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Tough Guy beats his 10-year old daughter for eating cereal without permission.

Dad Beats 10-Year-Old Girl for Eating Cereal

Goodyear man arrested for allegedly beating daughter with belt

Kid-lasher and abuser - Leonel Morales.

See that slouchy-eyed fuck right there? That’s Leonel Garcia Morales, 39, of Goodyear, AZ. He’s been arrested on 2 counts of child abuse for beating his 10-year old daughter with a belt, hard enough to leave welts, because she was eating cereal without permission. Fucking kids, always want to eat right?

This piece of shit tough guy left bruises and welts all over his daughter’s legs, so much so that the school nurse noticed them and asked her some questions. The girl told the nurse what had happened and she called the authorities.  When the CPS workers checked on the girl a few days later, they found fresh bruises on her arms and face. Police set up a confrontation call between the girl and her dad and listened in. The girl claimed she wasn’t sure what to tell the cops and the dad replied, “you better keep your mouth shut.” The girl told them that she’s oftened lashed and it leaves marks on her body. How fucking horrifying.

No word on where the mother is, and the girl is now in foster care — as far away from this monster as possible sounds pretty wonderful to me. I hope she gets to stay with a family that loves her and lets her eat all the cereal she wants.

Thanks to Deena for the tip!

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  1. April, for this one I am going to need a 1 1/2 in – 2 in wide 3 oz cowhide belt, preferably with a 2-4 oz buckle. Alternately a large horse (I’m a 325 pound man so nothing smaller than a Morgan), a stout rope, and about 20-30 acres of rocky terrain…..or about a half mile of gravel road.

    1. Oh fuck.  Does your chick know… that I love you the way that I do?  BTW – My husband was a bull rider.  I’d be willing to guess he’s got some cool shit in his riggin’ bad that would work for whatever you have in that sexy head of yours.

  2. that’s my father… :(.. thanx a lot….

    1. He’s not a very nice person.  I hope that you are somewhere where you are safe from him.

  3. madalyndeservedthis

    Madalyn is an attention seeking whore im glad she got beat

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