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Gloucester child abuse case leads to the discovery of a child’s body

Child found starving, parents charged

Murder charges levied against parents of caged, starved girl

First, I am going to start this out by thanking the many readers who sent in tips on this story.

On Thursday, April 28th, the Gloucester Sheriff’s Department, looking into a number of burglaries, paid a visit to the blue-and-white-single-wide mobile home of Brian Gore (29), Shannon Gore (25), their 1-month-old son and their “dirty little secret“.  From the outside the house was well maintained, neatly trimmed grass, pink flowers blooming and even an American flag on the porch, but as I am sure you have guessed looks can be deceiving.

Upon entering the house deputies would discover a severely malnourished 5 or 6-year-old little girl, naked, covered in feces and being caged in a crib that was topped by wood to prevent her from getting out and a perfectly healthy, well taken care of 1-month-old baby boy.  There are of course the differing stories, but dad is placing all the blame on mom, telling the police that no one knows the little girl exists.  Brian said she was born in the home in December 2008, but that would make her going on 3-years-old not 5 or 6-years-old…. hmmm.  Anyhow, according to daddy dearest she has been in the crib almost since birth, she has Down Syndrome,  Cerebral Palsy and has never seen a doctor.  Ummmm, what in the fucking shit??  Did I mention her “diet” or lack there of?? No.  Well, let me enlighten you… pop tart for breakfast and dinner, also with dinner… maybe a sandwich and some milk, she was so fucking hungry she was reportedly eating flakes of skin that were falling off her body….. gag!  I am not sure about you guys but the more I type this the angrier I become, she was the dirty little family secret locked away in a room and left to starve in her own shit and eating her dead skin for nourishment, I am sick over it.  The doctors, at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter, said that had she not been discovered when she was, that by this week she’d be dead.  Seriously… this is like some sort of demented horror movie,  I am thoroughly disgusted.

Good new is the little girl and her brother are both in protective custody.

But Wait!

Normally the post would end there, but it gets more interesting and worse.  I betcha didn’t think it could get worse, well it does.  Police acting on a tip from one of the dynamic duo, my guess Brian, obtained a warrant to search the Gore’s property.  While digging around near a free standing shed, much to their disgust, they find a body of another small child.  Do we have another “dirty little secret”?  My guess, it was only a matter of time befor the baby ended up in a crib with a piece of wood nailed to the top of it and the starved little girl would be in the back yard near the shed.  These are some freakin warped individuals, right here.  Police believe, this body and the incident surrounding it dates back to 2007.

So what started out as routine burglary investigation, resulted it a child’s life( possibly two) being saved, the discovery of a child’s body, child abuse and murder charges.  Well the “dirty little secret” has been revealed and these two wastes of oxygen have been outed.  I hope these kids get justice.

I am looking to all the tipsters and readers to keep their eyes on this one and continue to send in or post updates in the comments.


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  1. *sigh* – Do I really need to share my oxygen with these people?

  2. Cant shake off my goosebumps after reading this post… im not perfect..but fucking hell… i dont know if i want to cry or throw up. Poor poor little girl..Its going to take her a long time to get over this. hopefully she may be young enough to forget all about this scum, and for some kind person to give this baby a life she deserves.

  3. those 2 look like siblings i bet they are brother and sister they look alike and i bet that’s why they didn’t register the births of the children, this little girl is disabled because of inbreeding and i bet the dead one was born with malformation and all sorts that’s why they don’t take them to the doc. we need to know more on this story.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I thought they looked very similar as well.

  4. How did their family not know about this little girl? WTF! I don’t understand, did they never go to their house, ever? Gah! This story just put me in a pissed off mood, looking at her picture makes me want to kick her teeth in! Seriously, how could she as a mother sit and watch her baby in that condition..

    I watched their wedding proposal on her facebook and I just got angrier and angrier knowing that “secret” was at home locked in a cage. They couldn’t have had anyone watching her, because supposedly nobody knew about her. And there they are, all smiles and giggles enjoying their day, with family and food while that baby is starving at home and eating flakes of her own skin!

    I really do not believe for one second that NOBODY knew about that baby.. Shannon is a skinny c***, a pregnancy would have surely shown. All who knew needs to be charged as well. I hope those babies haunt their fucking nightmare every night, and I hope someone comes along and slaps the fucking happiness out of them so they live in misery for the rest of their sorry ass life!

    1. You know what you are so right…. they do look a like!

  5. How fucking awful is this. Not only did that little girl have enough going on in her life that she needed special loving care for, but ON TOP OF THAT she was severely abused? I am sick over this story. AND they find a dead little angel on the property? Please Please Please let there be a special place in hell for these two involving being locked in cages and poked with very sharp sticks! I am glad the kids have been rescued, but sad it was not soon enough. RIP little angel!

  6. Too bad we can’t sterilize all these child-abusing assholes and send them to another planet. Then, they could do all the abuse they want and no children would get hurt.

    1. Seriously? Just shoot them. All humanity would benefit from those who have none being removed from the planet!

      1. Yeah, but if we just shoot them, then we have to bury their dead bodies. I don’t even want to breathe the same air as them. Ya think I want to share the same land? And if we burn their bodies, then we pollute the air.

        1. just dump their bodies in the woods or desert and let them provide food for the carrion eaters.

        2. just dump their bodies in the woods or desert and let them provide food for the carrion eaters.

        3. Wild pigs? I am thinking we shoot them and feed them to wild pigs… I am ok with them being pig shit.

  7. Too bad we can’t sterilize all these child-abusing assholes and send them to another planet. Then, they could do all the abuse they want and no children would get hurt.

  8. I don’t even have words for this 🙁

    1. Agreed.I think people like these two  are big hypocrites who just want to cover up their crime of child abuse.

  9. I need a fire ant mound, some rope, a M-80 firecracker, and a lighter. Alternately i can use a paintball gun, a hornets nest or beehive, and a beekeepers suit to achieve the same basic results.

  10. here is the most recent info I can find there are links to other articles about these two on this page.,0,531249.story

    1. I hate them both.

      1. Ditto!


      2. In reading all the links, it says she never seen a doctor.  But dad told police she has down syndrome and cerebral palsy…. how in the shit would they know that? 


        1. It sounds a bit like the ‘Genie’ case: About 40 years ago or so, authorities found a 13 year old girl in a similar position as this girl, only she was tied to a potty chair all day, and forced to sleep in a cribcage. The cops actually thought she was 6 or 7! She had only learned two words: “stoppit” and “nomore.” Apparently ‘Genie’s’ loonytunes father decided she was “retarded” at an early age, but she’d never seen a doctor or anything (and they never did get details since Dad of the Year 1970 wasted no time shooting himself). Nobody knows if she was already developmentally delayed, or if the abuse just completely fucked her up.

          But yeah, I’d like to know how Dad of the Year 2011 figured out she had Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy if he’s not a doctor and never took this poor child to one. Sounds like they were abusing her all along, which fucked her up, and everyone knows about her baby brother so Mom and Dad /have/ to take proper care of him.

  11.  I don’t think the links up there say this, but after they found the body Brian Gore was sent straight back to jail, and didn’t get bond this time around. They appeared in court not to long ago.

    A source from WTVR says that Shannon Gore may have actually robbed a guy of some gold bullion bars, a vaccuum cleaner, $2000, and some other stuff.  The guy who all of it belonged to was away from home for 3 weeks and the stuff was missing when he came back.  Cops traced it to an auction house Shannon worked at.  So yeah, these pieces of trash are possibly burglars on top of being child murderers.  However, that WTVR piece is the only thing I can find about the burglary investigation; every article on WVEC, WTKR, and WAVY only briefly mention it.  I can’t say if they actually are burglars, though. 

    1. Thanks for the info.  have you seen/read/heard anything about the kids?  

      1. As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been much info.  Last I heard, the caged girl was still in CHKD (wonderful hospital, btw! She’s in good hands!) in “guarded condition.”  I’m guessing that she’s doing much better now.  I’m not sure what happened to the baby, though.  My guess is that the local news doesn’t want cameras in the kids’ faces 24/7, which is why all the newest reports focused on the parents.

        After some interviews with friends and family, apparently Brian Gore was a bit loony growing up, and his dad is “quiet and keeps to himself.” Hmmm… 

    2. Shannon worked at a buffet rest. turned into an auction house.. Not the actual auction house, she said the gold belonged to her grandfather and tried/did sell it at the auctionhouse with some other guy.. I think they are obviously more concerned by the children than the burglary!  She was also charged with destroyint the hospital ceilings (she crawled into them when arrested) what a joke!

      1. actually she worked at bojangles

  12. Found yet some more info on Shannon.  Her lawyer is trying to say that she’s cuckoo.

    Oh yeah, because no child abuser would ever take pictures of their children!  stupid fucking lawyer. 

    A timeline for the abuse, and which better explains how Shannon could have hidden two children.   Her mom thinks she snapped after the first son died, and the new baby has the same name.  Definitely something wrong with her.  At least Karen (the grandma) isn’t trying to defend Shannon. 

    I’m actually surprised that the rest of the house wasn’t dirty and covered in shit.  Yeah, WAVY apparently had no problem showing the shit-covered wall.  Ugh.  But the baby’s room looked rather nice, and the reporter, Ms. Woodrow, said that the rest of the house was quite clean and nice.  It’s bizarre.

    1. Muggle, thanks for all the links as soon as I get home from work I am going to read them all, please keep me updated!  I really appreciate it!


      1. You’re very welcome.  The links from WAVY have much more on this.  WVEC doesn’t, as far as I can tell, and I rarely check WTKR for anything.  Those are the main 3 news channels that cover both my town in NC and Gloucester, VA.  FOX 43 may also have something, though honestly I check them less often than WTKR and they’d probably just have the same as WAVY.  

  15. I’ve been trying to find details on this case,but have only found a few from various sources. The little girl’s name is Allison,and last status report on her is that she is in stable condition. Also someone said that she is afraid of people. The Gores go back to court in August.

    1. Thank you for the information!


    2. Unfortunately, the hearing has been postponed until December. 🙁

  16. I was raised in Norfolk,Va,and my brother lives in Hampton Roads.

  17. I dont think I can feed my kids poptarts anymore. Ugh what a nasty story.

  18. how did they know she had downs an cp if she never been to dr?

    1. He was probably lying, most likely thought it up on a whim in a last-ditch effort to try and protect himself.  What a low-life he is, placing ALL the blame on mom when he was equally as guilty.

    1. I’m glad to hear she has been discharged from the hospital.

  19. i never would of thought shannon was like this i used to work with her and she never made any indication that she was horrible like this. she was around my daughter at work she acted as if she wanted kids… i am shocked but even more so i am horrified at how well you think you know someone and you find out you dont know them at all…

  20. They couldn’t get a grand jury to indict on the murder charge since they have not yet determined a cause of death of the buried baby.   There will be a grand jury presentation in March.   It was mentioned in another news article on the same site that the little girl, who has cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome, was doing well, was attending school, and had recently visited Disney World.   It didn’t say if she was with a foster family or relatives.

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