Toddler needs reconstructive surgery after rape…

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Toddler needs surgery after rape

Let me start this one off by saying that if this story does not enrage you, then you have no heart.  I expect you readers (April and Steve W.) to come up with the newest and most creative forms of torture one could inflict upon the barbarian above.  I am thinking after reading this that will NOT be a problem, so don’t let me down. 

Over Memorial Weekend, Oak Harbor, WA Police arrested the piece of filth up there, Ryan Stephenson (26) for the brutal rape of the 20-month-old daughter of his ex-girlfriend.  The rape was so brutal the poor baby had to undergo reconstructive surgery.  Pissed yet? 

The investigation began after personnel at Whidbey General Hospital reported a little girl was in the hospital with large vaginal tears and severe bleeding.  OMG… I am FUCKING enraged!  I have a daughter and if anyone EVER looked cross-eyed at her I put them to death in a flat second and not feel one bit of remorse about it.  This poor baby, I can’t even imagine!  I know you are pissed now! 

The girl’s mother told detectives that her ex-boyfriend; Stephenson was babysitting her daughter and 5-year-old son. Ummm, why in fucksake was her EX-boyfriend watching her children, isn’t he an EX for a reason?  But wait it gets better.  The reason this has landed here on BB is… not only was the scumbag dickless pimple on the ass of society her EX-boyfriend but she had a restraining order against him.  Yeah you read that right, mom had a restraining order against him and he was STILL babysitting her children.  In fact he had previous convictions for violations of that very restraining order, by contacting the mother.  So I guess… he is a danger to mom but not the kids WTF! He was also convicted of harassing and sending threatening messages to baby girl’s dad.  Still wondering what the fuck he was doing “caring” for her children; clearly he has some fucking issues.  I mean if he harasses dad and mom to point of needing a restraining order, what in the fucking shit made this “mother” thank he was an acceptable babysitter and didn’t SHE need to be near him in order to leave her babies with him.  I hate to place blame on mom… but well I am, she is just as responsible for allowing this barbarian anywhere near her babies.  She may not have known he’d be capable of such an atrocity but she obviously knew he was capable of some whacked out shit, or there would be no need for a restraining order.  I have a sneaking suspicion there is more to this than he was the only available babysitter. 

Anyhow… ass pimple up there admitted to police that he probably did cause the injuries, but denied the rape suggesting the injuries came from him beating her.  Oh Ok… that makes it all better fuckstick you’re free to go.  Gawd! He said he lost his temper with the baby and beat her with a closed fist on the bottom and between the legs.  Uh what?  He didn’t rape her but he did beat her between the legs.  Do you all feel better about that excuse?  No!  Well ok then he had another let’s see if this one works better for you, the injuries came from him bouncing her on his knee and stretching her legs apart.  Is that one better?  No!  Yeah, didn’t think so!  I am going to assume at this point that you are all pissed the fuck off and you should be!

The sexual assault doctor described the baby’s injuries as severe trauma caused by penetration not being hit.  Well there you go… pindick’s excuses can not be plausible.  BTW, what made this ignoranimous think he could out smart the doctors and police. 

The no-ball barbarian has been charged first-degree rape of a child, that includes six aggravating circumstance, which would allow the judge to sentence him beyond the standard range.  If convicted no-balls could face an indeterminate sentence up to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 8 ½ to 11 years and 3 months in prison.  An indeterminate sentence means he would serve at least the minimum sentence, and then a special review board would decide whether to release him after that. 

As far as I can see mom has not been charged with anything and there is no mention of pending charges.  Honestly she probably won’t face charges but she should, who in their right mind leaves their baby with a man they feel the need to get a restraining order against. 

As far as this guy goes, I hope with all the hope a girl can have that he spends everyday of his pathetic life being used as the inmates in his local prisons, sex toy!  Here’s hoping for some tearing and severe bleeding on his end, so he may feel one ounce of what that baby did.  Ok our creative readers, don’t let me down come up with some creative ways to torture this guy, after writing this I need the laughs!

  • Jackal

    I know I’m late on this, but I say hang him by his testicles. Hang him in such a position that he will fall ass-first when the weight of his body tears them clean off. Put a 12-inch-tall scale model of the Washington Monument coated with ghost pepper oil down to catch him. Then stand there and laugh at his pain for a while before cutting off his dick, making him swallow it whole, and then staking him out to the ground and charging passersby 5 cents a whack with a five-pound sledgehammer, starting at his feet.

  • michelle

    im sorry miminum of 8 years why is still ALIVE??? he needs a death sentance and not this it has to be humane bs he needs a long drawn out slow death by sodomy!!! i say a base ball bat wraped in barbed wire sounds fair!

    • Jackal

      Yeah, shit like this needs a minimum of ‘never see the sun again.’

  • Robb

    Let us not go too fast on doing things that would let this animal die to quickly! How about we act like human beings ourselves and just have both his hands cut off, up to the elbows; then remove his penis by cutting it off without pain medicine. Then find the absolute remotest uninhabited small rock island in the middle of the ocean, Take and put him on the island where there are many species of dangerous animals along with thousands of pages of what he did and photos of this precious stolen soul (the abused baby) along with a similitude of sounds of what the baby was probably sounding like. Throw him some hog guts and other stuff from diseased livestock so he can eat it from the ground like the dirty filthy snake he is. I am so sorry that this child chose to enter this planet through that pitiful
    sick, monstrous woman who I will not call her mother. Peace be upon the child forever!

  • urdrem1 .

    Maybe this POS deserves to die, or something close to it, that I don’t know, but what gets me is that it’s perfectly OK for Doctors to strap down a baby boy and amputate the most sensitive part of his body by removing 50 to 85% of the erogenous nerve endings in his penis, and it’s just fine. Personally, if someone tried to remove part of my genitals against my will now, I might kill them, and if I could go back in time, and was able, I would probably do the same to the doctor that did that to me when I was too helpless to stop him.
    I hope this girl makes a full recovery with as few lasting injuries as possible. The point I’m trying to illustrate is the blatant double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to any concern or empathy for boys/men in our twisted society, (most of the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy).

    • Trench Reynolds

      Anti-circumcision advocates. Comparing apples to oranges since the mid-90s.

      • Muggle

        Finally, a man who gets it.

        Most men who are circumcized can still function just fine sexually and have good sex lives. Women who are victims of FGM can’t, and don’t, because the clitoris is so crucial to sexual pleasure. The worst forms of it are actually designed to make sex excruciating for women, at least the first time, as a deterrent. Circumcision, on the other hand, has some (admittedly debatable) health benefits.

        But absolutely none of this has anything to do with a baby girl being VIOLENTLY SEXUALLY ASSAULTED and having her tiny genitals so badly injured as a result she needed reconstructive surgery. Two completely different things.

  • bonnice53

    Let’s take this scumbag to the nearest deli, back to the meat slicer, and have IT thin shaved.

  • sarah

    Men for drug charges my ex is doing 12 years. they need to leave his ass there for life.i dont understand that drug dillers do more time then rapies.
    Weres the protest in that. What ever juge lets that niggaa go is as sick as he is…

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  • Aussie Sabbath

    Woah what a freak! He looks like an evil clown or something, there should be a warning on the story before you scroll down! He probably couldn’t get any willing partners so he resorted to raping children *shudders* BTW Some troll down there seems to think that raping 5 year olds is funny. Trench, Mal. April, you know what to do…

  • Kat

    Still no clue how t edit here. My last post was in response to Emeraldkat

  • Kat

    ok I have to say- IF ur child has not been with the other parent for a while, it is up to custodial  parent  to visit the other parent’s home with said child to ensure that the surroundings are acceptable. Screw if you think that makes you look “like a bad person”.
    I do not believe that NOT meeting one’s parent’s can be in any way positive. Let your children meet the other, but protect them simultaneously.
    A parent showing up to say happy bday is better to many youngsters than a huge gift.
    So Idk. Your baby’s dad is what he is. I understand ( tremendously ) the urge to attempt to protect her from what you perceive as emotional harm, just do not necessarilly agree all the way. Not having some degree of knowledge about her other bio parent may harm her more in the long run. and possibly the relationship betweeen you and your child.
    Idk. just saying.

  • Marsha

    A jury took 15 minutes to convict him.  (after all, they had to leave the courtroom, take a vote, fill out paperwork and get back into the courtroom).   Last month he was sentenced to 60 years in prison.   The prosecutor had asked for 45 but the judge, who was choking up, called his crime fiendish and satanic and added more time.   He offered counseling to the jurors.   The doctors who treated this poor little girl are in therapy.

    CPS removed the little girl and her brother from the mother’s custody and they are being raised by an aunt and uncle.  The aunt says that the little girl is emotionally traumatized.

    • Malevolent April

      Thanks for posting these updates. I am reading them all but haven’t commented on every one. I want you to know it’s more than appreciated, love!

    • Kat

      I sill have to say my personal current favorite punishment for ‘its’ that mess with children in any way is ‘ bury them alive, plant a tree on top’. For this s bag? That’s probably too good.

    • Rochell Arnold

       I am without a doubt the little girl is not only emotionally but PHYSICALLY traumatized after needing reconstructive surgery. This guy was a total piece of shit, I am glad this motherfucker got 60 years and hope his ass gets shanked in prison. In my opinion anything less than death is not justice for the child who will have to live with this for the rest of her life. It’s not fair to her. These monsters totally piss me off.

  • Mitchell2662

    I grew up in a home with TMI, we all knew all the gross things my parents were doing. It stressed us, stole our innocence, depressed us, embarrassed us…and made some of the children think that the life they led was acceptable, and they in turn, did the same. I am fortunate that my boys have sorta formed there own opinion of their father. The last time he had them alone was more then two years ago, and he” forgot” to feed them all day. The boys scavenged for some food, but when I picked them up they looked like zombies. He has now seen them since, but only with me. They KNOW. They know daddy is a drunk and mean and sad and selfish. I speak to them about none of that being their fault its his. I have not yet had a need to take away his rights, as he doesnt interfere in our lives. I do what I can to make everyday fun and happy and functional. We just sorta disregard his existence, nobody cares. Its sad for my boys, but they are genuinely happy boys, I have brothers and they adore them. IF it came a point where his neglect was hurting them, I wouldnt hesitate to take his rights away. Rochell, you are not being selfish, caring for sons emotions is very selfless. And it seems you have a good man that could take over the role that bio-dad failed at. Its not your fault he failed. Its his. Your son will always love you, bio dad will have regrets, but he is a grown up. Hopefully your son can” re-learn” how to live without bio daddy, but be happy with his new life. Good luck! I just try to make everything an adventure, tell him the sad news, let him know how lucky you are to have him…and then take him to the park and let him play! 😉

    • Rochell Arnold

      Well its hard because my middle son cries for his dad. My older son gets mad and trash talks his dad but I tell him not to. Even though the things my older son says is true I dont think my younger son should be kicked while he is down. I try really hard to make sure I never bad mouth my ex even though I want to. I just wish he wasnt such a selfish fucker and he could  see how he is hurting his son, because it breaks my heart when I see him cry and there is nothing I can do to fix it.

      • Emeraldkat

        Rochell, its sad how many moms are in the same boat as you (myself included). I’ve been given some advice by a man who was raised by only his mom and step-dad (who he considers his father now) about situations like this. Don’t lie, but also don’t bad-mouth the negligent parent. Tell them honestly, but make sure its age appropriate – sometimes a 6 year old will ask what’s going on, and only needs a quick one sentence response. But if you believe that seeing their father harms them in any way (even just the emotional harm they get from seeing him once per year, then not getting any contact can be too much for young kids), then it is better to simply tell your ex when he asks to talk to them or see them that until he shows that he can actually be there without hurting the children further, he won’t be able to see them.

        Its hard because this can make you look like the bad person. However, my ex has been in and out of prison for years now and he simply is not of a mindset that can care properly for a child. I gave him two last chances (my bad) to prove himself, and first he took her for longer than expected and didn’t tell me she got ill, didn’t give her medicine to at least help with her fever, didn’t have any bed for her to sleep in – she got a chair in the living room, and all because he has a friend who is a parent coming to see him. He didn’t care about her one bit. He gave her one can of chicken soup the whole weekend… He just wanted to show his friends that he has a kid too… The last chance was her birthday party in Feb. He came without bringing her a present, not even a card! My neighbor’s kids hand wrote her cards cause they couldn’t afford anything more. But he couldn’t even do that. He showed up late, (40 min left of the party) brought some new fling of the week, and proceeded to try and get in on everything. While my man paid for the whole party. I even asked if he could simply help out in some way, and he just gave me excuses. I just said no more. It hurts my daughter too much every time. She cries that he doesn’t call or ask for her. I finally decided it is my responsibility to protect her from him. I took my friend’s advice and things are starting to actually get better. In the beginning she asked about him quite a bit, but now she barely even thinks of him.

        Just my thoughts. I would rather her be in my protection than possibly be hurt over and over again. It isn’t fair to her. When she is old enough to choose things for herself, then she can do what she wants. Until then, I feel I have a responsibility to keep her away.

        • Rochell Arnold

          I do not understand how some people can be so self centered. It only hurts me because it hurts my kids. It is unfortunate.