“You Know, the Thing about Christian”

Christian Choate, boy found buried in concrete died while locked in a cage, sister says

Dad, stepmom charged in murder of boy found under concrete slab

Sister: Gary boy, Christian Choate kept in cage when he died

Gary couple held without bail in boy’s death

Couple pleads not guilty to killing, abusing boy

I have had many a moment where the only thing in the world I wanted was 5 minutes of total silence – or as much as is possible in a house with 2 kids, a dog and a husband who (God love him) sometimes can’t find his head even though it is consistently attached to his shoulders.  What I’ve never done to accomplish this feat?  That would be to lock my child in a dog cage or chain him to his bed and instill such fear in him that he knew even the slightest whimper would bring my wrath upon him.  Such was the fate of 13-year-old Christian Choate of Gary, IN at the hands of his, ahem, “father” Riley Lowell Choate (39) and his step-“mother” Kimberly Leona Kubina (45).  We also get a piece of shit bio-“mother” too but more on her a little later.

It all started several years ago when family members alleged that Christian had molested a male relative.  This may or may not be true – Christian was murdered before anything was proven.  Well, instead of doing what a good parent would like investigate the incident then seek appropriate punishment and/or counseling, big Choate decided that torturing his son would really be the better course of action.  The beatings worsened as Christian’s bio-parents’ marriage began to deteriorate and big Choate took a lot of his anger out on Christian.  Long story short – Christian’s parents got a divorce and big Choate got custody of Christian and his older sister.  Yep, you read that correctly – the abusive fuck that regularly beat his son was given full custody of him.  Mama (Aimee Estrada) jumped ship because she was being abused but hey, who gives a shit about the kids as long as her ass was safe.  Her son was dead for two years before she did anything about it.  How the hell do you go for two years without seeing or at the very least speaking to your child whom you knowingly left with an abusive piece of shit!?  She’s a worthless bitch who doesn’t deserve to remain on this earth.

I digress….

Big Choate remarried to a lovely woman, Kimberly Kubina, who was such a supportive, dutiful wife she helped him expand his torturous repertoire.  They kept him locked in a basement until they moved on up to a mobile home where Kubina purchased a dog cage from a neighbor for $15 which is where Christian was moved to spend the rest of his short life.  He was only allowed out to eat and go to the bathroom.  Christian’s older sister was put in charge of her brother.  She was to feed him, take him to the bathroom, make sure he exercised and to beat him if he didn’t do as he was told.  The day before he died, Christian refused to eat – gosh, I can’t imagine he wasn’t hungry given the fabulous life he was leading – which irked “daddy” so he punched him several times in the head then threw him back into his cage.  The next morning Christian again refused food from his sister so, she slapped him and put him back in his cage.  A little while later, she discovered he wasn’t breathing and she went to get her step-monster who told her to perform CPR on him but it was too late.  Once again, these geniuses chose not to call the proper authorities or even a funeral home – they went across the street, dug a 2-foot-deep hole and dumped Christian’s little body in it then covered him with lime, dirt and concrete.  Kubina told the other children in the house that Christian had run away, it was a family thing they would work through and it was to go to the grave.  She was overheard asking big Choate if he thought they would get caught.  He looked up from his computer game long enough to ask her what she was talking about and she said, “You know, the thing about Christian.”  Good lord dumb ass how quickly one forgets about having buried his murdered son in a shallow grave across the road!  Call me crazy but that strikes me as something that is not so easily forgotten!

After Christian’s death, big Choate moved his daughter to Kentucky where she was not permitted to go to school or talk on the phone until about three weeks ago.  Big Choate left his current family and moved back to Indiana without his daughter which is why she finally felt safe enough to call her mother and tell her what had happened.  Gee, “mom” how much longer would you have gone without wondering how your son was doing if she hadn’t contacted you?  Once again, she’s a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to share oxygen with the rest of the human race.

Kubina and big Choate have been charged with murder, battery, neglect of a dependent and criminal confinement.  Big Choate has also been charged with removal of a body from a death scene, failure to notify authorities of the discovery of a dead body and failure to report a dead body.  They have been ordered held without bail.  However, big Choate’s lawyer is asking that all charges against his client be dismissed due to lack of specificity.  How’s this for specific scum bag – his child is dead, he admitted to burying him in a shallow grave and for that he deserves to be locked in a cage meant for a Chihuahua, branded daily and receive absolutely no medical care while he dies a slow painful death from the rampant infection coursing through his body; don’t even get me started on the punishment he deserves for actually murdering his child!

RIP little man – you didn’t deserve this.

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  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    Can’t seem to find someone who wants to represent them…http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/10/01/public-defender-wants-out-of-choate-case/

    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Gee. I wonder why.

  • Patriciasanchez246

    first of all you dont know shit about this story,second of all aimee estrada was NEVER married to the stupid son of a bitch riley choate. aimee did give a shit, she tried and tried til she was broke and all riley and kimm did was file restraining orders after restraining orders. talk all this shit you have no buissness talking about MY MOTHER  you dont know what happened, i do. AND RILEY WAS NEVER DADDY!!!!!!! my mother tried to contact us. my mother loves her kids! SO you should keep your fuckin mouth shut if you dont know details OR dont know the facts. i dont appreciate you bashing on my mother like that you dont know her,her family does and you dont know what happened 

    • jj

      Go get an education, little girl, and leave the talking to the grown-ups, mmkay?

    • jj

      And I really wouldn’t be bragging that the piece of dog shit that incubated a child and then threw him away without a second thought is your mother. I also find it very telling that you made no mention of your “brother”, just defending the cunt that left him in that situation to die. DNA is very strong in your “family”, isn’t it?

  • Lashane Walker

    but his dad n step mother deserves every bit if punishment n abuse they will get in jail

  • Lashane Walker

    i sure hope the person who wrote this gets wut they deserve…..dnt tlk abt some1 if yu dnt kno them personally…..aimee is a good woman an mother n i hope yu rot in hell for writing shit yu dnt kno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Risskia

       This isn’t shit… This is well-written blogging.   Lashane, m’dear, she can’t possibly be a good mother – for the reasons listed.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      You’re an idiot.

      Look-ee there. I don’t know you and I’m talking about you. Stuff it up your ass.

  • yourname


    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Motherfucker. The details…. are horrific. He looked like such a sweet boy. How could anyone want to hurt him?

      • Danielle

        just horrifying… can’t believe it :( poor guy

    • Angel

       I couldn’t read all of the details – I started to gag…. Both of these animals should be locked in dog cages (for chihuahuas) and fed only ramen noodles until they expire.  The people, not the ramen – I don’t think ramen ever expires, does it?

  • soon2bmomof3
    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Crap! The link isn’t working on my iPad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1645991920 Susan Cook Vanderpool

    I seriously hope to God that someone in prison will kill both Riley & Kim in a humiliating, torturous, gruesome way. Yes, I try to be a “Christian” person, but I am not kidding when I say that I would be more than happy to torture them both slowly. Riley’s teensy penis and Kim’s big ugly tits squished between 2 cinder blocks as I tap, tap, tap with a hammer; and spankings every hour for them both with a board full of nails all up and down it…oops…did that just slip up your ass AGAIN? And did my foot just happen to ram it up there even further. My bad!!!! Sorry, God…I just couldn’t turn the other cheek to these evil pieces of filth. I hope you (or their cell mates) won’t either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Moore/739364689 Susan Moore
    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Why did I read that before bed?

  • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April
  • Ashnallen4eva


    An article on the letters christian was forced to write as “homeschool” work assignments. Christian you DID NOT deserve this.

  • http://badbreeders.net/ April

    More people than the ones in the house knew about the torture (I refuse to call is abuse).  Fuck me.  They should all be charged!!!


    • Anonymous

      That doctor is an incompetent piece of shit and needs to have her license terminated immediately if not sooner.  Fucking hell – what the fuck kind of doctor treats a child with such obvious and severe signs of abuse and just goes oh well, guess it’ll sort itself out in the end.  WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK!?!?

      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        The doc should be shot.  The neighbor was the only one who did anything, but should have been more persistent.  Damn.  What the fuck is wrong with this world????  Poor Christian.  Did no one love him enough?  And what a shame that we all love him now….. now that it’s too late.  Fuck.  I think I’m gonna cry.

        • Anonymous

          I can be one loud, opinionated, nosy bitch (I know, hard to believe but it’s true) and it’s gotten me in trouble more than a time or two but for God’s sweet sake it’s been well worth it to call attention to situations that need to be fixed.  Why aren’t more people like that – what, scared your house might get egged or some asshole might jump you in the parking lot?  Why are people so fucking self centered and apathetic that their own ass is more important than speaking up to help these poor babies!?!?!

          • http://badbreeders.net/ April

            It sounds like the neighbor tried.  Maybe not to the extent that you or I would, but still.  The worker who came to the house failed.  The doctor failed.  The family failed.  The schools failed.  Christian is the only one who payed for so much failure.  Fuck I hate this world that we live in.  I hate it more with every dead child we read about.

          • Clevo

            Because they are  pointless, anchorless, cluless, unethical self centered cowards!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to know how everyone feels about his older sister, Christina… the one who finally opened up to someone that Christian was dead… the one who also admittedly took part in his abuse, but claims she was forced by their dad… the same one who was reportedly punished by the father for withholding food from Christian according to the statement of one of the younger kid’s who lived in the house. (By the way… her and the smaller child’s versions of the story were almost identical, with the exception of her claim she was forced and the younger’s claim that the older sister was punished for some of the abuse) Here’s the Probable Cause Affidavit… the older sister who reported the death/helped abuse Christian is only listed as female juvenile or juvenile girl because she is 17. (she was 15 at the time of his death.)


    PS… The morning he died, Christina, admittedly, choked him until he turned blue because he was too weak to eat. Not the first time she choked him. And instead of mouth to mouth… she used an air mattress pump to administer CPR. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SI2B7QEP5JTB2LMKBAU64I4TII Steve

      I think she was involved with his death-she would have been one of the only people to see him in those last days and hours but I suuspect that her overall role was very small in terms of fault. She may have feared her father’s revenge more than she feared what she was doing to christian-and it would be hard to say how much her abuse constituted the actual brutality he experienced-or what killed him.

      What I think is happening is she is now old enough to realize the gravity of what she participated in, and having been away from her father long enough, she saw that she might have a chance to tell without fear or punishment from her father. BUT, don’t for a second think she is off scott free. She will have to carry that thought in her head that she contributed to her own brothers death for the rest of her life. She obviously knows right from wrong since she came forward. She could have taken that to her grave and we might have never known, so I think its a mixed bag. she won’t see a prison cell, but there is a cell that will follow her around where ever she goes forever.

      of course both ‘parents’ deserve a premium spot in the place with flames and damnation. particularly the mother who’s grinning mug shot makes ME want to kill.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with most everything  you said. Except, I’m not sure whether I agree with her possibly fearing her father more than she feared abusing her brother. 

        She was young, her life had never been all that stable, abandoned by her mother, living with an abusive father, in an overcrowded trailer, and by all appearances, in poverty.On this site, we see a lot of  “she was young, abused, poor, and scared and that’s why she abused or didn’t protect the child from abuse.” But usually that child is the woman’s own and the abuser, her husband or boyfriend. And we (the readers) never accept a “hard knock life” as a valid excuse for allowing or contributing to the death of a child. Not even when those women are 15.Her dad was an abusive asshole, yes. But Christian was her brother, her little brother. There wasn’t a single day of Christian’s life, that his big sister didn’t exist in his world, and I’m sure he loved her and craved her love in return… even as he lay dying, after she slapped and “choked him until he turned blue”. The abusive “dad” may have been the one to deliver the fatal blows to that precious boy, but she was the last person to betray him. And then he died. 

        • CynicalMe

          One of the reasons this case has affected me as much as it has is because my mother died when I was 7 and my baby bro was 2.  I became so protective over him it was ridiculous. 

          We never fought like I’ve seen so many other siblings fight.  To this day we are so close we see each other everyday and my hubby and I help raise his 3 boys.  People are amazed to find out we are siblings because of the way we get along and interact! 

          I would have died before I would have harmed him in anyway even when I was a child!  The 2 times in our lives I saw him get into trouble my Daddy had to spank me too.

          There is no way I could have ever done what this girl did!   The way the witness statements, in the probable cause affidavit, read she wasn’t beaten for not abusing him she was beaten for being excessive or neglectful with her abuse.

          I’m not saying those statements are 100% true, but it does cast a bit of doubt on her saying she was made to do it all.  I also understand that the father was an abusive prick and maybe she was doing what she felt she had to do to survive… 

          Then there is always the chance that she is her father’s daughter…

          • Anonymous

            “Then there is always the chance that she is her father’s daughter…”
            I hope not, but I’m inclined to believe so. Abusing Christian in her father’s presence, I can almost understand… it’s the admitted abuse in the absence of her asshole “father” that made me go “wait, what?”

            Your attachment to your brother, is exactly what I was referring to… while my oldest two (girl then boy) are closer in age… 3 yrs apart. .. my daughter loved “my Bubby” and she constantly watched over him… “why’s my Bubby crying?” “my Bubby needs a bottle.” While, she has from time to time, given him a good whack for getting on her nerves, she would die for him. And he for her. They are older now, and long gone are the days when she called him “my Bubby” and he followed behind like a little duckling… but put in the same situation, I can see her conspiring to run away when given moments alone, rather than choking him until he turned blue.

            And it wouldn’t be the first time she planned their rescue. At 7 and 4, they were both sent to their rooms for trying to swing from and breaking the ceiling fan cord (16ft ceilings. grrr). An hour or so later, my neighbor came over and asked was I okay. I said yes so she asked me to follow her outside. As we walked around the corner of my house, there hanging from my son’s 2nd story bedroom window, were sheets and blankets tied together. They were going to make a run for it, rather than continue living under such “cruel” conditions. I still have the pictures.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SI2B7QEP5JTB2LMKBAU64I4TII Steve

          well, let me say I think its entirely possible that she did willingly participate, and that this is is her way of somehow trying to amend things, however waaaaay too late it is for her brother. Its one of those grey areas in child abuse-and in this instance, I speak from direct experience that sibling abuse is not only possible-but not as uncommon as is thought.

          My own brother, by the time I was 10, had beaten me so badly, so many times-including actually being drowned and having to be resuscitated-that I had over 180 stitches on my head, mostly on my face. he pushed me down cement staircases. He practiced head lock style wrestling moves on me that trained professionals do on trampolines-except he did them into the sheetrock walls and linoleum floors.  My head went into sheet rock more than once. Yeah, my mom hit me hard and tossed me around a few times that left marks, but my brother was far more sadistic and cruel, physically violent and hostile. Unfortunately for me much of this was chalked up to ‘sibling rivalry’ and ‘boys will be boys’ by my mother. who knew strangulation until passing out was child’s play? somehow jacks, jumping rope and homicide didn’t jibe for me as a 10 year old.

           Years later I told my therapist for my brother it was more about sibling mortality-namely mine. so I don’t think for a second there isn’t culpability but there is so much of this story that is lost to the sands of time, we may never have enough info to reconstruct who did what to who and when. which sucks. I think the responsible parties should all fry. just sayin’.

          • Anonymous

            The things your brother put you through, is sad and appalling. And as you said, not as uncommon as we would like to think. 

            I won’t directly place blame on the older sister, for a part in Christian’s death… but I will use as comparison the extreme cruelty of the Kapos (or prisoner functionaries) in German Nazi concentration camps. They too were prisoners, but given special privileges and authority over other prisoners. They were known for being sadistic and cruel… according to some testimonies, more so than the actual SS guards. While, certain abuses were demanded of them by the SS, a lot of Kapos chose to go above and beyond the abuse that was expected.

            There is also the Stanford Prison experiment from the 70’s and the Milgram experiment. Both resulted in very few displays of humanity. Some people, even in role play, fall easily into the role of abuser, with very few asking about the humanity or morality of the experiments.

      • Angies4kids

        I agree with you on this Steve.  Something has not felt right about the sister’s involvement from the very first article I read on this, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Obviously we don’t want to out right blame or accuse because we don’t know the circumstances, but it does seem a little odd.  We may never really know what happened.

  • Blessed528

    Three hots and a cot is too much luxury for these douche bags! Baby boy is (sad but true) better off than being on this cruel earth.

  • Lttblade2

    I can’t believe these air wasters are still breathing.  All three of these so called parents should first in line if they bring back public lynching.  There’s a special place in Hell for these three scum.

  • Anonymous

    Umm… it didn’t “all start” with the child being accused of “molesting” someone.  It “all started” a long time before that with his abuse at the hands of his father.  The father is a psycho and has a long history of abuse.  Everyone at Child Protective Services should lose their jobs over this outrage.

    • Angies4kids

      Clearly the mother isn’t a prize either since she has been MIA for the last few torturous years of this child’s life.  Yes, CPS needs to be dealt with and everyone who knew Christian played a part in this child’s abuse and torture since no one, and I repeat NO ONE, had the gall to do shit about it. 

    • Anonymous

      That was where the stories in the media began – we can only use the information available. 

      Any additional information is much appreciated to help us tell his story better but please, and this is intended as a generally polite request, don’t be an ass when providing info.  I had an extremely difficult emotional time with writing this story as we all have with all of these stories and the “quotes” seem a bit attack-ish and unnecessary.  Again, the information used was the information available at the time. 

      As A4K already pointed out yes, the father is clearly a psycho who likes to keep to his own but the mother is as giant a piece of shit as he is for not only allowing the abuse but deserting him and leaving him with his abuser.  CPS sucks as always but there are many many many people to blame for this ridiculously horrendous case.

      • http://badbreeders.net/ April

        Google Christian’s Obit.  It will fucking piss you off.  She should not have been named, stupid whore!  She didn’t love him.  If she loved her son one bit she would have protected him with her life.  Fuck.

        • Anonymous

          You know… I just… you know.  What the fuck.

          • http://badbreeders.net/ April

            He could be my son.  I want to cry when I look at his face.  Sometimes I wonder if I have enough love, time, energy, money, etc. to take in all of these children.  I want so badly to fix their broken hearts.  Then when one is murdered…. I feel like…. I failed.

    • Clevo

      Everyone who knew anything about it and did nothing is guilty guilty GUILTY! Mother, family members, neighbors, friends, CPS,  whatever. All are guilty for now protecting & defending this child. They all deserve to have their lazy, cowardly asses kicked into prison.

  • CynicalMe



    Warning, I’m typing this as the tears are still flowing. 

    It seems Christian wrote letters detailing the abuse and saying he just wanted to be liked by his family… 

    The fucking bio-bitch didn’t lose a custody battle.  They were removed from her because she was allowing her deranged dildo to sexually abuse Christian!!  Even though the evidence was there no charges were brought!!

    This boy was failed by every adult he ever came in contact with…  Doctor, teachers, his breeders, step-freaks, DCS, Judges, Lawyers, extended family and anyone else that never questioned or called the authorities!!

    Every single one of them should suffer 10x the torture and solitude that he did and then be eradicated from the planet!!

    Sorry for the rant…  It’s just he endured so much pain and rejection in such a short life it breaks my heart!

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      It’s hard to fathom that such a sweet looking boy with a beautiful smile was subjected to so much torture. Fuck. Now I’m all teary. I’m gonna get in the shower before anyone sees me cry.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Moore/739364689 Susan Moore

      Well, shit, I just found the damn articles you posted here for an update. Oh well, I’m slower to find them!

      I cannot believe how unloved that poor boy felt. You’re right about pain and rejection. Where were the grandparents in all this, if they’re still living? My heart breaks for him, his sister, and every other child that came into contact with these monsters! Makes me sick and makes me cry too. R.I.P. Christian.

  • Justice4Christian

     In defense of the bio mom, I have seen cases like this where the abusive father gets custody, who then refused the bio mom any contact.  It sounds as if the bio mom had tried to find out how her children were doing, but likely the nutcase ex and his new nutcase wife would not allow contact.  What was she to do? 
    The people who are to blame are the dad and the stepmom.  They are the ones who inflicted the injuries.  If you want to blame the bio mom for failing to intervene, then perhaps you should blame the neighbors for not realizing what was going on, too. 
    RIP little guy.  I am so sorry you had to endure all that you did from the people who were supposed to love and care for you.   Rest assured that jutice will prevail and they will be held accountable for their crimes.   They are pathethic excuses for a parent and step-parent.  I hope they have a great life in prison.

    • Danielle

      I’m not sure I agree with this. Its pretty difficult for a father to get custody over the mother unless the mother is a complete piece of shit.  Or she just gave up her rights b/c she couldn’t be bothered.
      If for whatever reason he won over the child in court and the mom was worth a damn, then she should’ve been more active in making sure her son was ok. If for some unknown and ridiculous case my kids were taken from me, I’d be parked outside the house waiting to be sure they were ok if I were being ignored and refused contact. Wild horses wouldn’t be able to keep any good mom from their kids.

      Just my 2 cents. 

    • Anonymous

      Make no mistake – the bio-mom, the neighbors, school officials, the stray dog wandering around the trailer park – all are to blame for failing to do anything to help this little boy.  She was to fight for her son, that’s what she was to do.  I completely understand that custody cases can go south for either side but it’s complete crap that he was dead for two years and she had no idea.  If she cared, she would have found a way to know how he was doing.

      Yes, ultimately the father and step-mother were the physical aggressors but there were so many others who failed to step up for him as well.

    • Angies4kids

      I agree that the father & step-monster are to blame for his murder and abuse, not doubt about that.  HOWEVER, the ONLY one thing that would keep me from talking to my kids every single day (if they weren’t with me for whatever reason) is MY DEATH. Nothing on this Earth would be able to stop that.  Were the courts unfair, possibly.  Was the abuser an asshole, no question.  But if there was a custody order that she could have visitation and communication wth her children then he broke it and would be forced by law to accomodate.  The only way he could get away with that is if she didn’t enforce it, verifying she didn’t give a shit.  Or she wasn’t granted any visitation or rights to her children, again verifying  1. she didn’t give a shit or 2. the court felt she was a piece of shit  and never granted it.  Regardless, this boy was FAILED by the people who God trusted to love and protect him. 

  • Angies4kids

    sorry for the typo’s…it’s only 7am! 

    • Anonymous

      Get it together and shape up, sister!  (totally kidding)  = )

  • Angies4kids

    My boys are 9, 10 & 12 and they are all curious and aware of girls & sex.  How can they not be when it’s splashed all over tv & now even their video games have strip clubs and prostitutes.  As much as I  try to sheild them from certain things, there are always going to be more advanced kids at school and in the neighborhood.  I do my best to educated them and just be honest with them in order to make sure the education they get is accurate and not something some idiot 10 year old is telling them.  But it’s hard when I pick up my son’s phone and some 10 year old little girl is telling him she is pregnant and he better take care of her baby (it was all make believe, but still…).  How do they not have this curiousity when they are surrounded by the idea that sex is so great.  Add a newly discovered body part and horomones to the mix and what do you have…

    And even if Christian was inappropriate, at 8, 9 or 12, depending on the severity of it, all he probably needed was a little discipline and some therapy to find out what is making him think it was OK to do such a thing.  Some close monitering to make sure he wasn’t an actual “offender” and surely the little curious (or maybe inappropriate) boy would have grown to be a strong, healthy man with his whole life ahead of him.  Because of his asshole father and step monster, that was taken from him. 

    My son was 11 and he grabbed a neighbor girl’s butt, the mom came to the door mad as hell and I had to apologiz and make him apologize.  I had a long talk with him and punished him from going outside for a while, since he couldn’t be trusted out of my eyesight.  I haven’t had that problem since.  There are ways of hendeling situations that don’t include abuse, punching, dog cages and murder!

    • Anonymous

      And his parents were clearly the type to preview his movies, TV and video games and meet his friends parents and all that….or not. 

      Parenting is hard and you get confronted with situations that would never in a million years cross your mind.  My son’s (who’s 7) school sent home a letter a couple of weeks ago telling us that one of his classmates had died and they had a grief counselor meet with them and all that.  I’m well aware that people die but for some reason it never entered my mind that at 7 I’d be explaining to him that little people his age sometimes die.  We talked to him and helped him with any lingering questions etc. We didn’t sweep it under the rug and let him deal with it on his; we did what we could to help him make any amount of sense of it because that’s what parents do, they deal with tough situations appropriately.  You can’t beat the “bad” out of your kids!!

    • Jay

      He did whatever he did with the family member, bc his family members did whatever they wanted w him.  Kids that age only know what they are taught and kids that are sexually abused by their parents are very likely to sexually abuse others bc they think thats normal and acceptable.  It was never this childs fault that he was inappropriate bc it was the mom and dad that taught him these things!

  • Dee

    I can’t believe people can be so sick and cruel!
    Satan is alive and well in my opinion. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SI2B7QEP5JTB2LMKBAU64I4TII Steve

    Wow, I hadn’t realized it was around 8 or 9 when that incident happened. Weren’t we all playing doctor at that age? the sad fact is we’ll never know the truth and these sick fucks have made sure of that.

  • Veronica

    what if it’s true the kid molested someone?  isn’t this the kind of thing we say we’d do to a pedophile?  

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      You're right. But where's the proof? Even more, the fucker threatened the sister if she didn't abuse Christian. That makes me think he was just a sadistic fuck. The molestation was just rationale from a murdering fuck who was grasping at straws to justify the treatment of that child.

      • Veronica

        i’m sure that if it were me i’d take some other kind of action, like say therapy or something but i just thought it was uncomfortably ironic.  what happened to that child is horrible not matter what he did!  i absolutely agree about the sadism!  we all know that if you wanna kill someone you can just do it, why draw it out like that?  and that sister, how’s she ever gonna recover?  this story is so disturbing.

        • http://badbreeders.net/ April

          I'm curious as to the facts behind Christian allegedly molesting another child. We all know that some children are sexually curious. Was it playing doctor? Was it truly an act of sexual devience? Did it even happen at all? Was it just a lame excuse from a monster to justify treating the child like an animal? As of right now, there are no other allegations of the so called mollestation, so I will continue to think Christian never did it and is just an innocent child who had his life stollen from him.

          • Veronica

            fair enough.  i know that some parents do go apeshit over very tame, age-appropriate and consensual doctor-playing…  what these parents did was unbelievable and i really do hope that they rot in hell.  or like that they get left behind at tomorrow’s rapture or whatever.  

        • Madison

          disturbing on way too many levels

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing then I realized I saw 2005 listed some where in the time line so that would have made him closer to 8 or 9.  In my mind, at that age it would be more like exploration and curiosity rather than pedophilia and because it was another boy his back-asswards homophobic father probably freaked out on him thinking no little boy of his is gonna be a fagot.  You know what I mean?

      I didn’t include that in the article because I didn’t want to lend any sort of justification or rationale to his sadistic behavior.

      • Veronica

        that’s true!  it could’ve been the homophobia; making this a infanticidal hate crime!  oh, that is a whole new low…  :(

    • Jenniferlynolson

       Saying one thing is a lot different from doing said thing. It’s never forgivable.

  • Deena

    I knew you were perfect for this one…. I just knew it!  Great Write-up!   

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, chicky!  I wish there weren’t stories to tell but I’m glad to help since there are so many!

  • Babyjanedoe17

    Sorry for the double post. Disqus has been giving me a lot of trouble.

  • Babyjanedoe17

    I wish I could bury these ‘parents’  in concrete just deep enough so that only their noses were left sticking out.  Maybe their mouths,too,so someone could dribble a little water in them occasionly.  They could lay there as the concrete hardened up and wonder how long before they died.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Weiss/1323890414 Steve Weiss

      I like that idea, however, after watching Tin Man I kind of like the chamber the tin man was found in. give them air, and feed them intravenously,for the rest of their natural lives, while they can only stand and look straight forward.

  • Babyjanedoe17

    I wish I could bury these ‘parents’  in concrete just deep enough so that only their noses were left sticking out.  Maybe their mouths,too,so someone could dribble a little water in them occasionly.  They could lay there as the concrete hardened up and wonder how long before they died.

  • Kim

    Holy shit, if you guys ever had a Top Ten, this would definitely be in it. Wow. 

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Christian Choate, Ethan Stacy, Shaniya Davis… The list is long.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ritsiebitsiespider Ritsie Lyn

    I can honestly say that *if* I had ever been in a situation where I and/or my children were being abused  (that’s a HUGE if because in general I’m sure there would be warning signs before it escalated to actual physical abuse…) that it would be a cold day in Hell before I would EVER leave the children anywhere near the monster.. I swear to you this.. the man that laid a hand on my children had better PRAY the cops found him before I did.. anyhow.. if it came down to it my children would make it out by whatever means necessary even if it meant I was left behind to suffer the consequences whatever they may be.. I don’t care what the legal papers said.. I would break any law or order to get them and keep them away from any situation that put them at risk.. cops? more court? jail? doesn’t matter.. maybe the fact that you went to that extreme would open someone’s eyes..
    That being said.. hopefully the law of 3 applies.. and the worthless pieces of trash that allowed this poor boy to endure that amount of suffering are repaid three-fold..
    Yes, the man that abused the boy is a monster.. but how much of a monster do you need to be to want to try to make a life with someone that is capable of such atrocities? You would think, at least, she would have some sense of self preservation and RUN.. I think that she makes me even sicker than the “father”
    People like these make me positive Hell exists..

  • Angies4kids

    *tear*  Thanks for writing this up!  I have been seeing it in the local papers for weeks and am sick about it.  In some of the comments I have seen in other online posts it was said that the mother lost custody & the kids were being raised by her mother before the dad got custody, true or not, who knows. 

    Even if Christian was having some behavioral issues, this is NOT how you deal with it!  You love him harder.  And the mother….don’t even get me started!  I may be a bit too clingy but when my kids spend the night out with a friend or relative I miss them…I CRAVE silence and peace until 30 minutes after they are gone, then I want them home!  How does 2 years go by with this baby buried under someone’s shed and no one misses him? 

    He would be 15 years old right now, probably a Freshman or Sophmore, getting ready for his summer break of skateboarding, swimming or learning to drive and this monster took that from him while his worthless mother conveniently forgot he even existed!  Life in prison wouldn’t even be justice.   Bitches. 

    • Anonymous

      I tried to find the divorce settlement paperwork to see what the agreement was but the only some what legitimate looking site I found was going to charge me $.25 per case file (there were 25 on the dad alone!) so, I figured someone else could come forward with that info if they have it!

    • Anonymous

      You’re quite welcome and thank YOU for caring enough about these babies to let us know to tell their stories!


  • Anonymous


    That face tears me up – I had a rough time with this one.  I hate the ones with pictures (I couldn’t get the pics to load, I’ll try again later I just wanted to get this one posted).

    Can you believe that shit – not only how the hell do you leave your babies with an abusive dick like that but how do you not speak to him for over 2 years and just think oh well, I hope they’re doing fine.  I can’t wait for someone to come here and try to defend her ass!

    • CynicalMe

      Fuck that cunt!!  First off no woman who cares about her children will leave them in an abusive situation!!  If they do it’s just long enough to fight for custody or something!  Sounds more like a case of “out of sight, out of mind” to me!!

      BTW, I’m having issues loading pics too!!

      • Anonymous

        You can say that again!

        Good – I can be a technological moron at times so I’m glad it’s not just me!

  • CynicalMe

    Christian reminds me of one of my nephews in the pic I’ve seen of him. 

    These three need to live long lives and be tortured every single day!!!

    Great write up!  I don’t know that I could have done this one…

    R.I.P. Little One