Boyfriend babysitter is also a baby hitter, Is anyone shocked?

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Police-boy beaten, boyfriend charged.

The first thing I am going to say is that a boyfriend or girlfriend is NOT an appropriate baby sitter, ever. No discussion about it.

Less then two weeks before this happened Caydens mother fought and gained custody of her child from his grandparents who lived in Kentucky. When she left court she told them “they would never see Cayden again “That was the grim truth.

23-year-old James Rivera Sims of Georgia was watching little Cayden, while his mother was at work. He is not the child’s father but the mother’s boyfriend whom she had just moved in with.

At some point the little boy was unresponsive. James told police the little boy had wet himself.  He claimed that he grabbed the little boys arm and brought him to the bathroom where the boy collapsed.  Bullshit.

The little boy suffered a brain hemorrhage and had difficulty breathing. The police department noted that the statement made by James was inconsistent with the injuries to the child and James was arrested for first degree cruelty to children which carries a mandatory prison term of no less then 5 years.

Little Cayden has since passed away as a result of his injuries and James has been charged with murder.

During the autopsy it was determined that James had beaten the little guy to death. Cayden was hit multiple times in the head and was hit or kicked in the testicles.

The police department commented that “These were not blows that he would survive for a period of time”

I wish Georgia still had “Old Sparky “to fry this weasel with. Someone needs to slap Caydens mother as well. What the fuck was she thinking? She had custody of little Cayden a mere 2 weeks prior to his death.  Before that Cayden lived with his grandparents. Why take the little guy if you are not prepared to care for him?

The only good thing about this whole situation is that James does not look like a very smart man. He looks like a tool with anger issues and insecurities. This will not make prison life very easy for him. The mother has not received any charges since poor judgment and stupidity is not a crime. During court Cayden was asked if he wanted to live with his mother. He ran to his grandmother and said that he didn’t.
His grandmother would later say that Cayden was and is now a true angel. So sad and preventable.

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


  • BadKitty

    My heart goes out to little Cayden and his grandparent. This article just hit me today(they all do) but I can see Cayden running towards his grand mom and squeezing her tight not letting go. I wonder what he though when that thunder cunt of a bio-mess ripped him from them. I can only pray for Angel baby Cayden and his grandparents. The judge in this case and like so many others the judge fucked up. I wish the judges who turn these poor babies over to the easy bake oven and the sperm donors that are known for harming and abusing the children get charged with accessory  to murder and the abuse. I guess all they want to do is clear their case load and go about there day. I hope they burn in HELL all of them!!!

  • KC

    I’m sure I’m about to get my ass handed to me, but I agree with another guest. Not all boyfriends and girlfriends are scum sucking, one celled life forms not fit for humanity like the one mentioned here. I believe the chances of catching such prize winning sub-humans increases as the incubator’s IQ decreases. In other words, if mom’s no catch, neither will her “catches” be.

    I’m about to get married to my fiance, and he HAS watched my son before. Granted, this was after a year of a committed, monogamous relationship. My son adores him, and he adores my son. He’s taught my son to ride a bike, pitch a baseball, all that guy stuff… They just got back from a shopping trip where my fiance bought them a matching pair of Nike sneakers.

    It’s all about common sense. Don’t leave your kid with someone you just started fucking last week, and don’t leave your kid with anyone sporting a neck tattoo.

    • Deena

      You won’t get your ass handed to you, because you are very right. Unfortunately the ones featured here are scum sucking boils on the ass of society!

    • April

      We need that last part bannered.  This should be in the parenting handbook.  If dick is your main priority, please give your child to the nearest responsible adult and go suck a fucking tailpipe. 
      I needed a laugh today.  Thanks!

      • Tielgirl

        Yes, if dick is your main concern, then hand off your reproductive parts at the door please. Someone with common sense will be able to use them more wisely. ;-p

        I’m usually seen as being “a little to the right of Hitler” which pisses me off for the usual reasons, but I believe we, as a society, have moved far too left/liberal. Sure, hanging children for stealing food to eat is too extreme, but that’s how they handled things in the “good ol’days,” and I understand the need to swing back to being a little more reasoned in our approach to punishment, but I think we’ve let things go to hell in a handbasket.

        *donning flame proof suit**

        Just because people are born with functioning parts DOES NOT mean that we should let just anyone procreate.

        Yes, I realize that the above statement smacks of totalitarianism, but anyone with a heart and soul reading the news today will agree that there needs to be some sort of common sense diploma that people should have to earn prior to procreating.

        Ability should not always translate into creating another life unless people are serious about the responsibility.

        Just because I CAN pick my nose in public and offer my mineral resources to others doesn’t mean that I should. :)

        On the plus side, in my world, sex would have to be done with lots of protection and only the really dedicated would be able to have children.

        Sex without consequences — like disease — should be something everyone can agree with, n’est pas?

        • April

          I’m not sure if you know this, but I think I’m in love with you.  Deena gets jealous, but I think she will make an exception for you to receive my affection.

          • Deena

            I’ll share… but just this once! Muah!

  • Sweetz50

    My sister was engaged to him for 2 years.. Still kind of shocked but then again.. Not really. So sad for the family of little Cayden..

  • Tielgirl

    Cayden’s mom was thinking about the money — her baby was a dollar sign to her, first last and always.

  • Guest

    No. You cannot just say that a bf or gf is not appropriate in ALL cases. That’s just painting the world with a single brush.

    • Anonymous

      You need to read a few more stories on here before you comment.

    • jj

      Not really. I have been engaged for a little over a year now, and in a serious relationship for about 5 years before we got engaged, and my fiancée does not live with us, nor will he until after the wedding, he has NEVER been left alone with my children, and he didn’t even MEET my children until we were in a serious, committed relationship for over a year. I trust him with my life, but I trust NO ONE with my children (Well, my mom, aunt and sister), everyone is suspect. And they’re older, 2 teens and a 10 year old; old enough to tell me if something is going on. I can’t image the kind of brain damage you have to have to leave an infant, toddler or child who cannot communicate with a person that you barely know, and if, in doing so, your child is hurt or killed, you are just as responsible as the person that inflicted the blow(s).

      Why take the chance?

    • Clevo

      If you’d read asmany cases of abuse, torture and death at the hands of boyfriends in particular but girlfriends also as we have you’d be paranoid enough about your kids (or anyone else’s) that you would rethink that statement girl.

  • Tielgirl

    The low down piece of dirt masquerading as a “mother” actually went to court to get her kid — get this — because the grandmother that was raising him (her own mother no less) was trying to get the money that was meant for the child diverted to her (the grandmother) instead of going to her worthless piece of shit daughter (the bio-mother).

    Of course that is very confusing, now that I read it, but the bottom line is the bitch was using the money but not looking after the baby. Her mother — who I doubt has pots of cash — thought that the money should be spent on the baby. Go figure eh?

    She told her mother at the end of the court session, when she had essentially won custody, she smiled and told her mother that she would never see him (the baby) again.

    Well, I hope the bitch has a 401K or something, because no one is going to donate to her worthless ass.

    This is yet another case where I want the bitch to fry harder and longer than the idiot boyfriend. Mothers (and fathers) have a duty to look after their young.

    It is not rocket science. If you have unprotected sex, then a baby results. If you can’t raise them, then give them to someone who can.

    Babies are not toys, they aren’t possessions, they aren’t to be traded like some fucking baseball cards — and no, just because you made it, you can’t break it, k?

    Man I wish I lived in a DP state.

    • EveryVillainIsLemons

      Yeah, it sounds like she was just after the money. Can’t they charge her with anything at all? At least neglect?

    • April

      I’m loving the hell out of you.  Dayum.

      • Tielgirl

        Well, I must confess that I’ve been a long time lurker to this site and I am a HUGE fan of Trench and you and Deena and all the others who feel as I do. It is comforting to know that I’m not alone in wanting to have a mandatory sterilization program to accompany any sentencing these ass-hats get.


        • April

          Nope.  You’re not alone at all.  Besides mandatory sterilization, I strongly believe public hangings should make a comeback.

          • Clevo

            Public whippings and then hanging! :-)

  • Veronica

    Why ask the child where he’d like to live if they’re just going to disregard his obvious preference for his grandmother? That is just cruel. And, in hindsight, horrifying.

    • Clevo

      I sincerely hope that the grandparents find this site because they REALLY need to file a law suit against the state of Georgia or Kentucky or where ever because the judgement of that court resulted in the death of this child within two weeks of returning custody to the mom. I know it will not heal their grief or lesson their heartbreak but at least the judge making that decision will be called to account. I’m sick and tired of these fucking judges not taking the interests of the children into account. REALLY! It shouldn’t be all about parental rights. Someone (other than me) should send this case to Bill O’ Reilly. I’ve written him enough. Maybe he’d choose to get after this asswipe who calls him/her self an officer of the court!

  • Native Orange

    that poor little angel. I agree that a boyfriend of girlfriend should not baby sit, How many of these storys have a boyfriend of girlfriend being the one who is doing the killing of these poor babys. This Douche will get his in prison and I hope he suffers for the rest of his life.

  • Anonymous

    I think I can read a hidden message in that pussy’s tattoo. It says “Place hands here and squeeze firmly until dead.” Hopefully one of the other inmates can follow those instructions.

  • Anonymous

    She’s an evil vengeful bitch. There’s absolutely no other reason on earth to tear a child away from a secure environment and tell his guardians that they’ll never see him again unless she did it out of spite. These fuckers that fight tooth and nail for these babies only to turn around and kill them just make me sick.

  • Anonymous

    She’s an evil vengeful bitch. There’s absolutely no other reason on earth to tear a child away from a secure environment and tell his guardians that they’ll never see him again unless she did it out of spite. These fuckers that fight tooth and nail for these babies only to turn around and kill them just make me sick.