Georgia Breeder blows a .392 BAC

Clayton mom blows .392%, charged with DUI:

Mom Accused Of Drunken Driving With Kids In Car:

A little bit more than a year ago I posted two stories where two different Breeders blew a .39% blood alcohol content. That’s just a hair below 5 times the legal limit. When I made the first post I said that I doubt we would ever see the day where those records would be broken. I was wrong. Today is that day.

In Clayton County, Georgia 28-year-old Cierra Baughcum allegedly blew a .392% and the story is one for the ages.

She was allegedly driving around this plastered with her 4 and 6-year-old children in the car unrestrained. Police and witnesses say that she plowed through a chain link fence into a picnic area in a mobile home park destroying two tables. She then drove out on to the highway going in the wrong direction before quickly pulling back into the trailer park where she crashed into the stairs of the park’s office stairs. Ta-da.

Did I forget to mention that this all took place around 4pm? So not only could she have killed her own kids but only by the grace of God did she not kill anybody else’s kids. So to be that drunk by 4pm how much do you have to drink and what time of the morning do you start?

Anyway for her massively reckless and idiotic feat Baughcum now sits atop the BB BAC Board.


  • love

    The thing that we need is people to care about
    other when there young like when she was and no one took care of her and was
    abused and neglected her whole life but then no one wants to help or do
    anything about that only when something like this happens then they notice and
    want judge and say something but they don’t want to help when someone is
    looking for help or needs help when there children and growing up needing
    others to take care of them and help them posting stories like this and publicly humiliating
    people is what is wrong with the world so where were all of you assholes when
    she needed help and looked for it to take care of herself and children where
    were you when she needed help when she was a child being abused and strangled
    by a drunken father no where and you have no right to be only be there and
    judge when something like this finally happens after her lifetime of abuse and
    neglect from others, But then you are never there for people when someone
    really needs you to be there. So you all need to shut the hell up and take
    these fucking stories about her and others being treated the same off the
    internet and everything. Where were you when she was drinking to escape the
    life she has to live with an abusive man not letting her and her children leave
    and was driving to get away from him and that hell they had to live in to get
    her children away from there. You people need to stop treating people like that
    and publicly humiliating and harassing people stop doing things like putting up
    there stories to just make people’s lives worse than they already are. Thank
    God she and others have not killed themselves from having to be humiliated and
    treated like crap by everyone in the world. Why do you people just love to kick
    people when they are already down as low as they can possibly be and still have
    no heart to help her and other people when they really need it and none of you
    probably ever will because all you can see is that one moment.

    – This is
    not her it is someone who knows and loves her.

    • Amanda Hayes

      Anybody who can be selfish enough to endanger the lives of innocent children deserves to be publicly humiliated.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I remember reading that after about .3 BAC you run the risk of slipping into a coma from alcohol poisoning, but I guess if you down it fast enough, you can get the BAC pretty high, and if they get you to the hospital in time they can save you. That is insane.

  • Southern Lady

    I’m amazed. If I were ever to be that drunk, I’d be incapable of walking, much less driving. She must have an incredible tolerance.

  • Muggle

    How do you even get THAT drunk to begin with, without dying of alcohol poisoning?

  • Uncle C

    Glad she didn’t hit me. That’s in my area.

  • Muggle

    That’s… an EPIC FAIL.  I really hope those kids are alright.