Baby raping asstards, party of two. Your cell is now available.

Deputies: Twin Toddlers Badly Hurt, 1 Sexually Abused

Spartanburg man, 25, accused of sexually assaulting 19-month-old girl 

Disclaimer:  That’s right.  Since we had some uptight ass post a persnickety comment in another thread, I feel the need to offer up a disclaimer on this thread.  So read every fucking word of this disclaimer carefully and heed my warning.  I don’t like ANYONE who abuses children.  Even more, I fucking hate the monsters that rape children.   If you find the use of the words fuck, cunt, vagina filler, twat, fucktard, (need I go on, or do you get the point?), go ahead and hit the little red “X” box in the top right corner of the page.  This is clearly not the place for you.  If you can handle little ol’ me using such language, buckle your seatbelts.  This is gonna be a rough one. 

2 weeks ago (I’m a little late posting this one, I know), a 19-month-old, 19 pound baby boy was admitted to the hospital intensive care with bleeding on his brain.  In addition to the brain bleeding, he had large bruises on his forehead, a rash in his pelvic area and a cut on his bottom that appeared to be infected.  Of course those docs are troublesome… they called the cops because they believed the baby had been abused.  Gee… I wonder what gave them that idea. 

The worthless egg dispenser, 19-year-old Stephanie “Kayl”a Blake, claimed that her son wasn’t feeling well the previous day and that he had thrown up.  My guess is the vomitting was a lingering side affect from his travel out of her toxic birth canal, but I digress.  She claimed that he had gagged on his dinner about 6 p.m.  He was moved to the living room, where he began having a seizure.  At that point, Blake decided to call 911 while her sperm slinging asstard, 25-year-old Randall Dean Matheny (who is NOT the daddy), performed CPR on the baby. 

DOH!  Did I forget to mention that the little angel was half of a pair?  Well, he is.  It seems that Miss Blake either can’t read or she doesn’t have a copy of the Child Abuse for Dummies handbook, because her excuse to officers for the baby’s injuries was not one listed in the guide.  She claimed that he was injured while playing with his twin sister, but didn’t offer up any other details.  

Deputies and the Special Victims Unit sergeant, Kevin Bobo, went to the home to check on the little girl.  A woman that was with baby girl told officers that Matheny hit the children, in her opinion, excessively.  My personal opinion is that ANY hitting on child that age is excessive.  But that’s just me.

The children were both placed in emergency protective custody and the little girl was taken to the hospital to be examined.  While being transported to the hospital, EMS workers changed the baby’s diaper as they believed that it had not been changed in some time.  That’s when it became evident that her brother was not the only one that had been grossly abused.  Not only was the little angel covered in bruises, she also appeared to have been sexually assaulted.  Fuck. 

Both children, who were born prematurely, were X-rayed and didn’t appear to have  and broken bones, new or old.  That’s god news, I guess.  Although, (even though ideally there should have been NO signs of abuse) I think a broken bone is a bit better than rape. 

Matheny was arrested on an unrelated warrant from South Carolina Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services and was taken to the sheriff’s office to be questioned – the pussy actually confessed to abusing the babies.  *gasp*  Wait… his pussification doesn’t end at child abuse – Even though he confessed to investigators, when the D-bag was asked if he sexually assaulted the little girl, he claimed that Blake was responsible for the children’s injuries.  Huh?  He admitted it then rolled over on his whore?  How does that work? 

Both babies remain in protective custody.  Blake and Matheny have both been arrested and are being charged with two counts of neglect of a child/helpless person.  Matheny has an additional charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under age 11.  Bond for Blake has been set at $10,000 while Matheny is waiting on his bond hearing.  If convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, Blake may be looking at 25 years to life in prison. The child neglect charge carries up to (only) 10 years in prison.  Minimal considering that child rape is a lifetime sentence… for the child. 

I need to give several thumbs up to the doctors, officers and Sgt. Bobo for quickly taking the action that most likely saved these children; Even more, kudos to all of them for having enough restraint to NOT choke the life out of these monsters when they discovered that the baby girl had been sexually assaulted.  Since I read this story, all I can think about is wrapping my fingers around their fucking throats and seeing the fear in their eyes as they watch me while I laugh maniacally because I’m enjoying the sensation of feeling their last breaths and heartbeats under the palms of my hands.  Oh, in a perfect world…. 

Thanks go to BB bad ass, Dodia Fae, for the tip.

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  • Amanda Storrs

    The children were returned to the mother within a year. Sad sad sad.

    • k sh

      good lord, it is true.
      posted there March 31, 2013 at 7:03pm” as a response :

      “Christan Fowler · Cowpens, South Carolina
      “Thosr babies are my neice and nephew, and i love them very much. Kayla is a great mama and would.never let anything purposely happen to her babies. She did everything she had to to regain custody of the twins. Im happy they are home, and doing well.

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    I just checked and he actually made his profile private. Small steps.

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  • Malevolent April

    Oh fuck.  AND he’s a wannabe rapper….

    Alexx HembreeSeptember 23
    bored writin lyrics get at me

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      Careful April, you might end up the subject of a diss track.

      • Malevolent April

        K-Fed, anyone?

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    Sept 27th he posts:
    trainin for boot camp for navy then takin my online classes who up and wanna tlk to meTraining FOR boot camp?  This implies he hasn’t even started boot camp.  So how can he have 2 weeks left?  BTW – My nephew went into the the Navy and boot camp was 6 weeks in Chicago.  Not to mention that he had no access to the internet (or his cell phone) until the end of that six weeks.  Alexx is not posting from Chicago.  He’s posting from SC from a smart phone.  Liar liar.  On top of being a loser and a douche, he’s a liar.  3 strikes, mother fucker.

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    I just left his fb… OMG! One would think that with all of the folks here at BB telling him what a bad idea it is to have his babies pix and other information on public settings, he would get a freaking clue!! Alexx… check your privacy settings and fix them before your ignorance causes more pain for your babies and family. Oh and don’t expect them to “forget” what has happened to them. At 19 months they can and do remember something bad happened to them. Please, Please, Please… whoever has those two angels get them into therapy now- don’t wait until problems arise as they get older, give them a chance for a fairly normal life. For once in these babies lives please put their interest and well being first, not your own. 

    • Malevolent April

      And WHY would they forget if dady douchetard keeps posting their full names on websites like this. Dumb fucker. SMFH

    • DodiaFae

      That being the main reason I’m praying for a judge to decide neither one of them is fit to parent those babies…

      • Debbie62

        But then who would get them? The two usless ugly bags of mostly water? Or the people who reared those two? I don’t know if I can see a rainbow at the end of this charlie foxtrot for these babies. Only if they take away all parental rights and grandparents rights and allowed someone who cares about and can take care of two babies who have been emotionally, physically, sexually and psychologically abused- do I see a glimmer of hope for these babies lives. But then that is MHO for what it is.

        • DodiaFae

          I agree. But there is a chance that the grans would be better than the parents… sometimes bad people come from good people, and vice-versa.

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    thanks, but I still feel terrible for smoking while pregnant…even though I went from two packs a day to two to four cigarettes a day from day one until a week before I delivered…it’s been pretty easy, due to the fact that my husband doesn’t smoke, but still..four kids, and hubby’s hours increased at work equals one stressed out mama…but like the husband says, best time to quit is during high stress because you know you will never pick them up again.

    • DodiaFae

      One of the things I was told when I was pregnant is that you never quit an addiction cold turkey when you’re pregnant. It puts too much stress on you, and too much stress on the baby. Best to cut down, as you did, and then ween yourself off. I got fingers wagged at me and reprimanded for trying to quit coffee cold turkey during my first pregnancy. I do realize that coffee is different than nicotine, but still…

      And your hubby sounds like a pretty smart guy. :) And you seem to really want to be rid of the smoking habit, so I’m sure you’ll do well.

  • Tiffany Anderson

    Her profile pic makes me sick. How can someone who allowed this to happen even be allowed to breathe the same air as those two precious babies?Even if she did not know about the sexual abuse, there were visible injuries and bruises so she KNEW this poor excuse for a man was hurting her precious babies yet did nothing.  If anyone EVER touched my daughter in any way shape or form you can be certain I would be burying a severely tortured and disfigured body.  Sick sick sick. 

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    Alexx HembreeSubscribeSubscribed · March 30, 2011

    ShareThis was posted on the pick of Audrey.  He calims he’s not with baby mama, but it looks like he wishes he was….View all 8 commentsAlexx Hembree kinda miss thatJanuary 27 at 10:15amStephanie Blake Go get her….January 28 at 12:23pmAlexx Hembree i mean i miss bein needed you showin your love make me feel wanted. January 28 at 2:07pmStephanie Blake well tomorrow when i come get ur ass…these pics will b off i promise that. jus me u n our beautiful babies fighting till the end. muahhh!!!;)January 30 at 6:41pm · 1Alexx Hembree ok:)January 31 at 7:39pmAlexx Hembree thts wat i missSeptember 1 at 4:32am · 1

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    His relationship status is complicated.  I guess.  Hard to love a cunt who let her man meat have at your kids.  But I digress.

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    3 miles?  I double that before most people are awake.  Maybe I should get my ass into boot camp.  I can run circles around this little bitch.Alexx HembreeFriday
    just finished my 3 mile jog ready for rest of this bot camp im slayin em. hahah#serveyurcountry

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      Dude….as a veteran I am surprised that they accepted this tool into the military. PSSST though, he actually has to make it past boot (I’m assuming Marines or Navy….probably Navy because Marines wouldn’t take a bitch boy like that) and Tech School (I was Army it was AIT when I was in) before he actually is in the military….Then if he is unable to get favorable recommendations from his officers/NCOs he will get chaptered for failure to adapt…..So uh….yeah good luck with that bro.  OH and one more thing….You have to pass a drug test at MEPS….The quants they test on are very  low so lol yeah.

      Sorry man but getting back with a chick that fucked over your kid is lower than low. That means you chose this broad that wouldn’t protect her child. You providing that door to that child is disgraceful. I can only pray your child gets through this ok. Word of advice start……thinking about your kid instead of where you want to lay pipe.  Fucking disgusting.

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    Um… What?

    Alexx HembreeSaturday
    Plies still goin hard hahai feel right aint got enough haters somebody send me some so i can aggravate em!!!!#GooN

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    Alexx HembreeSaturday
    my new ##18643402120

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      OMGs… really? What in the ever loving fuck is wrong with people??? “Yeah, my bby grl was raped, this is her name, and this is my phone number. I’m tryin ta get custody of her, so all tha pervy mofos will no ware ta find her.” Dumb fucking trailer trash piece of shit.

      • Jaleja999

        Dodia, are you shitting me?  Did that cone-headed speckle faced retardo mundo really post that on non-private FB???? OMG. Using the abuse of his daughter as a proud challenge.  smfh in total bewilderment. And disgust.

        • DodiaFae

          Not in those words, but he did post their names in this discussion (which April removed, thank goodness) and has posted all manner of personal info on his OPEN FB, including his phone number. He’s a borderline-retarded, meth-faced douchewad, who cares more about getting attention than the privacy of his already emotionally and physically scarred children.

          • Malevolent April

            While linking his open facebook page to his moronic ramblings here. Dumb dumb dumb fucker.

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    I feel like I’m missing something, is he replying?

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      Not yet, but you know that no one can quit us. We are more fun than a bag full of dicks.

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      Nah… he’s probably still sleeping one off from last night.