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‘We love u goodbye’: Father ‘killed two sons then sent photo of dead baby to their mother’

Graham Father Told 911 That He Killed Children

Cops: Dad killed 2 kids, sent pic to their mom

Wednesday, April 13th, Lauren Smith came into the Chuck Wagon restaurant where she worked in Sudan, Texas.  She was panic-stricken because of peculiar text messages containing disturbing photos of her children, 2-year-old Gatlin and 8-month-old Luke.  The text message came from Smith’s ex and the father of her 2 sons, Gabriel Armandariz (28).   One of the text messages contained a photo of Armandariz and the two children with a note that said ‘We love u goodbye’.  The final, and I assume the most stomach turning, message included an image of little Luke’s lifeless body with a ligature around his neck. 

After an all night search, Luke and Gatlin were found… Dead.  

Gabriel Armandariz has been arrested and is being charged with capital murder and jailed on a $1.5 million bond.  If convicted of capital murder, he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole.  Being a Texan, I’m hoping for fucking death, though lethal injection is too good for this monster.  He deserves nothing less than what he did to those precious babies.

Armandariz allegedly posted a photo of his sons on Facebook with the caption ‘love forever’.  I found his FB page, but it’s private.  There is a page for Gatlin that isn’t private, but the last activity on it was in March. 

I can’t find a reason as to why Smith and Armandariz were separated or why Armandariz had custody of those two boys.  A custody hearing was set for this week.  It appears that Smith had been saving her money for an attorney to get the children back and Armandariz is nothing more than another evil, selfish prick with a score to settle.     

I will go to sleep tonight with images of Gatlin and Luke in my head and tears on my pillow.  I hope that there deaths came fast and neither of those little boys suffered. 

Rest in peace, babies.  

**A side note, the news articles show Luke’s age as 8 months and the court doc shows his age as 6-months.  Please don’t correct me, as I had conflicting information.  The important fact is that these two children were murdered by someone who should have put their own life on the line to protect them. 

Thanks go to everyone who sent this tip in (and there were several).

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  1. Um, any particular reason this oxygen-stealing piece of crud didn’t off himself?

    I mean, isn’t that the usual step in the “I’m an asshole ex” playbook?

    Of course, being a rather psychopathic individual myself, I would willingly volunteer to exact a rather long and drawn out capital punishment for him — I’m thinking boots — Spanish Boots to be exact.

    I would then like to follow through with the innocuously named Spanish Tickler.

    I mean, in my view, this piece of shit deserves it.

    And I would sleep like a baby after I was done — no problemo. I’d probably sleep better than I’m going to, just thinking about those poor little ones and how he killed then in cold blood.

    A hex and a pox upon his soul!

    1. Love this comment and welcome!

    2. While I like your suggestion, I believe a scourge would be appropriate, followed by heavily salted vinegar to cleanse the wound.

  2. I think I’m going to throw up. I’m heartbroken. How could he DO this? WHY would he do this? I would LOVE to have 2 little babies…

  3. Fucking soul-less, heartless, psychopathic prick!! I take it the cowardly bastard didn’t have the balls to kill his-self or decided to stick around so he could see the mother suffer…

    This fuck deserves to be taken out immediately and hung until he’s dead!! No broken neck, strung up and left to kick and squirm like the pathetic piece of shit that he is!!! He doesn’t deserve to draw another breath!!!

    1. Do those boy’s faces not tear you up?  I didn’t sleep at all last night… they haunted me.

      1. Same here. Haven’t slept a wink…

        1. Remind me not to dive into murdered babies before bed time.

      2. I think that’s what really got to me. The youngest looks very similar to my son, my son is a real chunker. This putrid son of a bitch is going to get STAR treatment when the boys inside find out what he did. Baby rapers get beat to all hell, baby killers get shanked. At least here is some form of justice in this world…

        1. As long as they don’t put him in confinement and only let him play with other baby killers.  Earlier this year, Texas put a man to death that killed his baby out of spite because his wife was leaving him.  Lets hope they do the same with this pile of dog shit.

  4. How, How, How could he?? I can’t even wrap my mind around a person being capable of such a horrendous crime against their own flesh and blood.

    April, I thought about this all night last night. I was sick over it!

    1. That makes two of us, Baby girl.  I would give anything to bring those babies back and give them to their mother.  She must be sick… instead of making Easter baskets, she’ll be making funeral arrangements.  *sigh*  I hate this fucking world that we live in.

      1. me too!  This particular story is not only horrifying in his actions but heartbreaking as well.


  5. I seriously cried reading this. How can a person stand to kill their own children and then TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE?! Oh my god, sick fucking bastard.
    I’m glad this happened in Texas, because our justice system will serve him a nice little c*cktail soon.
    On a lighter note…Personally, I think this whole switching of the lethal injection drugs is great. Since Britain is no longer importing one of our most commonly used, we are having to use alternatives. Here’s hoping that the alternative fails, makes a nice, fucked up mix and makes the fuckwad sit at the brink of death with no release.
    The sick motherfuckers that DO this shit?! WTF?! Making my children was one of the most proud, and difficult, moments of my life. Why the FUCK would I destroy them?! Its just nonsense. And we let people use ALL kinds of excuses. Stop killing babies, for fucks sake! Do we need to make a billboard for this or something?

    1. I think a great alternative would be drain cleaner.  Shoot his sorry fucking ass up with a rusty needle full of Drain-O.  That might make the next lousy mother fucker that wants to kill a baby think twice.

    2. Hell yes we need a billboard, we need an effing movement like MADD to get on these sick perverts, judges etc.

  6. Sad… rip little angels.

  7. He needs to ride old sparky but w/o the wet sponge… like “the Green Mile” style…
    I was eating breakfast when I read this, now my dog is eating my breakfast because this made me sick to my stomach.
    those poor children, and that poor mother, that photo of her lifeless baby is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. I cant even fathom that kind of pain and loss. May God be with her and watch over those 2 little souls that lost their lives way before their times.
    This man is a sick sadistic fuck and should be put in Gen pop to wait out his trial and if by some twist of fate he lives to see his guilty verdict nothing short of old sparky is anywhere near enough punishment for this guy… may he rot in hell as Satins Ass Bitch.

    1. I remember when I first read of this horrific incident I thought of Stephen King and how even he could not write something so horrible. This is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever heard of happening. And sending pics on a cell phone? Stomach churning. Sick. Evil. I don’t even know what to say.

  8. Wow, I can actually SEE the carbon being wasted by this guy. Surely there is something more valuable that carbon could be doing than keeping his carcass alive… like fertilizing some poison ivy or maybe some ragweed.

    Mom should just shoot him like a dog. No jury in Texas would convict her.

    1. Shooting is faaaaaaaaaar too good for this evil prick.
      I think a bunch of us should get on him with vegetable peelers then cut off his eyelids and stake him out in the Texas desert. Let the vultures have at him!

      1. Vultures probably wouldn’t touch him. Even they have some standards.

        1. I love your comments ;-). Last week when I scoped out the news after being OOT for a bit and didn’t see your comments I wondered where you’d gone. Glad you’re back.

  9. This literally took my breath away. Yes, people have nasty divorces. And yes, they often end up hating each other. But JESUS CHRIST; WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN? There’s a special place in hell, waiting for this asshole. Throw him into general pop, and let the other inmates handle him. THAT will be punishment

  10. Per this article, Lauren left this fuck because he abused her. I’m still wondering how he had the kids. He must of threatened her…. just speculation, though.

  11. There is a little more info here:

    This town is near the one where I am from. I’m glad to say that I don’t know this fucker.

  12. Mother fuck. The boys were laid to rest. Read the words from the Rev and the letter from their big sister. I am sobbing uncontrollably…. leaving work now. I can’t do this today.

  13. I am from Breackenridge. This is a small town. He must have lived out of town between Breck and Graham. It looks like when 911 was called, Breck police responded. Also, the article references Stevens County Court. That is located in Breckenridge. I now have a little more understanding of the mentality of this sick bastard. Some of the people there are a little tweaked. I think they still exist in the 1800’s.

    1. If he’d done this in the 1800s he’d be strung up and swinging from a jacaranda by now! Too bad he isn’t.

      1. No shit.  I know a few people in Breckenridge that would have fucked his world up if the cops hadn’t gotten to him first.

        1. That would have been totally excellant! What are the chances they know someone inside who could F him up?
          Later gator.

          1. Pretty good. My brother is in gatesville. Maybe he’ll get sent there.

            Sent from my Samsung Captivate(tm) on AT&T

          2. Sounds promising. If he does get sent there you can get the word out.

  14. I’m not that familiar with the people who write these articles, but how many different people write these? It seems like everytime something is written about totally different states, the author says they are from there. Well except Florida of course.

    1. I’m from Breckenridge TX but live in (a suburb of) Los Angeles.  So I can claim both, can’t I?  Just sayin’…..  I am happy to show you a birth certificate and credit card bill if it helps.

    2. I’m from Breckenridge TX but live in (a suburb of) Los Angeles.  So I can claim both, can’t I?  Just sayin’…..  I am happy to show you a birth certificate and credit card bill if it helps.

    3. I’m Kentucky born and raised. I’ve never lived anywhere else…

      1. Then Deena is from MI, Trench is from NC, IHK is from NC, Sarah is from NY – we are pretty much spread out.  I wonder why that is more important that two dead little boys.  I guess my priorities are fucked up.  I should be more worries about geography than dead babies.  Fuck… and I’ve been losing sleep over this shit.

        1. Some of the confusion is probably a short attention span!

          Most times if you read all the way to the bottom you see “Thanks to (insert
          name here) for the writeup!!” That should let people know that the posting
          writer didn’t write that particular article!!

          And I agree it has nothing to do with those 2 beautiful boys and the tragedy
          they went through!!

          1. I just find it odd that I have never seen this person post a coment and the one that was posted was idiotic.

          2. That’s because your the all knowing and all seeing Goddess of BB!! 😀

          3. Goddess – yes.  All knowing – maybe.

    4. I’m Kentucky born and raised. I’ve never lived anywhere else…

    5. Haha…nobody wants to claim Florida right now!

      1. Jeebus, I didn’t really want to claim Texas after reading what this fucker did, but Breckenridge is such a small town, I was shocked to see it in the news.  Never mind the wildfire at Possum Kingdom lake.  that mother fucker is jumpin’ right now.  All kinds of Breckenridge news.  Maybe a tornado will rip through there and drop a house on my sister.

    6. Actually I am from the sunshine state though I just blog & don’t write the articles. However I, like many others here, no longer live in my home state but rather the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.

      1. What part of the hell that is the cheese state do you live in? I live in the southeast part of the state myself.

  15. This story is so sad.ayaou have this selfish a**hole.How can someone do this.People are sick

  16. Stories like this make me glad I am moving to Texas this summer. I appreciate and love your site, but hate there is a need for it and having to read such sad endings. Thank you for reminding me how I need to be vigilant in keeping my baby girl safe.

    1. And what I meant by glad that I am moving to Texas is because I believe there is swifter and more harsh punishment for the f**ers.

  17. They never, ever, ever, EVER just kill themselves. This one didn’t even fake a try.

  18. The dad is such a sicko.I wonder why evil like this exist in our society and corrupt it.

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