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Texas Ruiz Was Beaten to Death With a Wii As Bio-"Mom" Watched…

Toddler’s Mom Arrested on Murder Charges

Mom’s Bail Increased to $1 Million

Boyfriend’s Bail Increased


Baby Killer



I first wrote about little Texas HERE.  The incubator, Lorraine Rodriguez, and her shit-stain boyfriend, Juan Javier “JJ” Garza, have finally been charged with capital murder as well as the original abuse charges from last summer!  They are both being held on $1 million bond.

The reason I chose to update this in another post and not in the comments or the body of the original story is some of the facts of what happened to Texas have come to light along with the advancement of the charges.

The incubator’s version is Texas, seeing her with a bag of cookies got so excited he fell off the counter and hit the side of his face first, then the back of his head and then had a seizure.  She also told responders that she and Texas were the only ones in the apartment at the time. 

(Surprise, Surprise!!  She’s a lying c***!!) It seems she and Texas weren’t alone and he wasn’t the only child in the home the night of the fatal beating.  Shit-stain’s younger brothers ages 11 and 9, were there that night, playing video games with their brother.  In their statement to investigators they told a very different story.

The boys told investigators Texas died because Garza punched Texas in the chest over and over “with a Wii.”  (I’m assuming they meant with the controller…) According to the boys the prick got mad because Texas kept asking him questions…  (WTF!!  First of all this was around 1 in the morning why wasn’t that baby in bed???)

The 9 year old said “Garza punched the toddler in the chest ten times.” and “Texas would knock on the floor and hit his head and he would start crying.”

The 11 year old told police he had to sit and watch as “JJ” continued punching Texas and then told him to go in the corner.  He said he couldn’t do anything.  If he did his brother would beat him up.  His brother had done that before.

This whole time, “Lorraine didn’t say or do anything.”

A nurse told investigators Texas had bruises on his chest, behind his ear and under his eye.  She also stated there was recent major damage to tissue in the upper inside of the baby’s mouth.

The medical examiner’s report showed both new and old head injuries and the abdominal injuries were “minutes to hours old”.  The examiner also found a fractured rib about 10 days old.  He said that either the trauma to his abdomen or the bleeding in his brain could have caused his death.

I’m not going to Rant on this update.  What I said in the original still stands.  I do want to say one thing.

I believe everything the 11 and 9 year old brothers have said.  They have no reason to lie, unlike the Cunt that calls herself a mother and the Prick she allowed to kill that baby!  These two boys showed courage, they didn’t try to defend this murderer because he was their brother!    There are many adults who could take a lesson from these two!!


Thanks to Amber for keeping us updated!!



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  1. The boyfriend sounds like a Wii-tard… sorry had to say it.

  2. Does someone have a couple of Wii remotes I can borrow….O.k., O.k., you won’t want them back after I’m done, so it’ll be a donation. Hell they don’t even have to work.

  3. I must say that the Ed Grimley looking motherfucker should be drowned in an overflowing septic tank.

  4. Those boys are very brave. I hope they can continue growing up in a better life.

  5. Why do these fuckers ALWAYS have $300+ gaming systems? Bet the fucktard didn’t work either, did he.

    Sew her labia shut.

  6. May they both spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison. No chance of parole.

    1. Screw that, they are in Texas, death all the way!!!

  7. I bet you if he spent as much time trying to parent the kid properly as he had spent on both his hair and playing video games-the kid would still be alive.

    And I am going to say this now-his hair looks dyed. unless he is a very unusual mix of ethnicity there is almost no way his hair would naturally be a lighter shade than his complexion. So we’ve got a pretty boy narcissist/sociopath/murderer who looks like he could be auditioning for the Lollipop Guild? Like Steven Wright says,

    “the problem with the gene pool is there is no lifeguard.”

  8. Complexion is the wrong word. I should have said hair. Look at how dark his eyebrows are. THAT is his real hair color.

    1. I’ve always had dark eyebrows and blonde hair. My daddy always said it was my beauty mark. 🙂

      It’s also why people for years swore I bleached my hair!!

      When I first saw his picture I thought he looked like a fucked up rooster!!

      1. well, then you know how unusual it is! 😉

        but in this case, I still he’s dyed it that color. its both incredibly brassy(a dead giveaway most of the time when you dye black or dark brown or use heavy bleaching on dark hair) and almost totally uniform in color. Lets see if we get a later mugshot to see what happens. think of it as a visual litmus test.

        1. Oh, I agree with you!! I think it’s dyed too!!

          Your statement about the eyebrows just reminded me of what my father used to tell me. 🙂

  9. First she should be guilty.In my opion what she did was worst becase she is the mother she should have protected him.What he did was was bad but she has no heart.My 9 year is even in bed before 1.I am so mad.He depened on her and she ingored his pain

  10. I dont get how a mother could let that happen! I would kill whoever hurt my kids (when i have them of course)

    1. Most of us would kill someone for hurting our children.  Perhaps that’s what draws us to this site.

    1. Afraid of a “tainted jury”? I guess lawyers don’t read the news.

  11. That’s his natural hair color just saying…. and i remember his Dad being pretty intimidating i wouldn’t doubt that his father was also abusive.

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