Botched Murder/Suicide or Just Plain Murder?

Texas Mom Arrested

Mother Charged in Death of Boy

Mother Called School Saying Son Was Sick After Death

School Mourning Death

McCrery Threatens Suicide



Julianne "Juli" McCrery



A blonde haired, blue eyed little boy was found along a dirt road in Maine.  There wasn’t a missing persons report matching his description.  No one knew he was 6 year old Camden Pierce Hughes until 4 days later…

Author, school bus driver, cement mixer, auto parts deliverer, prostitute, drug dealer all known occupations of 42 year old Julianne McCrery.  According to family and friends she’s also struggled with depression, mood swings, and drug addiction.  All of them swear she would never do anything to hurt her child but she has attempted suicide before.  She was, according to anyone that knew her, a “loving, adoring, doting mother”.  They maintain that this had to be an accident or someone else killed little Camden.  They’ve went so far as to say, “Maybe she accidentally overdosed him on cough medicine.”

Of course that was before the autopsy reported the cause of death as asphyxiation…

Authorities released a computer generated image of Camden, a picture of his new Lightning McQueen shoes, and the description of the truck while trying to identify him.  A friend of bio-bitch saw the image and contacted authorities identifying him and authorities were tipped off when someone recognized the truck at a rest stop.

When troopers arrived at the rest stop a female trooper asked McCrery if she needed assistance.  Her response:  “I killed my son.  I want to kill myself.”

This bitch drove from Texas to New Hampshire where she killed Camden.  Then she drove just over the Maine border dumped his body on the side of a dirt road and was finally caught at a rest stop in Massachusetts where she was sitting and reading the Bible!!

She continued to call Camden’s school and report him as sick with possible appendicitis!  The last time was the day she was arrested and she told them he was feeling better and would probably be back the following week.

Approximately 2 weeks before this she quit her job delivering auto parts.  She told her employer that her truck was broke down and she couldn’t drive it.  She made it a long way in a truck that wouldn’t run!!

That is why I find myself questioning why in the hell she’s been charged with 2nd degree murder instead of premeditated murder?!?  Whether this was a case of a murder/suicide that the selfish, cowardly cunt didn’t finish or flat out murder it was premeditated!!  She planned it!

Out of all the murder/suicides I’ve read about and/or written up on BB, this one is driving me batty!  Why in the hell would this freak of fucking nature drive halfway across the country to kill her child and then herself?!?

She spoke to her mother daily on the phone.  She talked with her ex-boyfriend after she killed that beautiful little boy, not once did anyone think anything was wrong!  Her mother even said when she spoke with her the day before she was arrested she was in “fine spirits”.  When asked about Camden she said he still had a bad cough.  Both thought she was at home in Irving, Texas.  She never mentioned traveling or sight seeing.  Why on earth would she drive all the way to New Hampshire to commit the act unless she was never planning on killing herself?!?  She had ample opportunity to kill herself if that was her intent!  4 days!!!  If that was her plan she wouldn’t have been sitting at a rest stop!  People who actually want to commit suicide succeed!!


This write up has turned into one big rant.  Well, for now, the rant is over.  I want to let you all know a little more about Camden.


Camden was an adorable, loving little boy.  He was highly intelligent.  He was in the gifted and talented program at his school.  He was going to the first grade next year and reading at almost a 3rd grade level.  He loved reading to his class and the kids would gather around him and listen to every word.  Camden was quick to finish his assignments and then he would help the other students finish theirs.

“Camden was a very sweet boy,’’ said Whitney Bruno, Camden’s teacher.  “He was a typical 6-year-old boy, full of energy and full of life. He had lots of friends in class, and he came in every morning with a smile on his face and a very cute green Ninja Turtle backpack.’’

Brenda Bingham the school’s principle said, “He had an angelic face, the biggest, just gorgeous blue eyes, and a little grin that told me, here comes trouble.  He was a little personality that you saw and thought, ‘That’s our future,’ because he was a bright young man and you saw so much potential in him.”

His teacher, looking in a folder of some of Camden’s work came across a cut-out butterfly he made.  When its wings are open, the message says, “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.”


My heart breaks for all the family and friends that are missing their “blue-eyed angel” tonight…



R.I.P. Camden You deserved so much more!!


Thanks for the tip go to Kimberly, Dawn, Jennifer, Emilie, and Rose.




  • Jenny R.

    “He was a normal six year old boy.”

    No, he wasn’t. He was not ordinary–he was EXTRAordinary. So full of promise and purpose. I was shocked reading how selfless that little boy was. He was going to be somebody, in a good way. RIP Camden, our world is worse without you.

  • Malevolent April
    • CynicalMe

      That selfish bitch just needs to die…

  • Marilynzombie666

    Type your comment here.I’m from Maine and this hurt us so much.  Every person i knew wanted give this boy peace.  we held vigils for him and everything. to just snuff out and throw away something so heaven is so beyond incomprehensible. new hamphire hasnt used its death penalty in almost a hundred yrs, i hope that changes reeeeeeaaaaal soon

  • gibson44


  • NH/ME

    Living on the NH and ME border one of the theories as to why she wasn’t charged with first degree murder was because child killing is not considered a death penalty case in NH (according to the news there are very few crimes considered death penalty cases). The last death penalty trial was a man that murdered a police officer a few years ago. Another theory I heard was they didn’t charge her that way because she asked for it to be a death penalty case because she wanted to die. 

  • jennifer rivas

    I would like to start off by saying I think the writer’s here are amazing, I don’t know how you guys do it. Just about everyone on of these write ups brings tears to my eyes. I have a 15 yr old daughter and a 9 1/2 month old son as they both often attempt to test my patience not once have I every thought of harming even a hair on their head! My children are my world and I would sooner my life be taken away rather than anything/anyone harming my babies. I would have to say that I agree with Diane, this pathetic excuse for a human being knew exactly what she was doing! Everyone knows Texas has the death penalty and won’t think twice to utilize it. I’m for one sick and tired of these pathetic cowards taking the lives of innocent children/babies. I wish they would just have the audacity to take their own lives and save us some money on trials and prison costs as well as giving these poor babies a shot at life! They need to just take all these scumbags and drop them on an island and gas their pathetic asses making them gasp for every last breath until they are all dead… Or I could use some target practice and I’m sure I could do wonders on this selfish bitch!!

    • April

      Loving this comment.  Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    And that bubble picture just about did me in, probably a good thing I’m not anywhere near her. I can get scary when angry, it’s the Irish and German blood.

  • Anonymous

    Man, he looks so much like my boys, and smart as a whip too, and sweet and  loving. Why the fuck kill him? Why not just off yourself if your life is that bad, instead of destroying probably one of the best things you have ever had a hand in? I’m sure his big brother would have figured out a way to take care of him, or other family members. It justs makes no sense. Yet another case where I wish I had a working time machine, I’d go back to before he was killed and beat the snot out of her, and find somewhere safe for him, he deserved so much more.

  • Diane

    She’s no dummy.  She did not want to kill Camden in Texas.  Texas has the death penalty and they actually enforce it!  They have executed 357 people since 1976.  Neither Maine nor Massachusetts has the death penalty.  New Hampshire only makes the death penalty available in limited cases and has not had an execution since 1976.  I think this was very well thought out and planned.  


    • April

      Oh shit. I never thought about that angle.

  • Diane

     There is a Youtube page that has videos of Camden.  Juli McCrery is supposedly in charge of the page. Youtube name: urgodsproblembaby

    Dance with the angels sweet baby you are now safe and will forever be loved.

    • sweetd

      Wtf that’s a crazy user name! What a psycho.

  • Veronica

    that is so evil.  i don’t know what to say.

  • Cathy J Blake

    I really hope she did knock the kid out with cough syrup before she murdered him, at least then he wouldn’t realize that the mother he loved so much and made a sweet butterfly Mother’s Day card for was the one taking his life away.

    • CynicalMe

      I thought the same thing while I was writing this…

  • Ginger Lixxx

    I am a faithful reader of this blog.  The horrific things done to children all over the world by thier own parents, people who are supposed to love and protect them, make me sick to my stomach.  I am lucky enough to have one precious child a 13 year old girl, and even though she is at that difficult stage in her life right now and driving me batshit crazy, I love her more than life itself.  To quote a song she tortures me with, ‘I would take a grenade for you (her)’.

    She is my one, my only.  I never even thought I could have a child let alone a beautiful girl (I wanted a girl so bad).  Looking at the picture of this waste of space baby-killing cunt makes me want to find her and punch her in the face until she is unrecognizable then choke her until SHE is dead. 

    I am a very jaded individual and though the stories on here often make me shake my head in disgust and gasp in disbelief, I can honestly sayI have never cried until I read this story.  I am crying for this little boy as if he were my own.  The only comfort I have is knowing that he is in heaven know with all the other little angels on this site, loved and safe in the arms of our Father.

    This blog has made me aware of child abuse in a way I never wanted to be, but that is a good thing.  I can help, I have helped, I intervened in a situation last weekend in which a little boy was taken from his abusive, tweaking, twatwaffle mother.  However, if not for having read this blog every day for the past 2 1/2 years, I am ashamed to say I would have subscribed to the theory of ‘not my business’.  It is my business, it is all of our business to keep the children in our community safe.

    I am going to wrap this up because I am at work, crying, and people are starting to ask me what’s wrong.

    Rest in Peace Camden, I am positive it is more bubbly in Heaven.


    • April

      OMG, Ginger.  Welcome and awesome first comment.  Please tell me we’ll see more of you.

    • Split Second Blur

       Ginger Lixxx,

      I would like to personally thank you for stepping up and intervening on behalf of the child you mentioned. Too many people take the “it’s none of my business” attitude, which will and has lead directly to the deaths of countless children. They saw something, heard something, or knew something was very wrong, and did absolutely fuck all. You spoke up, and I want to give you a big fat hug for that and that alone.

      Never be silent, never turn your eyes away and hope that it will get better, never walk away, never be afraid to intervene, and never shut up.  Perhaps if we all adopted this mentality in regards to children we  think could be in danger we would hear less and less of this shit.

  • Angies4kids

    I am far from a perfect mom, but I just don’t think some people deserve to be born with reproductive organs.   

    Also, I feel that if a woman or man is known to have mental/emotional issues and give birth, it should be required that they are somehow monitered or supervised to avoid all these LAME ASS BULLSHIT excuses for killing or hurting their kids!

    • Split Second Blur

       I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but this is a tough one for me.

      After I had my first son, I got PPD so badly that I was literally seconds away from being locked in a psych ward. Fortunately, I was able to overcome my PPD without harming anyone, including myself. I was suicidal, sat on the sofa in pain from the c-section, breastfed and cried for weeks. What was supposed to be the greatest moment of my life was anything but. It was a nightmare.

      PPD is considered an emotional issue. It affected me the same way that it affects millions of other women….we feel horrible, depressed, and as if we’re living in some alternate universe…..but none of us for one second would ever dream of harming our precious children. I think it would be tragically unfair to require a monitoring system upon a woman in this situation. And who would do the monitoring ?

      I hate situations like this because there never seems to be a viable option available that would actually prevent this shit from happening. Should her family have watched her more closely ? Would that have helped ? Were there glaringly obvious warning bells ringing for ages, as in the case in many of these heartbreaking stories ? – Or is this pig just another selfish cunt who murdered a stunningly gorgeous child for no reason other than to rid herself of someone she might have seen as “burdensome”.

      I’m going with the last one. And it should be first degree murder all the way, with the death penalty being the end result.

      • Angies4kids

        I experienced PPD after my 3rd child, though not as severe as what you experienced.  My relationship was really u-g-l-y at that point and somehow managed to get pregnant after my 6 week check up so I then added pregnancy horomones to the already nasty PPD.  I was a wreck, so I can’t even imagine what you went through!  I wasn’t so much referring to an episode of PPD, because if it’s only PPD (not making light of it by any means) it is generally treatable and eventually life goes back to (almost) normal.

        I am more speaking on cases of children/teens/young adults who have a history of emotional disorders, medications and psychiatric interventions of any kind then end up pregnant or a parent.  Some may take offense to that but if you (not you SSB, generally speaking) are responsible about your issues, you will understand it is simply for your child’s safety and well being.  It’s not meant to be intrusive or an inconvenience, but to make sure they are keeping up with medications and taking care of their babies.  Most people who suffer from psychiatric disorders know and are familiar with their “disabilities”, some are responsible, some aren’t.  It’s an old reference but damn, we need more credentials to drive a car than to have kids.  We have to go through 12 years of schooling to get a diploma, a piece of paper; but anyone can have kids, no education or experience necessary. 

        I wish I had a magic answer to say who could be responsible for such supervision, but we can’t even get CPS to do thier jobs let alone make room in the budget for yet another social service organization, but Hell, if there was some sort of social service program checking in on some of these kids once a month, someone would have noticed if the living room floor was being used as a litter box or if a child wasn’t being fed.  Someone would have seen the bruises on a child’s body or known they were locked in a closet.

        p.s. sorry so long….

  • Kae Lily

    And now, I’m going to cry myself to sleep.

  • April

    I loved it before you added to it, and I love it more now.  Excellent write up.  I know this one was hard for you.

    • CynicalMe

      Thanks!  I’m glad you like it. 

      Hard doesn’t cover it…  I just knew I had to get it done before tomorrow and this weekend…

      Sorry it’s taken so long for me to finish this everyone!  It’s been written twice and reworked 2 more times.  Long story!

      • April

        Rapture,, tornadoes… I know.

  • Split Second Blur

     This one is it for me tonight….I’m going to go sob like a little girl now.