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24 lb. 4-year-old tortured, starved and killed

4-year-old found dead police say there were signs of horrific abuse

Death of Highland Park boy horrifies community

4-year-old starved and tortured

Aunt and Uncle to be charged in starvation death of nephew

Charges expected today in death of Highland Park boy

Aunt and Uncle charged in 4-year-old’s death

Sickle Cell Anemia

It’s Mother’s Day in Michigan, the weather is beautiful it’s a prefect day to be outside and celebrate with the family.  While I was enjoying the day with my hubby and kids, getting presents, visiting grandmas and planting flowers, the police in Highland Park, were responding to a call of an unresponsive child.


Matilda Jane Brown Gardner (30) called 911 around noon on Sunday, May 8th, stating she had a 4-year-old child unresponsive and not breathing, EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital but it was too late, Robert Byrd (4) was already deceased.  Doctors, suspected abuse and notified police, what made them suspect abuse you ask?  I’m getting to that, but you really should prepare yourself, because when I break this down for you, your heart is going to break, your anger will boil over and your imagination will run wild thinking of new and creative ways to get justice for Robert.


In 2007, Robert and his older brother Anthony were taken in by his aunt Matilda and her husband Randy Steve Gardner (32) after their mother passed away from a brain aneurism and their father went to jail.  According to family members Matilda volunteered to take the boys wanting them because they were her sister’s children.


Robert has Sickle Cell Anemia, which makes him prone to fatigue, pain and swelling in his hands and feet and unable to fight most infections, some infections could be life threatening.  However sickle cell anemia is not what ended Robert’s young life, no, no, no… it was the cruel, negligent treatment at the hands of Monster Matilda and Rabid Randy.  You see… Robert was starved, chained to a desk, beat, and cut and all around treated like shit!  My heart breaks for Robert, he lost his mommy, his daddy was gone and the only people he knew as parental figures hurt him repeatedly and it appears it was only him.


When police went to the home to execute a search warrant following the contact from the doctors, they were greeted with the strong smell of bleach throughout the house.  The entire house was spotless; it appeared to have been thoroughly cleaned and mopped.

The medical examiner ruled Robert’s death a homicide, with cause of death starvation, stating his body showed signs of long term abuse.  These mother fuckers, hadn’t this little guy already been through enough in his short life?  Why?  Why? Why, was he singled out for the mistreatment?  All of the children, ranging in age for 4-10-years-old, have been placed in foster care.


Monster Matilda and Rabid Randy have been charged with one count of first-degree murder, felony murder, torture and first degree child abuse. Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty and it is damn shame!


Thanks to all who sent in the tips and updates as the story broke.


R.I.P. Robert, be safe in the arms of your mother.



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  1. They should put the step bitch and bastard in a cell with the dad. Then there would be no need for a death penalty.

  2. They should put the step bitch and bastard in a cell with the dad. Then there would be no need for a death penalty.

  3. Oh, Deena. You did a wonderful job. I’m not sure I could have handled this one.

    1. Thanks!  It took me a few to write it, it was not easy, they just released their names and a picture of them today. 

      1. I have had some that take some doing to write.  I love how sensitive you are.  Sometimes you make me feel like I should not be such a bitch.

        1. We are good cop/bad cop! LOL

  4. I hate all of these people here but for fuck’s sake these fuckers that fight for the privilege of parenting these babies just to turn around and torture them for sport make me blind with rage.

  5.  No words can express my rage with these fuckers!!! One HELL of a shame Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty!

  6. I’ve had a lot of words for evil asswipes like these two over the last 7 monts but words fail me at the heinous evil of these two. My mind is just not willing to accept that there are such demonic beings walking around on two legs passing themselves off as human. Seriously they need to be hunted and eliminated like the foul creatures they are. 

  7. I could break their fucking necks with my bare hands. Mother fucking pieces of shit!!!

    1. Welcome

      Sent from my Samsung Captivate(tm) on AT&T

  8. I’ve followed this story from the time it broke.  It pissed me off that they were so worried about the rights of these to fucks that they wouldn’t release their names when it was clear that they were the abusers!!

    I cannot understand how an Aunt can do something like this!  Especially, to a child that has suffered so much and is in so much pain!!  Sickle Cell is a very painful disease…

    I would literally kill someone over my nephews and would have over my niece before her heart attack!  You won’t find a closer brother and sister than my brother and I, even he knows if he steps out of line with those boys he has to face me and they’re his kids!!

    These two should die horrible deaths for what they’ve done!!!

    R.I.P. Robert

  9.  Oh wow. I had heard this story earlier, so I looked up Matilda’s Facebook. Someone posted on her wall on May 8th “Happy Mother’s Day.” At 12:40 she posted “thank you.” Since the body was reported at around noon. He was probably laying dead as she posted that. Sickening.

    1. You can’t be serious!!  I hated her before but that is just un-fucking-believable!

    2. it wasnt just her alone that moster randy is equally the blame I hope they stick a broom handle up his ass every chance the prisoners can with out interuption and I hope they slap, spit, kick, and force her to tell what all she did to that little boy and the repect it on her along with burning her clit with a lighter!

  10. rip robert im so sorry for all your pain, i hope your happy with your mommy now

    1. Thanks for the update!

  11. Update:

    She’s claiming she’s not guilty because she was a victim of her husbands abuse…  Cunt!!

    1. Thanks Cyn. She’s full of shit! I hate her!

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