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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Band of Misfits charged in abuse, death and neglect of half brothers

2-year-old beaten by aunt and boyfriend

Neighbors report disturbances in apartment where two-year-old was abused

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Joshua Peacher and Nereida Allen learn fate

Twin mothers boys victimized in child abuse case now facing charges


The band of misfits you see above story starts in 2008, when Jeanette and Janet Allen (20 years-old at the time) gave temporary custody of their two sons Christopher and Wyatt, both 2-years-old, to their sister Nereida Allen (22) and her boyfriend Joshua Peacher (23).  It appears that the Christopher and Wyatt, whom were both fathered by the same man, were living with their mothers, in spacious home the twins had inherited from their mother.  Social Services removed them August 25th 2008, citing squalid conditions.  So they have this big beautiful home and it was filled with animals, animal feces and trash.  Yuck!


Within 48 hours of being placed with their aunt Christopher was found unresponsive and died at the hospital after being removed from life support and Wyatt showed signs of severe abuse.  Nereida and Joshua claim they punished Christopher and Wyatt for throwing tantrums.  Ok then… babies throw tantrums, get over it!  Anyhow, Nereida and Joshua were both convicted of murder, assault and abuse in March 2011.  April 1st 2011 they were sentenced Nereida got 25 years for murder, 12 years for assault and 10 years for abuse and Joshua got 50 years for murder, 20 years for assault and 20 years for abuse.  Awesome!  The story doesn’t end there…


On March 29th a grand jury indicted the twins Jeanette and Janet on four felony counts related to placing the half brothers in a potentially abusive situation and prior to that keeping them in “hazardous conditions” regarding the home they shared with their mothers.  The prosecutor is treating the case as he would any other case against a parent involved in alleged abuse or neglect, stating “the charges are serious, this far exceeded a dirty house.”  Charges were not sought sooner as they did not want to interfere with the ongoing murder case.


R.I.P Christopher



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  1. Omg people r so fucking sick.Kill them all.Don’t need to be here on earth,Real get rid of them all.

  2. @Deena – BBs

    Thank you for the link! Tragic, horrible story. Definitely worth repeating in your own wonderful way.

    1. You are very welcome and thank you too!

  3. tragic that the child died. What the heck, kids same dad, twin moms??????? Am I getting it? And, one month apart?? And a dodgy abusive aunt. Some kids just get a bad deal

    1. Yes you are getting it correct, both babies were fathered by the same man making them half brothers and cousins, they lived in filth with their mothers, then went to live with their aunt and her boyfriend, who wasted no time beating them and killing Christopher.

      So Messed Up!

    2. tru dat

  4. Stupid neighbors hear something and don’t call 911?! That’s crazy.

  5. How sad that these two lazy bitches could have picked up a damn broom and a couple of trash bags and these babies might still be alive. I do hate a lazy asshole who can’t pick up after themselves.

    1. witches could have used their own brooms

      1. Good point! That makes them even lazier – they could have just flown around the house a little lower to the ground and it would have been spotless!

  6. I understand charging the mothers with the conditions of their own home but how were they supposed to know their sister could kill or beat their kids? I don’t get why they are being charged in connection to the death and abuse at another house. The boys were only there for a few days. Most parents have no contact right after kids are removed from the home.
    Is their any reason to think the mom knew what their sister was cabable of?

    1. There were so many links I could have listed a page alone of just links, but one of them stated the sister and her boyfriend had drug issues as well.  Which then brings about the question why was she allowed to even gain custody of the boys.  Maybe there is more that has not been released, perhaps they all worked together to insure the boys didn’t go into foster care and knowingly mislead CPS therefore allowing them to be in a potentially dangerous situation.  Who knows I am going to keep my eye on it and update as I can and please if you find anything feel free to share. 


  7. I feel sad for the kids.It is so hard to hear stories where children have lost live.

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