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Deputies: Twin Toddlers Badly Hurt, 1 Sexually Abused

Spartanburg man, 25, accused of sexually assaulting 19-month-old girl 

Disclaimer:  That’s right.  Since we had some uptight ass post a persnickety comment in another thread, I feel the need to offer up a disclaimer on this thread.  So read every fucking word of this disclaimer carefully and heed my warning.  I don’t like ANYONE who abuses children.  Even more, I fucking hate the monsters that rape children.   If you find the use of the words fuck, c***, vagina filler, tw*t, fucktard, (need I go on, or do you get the point?), go ahead and hit the little red “X” box in the top right corner of the page.  This is clearly not the place for you.  If you can handle little ol’ me using such language, buckle your seatbelts.  This is gonna be a rough one. 

2 weeks ago (I’m a little late posting this one, I know), a 19-month-old, 19 pound baby boy was admitted to the hospital intensive care with bleeding on his brain.  In addition to the brain bleeding, he had large bruises on his forehead, a rash in his pelvic area and a cut on his bottom that appeared to be infected.  Of course those docs are troublesome… they called the cops because they believed the baby had been abused.  Gee… I wonder what gave them that idea. 

The worthless egg dispenser, 19-year-old Stephanie “Kayl”a Blake, claimed that her son wasn’t feeling well the previous day and that he had thrown up.  My guess is the vomitting was a lingering side affect from his travel out of her toxic birth canal, but I digress.  She claimed that he had gagged on his dinner about 6 p.m.  He was moved to the living room, where he began having a seizure.  At that point, Blake decided to call 911 while her sperm slinging asstard, 25-year-old Randall Dean Matheny (who is NOT the daddy), performed CPR on the baby. 

DOH!  Did I forget to mention that the little angel was half of a pair?  Well, he is.  It seems that Miss Blake either can’t read or she doesn’t have a copy of the Child Abuse for Dummies handbook, because her excuse to officers for the baby’s injuries was not one listed in the guide.  She claimed that he was injured while playing with his twin sister, but didn’t offer up any other details.  

Deputies and the Special Victims Unit sergeant, Kevin Bobo, went to the home to check on the little girl.  A woman that was with baby girl told officers that Matheny hit the children, in her opinion, excessively.  My personal opinion is that ANY hitting on child that age is excessive.  But that’s just me.

The children were both placed in emergency protective custody and the little girl was taken to the hospital to be examined.  While being transported to the hospital, EMS workers changed the baby’s diaper as they believed that it had not been changed in some time.  That’s when it became evident that her brother was not the only one that had been grossly abused.  Not only was the little angel covered in bruises, she also appeared to have been sexually assaulted.  Fuck. 

Both children, who were born prematurely, were X-rayed and didn’t appear to have  and broken bones, new or old.  That’s god news, I guess.  Although, (even though ideally there should have been NO signs of abuse) I think a broken bone is a bit better than rape. 

Matheny was arrested on an unrelated warrant from South Carolina Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services and was taken to the sheriff’s office to be questioned – the pussy actually confessed to abusing the babies.  *gasp*  Wait… his pussification doesn’t end at child abuse – Even though he confessed to investigators, when the D-bag was asked if he sexually assaulted the little girl, he claimed that Blake was responsible for the children’s injuries.  Huh?  He admitted it then rolled over on his whore?  How does that work? 

Both babies remain in protective custody.  Blake and Matheny have both been arrested and are being charged with two counts of neglect of a child/helpless person.  Matheny has an additional charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under age 11.  Bond for Blake has been set at $10,000 while Matheny is waiting on his bond hearing.  If convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, Blake may be looking at 25 years to life in prison. The child neglect charge carries up to (only) 10 years in prison.  Minimal considering that child rape is a lifetime sentence… for the child. 

I need to give several thumbs up to the doctors, officers and Sgt. Bobo for quickly taking the action that most likely saved these children; Even more, kudos to all of them for having enough restraint to NOT choke the life out of these monsters when they discovered that the baby girl had been sexually assaulted.  Since I read this story, all I can think about is wrapping my fingers around their fucking throats and seeing the fear in their eyes as they watch me while I laugh maniacally because I’m enjoying the sensation of feeling their last breaths and heartbeats under the palms of my hands.  Oh, in a perfect world…. 

Thanks go to BB bad ass, Dodia Fae, for the tip.

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  1. Bet the good ole boys in county can’t wait to get their hands on this baby raper. I would send cigarettes and sexy pictures for the remainder of their sentence to the inmate who inflicts the most damage.
    Hey April… mind sending me some sexy pics? 😉

    1. Oh… You KNOW you’ve got me licked in the sexy category.  You can out sexy me any day.

      1. Uh huh, whatever. Four kids have wrecked this body. Wrecked like a high school girl at a college party. 
        Of course, we are talking about inmates. I could be “Queen of the Spartanburg County Jail”. *sigh* 

        1. And lol @ licked in the sexy category. That just sounds dirty.

          1. It was dirty.  You know that’s how my fucked up brain works.

        2. Dammit, I know women with more kids than than and rocking bodies.  Why must you tell tales.  I’ve seen you.  You’r a fox.

  2. whenever i read a post by you april, your aggression and issues take over the story and suddenly i dont want to read it which is a shame because to beat abuse it needs to be well documented and not taboo, pity as this website will never go any furthur and will never actually prevent or help abuse. Also your titles seem to mock the abuse which is even worse, seems to me you just want to lash out and something or someone….shame  for you .

    1. are  you related or are you in one of these cases!

      1. No.  She’s an unattractive Brit who needs to get laid.

    2. The solution is simple, don't read. Do you really think it will affect me or anyone else her for that matter?

    3. When you say this website will never prevent or help abuse – you’re so wrong.  It is because of this site that I reported a case of suspected child abuse, which turned out to be accurate and now the child is out of the situation.  This site helped me learn the signs, gave me the courage to poke my nose into others business.  We HAVE to be the voice for these children and once you’ve read this site for awhile, you could never turn the other cheek if you suspected abuse was occurring.  Curse words are just words, I see the “big picture” of this site.  And what this site is conveying is the important thing and the only thing that matters.

      1. Comment of the week right there.

      2. Bravo!!!  Thank you.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    4. Shame the fuck on you for even bringing your ass on here and having the gall to reference some bullshit opinion of yours that no one here gives a shit about.  No one forces you to come on this site and read any posts so if you are here, it’s of you rown free will.  It’s really just a shame that instead of you focusing on the issue at hand, you choose to start a conversation about you’re pathetic ass feelings.  As I have stated in previous posts, you don’t like it, go read the newspapers where censorship is acceptable, this is a blog where we HATE child abusers and rapists and really hate people who try to take the focus off what’s really important and shift it to their whiny ass opinions.  As my 2 yr old neice says…………. “Dueces”      *throwing up 2 fingers*

      1. I’m going to start using that. 

        1. Angie’s a rock star.  Didn’t you know.  Are you cool enough to steal her swag?

          1. He might be able to pull it off 🙂

          2. Don’t encourage him.

        2. Just make sure you kinda c*ck your hand side ways ghetto style when you do it 🙂

          1. And make pouty, teeny bopper, myspace pic lips.

      2. Heeeeheeeee.  Thanks for making me giggle.
         I thought this was a good place for this:
        Johannah – A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order.Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or reflect the purpose of the Web site that hosts the blog. Topics sometimes include brief philosophical musings, commentary on Internet and other social issues, and links to other sites the author favors, especially those that support a point being made on a post.
        This is a blog.  If you aren’t interested in personal opinions hit the fucking road.  If it’s ME you don’t like, skip my posts and feel free to eat a dick and have yourself a terrific day.

        1. You’re very welcome.  Damn cry babies irritate me.  Put that much effort into being pissed at the inbred, half retarded parents on BB hurting their babies.

          1. Well, “priorities” and all.  Like I said, she’s not very attractive and may be in need of a good hard dicking.  Thos are usually the ones that act the most constipated.

          2. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            @Angies4kids, that would be inbred, half retarded PARENT!! Only the MOTHER was charged with this crime, NOT THE TWINS FATHER!!! The fucktard charged is her current warm fuck at the time!!!

          3.  She was not saying anything about the father. She was talking about those featured here on BB who have actually done something to their children. Not the twins’ dad. @@

          4. well evry body else kcicking me whill im down

          5. Thinking like that will allow your attackers to gain confidence, Alexx, and it sounds to me like you aren’t down, you are going to college, you’re in the Navy….
            Now, since you are accomplishing something with your life, could you please use proper spelling and grammar? You seem like you have some form of intelligence…
            Do you get to see your twins at all?
            Have you tried to contact them in any way, shape, or form?
            You say you pay child support…do you get visitation?
            Have you thought about getting a lawyer and fighting for custody of the babies, since it’s obvious their mother isn’t a very good candidate?
            Lastly, I think that you are enjoying the attention we bb regulars are giving you,  especially the negative attention…if you are trying to better yourself, you wouldn’t bother with that kind of shit, imo. Why don’t you tell us YOUR side of the story, without insults, misspellings, and leave the ghetto eubonics out, please…I really hate it when a white boy forgets he is white…

          6. He doesn’t sound intelligent. He sounds like he’s full of ca-ca.

          7. Maybe she was going for “nice”… you know, trying to encourage him to pull his head out of his ass, wake up those two brain cells he allegedly has in his head, and get them rubbing together to create some warmth. Or something.

          8. I’m sure she was. He doesn’t deserve nice. He needs a fucking wake up call. And I mean that in the most Non-Cina way possible.

            Awwwwww… Remember Cina? WAKE UP CALL!!! PRECIOUS! PENIS!!!! (let’s see how long it takes for Trench to comment on this one) BLESSING!!!

          9. *SNORK!* I don’t think I had the pleasure of being here when Cina was here (I think I started reading right after she was booted or left or whatever… BLESSING!) I kinda feel like I missed out there, yo.

            OMGs… the asstardbonics are contagious! Quick, someone make a vaccine!

          10. She posted the same shit in every comment. “That stupid woman cared more about her precious penis than her baby. She forgot she had a blessing at home. WAKE UP CALL!!!” Fuck, it would have made your ass twitch.

          11. Sounds like someone else we know. Doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 40 or 99 etc, etc…

          12. Yep, and that one started out with “this is why all teen parents suck” on any post where a parent had been younger than 20 and when she got called out on it, she switched to the phrase you just mentioned.

          13. So in essence a complete contradiction of her original statement. ROFL.

          14. Oh, Dodia and I thought that Whatsherfuck was Cina. She’s not. Cina was posting from an IP address in NorCal. Digchild is posting from China or some shit. To different tards. Fun.

          15. Ah… no wonder people thought Diggy was Cina. Diggy makes my ass twitch.

          16. Lol I’ve seen a couple past Cina comments but wasn’t around when whatever happened happened

          17. She got called out and didn’t like it. That’s when the fight started. The Open Thread was born… The end.

          18. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            Yes, he gets to see them, and is fighting for custody SOLE custody of them, this story just has too many mistakes made on the state of SC’s part that it would take up your whole blog to explain it, those babies and their father were done wrong by SC, but it is all coming through for them now, and they will end up with their Daddy where they should have been upon release from the hospital all along!!!!

          19. Alexx, I don’t think anyone would have said a single thing about you had the comment not been made threatening everyone here. You then went on to continue to attack everyone, over and over and using poor grammar and language. If you want respect you have to give it. I give you credit for joining the Navy and getting an education, but your post come across like some thug. If you aren’t and you are a devoted father, why are you so angry at others for defending your children and hating their mother and abuser?

            I, for one, hope your babies are doing well and grow up happy and healthy. I hope for you that you reach all the goals you have set for yourself and that IF you are the caring, devoted parent you claim to be you get those babies back. That being said people will take you the way you present yourself and here you have not made yourself look very good.

            Good Luck to you and the babies.

          20. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            Thanks, Deena, he is visiting them as I am writing this!!

          21. Stop giving people reason to. Seriously. The best thing that could happen for your children is for a judge to see your comments here and decide that neither you or your children’s mother are fit to care for them. I wouldn’t even let someone like you in the same house as my kids for a short visit. The thought of you having custody of any child, let alone children who’ve been severely abused and will need emotional support, is just frightening.

          22. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            These twins have a FATHER AND MORE THAN THAT A FAMILY that loves and cares for them and will see them lovingly through this trauma, I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I RECENTLY BECAME A MEMBER OF THIS WONDERFUL FAMILY!! BAM GOT THAT FOR YA!!

      3. Heeeeheeeee.  Thanks for making me giggle.
         I thought this was a good place for this:
        Johannah – A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order.Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or reflect the purpose of the Web site that hosts the blog. Topics sometimes include brief philosophical musings, commentary on Internet and other social issues, and links to other sites the author favors, especially those that support a point being made on a post.
        This is a blog.  If you aren’t interested in personal opinions hit the fucking road.  If it’s ME you don’t like, skip my posts and feel free to eat a dick and have yourself a terrific day.

      4. Does it matter which two fingers we use?

        1. Haahaaaa. I'm a little slow this morning. It took me a minute but that made me giggle.

          1. Hey, I was being serious. o.0

            *Snork!* Talk about slow… I still haven’t figured out which two fingers
            we’re supposed to use. But I’m sure you can guess which two I’ll be
            using most of the time. 😉

          2. Make that 4 fingers. I'll hold up the same. Ready…. GO!!

    5. I agree with you Show Me.  Not only is the personal aggression affecting the story but her stupid comments following the story have nothing to do with it.  Who’s sexier and wants to roll in jello?  Ya, that’s really showing concern for these 2 precious children you say you care so much about April.  Why are you posting that crap on the comments page of BB?  Why not just do that on your FB or MS or something?  Just because you have poor writing skills doesn’t mean we are assholes for mentioning it.  Attack, attack, attack.  That’s all you do.  Why?  Because you are weak minded and crave attention.  That’s made obvious by you and your pointless comments.  Yes, this is a blog.  A blog about child abuse, not lemoncello or jello shots.  One of those 3 things should be taken a lot more seriously on the blog.  

      1. Again, no one is forcing you to read Apri’s posts or every last comment.

        1. But but but…. Why?  Don’t you know that if she doesn’t read I will have to cry myself to sleep. 
          Just kidding.  I love that this stupid bitch hates me.  It just proves that I’m superior to c***s that really have nothing in their lives to satisfy them.  I would recommend the spin cycle.  It’s free and may result in relieving a little of that pent up sexual frustration.

        2. But but but…. Why?  Don’t you know that if she doesn’t read I will have to cry myself to sleep. 
          Just kidding.  I love that this stupid bitch hates me.  It just proves that I’m superior to c***s that really have nothing in their lives to satisfy them.  I would recommend the spin cycle.  It’s free and may result in relieving a little of that pent up sexual frustration.

      2. Oh, why don’t you shut the fuck up and snort some limoncello, Hag. We aren’t members of the media, we’re hot ass bitches, with little class, who happen to care a lot about kids. Go eat a dick.

        1. Hold the phone. When did you get such a potty mouth?  And class… I have plenty.  What I don’t have is respect for child abusers or tolerance for ignorant, self-righteous, uptight tw*ts.  Limoncello… I’m gonna grab some TN honey and gingerale and wait for someone else to comment on how much they hate me.

          1. Hatred is a form of flattery. I embrace it. And you know you love my potty mouth. 😉
            As for class… I have it… I’m just a pro at putting it away and “showing my ass” from time to time. Thank god, my husband finds it adorable. 

          2. This bitches missed the part where more people love me than hate me, so why in the fuck would their opinions matter?

      3. Personal aggression toward someone who raped a child offends you? Then you aren’t on the right website.  As for our “stupid” comments, If you think that we don’t need a little joking and laughter in this site to help ease the heartache of some of the shit we read about, you are obviously a heartless c***.  As for taking it to MS or FB, well… that’s not really for you to decide, is it?  This isn’t your site, nor does anyone here  care about your opinion.  As for me needing attention, I get plenty from my husband and son and…well… pretty much every I know.  I don’t come here for attention.  You obviously don’t see the tears I shed over a majority of these stories.  Meh – I don’t give a fuck what you see.  YOU are obviously posting her for attention.  Why else would you post on a BLOG bitching about me?  If you really gave a shit about the subject matter, you would be just as pissed off and “aggressive”.  You had to get your two cents
        worth in because you knew it would get a reaction.  Sounds like wanting attention to me.  No one is forcing you to read.  How about you hit the fucking X, suck a tail pipe, eat a dick, play in traffic, or just fuck off and everyone will be happy.  Mmmkay?

      4. wow, the culture nazis are out….

        so the conversation moves around, including some humor to help offset the rest of the fairly serious subject matter….and because YOU think it should all be so po-faced we should wallow in the sadness? This is a blog-followed by a community of different people-with lives and other interests that occasionally filter down into regular conversation.  Are you really THAT worked up over that fact? your post sounds more pointless and ranty than anything I’ve heard April dish out.  I should post it on my facebook page? seriously, fuck off!

        Elizabeth, there’s a bridge to hide under somewhere and its calling your name.

        1. I was sure it was the pavement below the bridge calling her to jump from the top… but either way. 😀

        2. Meh.  We need a good tard bash once in a while.

      5. Get a grip, none of us are damn robots with no emotions, and the silly is how some of us deal with the horror reported here daily, I said daily, some days several stories, not to mention the ones that are still being worked on and the cesspool the writers have to slog through to get as much of the horrid story as possible.
          If you can’t deal with people being human, then GTFO. It’s either we relieve the agony of these stories with humor and fun or someone gets really hurt. I know April recently took a bit of a break because of too many dead and hurt babies in the inbox, it would have happened a lot faster or been longer without the reminder that not all people are ignorant baby-hurting asstards.

        You want stories without silly comments, start taking the hard copy newspaper, you are going to find silly comments anywhere people can post comments, at least here, the totally retarded and/or evil comments are kept to a minimum.

  3. @38a2a152d1f9a61a9e1b433c5322236f:disqus : I smell a troll.
    @AprilAmber:disqus: Don’t feed the troll and it will get bored and leave.
    @both ladies: Pics or it didn’t happen.

    1. I'm not really concerned about some idiots opinion of me. If someone doesn't like my writing, they can skip my stories or hit the fucking road. Simple. It's just another asshole who thinks that their opinion is the majority. Yeah… Not so much. People either love me or hate me, but You can tell which is the majority. This is either the same troll from Cyn's thread posting under a new ip address, or some other shit for brains who finds the language more revolting than the fact that a baby girl was raped. Either way, let the tard bash begin.

  4. amazing…what the hell is wrong with these mothers…

  5. Its been said before and I’m sure it will be said again.  But how in effing hell does a full grown man look at an infant and say…oooh yeah, I gots to get me some of that.

    I will never get it.  The only things I think of when I see an infant are 1. that new baby smell & 2. how can I make them giggle.  There is nothing like a giggling infant. 

  6. I just do not understand what the fuck is going on in this world with all of this child molestation!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with these idiots!!!!!!!!!!! There is just no excuse and no punishment good enough for these people!!!!

    1. Oh.. There ARE punishments that are good enough.  It’s just illegal to carry them out.

  7. Split Second Blur

     – I remember the day I brought my first newborn son home from the hospital. I remember taking him from his car seat so carefully and placing him on the bed between myself and my husband. And I remember how we both just stared at him for at least an hour, commenting and marveling upon how insanely perfect and beautiful he was. Looking at his little toes, and his tiny fingers. Watching this perfect angel sleeping so soundly…his teeny tiny chest moving up and down, and honestly not being able to grasp how two people could create something so immaculate and utterly perfect.

    Of course long before this time, I vowed that NOTHING was ever going to happen to this child – or any other that I might be lucky enough to have. Not on my watch, and if anyone touched one hair on his head that person would have two parents on their ass, and that ass would find it’s way into our basement being experimented upon with various power tools and other such implements. Most parents; myself especially, realized that with the arrival of their new child everything had changed, and the priority shift was astounding. This was now the one person whom you would kill or die for…no question. The one person whom you would gladly lay down your life for…in a second. The one person whom you would always protect, despite any detriment to yourself or anyone else. – Your new child literally becomes your world. Nothing else matters.

    And to see subhuman trash like this break the promises that we all make to our children and betray them in ways that are simply too unimaginable for the majority of us….to read about what these scum did to their precious children, and see the smirks on their faces…I could never accept anything less than a horrible and agonizing death for them both. There is no redemption for this shit, and we all have every god damn right to judge these two worthless fucks, and wish the worst kind of pain upon them. And fuck anyone and everyone who might think otherwise.

    1. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

      @splitsecondblur, that would be inbred, half retarded PARENT!! Only the MOTHER was charged with this crime, NOT THE TWINS FATHER!!! The fucktard charged is her current warm fuck at the time!!!
      These twins have a FATHER AND MORE THAN THAT A FAMILY that loves and cares for them and will see them lovingly through this trauma, I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I RECENTLY BECAME A MEMBER OF THIS WONDERFUL FAMILY!! BAM GOT THAT FOR YA!!

  8. Soooo no word on those pics?

    You know I have always wondered how long an untreated brown recluse bite takes to kill someone. *points at the various breeders* Oh look guinea pigs.

    1. I’m confused.  What sort of pics are you looking for?  Are you judging the hotness contest?  Or you want to see the two of us duke it out in some sort of desert food wearing lingerie?  Help me out here.

      1. Can it be tiramisu? There’s alcohol in it. Two birds, one stone.

        1. Ohhhh.  Or limoncello.  Yummers.  I look good in yellow, too.

          1. Oooo limoncello. I had that in Greve in Chianti. I would definitely take that over red Jello.

          2. I LOVE me some limoncello.  It’s even better in cheesecake. Oh fuck.   Stop now…. bikini season is upon us.

          3. Enough wrestling should help with that

    2. Hmmm… may need more than one to cause death. But a few choice, large spiders in the shorts would be great. The bite turns black and the flesh rots… yes, that’s perfect. Brown recluses. They could watch their nether regions rot away, before succumbing to the infections caused by the bites.
      My son almost lost is pinkie toe after being bitten by a small one as a baby. It took two months to heal. Now it’s shorter than the other one… we call it his “gimp toe”

    3. I think it would depend on the location of the bite.

  9. Desert food…..BAD STEVE BAD STEVE!!!

    1. Consider it done.  She’s cute as a button.  I’d totally roll around in Jello with her.

      1. You know… I’ve always wanted to roll around in Jello. I would look great in red.

        1. Go look at Steve on FB.  Hell, add him as a friend.  He’s fun as fuck.  We need more fun guys in this place.  Trench is so elusive these days.

          1. I thought I was less elusive these days.

            —– Original message —–

          2. Maybe a little, but you boys are so much fun.  We need more of you.  You keep us on our toes.  Never mind that, as long as we keep a couple of you around, it will seem like less of a hen house. 
            Dammit.  When is Cyn 2 comiing home.  Then we’ll have 3.

          3. He’ll be here Tuesday!!  He’s going to make our 20th by one day but he’s going to make it at least!!!

            Looks like I’ve missed the fun…  Sorry to have been MIA lately but I’m starting to get back in the swing of things again!

          4. Awesome. I bet that makes you happy.

  10. Done and done. Wanna be my friend Steve?

  11. I’ll go for the jello wrestling if I can watch while doing jello shots on the side.

    Red? Green? Pistachio? Can’t we all just get along? 🙂

    Winner gets a crack at the the perps above with a baseball bat?  word to the deuces!

    1. ‘Word to the deuces’ is now the official way of how BBers greet each other in public.

      1. Oh damn.  That’s funny and retarded at the same time.  Stop now.  My side hurts and my mascara is running.  I’m too cute to have mascara streaks.

        1. Word to the deuces.

          1. Grrrrrrr.

    2. Deal.  And have you ever seen me in a thong?  Thong, lace bra and a little jumping around – I could totally distract Jenn and win the whole damn fight.

      1. You know that’s probably true…
        Can I at least kick the perps in the ribs a few times as a consolation prize?

        1. So, I went back and pic stalked you last night.  You really are stunning.  I think the two of us could ruin a few men.  Wanna try?

          1. Thank you. You and me together… we could do some damage. And I do love to ruin men. 😉 Plus, I’m moving to CO in July… so I’ll be closer. 

          2. My bestie lives in CO.  How exciting.  Happy hour.  Oh, wait… We should talk of such things.  The uptight bitties might get ass hurt.

          3. My bestie lives in CO.  How exciting.  Happy hour.  Oh, wait… We should talk of such things.  The uptight bitties might get ass hurt.

  12. GROSS and so sad.  THANK GOODNESS this story has a happier ending, meaning that the two children are alive. (I pary taht the little boy makesa full recovery).  Many props for people doing their jobs correctly.

    April, I am sorry someone complained about you.  I think you do a wonderful job of writing what we all are feeling while reading the stories! 

    1. Thanks Mel!!  Yiou should know me well enough to know I don’t give a fuck.  I’m not here to please people like her.  I’m here to please people like you!!  *hugs*

  13. Personally, I love the personal little side comments quite a few of the writers here will put into it. You can actually feel more of their compassion for the victim, and passion about what they feel on the issue with it than without. It’s not a bland, mindless reproduction of what has already been written. If you don’t like reading the writing, click on the link to find out what the details are. Don’t like the comments? No one is twisting your arm to force you to read them. Besides, comments are bound to go off topic at some point. So what? The blog is still serving it’s purpose.

    1. We aren’t suppose to have opinions.  We are supposed to be mindless drones and mimic the media with censorship and bland commentary.  After all, if you are politically correct, you aren’t living.  Maybe I’ll post my next story and keep in within a box that these two bitches find acceptable.  Or not.  Probably not, but it looked good when I typed it.  The majority of people reading, or at least the ones that comment, don’t mind my opinions.  I guess the smart ones that realize this isn’t a site they enjoy just hit the road and don’t bother commenting.  It is, after all, a blog.  It’s a personal choice to read what gets posted here.

      1. You woulod go insane trying to fit in the box these people want every bit of media and commentary to fit into. Damn morons that want the world to be super bland ultra-vanilla with no sharp corners and nothing to really make them live, because they are afraid to actually feel something for anyone besides themselves. Blah!

  14. I would cry if you posted something mundane. I’d be pissed off because of what I’m reading, crying for the child, and then upset because it was done in such a fashion that all the emotion that needs to be conveyed in the article was lost because some dick receiver can’t put on the big girl panties. Either read the shit that is plain and bypass the comments on here or hit the lovely little X at the top of your screen. Funny how they don’t come back after ripping you a new one, in a passive aggressive fashion, after someone speaks up about how big of a baby they’re being. Just shows how much they really need to invest in the pull-ups still.

    1. Yeah.  They missed that informative memo way back when that would have let them know that I don’t give a fuck.  That may have save them the time and effort they wasted commenting here.  Meh – fuck ’em.

  15. Fuck ’em is right.

  16. I’m so very sorry.  You’re right – I shouldn’t read the comments if I don’t want to play the game… or something along those lines.  I had actually never before read the comments of this particular crime blog until yesterday.  Absolutely, lighten the mood.  Distract from the reality.  Post the crime then quickly change the subject.  I really like that a lot better than consuming myself in thoughtful conversation with folks as serious minded about crimes against children as I am.  And I so appreciate your wise advice to… oh what was it… eat dick?  It’s Saturday night after all!  And that bridge.  I’m so grateful it’s not over waters as troubled as most.  Believe me – I will never come back to the comments page of BB ever again.  There is no point in me being here.  You are right, you are superior.  You are the best.  You have this part of the blog down to a science and I seriously do not belong here.  I don’t hate you.  I love you for bringing these stories out for public consumption.  I mean that with all due respect.  Carry on (that’s not permission… it’s politeness in case you’re unfamiliar with the term).  Have a beautiful day and may the devil get lost on his way to your doorstep.   Sincerely, Elizabeth

    1. Get off the cross Mary, someone needs the wood. 

    2. Good god.  You are seriously ignorant, aren’t you?  This is not an insult, only observance.  You have no idea the tragedies some of us have experienced in life to be able to make a joke in the worst of situations.  For some of us, laughter and jokes are the only way we can survive before throwing ourselves off the bridge.  I know I am a lady, and I rarely speak such, but please.  Get off your fucking high horse. I have lost two siblings through accident, two parents from life,  my children through an acrimonious divorce, and cannot find my way to make it home out of Africa back to the USA through financial difficulties.  Everyone has a tragedy, a story to tell, and sometimes we wish to help others escape such things through information. That’s what such a site as this is for.  Some have been helped.  Some have learned to ask for help.  And from the humour exhibited here, some have actually asked for assistance from these bloggers, and accomplished it,  myself included. (Thank you, April.  You give me hope I had forgotten.)

      Enter the real world, baby. This is what people think, what they wish to do, and what they live in every day life.  If you really want to help, wake up.  Join the crowd of disillusioned existence.

      1. Thank you, doll. You are so sweet.

    3. Naw. The devil can come on in and party. I welcome the fucker.

      For the record, the comments turned off topic since so uptight asshats wants to roll in here and voice an opinion that they KNEW was going to get a negative response. I'm a big girl. I can take criticism. But why are you reading if you hate my style so much? And really… Why take the time to comment. Hit the damn road. Also, if you take the time to read through some of the stories and the cooments, I care more about these kids than their own families. This particular story took me damn near a week to post because the idea of a baby being raped was nauseating and heartbreaking. So, if the way I express my passion for the subject matter here is too much for you to wrap your pointed little head around, I suggest you trot your ass on over to another site. Your opinion is not the majority here and this will be the response that you continue to get.

      Have a nice day. I hope you don't get a nose bleed up there on that high horse.

    4. Whilst I disagree with everything Elizabeth has to say, I have to give her points for this totally witty and hilarious response. It made me lol.
      But like I said, I dont agree with any of it. I love this site and all the bloggers and all the commenters, Its about 100 times more informative reading this site than ANY news site, and it feels like the writer cares, even if the post is laced with expletives, it reaks of compassion and emotion. ♥ BB.

      1. Thank you. Good to know someone appreciates what we do, even if I can't write and only do this shit for attention. Hugs.

  17. Don’t know if that’s possible it appears as though it’s up her ass!

  18. I don’t understand why people don’t get that this is a BLOG – aka an online space controlled by the moderators to post their opinions.  That’s what all blogs are, from live journals to whatever, they’re places for people to write their opinions.  If you have a problem with someone’s blog then don’t look at it.  Nobody should ever have to change their own online space just because another doesn’t like the way it sounds.  When I see things on TV that I find offensive, I just turn it off; I don’t start making a big fuss about their ability to show it because – guess what? – they can, and that’s the way it should be, and that’s just the way it is.  I don’t want people’s ideas governed by anyone else’s, including my own.  So, to all the people like Elizabeth, grow up and keep reading this blog or ignore it, it’s your choice and yours alone, just like it’s the moderator’s choice, and theirs alone, to keep this blog going.

    1. Thank you.  I don’t think it will penetrate the minds of the mindless, but at least you tried.  None of us (ESPECIALLY me) are going to stop doing what we do because a couple of uptight asshats got butt hurt.  To me, this was another thread / another tard.  Neither of these people had anything to say about the kids that were abused.  It was all about ME!!  I guess I really am the star here – forget the kids, right?  Sheesh.

    2. I think personally it is people that have not totally adapted to the realities of online anything yet, and expect it to be like a newspaper or something. The internet is where all the people that would be getting together with friends to discuss current events go instead, so you get a lot of stuff. And some people think if you are super-serious all the time when talking about super-serious stuff then you are somehow not getting the super-seriousness of it all. Problem is, in the information age, it is easy to get inundated with negative information, and the levity helps swing the pendulum back. Before the internet, you would maybe here about these stories happening in your state, or maybe in another state if it was a really huge story, but you may come across 2-3 a month locally and maybe one every few months for a nationwide story. Now, with the power of the internet, you can come across 2-3 stories a mintue sometimes, and from all over the world, and all levels of horror. The mind needs something or you get lost in the morass of horror.

  19. The best writers are the ones that speak from the heart and dont censor themselves. I KNOW you never would, but dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  20. Damn,I miss everything. Just for the record,me loves me some April.

    1. I love you back.  *hugs*

  21. These two should be shot dead and have their remains thrown into a landfill.They don’t deserve to live anyway.

  22. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

    What have these two sick fucks robbed these two precious little ones of?? and what has the world been robbed of by this happening to them???

  23. yuppl will die soon for fuckin with my precious twins i will make sure all the fucks who said anything or did anything will be buried i promise yu faggot bloggin bitches yur fuckin gone i promise to God.

    1. With your tenuous grasp of the English language I can’t tell who you’re threatening but it isn’t too smart to do so then leave a link to your Facebook. 

      1. Good please South Carolina..I know it. See it daily.

    2. Lmao. After reviewing your many gangsta poses in your bathroom mirror on FB, I’ll be the first to say I’m terrified.

      1. Second time in as many minutes I’ve had to wipe juice off my screen… the first was after reading “Alexx’s” comment. Seriously. Alexx. With 2 exes.

        1. Go check out his fb, do not take a drink first >_<

          1. My favorite part is that he’s a fan of Axe body spray. There’s a shock. 

          2. its not axe loser

          3. He looks like he’s working on his LE’s “Before and After Meth Addiction” photos.  

            And am I shocked at all that he’s got a shit ton of bathroom mirror cellphone pics, that he’s got friends asstarded enough to stand still while he’s pointing a rifle at their head, just to take a picture, or that he’s posted pictures of small children while leaving his profile completely open?  

            No.  I am not.  

          4. OMG – my favorite pic is the one of him in the bathroom mirror and he tagged “”crest toothpaste” with him. LMAOOOOOOOOO 

            He looks so gansta and scurry!

          5. Sad because it’s fucking Colgate.

          6. its was a joke damn

        2. yeah i like it that way why dont yu go hang with friends oh wait yu prob aint got any

          1. I’m not the one that spent all weekend typing unintelligible comments on a blog, further proving myself incapable of taking care of myself, let alone two children who will need an unimaginable amount of help working through severe emotional problems.

            No… I was too busy getting ready for, and celebrating with, a house full of family and friends.

      2. i was doing it for fun goddamn get a life

        1. Not sure what you mean you were doing for fun. Were you posing like a retard in your mirror for fun? If so, I’m pretty sure it is you who needs to get a life. Were you making barely intelligible threats on a blog about child abuse for fun? If so, you’re a huge, huge douchebag who needs to get a life.

    3. Oh, wow. I’m skeered.

    4. what’s a “yuppl”? 

      1. I was wondering the same thing? LOL

      2. What I’m completely confused about is what “twins” this person is talking about? And who here does he think “fucked” with them??? Seriously?

        And if he weren’t so completely laughable, I’d suggest to Trench that the threat be reported to LE… “dead and buried”, “yur fuckin gone” indeed. The turdburgler can’t even pick an actual spelling for “you’re”… at this rate, I’d gladly accept a “your”… or even a “yore”. Fucking moronic idiot. (Yes, I do realize that’s redundant, but what the hell.)

        1. It makes sense now, April discovered that Alexx is the father and that he’s back with the neglectful uterus/ovary combo mentioned above. So he’s mad that we’re dissing his woman. And now he’s going to shoot us with that gun from his Facebook profile. So invest in some bullet proof items; glass, vests etc. Because his genius wit combined with his street-savvy gangsterism has likely already led him straight to all of us. I’m typing right now from an undisclosed bomb shelter. In the witness protection program.

          1. ::wiping ABC cantaloupe pulp from bulletproof screen::

          2.  Not too scared of this loser because he has to get baby money from strangers (but needs to make sure his parents don’t get it first because they’d spend it-how fucking sad someone put that on his FB).  Also, there might not be any money left to ride the bus because of all the Axe and Crest (no wait Cologate; no wait Aquafresh) toothpaste he’ll need to buy to take pictures with. 

            Finally, maybe he’ll include his skanky whore with his gangsta pics after he gets his baby money.  You know he LUVS HER even though she neglected and abused his children and allowed her penis to sexual assault his baby daughter.   Hold me back girls – this is a true winner of a man (NOT!!!!). 

          3. I saw him first. Let the candle lit skunk soup dinners for two begin. And after dinner? Well you know I can’t resist a man with an Axe grenade, and how sexy is it that potentially, he has the tools necessary to brush his teeth? Swoooon…..

          4.  Well since you obviously seem to think he is all that and a bag of chips (oops meant a tube of toothpaste) he is all yours.  I won’t stand in the way of true love.  🙂

          5. Now now ladies. He is enough man for all of us blogging bitches.

          6. well the way i look at it trying to keep my head up and stay strong for them twins keep my spirits up to keep makin my self a better person for them, and a good way to keep my spirits up sometimes is makin my self smile and joke around a little bit damn

          7. shut up and mind yur own yur not funny yur not cool yu just kickin ppl when they are dwn.
            get yur own life and stop trying to judge me cuz im sure yu aint perfect either

        2. my babies are twins duh im a twin myself #SLOW

          1. What? You’re #SLOW? Yeah, that much is obvious, considering that you’re not typing on Twitter.

          2. Maybe his twin got the brain while all he got was acne and a fast pass to toxic vaginal hell (which resulted in the birth of *gasp* twins… Because he’s a twin and all *facepalm*).

          3. What? His twin got the brain cell? Shit. That explains why Shady’s “nice” ploy isn’t working.

      3. Trying to figure that one cost me a brain hemorrhage, but the answer I came up with was “you people”. Now I’ve got to see how bad the burst blood vessels in my eyes look, and swab the blood from my ears.

    5. I’m curious Alexx what is your angle? If you love the twins – and we’re defending them and bashing their abusers – then whyusomadbro??

      Not that I expect a response as you’re cleary too busy bathing in cheap cologne, photographing yourself in dirty bathroom mirrors and just plain being gangsta. I’m sure you’ve got far too much on your plate, especially with your long hit list now that you’ve promised God that you’ll kill all of us “faggot blogging bitches”…

      1. OMG…. I literally spit Diet Coke all over my desk. That was some funny shit!

        1. Some fok’ll never lose a toe, but the again some fok’ll. Like Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel………

          1. LOL…. my co-workers probably think I am losing my mind, I am sitting here laughing out loud. You’re gonna get me in trouble! LOL

          2. Most folk’ll never eat a skunk. But then again some folk’ll. Like Cletus the *slack*-*jawed yokel…

      2. Sarea, that made me *SNORK!* <3

    6. and i didnt write this shit i wouldnt waste my time with yu ppl my bother got on my profile and put this

      1. Funny since your attrocious spelling of “you people” is fucking identical to the other post. Alexx, just fucking stay in school mmkay?

      2. You wou;dn’t waste your time on us people but you took the time away from your online paralegal (snicker) studies to post 20+ comments here. Wow.

  24. Looks like twins run in the family.

  25. Fuck me.  Is it possible that Alexx is babydaddy?????  Look at his pics.  There is one of a baby boy and baby girl that appear to be the same age. 

    BTW- I wasn’t going to comment on all of the “gangsta” style pics.   I was too distracted by his rodent features and meth face.

    1. It would appear that way. Poor babies can’t catch a break.

    2. bitch im alexx and im am the father and its called acne slutty whore and look at my little man camden bitch he looks just like me. yu shhould go kill yur fucking self because i didnt touch my precious twins her boyfrind did and hes the meth head omg i wanna hurt yur stupid ass

      1. What is acne slutty whore? I should kill myself? What the fuck for? Because someone who isn’t fit to lick dog shit off my extravagant pumps said so? I’ll get right on that.

  26. I think he is babydaddy.  I just found this comment from his aunt:

    ” I’m proud of you babe! Did your mom & dad tell ya about the lady who messaged me and wants to send money for all the things yall need for the babies? your dad just said give her our phone # but I need ya address so she can send it to you cause I’m not about to give her their # so they can get their hands on it! I’ll have her send it to you either by mail or western union, cause I know you will do the right thing and I don’t think they would do the right thing with much of the $ if any! So, just message me your address and I’ll be in touch. i love you honey and keep ya head up cause you bout to have your babies!”

  27. OMG!  Def baby dady!  The girl he is kissing in the pic is theskanky Stephwhore.  She’s been on FB recently too.  Holy fuck!

    1. no that girl was audrey rollins with your slow self

      1. But Stephanie posted on the pic that she would delete the pic for you, did she not?

  28. She has recent pics of the kids.  Speechless.

    Staying. With Cassidy. And Camden. Tonight. In woodruff goodnight. Mommy’s. Lil angel’s. And sweet dreams.muah mommy loves y’all oh. Soooo. Much
    Share · June 27 at 6:18pm via mobile ·

  29. “Cnt wait till june…then i can say home sweet home to u cassidy n camden. Tick tock the clock is tickin n the wider my smile may get. Patience ive had to learn to deal with n it payed off proud to say i told u say n damn i love bein a mommy it changed my whole world. Thank u God for givin me life n 2 beautiful babies i call my heart. My world. My air to breath!!!!!”

  30. court last friday went great comin home to mommy get to c em 4 times a week now…but gotta go to woodruff

  31. To Alexx:

    Stephanie Blake well tomorrow when i come get ur ass…these pics will b off i promise that. jus me u n our beautiful babies fighting till the end. muahhh!!!;)

    1. Ummm… when was that posted? Before or after the incidents?

  32. Soooooo Him and the toxic tw*t are back at it so he wan’t to kill all of us blogging bitches.  I say bring it.  Pack your fake grenade and toothpaste and fucking bring IT!!

    1.  took the pic for funn damn ppl get off my nuts i did nothing wrong

      1. The thought of anyone on your nuts makes me wanna throw up. Thanks for that.

  33. This is fucking pathetic. Cause raping and beating them shouldn’t be enough to get them permanently removed?? What the FUCK?? Like there aren’t thousands of childless families who would DIE for a chance to offer them a happy life? Away from the tw*tosaurus who allowed them to be mistreated??? F-U-C-K M-E S-I-D-E-W-A-Y-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. the real father alexx hembree

      no the father should get them bitch shut yur fucking mouth

      1. Punctuation….And you are studying to be a paralegal? Fuck me sideways. You may want to pick up a Dick and Jane book and some Hooked on Phonics before you go after something so ambitious. Just saying….

        1. Everest College airs their ads during Maury. Apparently their marketing team is right on the money.

          1. Okay. I’m done with you. I just choked on Chai. That shit burns like a mother fucker.

          2. That’s called “Karma”. You do that shit to me all the fucking time. *snicker*

          3. I guess. And Karma just ass fucked me with a cactus. Not really, but OW!!!

          4. You know what I’m talking about then. The one where the black guy starts yelling at you to get off your ass and go to school. And then they show a story about a fucking manatee that now has the ability to answer phones thanks to their outstanding instruction and class material. Then a clip of someone pushing a Mexican baby on a swing. Then I have a seizure. The end.

          5. I wasn’t actually drinking anything, but I do think I peed a little. ROFLMFAO!

            April, I like Sarea. We can keep her, right?

          6. I want to keep her. I’m trying to rope her in. Make her one of is, you know?

          7. Don’t worry, I’m staying.

          8. Good. But you’re too hilarious not to write, too.

          9. She did write one. Didn’t you read it?

          10. I’m still trying to stay away from stories like this… can’t you tell. (Actually, I’ve been avoiding *new* stories… this is one I had read before, and just started getting Trolldad’s comments and couldn’t help myself. I have no self-control like that. I think I need help.) Link?

          11. wow i think im tlkn to a bunch of haters. YU can run circles around me? cool. idc. This is just makin me laugh now cause i found out that your just a no life fool and stay off my fb ok. are yu obsessed with me? i think so

          12. He’s got to be trolling us. No one can possibly be this stupid. 

          13. Well… people actually can be this stupid. This stupid and survive to adulthood? Possibly, with pure dumb luck.

            I’ve known people like him… cry that their life sucks so much, but refuse to take responsibility for any of it. It’s always someone else’s fault.

          14. Hey…newsflash, you walking posterchild of fucktardery, if you want to say the people who frequent here have no lives, then maybe you should drop the ball on yourself, you bogus ass wigger. 
            As for us being obsessed with you, hah, don’t flatter yourself. You live in a fucking trailer and your face makes me want to connect the dots with a permanent marker. I’ve seen homeless people who look better than you.

          15. April, I think we need to mint some new crowns… I nominate Shady for one.

          16. I will accept only if its made of chocolate and xanax. Quit smoking a month ago….feeling very bipolar, lol

          17. Good for you! I’ve never been a smoker (comes from years of trying to get my mom to quit, I guess), but I’ve seen how hard it is to quit. We can make it an extra big, extra chocolaty crown. 😉 Make it two, so you have one for backup.

          18. Shady, congrats on smoking cessation.  I smoked for umpteen years and then quit in 1999, still tobacco free.  Sad to say I smoked through both my pregnancies, although I did cut back.  The only excuse I have is that my pregnancies took place when they still provided ashtrays in hospital rooms. I’m not sure if the surgeon general had the warnings on the packages yet, if they did, nobody paid any attention.

          19. Run circles around you? No. More like run away from your fugly mug. And, me? Obsessed with you? No. But thanks for the giggle.

            I’ll be honest with you, the only chance you have of a girl like e being obsessed with you, results in you waking up with sticky sheets.

          20. Alexx, I am obsessed with you. I would love to be a fly on the wall of your trailer. Simply because I had no idea people of your mental caliber actually survived in society without a caretaker sponge bathing you and reminding you to potty. What is your major malfunction?

          21. Alexx, you are too stupid to hate.  I pity your kids who will end up living with you.  I’d pity you if you weren’t so nasty and obnoxious.  Not to mention arrogant.  And I might add, arrogant for no reason whatsoever.  And I’ve got to say, I have SERIOUS doubts about you being a member of the US Armed Forces.  The only time they ever took people as stupid as you is when the draft was still in place and they took almost anyone.  You, on the other hand, still might have been rejected…

          22. Agreed, completely. If he wasn’t such a dickhole I would totally have mercy, all stupidity aside.

          23. Yeah, a person who cannot spell can still do a good job of parenting.  I doubt a person with the attitude this guy seems to have would be capable of being a decent parent.  Totally says it all when it seems he wants to hook back up with “mommy dearest’. I bet if we could hear his voice, he’d be a shrill screamer.

          24. It’s so hard to have mercy for the willfully douchbagginess.

          25. Yes she definitely needs to stay.

          26. Sarea, yes I know the exact commercial. I love you forever because of this comment.

          27. Nope. I’m not home during the day. But I will certainly hunt that shit down on Youtube.

          28. Saw it when I was on mat leave. Think I saw Alexx on Maury too…

          29. Was he wearing a diaper and a clown face, professing his love for ICP and all thinks hatchety?

          30. No, I think he was trying to figure out which one of his cousins is his dad.

          31. You mean it wasn’t his uncle? Maybe his mom’s twin brother or something? Urg, this whole thing is suddenly getting very GoT….

  34. April, where does the lynch mob meet and what desserts should I bring?

  35. Morbid curiosity made me look at the FB pics – sorry I did!

  36. All I can do is cry. I am glad that I will be in the system to adopt! I know with adoption, I will be helping one or 2 abused children, to get back to some kind of normalcy 

  37. All I can do is cry. I am glad that I will be in the system to adopt! I know with adoption, I will be helping one or 2 abused children, to get back to some kind of normalcy 

    1. alexx hembree the real father

      no me the father will be getting my kids

      1. That’s a scary thought.

  38. Alexx, my advice is get off the internet and spend more time with your children.  Making violent threats to strangers does not make you a big man. Taking good care of your loved ones and saving your strength for protecting them makes you a GREAT man.

    1. and my advice to you is i am doing online college i kinda have to take my classes DUH!!!!

  39. Alexx Hembree(the real father)

    Hey internet people, i am the biological father of those twins CASSIDY LEANNE HEMBREE and CAMDEN DAVIS HEMBREE……….and if anybody wants to ask that dumb ass question like where was the father at, well that bitch whore (they’re mother) took off with my precious twins and that meth head, dead man walkin randall matheny and i could not find them i tried calling asking her family members if they knew and found out nothing and then i got that phone call then night my lil man camden bless his soul had to be hospitalized and my daughter sexually assaulted, my lil boy had bleeding from his brain consisting with being hit hard in his head by Randall matheny. and now stephanie blake the whore has a better chance of getting them back than i do cause i was 17 when it happened. but all yall can shut the fuck up bout shit yu dont know bout ok, and my kids will be back with me and neveragain will they be hurt i put my life on that. I LOVEAND MISS THEM SO MUCH AND THIS KINDA SHIT MAKES MY LIFE A LOT HARDER TO DEAL WITH EVERYDAY. so get a life and mind yur own faggots.

    1. You know, no one blamed you until you (or your dumb fucking brother or whoever in the fuck you want to blame) came here posting stupid shit. Oh, and don’t hate us because your facebook page was linked. Thanks for the laughs, though.

    2. BTW, dumb fuck, Posting your kids full names on the Internet. SUPER SMART. Especially if one has been sexually assaulted. Gawd damn you’re dumb as fuck. I’ll delete this shit because I actually give a shit about your kids. I suppose more than you and your whore. Somebody should be fucking protecting them. Consider this a freebie. Shit stain.

      1. Thank you! Though he’s probably got their names plastered all over his open profile FB page, too. What a fucking idiot.

        1. Well, fuck. Imagine when his daughter stars sating and the dude googles her name. She may not want the entire senior class to know her mother is a whore and she was sexually assaulted because of her mother’s stupidity. Even more, She doesn’t need predators finding her. Someone had to have her best interest in mind.

  40. ok no life low down losers i am in college for paralegal studies i got a job and fighting for my kids and your comments about me are stupid anyways i have two weeks of navy bootcamp left also, i am doing all that for them babies so fuck yall people who dont know me and quit tyring t act like yu would tell me to my face what yur typing, you dont know wht im going thru and you dont know me so kill yur damn selfs and keep yur mouth shut unless yu wanna meet up and tell me to my face.

    1. I’d gladly tell you what a fucktard you are to your face. What the fuck would you do about it?

  41. i dont understand why all of you guys are hating on me i did nothing wrong but try and save them from the system and making sure what happened to them never does again, thats why i joined the navy went back got my diploma and now im doing online college. I mean what got you ppl mad at the father who stood up at 16 and took on the responcibilityto raise two kids. but i love them kids withe all my heart and more and they are letting the mothe mother who kept them form me time to see them when i cant and i pay my child support and dont have to borrow money either i bought diapers, bottles sippy cups clothes all with my OWN$

    1. We wouldn’t be hating on you if you hadn’t come here posting ignorrant shit. If you came here and told us they were happy and healthy and let us know you were fighting for them, we all would probably have loved you to pieces. Instead, you come here and post ignorrant shit. It makes us believe your kids are better off without you AND the whore.

  42. I think in this case the very best thing for these children would to get them into the system and away from these so called parents .

    1. “so called parents”? i am 19 and i dont do any drugs and im on my last 2 weeks of boot camp for navy andgoin to online college my major:paralegal studies

    2. You know, I was thinking the same thing. A pack of dingos would make better parents.

  43. If you are back together with the mother of your children, then yes you did something wrong.

  44. Are you drunk?  Stoned?  Or both?

    1. I’m going with painfully dumb.

  45. well your weird rambling and  answering questions completely out of order suggest that you are not clear headed at the moment.  I am a parent, I raised my daughter single handedly from the time she was 8 weeks old.  I did not abandon her, let others abuse her or any of the things you have done.

    1. Who’s to say that he wasn’t able to see his children and had no idea how to find them? 
      We cannot assume, now, can we?

      1. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

        He and his family has had a long hard fight to see these babies, which NEVER should have happened, because of his age the twins were not released to him upon their release from the hospital, WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SINCE HE AND HIS FAMILY ARE INNOCENT OF ANY WRONGDOING CONCERNING THESE PRECIOUS BABIES, instead they have had to fight the system like were just as much a criminal as the mother and her boyfriend, this is just wrong on so many levels, but truth and justice does and always will prevail!!! He is paying support, and is fighting with all that he is to do right by these children, so could you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers so that these babies are placed where they belong with their father and his family who love them and have never hurt them!!!!

        1. I’m sorry, Donna, I do understand your perspective on this. I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I, unfortunately, cannot pray that those babies are placed with him. His comments here show only that he is far, far too immature and ignorant to be responsible for his own care, let alone the care of two children that have been through what those babies have been through. I would be happy to pray that some responsible and loving member of his family become their legal guardian, but I would not wish him on my worst enemy… well, maybe that last bit isn’t true. But if you go back and read his comments from start to finish, check his FB page, etc., and see how completely and utterly irresponsible he has been, how he has put those babies at further risk by posting personal info about them, etc., I’m sure you’ll start to understand my point.

          1. I agree, babies raising babies just perpetuates the kind of ignorance we have seen displayed here. Alexx’s FB openly condones violence and gang activity. He poses in pictures with guns. He is clearly in desperate need of an education. Haven’t these babies been through enough to deserve a loving, appropriate environment in which they can be raised to be well-adjusted adults?

            The fact that Alexx pays his support and visits with his children most definitely counts for something, and I respect that about him. However, it does not necessarily make him the best role model, or demonstrate that he can provide healthy surroundings for these kids.

            No one is saying he should be excluded from their lives. But I really don’t agree that awarding him sole custody is in the best interest of the babies’ future.

          2. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            Thanks for your honesty, DodiaFae, I have went back and read the comments and yes there are things that were posted that should NEVER have been public,  but with the right support system, immaturity can grow up and ignorance can ALWAYS learn, we all make mistakes and handle those mistakes differently depending on how we were taught to handle them, I am speaking of the mistakes that Alexx has made here, not those of Randall or Kayla who ultimately made much much bigger and far more damaging mistakes, which they will have to answer to. Alexx loves his children and is trying his best to do right by them, we all need to keep the children, who are the most important in all of this, and who seem to have been just a little bit forgotten during the ranting and raving and name calling done here,  in our prayers, they are the ones who endured these things while under the “care” of their mother, I have one son (now grown) and 2 grandchildren and I would have to be lying dead beside my babies before someone could get to them.

          3. And with this comment I like you a little more. You’re right, the children have been forgotten in all of this bickering. Sadly, that would have not been the case if Alexx’s initial post wasn’t about all of us blogging bitches. I think the story I wrote didn’t even mention of blame Alexx. So why would he even go there? Again, it just showed a lack of maturity. I would love it if you would keep us posted on the babies. We all love to hear when the victims we write about are doing well and healing.

          4. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            I will let you know how they are doing, thanks for what you do on here, someone needed to put abusers on blast like this!!! No you didn’t place blame on Alexx, just assumptions were made that led people to believe that he was to blame, just wanted things set straight for my future nephew, he doesn’t own what was done to them while in their mother’s care, he does however own his actions concerning their future and his actions on here as well.

          5. Personally, I don’t see that he is to blame for the abuse of those babies. I completely hold Stephanie responsible. It appears Matheny had a criminal record PRIOR to her involvement with her. Probably not a good choice of boyfriends.

          6. The children are definitely my biggest concern here. I’m very concerned that, based on Alexx’s behavior here and his (very openly viewable) profile on FB, that he is incapable of giving those babies the loving emotional and psychological support they’re going to need. And they are going to need a lot of support and care, and therapy, and someone to hold them in the middle of the night when they wake crying or screaming from the nightmares of what was done to them and have empathy, not get annoyed or talk shit to them about it. They are going to need someone who is mature, who can help them through this time and thrive in their lives. Maybe he has displayed different behavior IRL, but I haven’t seen any evidence that he’s even capable of it. If this is how he acts IRL, I’m going to have to pray that he does not get custody.

    2. You mean you didn’t let some vagina filling douche nozzle sexually assault her? Was she fathered be a single brain celled dipshit? If so, can I write your story when you end up in the news? If not, kudos to you. You may just deserve the unconditional love of a child. 😉

    3. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

      Alexx did not abandon his twins, or let others abuse them, they were in the care of their mother, who should have done ANYTHING to protect them!!! He owns none of what happened to them in her care!!

      1. No one was holding him accountable. No one had negative feelings for him until he showed up here, posting tard rants. Had he stopped by and introduced himself and told us he was working to get his babies, we may have had respect for him. Sadly, that’s not how it went down. So, the way I see it – He can come back and TRY to act like a grown up or he can go fuck himself. Either way, I’m fine with it.

        1. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

          I can respect that Malevolent April, but Alexx was not there when this atrocity took place, he has been doing all that has been asked of him by the state of SC to get the twins back, I know men twice his age that could not handle what has been placed before him without going off and really hurting someone or worse, I have mad respect for Alexx, in a perfect world those babies would have been released from the hospital into the care of their father, but instead Alexx was treated like just as much a criminal as the two who did it and let it happen, this never should have went down this way, but it is what it is and we have to deal with it, maybe one day soon the whole story can be told at once instead of bits and pieces like this and then there will be some understanding on just why the twins young father was so full of anger and confused about where he should direct it.

          1. I knew he wasn’t there. We all know that he isn’t guilty of any wrong doing. I just wish his comments here (and his very public facebook page) didn’t make him look like an idiot. As for the babies being released to him from the hosp, abused babies needs special care. Perhaps the docs and social workers didn’t think he was mature enough to handle it. Judging by his comments here, I agree. Those children have a long, hard road ahead of them. They need someone who will love them and guide them. Posting gangsta style comments on FB doesn’t seem like guidance.

            Let me ask you something. Who are you to Alexx? But you seem to have more sense. Are you family? Why weren’t the children placed with family?

          2. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            I am his future aunt, I have been with his uncle for just a year now, and Alexx’s family has been fighting since this happened to get those two, precious babies back, and it will very soon be coming to a close, I support Alexx with my love for him, he also has endured alot, like I said in an earlier post, I know some people twice his age that couldn’t handle what has been placed before my young future nephew. He has his own emotional scars to bear about this, he stayed at that hospital the whole time just so that he wouldn’t miss not one update about condition of the twins, nor would he miss being able to see them for the few minutes that they allow you, He is young and has alot of growing to do, but he will persevere, hell, I’m twice his age and I am still learning from my mistakes, all I know about the placement of the children is that the state thought Alexx to be too young, and the family has been fighting for them every since this happened, it has been a long, hard, emotional road for all adults involved, what the babies endured was much worse but my thoughts, prayers, love and support  are with my whole future family, babies AND adults.

          3.  Donna, as much as I would love to say that Alexx should get his children, my gut tells me that he has not grown up enough during this whole situation to have full custody of his children.  His rants on this blog and his comments/pictures on his FB show that he is still an immature thug-wanna-be.  As much as I believe he wants to be a father to these children he has a long way to go to get there.  Do I believe he can do it?  Yes but only if he has the right support system.  However, based on comments made  on his FB (i.e., parents keeping the money meant for the babies) I don’t believe he does.  These children need someone who is mature and responsible enough to put them first, but I am not sure Alexx is ready to do that yet, based on his RECENT behavior he has shown here and on his FB.  I think you need to remember that all of us here at BB want what is best for the children.  That these children deserve to be loved, cherished, and protected from people like their loser mother and her boyfriend.  He is lucky to have a future aunt that wants to help him succeed but please remember it isn’t always what is best for Alexx as he is an “adult” but what is best for these children who deserve the chance to survive and thrive after this abuse.   

          4. Damn, Donna. I like you. I wish Alexx had come here and posted comments that were intelligent. Is there any way YOU can get the babies. I believe family placement would be best, but I’m with the other posters. I’m not sure Alexx is mature enough to be a parent. His Facebook is very telling of his lack of maturity. I’m not saying I think he’s a bad parent or would be a bad parent, I just think the babies deserve the BEST parent. After what they’ve been through, they need stability, love and nurturing.

          5. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

            Alexx’s uncle and I have our own issues that need to be taken care of (nothing really bad, we just both need to get divorced) and are on disability as well, I want those babies to have the very best care and love, and while his uncle and I can offer them a home filled with love, we are not physically able to care for two little ones, if not for that, we would have loved to have taken them, they are going to remain in the family though, I just heard that since I have been on here. They will be loved and protected from here on out, thanks for any prayers or support we could get from you, you do a great thing here and although I don’t like at what cost (my future great niece and nephew being subjects) I am however glad that I found your blog. Bless You

          6. They are the reason I deleted Alexx’s comment. He posted their full names in one of his comments. If Stephanie has not been convicted of a crime, I will remove her name as well. FOR YOU and the babies. Sadly, their names are on other sites. Not just this one.

            Thanks for your kind words. I hope we hear more from you.

          7. I will certainly pray for the best outcome for those babies. I’ll also pray that they never have to see the ones that caused/allowed the pain, ever again, and that Alexx grows up enough that he can someday be a good role model for them.

            I hope you’ll stick around.

          8. I like her, too… so wish Alexx had come in here with a different attitude. I really hope he realizes how lucky he is to have her in his life. Had he shown us the side of him that Donna seems to know, I think I could have liked him, too. You know, something like “My babies are doing better now that they’re not with their mother, but I’m trying very hard to get custody. Please pray for the best outcome for them to get through this.” or something, I’d be like “Hell yeah! Sending all my mojo for him to get custody!” But I just can’t. They’re going to need someone that can help them through all the issues they’re going to have, not the least of which will be PTSD.

            Personally, I think that a good start for him to show he’s serious about this is to ditch the attitude, set his profile to “friends only” and get rid of all that gangsta BS, and start talking like a human being. That way, if the judge does check (and don’t be surprised if they do, because even employers and potential employers will check your FB page these days) he won’t see that Alexx has further endangered his babies by posting their personal info all over creation for any pervert to see. I can’t speak for Trench, and whether or not he’d be willing to remove the BS in the comments here for him, but a heartfelt apology couldn’t possibly hurt. Either way, he’s not going to want his attitude plastered all over the internets for the judge to see, because it would likely count against him.

          9.  I’m sorry but I disagree with him getting the children. Not only has he represented himself as being a total douche but has stated a desired interest to romantically reunite with the dumb whore that allowed the babies to get hurt. Hello? Isn’t that the dumbest fucking idea ever? I think so. Its not the fact that he appears to have crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool but the fact that he is willing to invite the person that caused these children the pain they have endured back into their lives to what? Finish the job? I mean really? I know if my significant other did ANYTHING like that I would never speak to the bastard again because I would be afraid of killing him……certainly not planning a fucking reunion with the fuckwit.

  46. Jesus.. Alexx you sound like a fucking junior high self contained jackass banging his head on the desk and telling the teacher he made another poop in his pants. You are probably in the Navy to avoid stepping up and being a father in the first place. Really you are just as much to blame for what happened to these kids as anyone for being a simple bitch to begin with.

    1. Wow. I like you. Welcome.

    2. Donnasaur2jusnshy2

      He is not trying to avoid stepping up and being their father, he HAS AND WILL BE THEIR FATHER FOREVER, he became their father at the age of 15 and has done all he could and more!!

  47. He’s back with the mother. Enough said about his parenting. Fuck.

  48. I retract the below statement. After stumbing through eight paragraphs of mind-melting stupidity, I have found some information that contradicts my previous belief that they are back together.

    Also, Alexx, you do not deserve a fucking cookie for stepping up and being a father, or for paying for diapers and sippy cups. If you want to get your little peepee wet at 16 and are too stupid to use a condom, be prepared to get your ass a fucking job.

  49. I bet Alexx is a Juggalo. Just saying. Let’s see – HEY ALEXX, FUCK ICP IN THE ASS WITH A GOAT.

  50. So, Alexx, after viewing your very public FB (stupid of you btw), I can see you do love your children. Why are you (or your “bother”) on here threatening us “bloggin bitches”? Did you even read the article? Your attack on this page makes NO sense.

    1. Yeah. I think we attacked his whore and he got all butt hurt.

  51. I feel like I’m missing something, is he replying?

    1. Not yet, but you know that no one can quit us. We are more fun than a bag full of dicks.

    2. Nah… he’s probably still sleeping one off from last night.

  52. OMG FAIL:

    Alexx HembreeSaturday
    my new ##18643402120

    1. OMGs… really? What in the ever loving fuck is wrong with people??? “Yeah, my bby grl was raped, this is her name, and this is my phone number. I’m tryin ta get custody of her, so all tha pervy mofos will no ware ta find her.” Dumb fucking trailer trash piece of shit.

      1. Dodia, are you shitting me?  Did that cone-headed speckle faced retardo mundo really post that on non-private FB???? OMG. Using the abuse of his daughter as a proud challenge.  smfh in total bewilderment. And disgust.

        1. Not in those words, but he did post their names in this discussion (which April removed, thank goodness) and has posted all manner of personal info on his OPEN FB, including his phone number. He’s a borderline-retarded, meth-faced douchewad, who cares more about getting attention than the privacy of his already emotionally and physically scarred children.

          1. While linking his open facebook page to his moronic ramblings here. Dumb dumb dumb fucker.

  53. Um… What?

    Alexx HembreeSaturday
    Plies still goin hard hahai feel right aint got enough haters somebody send me some so i can aggravate em!!!!#GooN

  54. 3 miles?  I double that before most people are awake.  Maybe I should get my ass into boot camp.  I can run circles around this little bitch.Alexx HembreeFriday
    just finished my 3 mile jog ready for rest of this bot camp im slayin em. hahah#serveyurcountry

    1. Dude….as a veteran I am surprised that they accepted this tool into the military. PSSST though, he actually has to make it past boot (I’m assuming Marines or Navy….probably Navy because Marines wouldn’t take a bitch boy like that) and Tech School (I was Army it was AIT when I was in) before he actually is in the military….Then if he is unable to get favorable recommendations from his officers/NCOs he will get chaptered for failure to adapt…..So uh….yeah good luck with that bro.  OH and one more thing….You have to pass a drug test at MEPS….The quants they test on are very  low so lol yeah.

      Sorry man but getting back with a chick that fucked over your kid is lower than low. That means you chose this broad that wouldn’t protect her child. You providing that door to that child is disgraceful. I can only pray your child gets through this ok. Word of advice start……thinking about your kid instead of where you want to lay pipe.  Fucking disgusting.

  55. His relationship status is complicated.  I guess.  Hard to love a c*** who let her man meat have at your kids.  But I digress.

  56. Alexx HembreeSubscribeSubscribed · March 30, 2011

    ShareThis was posted on the pick of Audrey.  He calims he’s not with baby mama, but it looks like he wishes he was….View all 8 commentsAlexx Hembree kinda miss thatJanuary 27 at 10:15amStephanie Blake Go get her….January 28 at 12:23pmAlexx Hembree i mean i miss bein needed you showin your love make me feel wanted. January 28 at 2:07pmStephanie Blake well tomorrow when i come get ur ass…these pics will b off i promise that. jus me u n our beautiful babies fighting till the end. muahhh!!!;)January 30 at 6:41pm · 1Alexx Hembree ok:)January 31 at 7:39pmAlexx Hembree thts wat i missSeptember 1 at 4:32am · 1

  57. Her profile pic makes me sick. How can someone who allowed this to happen even be allowed to breathe the same air as those two precious babies?Even if she did not know about the sexual abuse, there were visible injuries and bruises so she KNEW this poor excuse for a man was hurting her precious babies yet did nothing.  If anyone EVER touched my daughter in any way shape or form you can be certain I would be burying a severely tortured and disfigured body.  Sick sick sick. 

  58. thanks, but I still feel terrible for smoking while pregnant…even though I went from two packs a day to two to four cigarettes a day from day one until a week before I delivered…it’s been pretty easy, due to the fact that my husband doesn’t smoke, but still..four kids, and hubby’s hours increased at work equals one stressed out mama…but like the husband says, best time to quit is during high stress because you know you will never pick them up again.

    1. One of the things I was told when I was pregnant is that you never quit an addiction cold turkey when you’re pregnant. It puts too much stress on you, and too much stress on the baby. Best to cut down, as you did, and then ween yourself off. I got fingers wagged at me and reprimanded for trying to quit coffee cold turkey during my first pregnancy. I do realize that coffee is different than nicotine, but still…

      And your hubby sounds like a pretty smart guy. 🙂 And you seem to really want to be rid of the smoking habit, so I’m sure you’ll do well.

  59. I just left his fb… OMG! One would think that with all of the folks here at BB telling him what a bad idea it is to have his babies pix and other information on public settings, he would get a freaking clue!! Alexx… check your privacy settings and fix them before your ignorance causes more pain for your babies and family. Oh and don’t expect them to “forget” what has happened to them. At 19 months they can and do remember something bad happened to them. Please, Please, Please… whoever has those two angels get them into therapy now- don’t wait until problems arise as they get older, give them a chance for a fairly normal life. For once in these babies lives please put their interest and well being first, not your own. 

    1. And WHY would they forget if dady douchetard keeps posting their full names on websites like this. Dumb fucker. SMFH

    2. That being the main reason I’m praying for a judge to decide neither one of them is fit to parent those babies…

      1. But then who would get them? The two usless ugly bags of mostly water? Or the people who reared those two? I don’t know if I can see a rainbow at the end of this charlie foxtrot for these babies. Only if they take away all parental rights and grandparents rights and allowed someone who cares about and can take care of two babies who have been emotionally, physically, sexually and psychologically abused- do I see a glimmer of hope for these babies lives. But then that is MHO for what it is.

        1. I agree. But there is a chance that the grans would be better than the parents… sometimes bad people come from good people, and vice-versa.

  60. Sept 27th he posts:
    trainin for boot camp for navy then takin my online classes who up and wanna tlk to meTraining FOR boot camp?  This implies he hasn’t even started boot camp.  So how can he have 2 weeks left?  BTW – My nephew went into the the Navy and boot camp was 6 weeks in Chicago.  Not to mention that he had no access to the internet (or his cell phone) until the end of that six weeks.  Alexx is not posting from Chicago.  He’s posting from SC from a smart phone.  Liar liar.  On top of being a loser and a douche, he’s a liar.  3 strikes, mother fucker.

  61. Oh fuck.  AND he’s a wannabe rapper….

    Alexx HembreeSeptember 23
    bored writin lyrics get at me

    1. Careful April, you might end up the subject of a diss track.

  62. I just checked and he actually made his profile private. Small steps.

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