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Demonic Bitch Molly Jane Roe


See that vile looking succubus up there?  Well, that’s 24 year old Molly Jane Roe.  Now I’m going to say something that you will rarely ever hear/see me say, but Molly’s momma should have taken full advantage of ROE V WADE and aborted that spawn of Satan before she had the chance to do her worst!!

She thinks it is acceptable to get pissed at your boyfriend and throw his 17 month old baby girl to punish him!  This much she’s admitted too.  Not only is she accused of throwing little Maleeya Marie Murley Avalon and causing her to hit her head so hard she didn’t survive the attack, doctors also found severe bruising in the vaginal area, the right side of her abdomen was severely bruised,  a bruise on her left hip, and a bite mark on the baby’s back!!  What kind of a fucking, twisted, demented, evil Cunt would rape a baby because they are pissed??  For that matter what kind of fucking defect bites a baby?!?

This demonic afterbirth is not the mother of little Maleeya, she and her toddler had just recently moved back into the house with Phillip “PJ” Murley Jr., Maleeya’s father.  Maleeya’s mother had primary custody, this all happened on her visitation at her dad’s house.

The initial charge was Haley’s Law or aggravated child abuse.  After little Maleeya was removed from life support the charges were upgraded to first degree murder and aggravated rape of a child.  She’s being held without bond.

She was in court Thursday via closed circuit TV and was appointed a lawyer.  IMO she didn’t look like a person facing murder 1 in a death penalty state…  She seemed very nonchalant.  There were times when she appeared to nervously bite her lip but she showed no signs of remorse whatsoever!!

Phillip Murley Jr. changed his relationship status on Facebook while still at Vanderbilt Hospital.  When a friend questioned why, his response was:


All of that has been removed from Facebook.  The authorities are keeping a very tight lid on any statements or evidence they have obtained.  There are a lot of news links out there but they are all repetitive at best.  All they will say is the investigation is still ongoing.

According to police, neither parent was in anyway involved with the abuse of this baby.


Rant on:

I really hate using the term evil or demonic.  It’s not something that normally comes to mind.  When I read the charges and injuries in this case all that came to my mind was how evil this actually was!

This sadistic Cunt savagely raped and murdered this baby because she was pissed off at Dad for one thing or the other!!  That is the definition of evil!!  She was a “mother”, she had a toddler and was still callous enough to torture a 17 month old innocent baby girl!!  What the fuck is wrong with this tw*t?!?

Throwing a baby is bad enough in and of itself, but to brutalize and bite them???  Fucking Hell!!!  That’s pure evil!!  That is plainly nothing but the urge to cause torture and pain!!  What kind of sadistic satisfaction did this demented, demonic Cunt get out of causing torment to this little baby girl?!?

We all know she won’t get what she deserves!!  Our justice system won’t allow her to be tortured, raped, and brutalized daily for the rest of her fucking life!!  It won’t allow us to remove her fucking uterus with a rusty spoon without sedation so she can never have another child!!

The best we can hope for is the death penalty…  Then we get to feed, clothe, and pay for the slut’s healthcare, not to mention the fucking attorney fees while she appeals the case for years to get it overturned!!  Where is the justice in that??

Rant over


R.I.P. Maleeya Your smile will surely be missed beautiful baby!


Thanks to everyone that sent this one in.

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  1. What a beautiful baby.  May she rest in peace.

    Where was the father when she was being abused repeatedly?  This behavior doesn’t come out of nowhere. 

    1. The way the reports read it all happened at the same time.  There are rumors floating around in comments and on forums made by Roe’s supporters that the injuries were old and new but I’ve not been able to find any reports stating there were older injuries.  Those same supporters are also saying Maleeya fell out of Roe’s arms and wasn’t thrown so I tend not to believe a word that they say…

      The police have been insistent that the father wasn’t in any way responsible for any of the abuse.

      I do not know why the baby was left with that c*** though!!  I don’t know if Dad was at work or what…

      1. Who the hell would acknoledge knowing this tw*t?  If I knew her, I sure as hell would not let anyone know that I did.  I would be ashamed to know her!  Better yet, if I knew her she would not be alive anymore!

      2. Did you just say “Roe’s supporters”? This fucking devilish soulless c*** MURDERED a baby and she has supporters???!!!!

  2. I don’t understand.  There were all of these injurys to the baby… but the father never noticed? or did it all happen in one day.. maybe i should go back and read the articale… I just got so pissed when I was reading, it just brings back way to many bad memories.. how how do people find a child this young that attrative to do somthing to it.. or was it just another form of punishment for this sperm burping gutter slut.. god…-shakes my head- i will have nightmares tonight now

  3. Psychopath.  There’s nothing in there.  I hope they fry her, and I’m no lover of the death penalty.


  4. I say lock her in a room with a couple of huge good ol’ boys named Bubba and let them do whatever they want to her. That is justice in my opinion

    1. I say lock her in a room with April, Deena, mamaeagle and myself. We would see that justice was done.

      1. Naw – justice would be stripping the skank down and tossing her in a men’s prison with all of the AIDS prisoners.  There’s some fucking justice.  Cunt.

        1. Ummmmmmm coating her with blood and throwing her in the lion habitat at the zoo would be more like justice.

          1. Nope.  She needs to feel the pain and humiliation…. .the violation that she bestowed upon that baby girl before she dies.

          2. I don’t think a child that young can feel humiliation, just pain, fear and loss. If you want the pain and violation may I suggest an immersion blender douche?

          3. I still think let her be tossed nekkid into a men's prison. Then acid douche with no medical care after. She can rot. Whore.

          4. Okay, that satisfies.  🙂

          5. Ooh ooh I know I know!!  We tie a bunch of meat to her then lock her in the Komodo
            dragon habitat and let them at her.  Their mouths are so full of funk
            she’d die a nice slow painful death from the infections.  Of course, the
            acid douching could be done while she’s suffering from the sepsis….

          6. Seriously, bring back the colliseum, get the lions. we’ll meet there and then all go to Deb’s after for the ice cream debriefing.

          7. I am so friggin there! I’ll bring the whipped cream and sprinkles!


          8. Great. If only yeah? We could have soooooo much fun!

          9. I’ll bring the beer and peanuts! 

          10. Hells yeah now that would make it a party!


        2. Now April that is just plain cruel and unusual punishment…….for the men. I think they would have to blind, deaf and unable to smell her before they could “get er up” and then well I like the idea of the lion show. Can we reserve front row seats? Or…….we could take our new beasty out on a nice boat trip, toss out some chum and if she HAPPENS to fall over board..oppsie….

          1. Fuck.  You’re funny.  Glad to see you commenting more.

      2. I’ve got my rusty spoon all dulled up and ready for painful, involuntary hysterectomies! 

      3. I would help by getting witnesses to say we were elsewhere, and the supply the icecream for the after paaarrrtttt uh..yyyy…………..debreefing. I like choclate chip and will take orders.

  5. I say lock her in a room with a couple of huge good ol’ boys named Bubba and let them do whatever they want to her. That is justice in my opinion

  6. Disgusting! 

  7. Disgusting! 

  8. Aww she was such a beauty, how messed up poor baby

  9. This story is so disgusting!  I can not even fathom this at all.  This tw*t got mad and took it out on a little baby?  That is a classy lady right there!  This story is sooo horrific.   What the fuck is wrong with people!
    You think men are horrific to child killers in prison?  Wait until the women hear what she did to that poor innocent baby.  Woman are a thousand times more vicious then a man could ever be.  Hell, I am a pretty normal person not in prison and I am thinking of five thousand ways to get this bitch! 
    RIP little one!

  10. This bitch resented her b/f’s child from another relationship and killed the poor innocent baby for it.  The little one didn’t stand a chance and was probably abused long before what happened to cause her death.  This was not an all of a sudden case of “losing it.”

    We’ve seen it before and unfortunately, we’ll keep on seeing it as long as mothers and fathers think that the man or woman they are sleeping with is more important than their own child.  If this was a visitation, why wasn’t the father there, ffs?

  11. The sweet smile is going to haunt me. She was so beautiful. I hope this bitch gets fried. It is so ridiculous that you take out your frustration on their child. Poor baby girl was probably wondering what she did wrong to deserve such pain and torture. I can only imagine the fear and pain she was feeling. How could neighbors stand to hear the screaming? There is no way someone didn’t hear it with what was being inflicted on this poor baby. I’m going to go cry now.

  12. This, right here…. This is why I don’t mind waiting for you to post stories.  Awesome job – I can almost hear that precious southern accent in the rant.  Once I dried my tears I got to the place where I felt your rage.  Shit raped, bit, and tossed that beautiful child.  For what?  It has to be something so stupid.  Did he leave the toilet seat up?  Was he doinking the neighbor?

    If there was EVER a time for it to be acceptable for a man to beat the dog shit out of a “woman”, that would have been it.  He should have beat the mother fucking life out of that whore.

  13. Her and Casey Anthony should become friends.  Not to make light of the Casey Anthony case, but I think this trumps that case…  Again, what Casey did was unfathomable and despicable, but she didn’t rape her daughter, and Molly WILL get the death penalty… Fucking Christ, I hope so !

    What’s even sicker about this case is that a fucking WOMAN did the raping… Karla Homolka anyone ?

    1. I will get some serious flack for this, but oh well. I’m not convinced Casey Anthony killed her child. I am not saying she hasn’t committed some kind of crime, but some how her parents had to have played a role.

      1. She lived with her parents with Caylee. Why didn’t grandma and grandpa push for more answers or call the cops about their granddaughter long before July? Why is it that, a t-shirt that Caylee wore in 2007/2008, what appears to be multiple times, grandma has no recollection of Caylee ever wearing it. Seems odd doesn’t it? Someone had to take the pics of Casey and her daughter while the shirt was worn, and had to keep them somewhere.

      2. Evidence is purely circumstantial at the moment. Kinda hard to pin her without a reasonable doubt with only that. It almost seems as if the prosecution has gone with bare minimum evidence analysis to rush to get things moving. Even though it has taken three years to get to trial.

      3. I know many monsters can hide well in sheep’s clothing, but seeing pictures of Casey with her daughter at multiple time in her life, it makes it a bit hard to believe that she could do that to her daughter. Not to mention, having to recess from trial because your accused goes into hysterics about photos of where the remains were found, and photos of the remains themselves. Could be proof of remorse for an accidental killing, or for covering for someone else, but who knows?

      4. I have a theory that maybe, just maybe one of her parents snuffed out their granddaughter’s life, and Casey is taking the fall for it. She could have easily been bullied into concocting bizarre stories, etc etc. 

      Something just doesn’t set well with me when it comes to this case in particular. I know there are things she did while her daughter was gone that raise eyebrows and a huge WTF, but I really do wonder if there is way more to this than what has been brought to light. I really feel that so many questions will go unanswered with this case. My heart still breaks for Caylee. Whoever did this to her should burn, and anyone involved needs to be punished as well. I think the true justice will be done once those who were involved die and have to meet their maker, whoever it is.

      1. In all honesty, I always felt her parents had a large role in Caylee’s death… It was odd tonight on the news hearing her Mother admit to searching for her intentions on searching for “Chlorophyll” but got results with chloroform instead. 

        It was odd that Casey went out and partied, and how during her trial she shows little to no emotion.  All evidence is circumstantial at this point, but her mom stating that during Casey’s trial was a bit weird.

        I’m just wondering who the hell googled for “how to break someone’s neck” or “how to kill someone with chloroform”…

        You are right, the photos of Casey and Caylee did strike me as odd.  She seemed so proud of her daughter, and I wonder what went wrong that led to all of this.  It’s hard to believe Casey is completely innocent of all this due to her refusal to participate in the search for her daughter.  I definitely think George (her father) is involved, and her mother not so much aside from covering it up.

        Do I think Casey is guilty ?  Absolutely.  Do I think she is 100% guilty ?  Absolutely not.  She definitely had some sort of help, and the way the girl was disposed of and murdered… that takes expertise and skill.

        1. Exactly. That’s what I am stuck on. I feel Casey is guilty of being apart of it somehow, whether it be coercion or otherwise, but I don’t think this was done by her alone, or by someone else alone. A lot is odd about this case. Unfortunately, I feel the wrong person is going to be convicted for Caylee’s death, and her real killer is allowed to roam this Earth free. She should be punished for what she has done, in covering shit up.

          I also wonder who searched for that stuff too. Nice to see someone else on the same page as myself (and my DH) in this. No matter the outcome, at least some justice will be served for her daughter.

      2. Not that I even want to talk about this here, as we are here talking about the little angel in the picture above. 



    2. Karla Homolka was a deviant whore.  Casey Anthony is a pathological liar and a skank.  Molly Roe is a defective c***.  They should all be eliminated – STAT.

      1. You are so right and this is why I just love you girl!

  14. This thread is about little Maleeya and the horrific abuse she suffered…

    What happened to Caylee is horrible and I hope anyone involved in it pays with their life, the thread for that discussion is located here:

    1. I did not mean to direct attention away from this monster to talk about another one.  Sorry about that.

      1. Me either. Thank you for the link though!

      2. I know that and knew that when I made that post.  There is no apology needed!! 

        The Anthony case tends to take over and overshadow because of all the publicity it’s gotten and the fact that the trial is ongoing now. 

        I meant no offense when I redirected it to the other thread I just didn’t want the discussion to continue in this thread because I think Molly Roe deserves all the shame and hate that she inspires and most importantly  Maleeya deserves the chance to have her story heard…

    2. Thank you.  I think that’s why Trench was trying to stay away from the Anthony discussion altogether.  It causes thread hijacking.

  15. Oh my… words fail me… evil does not do her justice, she’s worthy of no words I know… how anyone, who has a baby of their own, do this kind of evil? How in God’s name is it possible? I’m not naive, I’ve read some nasty horror stories but this has truly rendered me speechless… I’m actually in shock… I can’t say anything… poor baby girl.

  16. I just came back to this story.  I know I already posted two things, but her little smiling face is haunting me.  I still don’t get how someone could do this.

    1. Agreed. I closed my eyes last night. Her face was the first thing that flashed in my mind. It is way too sad.

  17. It sickens me to read about girlfriends or step-mothers that abuse their S/O’s children.  It sickens me more to read that an innocent child has not only been physically abused in the usual sense, but has been violated in such an animalistic manner.  No, animalistic wouldn’t be the right word would it?  I don’t believe I’ve ever come across anything that says any animal abuses another in that way.  Demonic, evil, yes, those are the right words.

    That being said I feel that this woman’s (and I use the term loosely) actions not only speak to her utter disregard for life but also speak volumes about her complete selfishness and lack of any glimmer of humanity or psychological stability. 

    Reading this I feel that the horrific abuses and depravities this monster visited on this undeserving, precious child occurred because of a deep hatred and resentment of her.  This little girl suffered because the adult that should have been there to protect and love her despised her.   This woman obviously either envied the child, or was angered by the boyfriend.  Was it because she felt the baby got more attention or love than her?  Did she feel the little girl was depriving her of something? Did she feel scorned and used this angel as a weapon against the boyfriend?  The amount of violence the baby had to endure tells you this woman felt superior to both the baby and the father.  She cared for nothing else but herself.

    In my own opinion she is unable to be rehabilitated.   She should be locked in a cage for the rest of her life and not be given an opportunity to see either daylight or another human being.  I wouldn’t recommend the death penalty because that is too swift and too easy a punishment.  I would be willing to donate my tax money to keep her clinging to life for as long as possible.   Hell, send her to me and I’ll keep her locked in a hole.  No charge.  I think the complete neglect would be more painful to her than a beating a day.

    It is cases like these where I think the old adage, “an eye for an eye” should still apply.

    On a side note, my best friend is the step-mother to five children.  She loves them as her own.  So somewhere, besides her, I am sure more exist.

  18. Its hard to imagine anyone ever doing anything like what this disgusting piece of filth is charged with. I saw this article on my way home from work, and was sobbing and reading it to my boyfriend as he drove us home. I couldn’t stop for hours… I couldn’t even bring myself to try and comment until today because it was too difficult for me to think of. Who could ever do such a horrible thing to a child? I know children can sometimes be difficult, but when those times come, you take a deep breathe and if that doesn’t help, you take a minute to get control of yourself. You do the dishes or vacuum maybe go for a drive if possible. Anything! But you never, EVER put your hands on another person, let alone a child. I’ve never even hit another person, and that’s including one man I dated that beat me until I had handprints on my neck, then locked me in a closet. He tried to lock my then 3-year-old in a pitch black room screaming. When he touched her, I broke the door to the closet and the only thing I could think of was to get her out. I did, and we went to our neighbor’s for help. How could this trash even consider touching a baby? Especially since she has a child of her own! It makes me wonder about her own daughter… Someone needs to look at that child VERY closely. I can’t imagine she would suddenly do something like that to children out of nowhere. There must be other signs somewhere, even if it was her first time with this particular child. It would be hard to believe that something this disgusting could be done spur of the moment cause she was angry with her boyfriend. I really hope that someone takes this serious enough to look at her own child. Some information is definitely missing in this situation…

    1. It’s not unheard of for one child to be singled out for abuse.  She’d probably been discreetly abusing Maleeya before now, hiding it from Maleeya’s dad.  Abuse like this isn’t really done spur-of-the-moment.

      What really bothers me is that she raped Maleeya.  WTF?!  Why would you do such a thing to a baby?  The thing to remember is that in cases of rape, it’s not about sex but about power and control.  What power was this c*** afraid of losing?! To a defenseless BABY?! Power over her boyfriend?  Stupid, attention-whoring CUNT.  I can’t even advocate torture for scum like this.  I’m against the death penalty in most cases, but I fully support just taking her out back and putting her out of society’s misery.  Put her down like the rabid dog she is. 

      1. I strongly suspect sodomizing the body was an attempt to deflect blame onto the father, since men are generally the culprit in rape… She probably assumed they would suspect daddy-o if they saw rape injuries.

        I don’t think the father was the perpetrator or that sex abuse was drawn out, because the bio mom. Would’ve noticed repeated injuries and used that to get full custody before now. Other people would’ve noticed something too, I think/hope. Old injuries indicating past abuse are important details that would have appeared in articles on the crime, methinks. That’s just too significant to leave out.

        Molly has the criminal history too….

    2. Wow your story really moved me and was really sad though inspiring in the end… Thank God you got your child and got yourself out of that situation and that danger. I’m so tired of reading these stories of the mother’s boyfriend or the father’s girlfriend hurting their kid. Thank God you felt the strength a mother should feel, and saved your baby.

  19. Dr.Cornholamowmow

    I believe it will be found that Molly was an alcoholic and had long been mixing alcohol with one of the more dangerous anti-depressants, like Zoloft, Effexor, or Lexapro.   Molly is 24 years old and has a 2 year old.  Antidepressants are not really supposed to be given to anyone under the age of 25.  That means she could have been taking these for two years, mixing with alcohol and becoming more insane.  

    In TN, TNAPP, their chapter of the American Pediatrics Assoc. has mandated depression screening for mothers at well-baby visits.  They also have an entire behavioral screening process for the babies and kids to get them on pharmaceuticals.   I don’t believe that pedatricians are qualified to practice adult psychology.

    People believe that when they are taking their child to the doctor, they are receiving life-saving vaccinations, having their hearing and vision checked and being looked at for other physical problems.

    Not so in the state of TN,  as in many other states they are being farmed for pharmaceutcal profit.

    1. Just curious, Doctor, as to why you would say Zoloft is one of the more dangerous anti-depressants. 

      1. Perhaps mixing it with large amounts of alcohol makes a dangerous reaction, but it’s safe on its own? I dunno…

        1. It seems as if Det. TrappieBailey NEEDS MEDS. This Molly Jane SLUNT had a 2 year old. I was surfing around trying to find out why the good detective is soooo sure SLUNT was an alcoholic and on anti-depressants when I came across the true crime report website…. Funny thing, there are numerous posts under several user names in the comment section regarding snatchface’s abhorrent crime. Guess who posted? 3 tries first two don’t count. Did not find evidence that Molly Scag Hag was a drinker or on psych meds. However, I did discover-I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet but I’m sure it has-that this psycho hose beast plead guilty back in January 2013 and is serving 51to life in the pen. She was 26 at time of sentencing. If she

          1. gets paroled, and that’s a BIG if, she will be 77. Stupid slore, I hope she rots in prison and dies a miserable lonely death with only the thoughts of what she did to that poor baby girl as her only company each and every day. She plead guilty, she was going to trial yet plead guilty. No insanity defense and long drawn out trial. She did it, knows it, and copped to it. So, there!

  20. I saw this when it first broke and was staggering sick. It still really gets me. This evil, narcissistic, sociopathic, murdering BITCH needs to die. Really!

  21. I’m not saying this girl is innocent but what happened to innocent until proven guilty. If a jury finds her guilty and she actually did all these horrible things then rant on. What I see is the media turning every court case into a Jerry Springer show and everyone else loving it because its like a modern day stoning with words. How can anyone get a fair trial with all these so called leaks in information. I know this girls family and they are wonderful people. My prayers go out to both families especially with all they have to see and relive thanks to our wonderful society.

    1. Innocent until proven guilty is in a court of law.  Last time I checked, BBnet is not a court of law.

      1. We should be but we’re not.

        —– Original message —–

        1. Oh, yes… We should be.  I’d like to be the judge, jury and executioner.

      2. I was once again referring to the media not the blog. In my opinion, I have no idea what happened I wasn’t there. It is a horrible tragedy and justice should be served. Everyone deserves a fair trial and its hard to give someone that when all the evidence is made public beforehand. If a jury of her peers finds her guilty then I will have the same opinion as everyone else on here.



      1. I wasn’t referring to the BLOG I was referring to the media if you read it you will see the word MEDIA not BLOG get it

        1. Well, then – gor address the MEDIA!!!!!

          1. Butterfly is all but hurt cause her friend may not get a “fair” trial… well in my opinion, if her “friend” hadn’t have thrown a little girl and killed her there’d be no reason for a trial fair! How “fair” is to Maleeya and her parents that she died before the age of two?


          2. Fair?  Fair would be if Molly got shanked in the shower and saved us law abiding tax payers money on a trial.

          3. Does that make her Butterhurt?

            —– Original message —–

          4. You know what… I guess it would!


          5. *insert rim shot*  Buh duh buh.

          6. I don’t know her personally but a little empathy goes along way. I would like to go with what comes around goes around and let God take care of it. Besides there are always two sides to everything I would like to hear the whole case then make up my mind. I’m not angry opinions are a blessing so bash on people bash on:)

          7. Okay, fine… we’ll let God take care of it. Oh, that’s right. He already did. He said in Numbers 35:19 “The revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer: when he meeteth him, he shall slay him.” But I’m pretty sure, it’s the law and not God preventing this precious baby’s family from doing what God commanded. 

            Here. Maybe this will help you “comprehend the English language” a little better, as well. 

            Unless, you are saying you CAN understand how she feels, because you are putting yourself in her shoes or have, in fact, been in her shoes?

            People who live in dumb houses shouldn’t throw… Oh nevermind. You get the idea… I hope.

          9. i hope you dont have any kids, or even sea monkeys. this bitch is disgusting. why arent you disgusted by her? that to me is scary.

          10. Aren’t you just so very charming. I had no intention of bashing anyone on this blog just voicing my opinion just like the rest. Unfortunately you my friend have issues seriously. Anyone who picks an arguement and insults someone because of their opinion personally has a problem.

          11. Issues? She has subscriptions. We all do. We detest stupid bitches and assholes who rape and murder the innocent before they have a chance to live.
            But I would guess you have quite a few “issues” stacked in the corner, as well, if you can “empathize” with this c***.
            Also, comprehension of the English language? Please do us all a favor and learn what empathy means. Stupid bitch.

          12. I ha ve subscriptions, buit I’m a mod – so I get every single comment emailed to me.  I wish there was a way to filter the tard comments.  Then I wouldn’t be subjected to such dumbfuckery.

          13. or she could go fuck herself.

          14. I’m quite charming, yes.  I don’t need you to remind me.  What I need for you to do is fuck off and die.  Oh, and take your liberal bullshit with you.

          15. April, I would just like to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you and not just you but all the writers on this blog.  It’s a very hard job, I know, to have to go through those sad stories and read the same things over and over again about what horrible things People do to their kids.  This is a very hard job and I know it, I just wrote a response back to Butterfly, I think that you should just take her comments with a grain of salt and just ignore her, she doesnt realiaze how good you are and the people here are, so just let it roll off your back!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!  Thanks for doing such a great job at such a hard job. 

          16. Why, thank ya!  She didn’t get to me.  The idiots that show up here give us traffic.  Bring it.

        2. I get it… I just don’t give a shit about her and her feelings!
          “My prayers go out to both families especially with all they have to see and relive thanks to our wonderful society” Wonderful society??  No… what they are dealing with and will have to relive is all on good ole’ Molly’s shoulders.  Not this blog, not the media MOLLY!


          1. Well said.

          2. Not talking about her feelings so no you still don’t get it. lol I give up I’m done writing back someone that has no comprehension of the english language:)

          3. Buh-bye then.

          4. Yet you’re the one who asked “what happened to innocent until proven guilty?” You said that IF she gets convicted by a jury then go ahead and rant on. Don’t like the reaction you got? Try and remember what you said to make someone hash out an adverse reaction. The media didn’t make this into a Jerry Springer show. They simply reported what they were told by the police and other authority. Public reaction to plenty of articles will make a case into a Jerry Springer show.

        3. yeah it sounds almost like you are defending this evil c***.

    3. As far as I’m concerned in cases like this they are guilty until proven innocent.  That little girl never even got to see her second birthday and my guess is that the evidence againster is pretty good considering that she’s been arrested and charged.  Of course she’ll probably pull out some “I was abused too” or “insanity” defense to try to soften the blow.  And we live in the age of the internet, information is out there and people discuss it, it’s been that way for some time and I doubt it’s going to change. 

    4. Ok, I have read this comment, and now others that you have written as well.  Innocent until proven guilty shouldnt apply to people that abuse kids like this.  You don’t seem to understand that people on this blog tend to stick together.  I was sexually abused from the age of 5 until I was 12, then when I was 16 He tried to do it again.  If anyone ever told me that he was innocent until proven guilty they would get my fist in their fucking face.  This woman clearly did it, their is no if ands or butts.  And so called leaks of information, what kind of leaks?   Can you point them out to us cause I would love to see these leaks and I think some of the others on here would to.  And just because the girls family is wonderful does not make her wonderful at all,  not after all the things that she did to this poor poor little girl.  I can’t belive that you would even come on and defend her and thats exactly what your doing when you say she is innocent until proven guilty.  Now the other comments that you made like the ones to April, who is a wonderful lady and a great writer.  She doesnt have serious issues, she writes what she feels and how she feels and she is GREAT at it.  YOU should just go away and not come back.  Buh-Bye.

    5. Butterfly,this is a blog for people who hate,hate,hate child abusers. At this very least,this stinking pile of steaming coyote offal admitted to throwing the baby. She THREW the baby. Can  you look at the picture of that beautiful baby girl and in any way,shape or form justify that? You’re in the wrong place,chickie.

    6. So you say you know mollys family? well then you know that molly is batshit crazy and deserves to fry for what she did to maleeya! i was at the hospital with maleeya each and every single day were you??? no didnt think so… there is no innocent here and the only way that there could be is if she took the blame for someone else! HIGHLY DOUBT IT!

    7. Crystal Avalon Gilbert

      Butterfly- I am Maleeyas Mother,, and i’m going to tell u right now molly is not inocent!! it was not an accident! I was there at vanderbuilt with her thewhole time i seen what that monsterouse bitch did to my lil gurl! i was givin irst hand reports from the doctors and the police what the full extent of her injurys were.. SO there is no inocent till proven guilty not for what she did. Exsspecially after Maleeya was takin from he Er to vanderbuilt she went and turned herself in  she addmitted to it.. SHEKILLED MY DAUGHTER OUT OF PURE COLD HATRED AND ANGER, and there is no excuse for that!!!!!

      1. I’m sorry for your loss, Crystal. I can’t even begin to imagine your pain. Please know that my heart goes out to you.

  22. Who else wonders if this c*** raped the baby so she could pin it on the dad?


    Butterfly will be happy to know that Molly received MORE THAN FAIR medical treatment for her broken leg.  Actually, better treatment than most of us can even afford now.  The rest of us have the satisfaction of knowing she is in general population!  I just wish the other inmate would have raped her ass and broke her neck – instead of just breaking her leg.  If they post the inmate’s name that broke her leg, I think I will definitely have to put money on her books!

    Ugh, this woman is demonic!!! Rest in Peace sweet, beautiful Maleeya.

    1. Look on the bright side…

      If the other inmates do decide to ass rape her… she’ll have a helluva time running away. Ha!

    2. Oh, the wheels are slow sometimes but when they turn, real justice is a bitch.

    3. Welcome, Ami.  Thanks for the link!  Epic!

      1. Thought you would enjoy that article! 🙂

        1. Where have you been?  Wanna be my pet today?

  24. Crystal Avalon Gilbert

    I am the mother of Maleeya Marie Avalon.. Me my family and friends were there inthe Vanderbiilt childrens hospital ICU with Maleeya the whole time she was there.. we seen what Molly did to my baby gurl, we heard in full detail the extent of her injuries from the doctors and the police… Molly is not inocent!!!,, she turned her self in only a few ours after Maleeya was transfered down to Nashville.. she addmitted to what she did and gave in full detail the story of what happend and how the injuries accured… So anyone who wants to sit there and say that Bitch is inocent or inocent till proven guilty  can go sraight to HELL!!!!    MAMA MISSES U MALEEYA MARIE, I LUV U..

    1. I am so sorry for your loss.  May you and your family have the best possible holidays under the circumstances.

  25. It’s understandable to want to torture this bitch to death slowly, but I think she should be put down with a clean shot like a mad dog.  She’s contaminating the earth just by being on it – the sooner she leaves, the better.

  26. R.I.P beautiful baby Maleeya! Don’t worry, the demon that hurt you will get sent straight back to hell definitely. 

  27. Im not extremely religious, but I sincerely pray that when she dies, there is a legion of her fellow demon spawn waiting for her to drag her fucking ass to a realm of torture so horrific for all time and eternity and I pray she will be completely alert, physically and mentally with no hope of relief for even a single nano second and she knows the terror and fear she caused that baby and the grief of her parents!!! Amen

  28. My ex married one of these types… 

  29. So glad the bitch was just found guilty and will have to serve at least 51 years before she will be considered for parole! RIP Maleeya!

    1. I sincerely hope she never sees that parole date!!!

  30. Evil bitch. The reason she plead guilty was she didn’t want any more “bad publicity” and didn’t want to have to tell what she did to poor baby Maleeya.

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