 car but acts like a $2 whore. wtf?

  4. Let me start by saying I really appreciate this site and all the moderaters on the site. I especially like Angel, April, Deena, Trench and all the rest I didn’t name you all are great. Now on with my comment I have been an avid reader for about 6 months now, enjoying every tard bashing, and getting sad over all the murdered baby stories. With that being said I have never posted being because I am at work while reading. Today I have pushed my work aside for a while.

    This story especially touches home. We happen to call my 2 year old son “Trae” spelt the exact way they do in this story. His new favorite movie is “Daddy Day Care” and he has always loved “Yo Gabba Gabba” (I am not fond of that show at ALL!!) but he loves it so I change from my “Desperate Housewives” to that everytime. LOL.

    Anyways When Trae was concieved I lived a totally different life then I do now. (to clarify all this happened before Trae was even thought of) His daddy and I met on the streets. Not literally on the streets but in the drug life. We were both highly addicted to Drugs. He had been for about 2 to 3 years. I was also addicted for 2 to 3 years. We happened to meet, and of course we hit it off, (I believe the drugs made everything better). He had a trailer and I thought Wow he must have everything together.. Ha was I wrong. The drugs had blinded me. Ya he was paying rent but it was all drug money. About 4 months of us knowing each other I found out I was pregnant.. My first thought was HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO RAISE THIS CHILD???!! His reaction was complete opposite. He reassured me everything will be “just fine”. I trusted him. When I found out I was pregnant it was a turning point. All drugs STOPPED, when I say stopped I mean ceased, haulted, nothing notta!! To this day neither one of us has touched them for 3 years and counting.

    Fast forward 5 months we had a house and he was working as a dispatcher. We were getting his daughter every weekend, that he hadn’t seen in a year or better. Child support for her was getting paid on time every month.. I know he should of been there for her but he got a second chance and I applaude her mother for letting him. He really is a great guy, completely different then when I met him. Fast forward 4 more months and I had a beautiful healthy 10 pound baby boy. YES I said 10 pounds no epidural, and it was vaginally.. OUCH.. I don’t remember much being the drugs they gave me afterward, knocked me out for couple hours.

    My mission here on earth from that point forward was/is to protect that child with all my being. His daddy now is Service Manager for a shop and I also work as a sales represenative. My son is in preschool and I think God everyday for giving me a healthy beautiful baby boy!! What saddens me is that not every one has that outlook. I have tears running down my face right now thinking what these children on this site go through, when there is perfectly loving couples out there that would love to have a child or children of there own and medically can not!! Sorry for my life story but this is a build up of 6 months of comments poured into 1! God bless you Trae Trae may you play with all the angel babies and play all the football your heart desires!!

    1. I wanna fucking hug you.  Can I?  Just a little?  You are an awesome example of how people can do what’s right for the sake of their children.  They never asked us to bring them into this world.  It’s our duty to do right by them…AT ALL COST!!!
      I love you.  Welcome.  Please keep commenting – I believe you will fit in nicely.

      1. Yes we can definately hug. I would hug you for just having to write these awful dispicable stories. You got that right AT ALL COSTS I wish these mothers would open up their eyes and realize what they have is GODS GIFT and at any second could be taken. But until then I will still be reading BB’s and I promise to comment more! You guys are doing great keep up the good work!!

        1. Thanks for the compliment!  It’s nice to know we are appreciated.  You wouldn’t believe the shist we catch sometimes.

    2. I’m seriously crying after reading your comment… you’re a fucking hero. A
      superstar! <3

      1. Thank you. Now I am blushing. I don’t know how to register or I would. I just can’t believe how these people can just sit back and watch this shit happen to their babies!! It is fucking bullshit and I can not comprehend what is going through their thick heads. I would do anything for my son ANYTHING!

        1. Hit this Disqus button on this site – It should walk you through registering.

  5. Thanks for the final thoughts on this one. It really brought the focus back to where it should be, on this little boy, and it was nice to know something more than the fact that he was born to such a vile mother. It made me smile to think of him yelling out “hut” while playing football with his Daddy. So, thanks.

    1. I always like to add something about the child at the end. Sadly, I am rarely able to find that info when I’m researching. So far there have only been two stories I’ve been able to do that on. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    2. I bet he loved to play footy with his real dad, not the piece of shit dildo that his birth vessel moved in with them and then expected Trae to call “Daddy”. A piss-poor substitute for his real Daddy and only the most minuscule fraction of the man that Trae’s dad is.

  6. These 2 assholes deserve to suffer for the rest of their lives.

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