Irons – Not Just for Clothes Anymore

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Hope Askew Tutor of the Year








Mom accused of burning daughter’s face with iron

HCSO: Mom burns child with hot iron

Mom accused of burning daughter

Show of hands – at the ripe old age of 10, how many of you were able to read every single word in a book with zero problems?  That’s what I thought, not many.  It’s a good thing none of us were raised by Hope Askew (42) of Houston, TX because she’s got an interesting way of dealing with her daughter’s reading flubs – smack her in the face with a hot iron.

On April 11th, Askew was ironing clothes at her home while her daughter was reading a book.  The girl was having a little trouble and was reading some of the words incorrectly which so enraged her mother that she hit her twice on the left side of her face with the hot iron she was using on her clothes.  As I’m sure you can guess mommy dearest didn’t bother to seek treatment for her daughter’s burns.  The little girl told the school nurse the injury happened when she hit a hot skillet at home which clearly is a completely unbelievable story, thank goodness.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit I get frustrated when my older son struggles with something we’ve worked on and he really should know, I’ve wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but that never accomplishes much and I would imagine inflicting physical injury would accomplish even less.

A family member reported the incident to CPS and Askew was arrested and charged with injury to a child.  Her bond is set at $10,000.   Hopefully she won’t get a job in the prison laundry….

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  • Muggle

    Good God, has this cunt been taking lessons from motherfucking FIRE LORD OZAI?! 

  • Steve

    having grown up with a mother who would hit you with anything she had handy(Shoe, wooden spoon or the back of her hand) this doesn’t surprise me-but it does make me pissed off as hell. So she screws up one place while reading and you risk permanently scarring her FOREVER over that?

    fuck this bitch, seriously.  what does she find acceptable punishment for something really serious? Death? can you imagine the fear this kid lives with on a normal basis?

  • Veronica

    i think you’d be hard-pressed to find ANYONE, of ANY age, who could read under that much duress.  ‘don’t fuck up or i’ll burn you?’  i think i could start to stutter for the first time in my life.

  • Kae Lily

    I was considered to be at an advanced reading level at age 10 and I still had trouble with some words. Even now at 17, I still struggle with some words in the books we read in my English class.

    Steve, I like your idea. But don’t burn her face first. Work your way up from feet to face. Unless you’d prefer to go from top to bottom.

  • Steve Weiss

    Maybe we could for her to recite the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and/or Declaration of Independence and burn her with a soldering iron everytime she messes up.

  • Veronica

    Disgusting.  I’d rather have an illiterate kid, frankly.

  • Anonymous

    As a reading teacher and a parent this story is sad on SO many levels!  I have no words at all.