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25 year old Wynita Evette Dale and 44 year old Joanne Evette Gale are charged with child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment, and several conspiracy charges in a case that involves the abuse and torture of 3 year old twin boys and a 2 year old baby boy.

All 3 toddlers were beaten and had U shaped scars and bruises from arms, legs, chest, face and back.  One of the twins had 2nd and 3rd degree burns from being scalded.  Guess what the reason for placing that baby in 115 degree water was?? Yeah, he had a potty training accident!!

Not only did the bio-c*** run the tub full of scalding water and place him in it and made him stay but she then let the water out and repeated the process this time she made him stay in it for an hour!!  The poor baby had 3rd degree burns on his feet and legs, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his fingers and genitals, and severe blisters on his skin were the worst of the injuries.  That is on top of all the bruises on his little body from being beaten with plastic clothes hangers and a piece of television cable!!

Now, being the scum that this c*** is you don’t think she took that baby to a doctor do you?!?  5 days after the baby agonized with these burns a friend of the Cunt took him to the hospital and he was then transported to a burn unit at Johns Hopkins.  I’m glad someone cared enough about him to get him help!!

According to bio-c***, grand-bitch started it all.  She admits to running the baths and scalding the baby but says it was because grand-bitch told her to.  She also says she beat the boys with a piece of a TV cable but only after grand-bitch told her she needed to start beating the children.  It’s a damn shame she didn’t tell you to go have an antifreeze c*cktail!!  Stupid twit!!! She said grand-bitch left the U shaped scars beating the boys with the hangers.

At her hearing she said, “I just want to be able to get some type of help because I have bad judgment”.  Bad judgment?!?  Since when is burning and beating a baby/babies bad fucking judgment?!?  Abusive piece of shit!!!

Of course grand-bitch denies everything!!  According to her she’s never hit the boys.  “I was not there when (the victim) got like that,” she said.  She told the judge she has reported her daughter to CPS in the past and has been the one person protecting them from abuse.  If those injuries were made while she was “protecting” them I say let her protect her daughter in gen pop!! She also said her daughter has “a medical condition.”  “If you check Wynita’s medical history, you will see she is capable of placing her kids in hot water.”

Fortunately, all 3 toddlers survived these 2!!  They’ve been placed with family…  Whoever that family member is I just hope they don’t allow any contact with these 2 whatsoever!!


If not for the friend I would probably be writing a very different ending.  Thank you!




Thanks for the tip goes to Derek




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  1. well, that is bad judgement.

    1. It is so beyond any kind of judgment it’s ridiculous.  It’s out and out abuse and torture. 

      To classify it as merely bad judgement or a mistake is like calling end stage cancer a simple cold!!

    2. Bad judgment is eating that chicken salad sandwhich that smells a little questionable or driving a little too far with the gas light on.
      The More You Know…..

  2. In certain cultures whooping kids with belts, hangers, cords, switches, etc is very normal.  I was raised surrounded by that in the families I was surrounded by, even though my parents didn’t do it.  I don’t have a problem popping one of my kids when they REALLY get out of line but of course my kids aren’t 2 & 3 years old and I don’t use weapons.  And I will admit, there are plenty of kids who desperately need a good throttle, usually see them in Walmart screaming at the top of their lungs or talking crazy to their parents.

    The sad thing is they probably don’t see anything wrong with what they did to these children and will use ignorance as a defense.  Or as the g-mom already stated something about a medical or psychological illness.  i just don’t understand how you can face your baby looking up at you with those beautiful eyes in pain, confused at why mommy is hurting them.  There’s nothing worse than violating that trust.

  3. “ALL I NEED IN THIS LIFE OF SIN IS ME, MY KIDS, AN THE GREAT LORD”  and tons other references to deep rooted christianity. Per her FB Info… Funny I don’t ever recall the good book or an chruch for that matter giving the big OK for beating your children… Hypricitical bitch, pray as much as you want sitting in that cell, but i don’t think the good lord takes to kindly to the mistreatment and abuse of HIS GIFTS! Weather grand bitch told you to or not, grown ass women can make there own grown ass choices and I hope she gets hers ten fold!

    1. Really? What about spare the rod, spoil the child? That’s why I don’t go to the bible for child rearing advice.

      1. Spare the rod and spoil the child
        The notion that children will only flourish if chastised, physically or otherwise, for any wrongdoing.

        Good Point

      2. That’s actually not in the Bible.

      3. Well, you see, spare the rod, spoil the child actually means if you don’t discipline your child at all, you will raise a little hooligan. You have to be prepared to make sure they follow the rules and learn respect. It’s just been tainted over the years by the people that use it as a reason to beat the holy hell out of their kids.

        I mean you just have to look at kids today, most are given ineffective to no discipline, and they become little self-centered rude monsters most of the time, while the ones that have discipline in their lives (and I don’t mean beatings, I mean definite consequences for not following the rules, whatever methid works best for them) turn out to be worthwhile, respectful memebrrs of society, for the most part. Also a lot of times the ones raised with too strict discipline turn out a bit wild when they’re on their own.

      4. This is a common misconception that “spare the rod, spoil the child” is mentioned ANYWHERE in the bible…this was from an author in the 1800’s? (I might be wrong about that date).

        Actually, if many different stories, passages, scriptures and etc are studied in the bible (read thoroughly and researched)…the message is the opposite. There is a reference to a “rod” to guide…but no where does it say to beat. In reality, where this is mention of a particular man who beat his son regularly for misbehavior…it flash forwards to this child’s adult life and shows how this greatly affected him for the worse and made him a brutal, horrible ruler.

        So…the bible says more of guiding your children and showing them right from wrong in a gentle way rather than beating them with rods or sticks.

      5. The “rod” of which you speak, was mentioned in Proverbs, a book of poetry from the Bible. The “rod” in it’s original Hebrew was “shebet” which can in fact, be translated to “rod” but the term was used numerous times, throughout the Old Testament to mean God’s “authority”. If you actually pick up a Bible and read Proverbs and substitute the word “rod” with “authority” you will see God was not commanding we beat our children, but discipline them.
        In fact, in the book of Luke, Jesus said “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” 
        PS… I am not a religious person. 

    2. Wait didn’t you say above that you beat your kids and “get into their ass” for things like being lazy or not holding a door open. I think that’s pretty crazy and upsetting that your kids do these things out of fear, I was abused physically and sexually, the physical for stuff like not cleaning properly (I was 7) the entire house or catbox, I can still taste the octagon floor soap and I’m 41 , if I see it in the store I will vomit

      1. WAIT….no I didn’t say anything about ‘beating’ my kids.  I stated quite plainly that I KNOW EVERYONE WILL NOT AGREE WITH ME BUT I R-E-S-P-E-C-T everyone and their personal choice for parenting.  I am FAR from a child abuser, actually quite the opposite.  My kids are very much spoiled by love and attention, hugs and kisses, etc.  My boys will hug me and kiss me and call me mommy in public without a single feeling of embarrassment.  They get almost they ask for as long as they behave accordingly.   But at the same time, I am a strict mom and make sure that I am raising my kids to be respectful, disciplined and motivated.  I rarely have to physically discipline my kids and usually only do when it is an extreme situation or when everything else has failed.  My point was basically that I do not allow much wiggle room and will get into their asses if/when necessary and there are cases where I see kids who clearly need some discipline in their life.  My kids do not fear me, they respect me and my rules.  I listen to a coworker have daily arguments with her 12 year old son about everything from chores to sneaking out of the house…I just don’t understand how parents can have their kids not respect them.  What I say goes, it is not up for discussion or debate.  While I take all opinions and suggestions into consideration, I am the adult, the parent and the one who makes the decisions and I expect my kids to respect that. 

      2. did you not understand what she wrote at all?

  4. Holy fuck.  She looks like a pacman frog.  Google it!!

    1. LOL I think the frog is cuter…

      1. Yes.  And probably has better parenting skills.  Wiki says that they may eat their mates, but nothing about thier offspring.  That’s a sure sign that the frog is better than that fugly c***.

    2. I was in awe at how hot she was myself!

      1. Damn.  Right?  I haven’t eaten this morning, thankfully.

  5. There’s a difference between disclipline and abuse.  And honestly, I think that more parents need to DISCLIPLINE their kids (and I don’t mean time-outs) since there is more crime and violence than there ever used to be.  Back in the day the neighbor could whoop you if you got caught misbehaving and then your parents would get you after.  Like they say “it takes a village to raise a child”… now there is no respect, no boundaries and a general lack of morals.  Only recently has physical disclipline been brought to the forefront because back when my parents were children they got whooped if they misbehaved or were disrespectful. 
    I know many may disagree, and I respect all opinions and viewpoints, but I would rather whoop my kids butts and raise them right rather than allow the police to whoop them when they grow up and get in trouble.  My kids see a child be disrespectful to their parents and they turn all shades of red & say “My mama would whoop my butt if I did that”.  

    I have a teenage daughter who every once in a while needs to be reminded that I AM THE MOTHER.  I also have 3 boys who are damn near as tall as me and I need to get in their ass on occassion because I will never tolerate a lazy or disrespectful, no drive having male in my house.  They are respectful to adults, hold doors, carry groceries, fix things around the house, and are excellent athletes.  I will never allow my child to argue or debate shit with me and I will never allow them to run MY household.  If that means that I whoop their ass when needed, then so be it.  If you disagree, then so be it,  but you will never, ever see me on Maury Povich crying how my kids are having sex at 13, doing drugs, running away, I have to lock my door because they steal from me, I am afraid of my kids, and I will never need that drill seargant to take my kids for a wake up call.  They have one at home. 

    But let me also say that there are other ways other than physical, today before I came to work I hid all XBOX controllers and locked the garage where their bikes are. (he he he!)  I guarantee all chores are done by the time I get home 🙂 

    1. When me four year old won’t listen, his favorite stuffed animals go on vacation in the closet.

      1. My children generally get time out and in my oldest sons case his biggest torture is seeing his nintento DSi stashed in a locked GLASS cupboard until he earns it back. If they fail to pick up their rooms, I warn them that “mama maid” will do it but they should not be surprised at the end of the week when they do not get an allowance. I have come up with some creative punishments in my time but they very rarely consist of a spanking. I do believe that 1 pop on the behind to get attention after all other things have failed is ok AT times but should not be used primarily and more than once is damaging. I remember one time I was walking my son home from school and he threw his garbage from his snack on the ground….For the rest of the way home he had to pick up every piece of trash he saw (with the exception of cigareete butts and broken glass) it was rather effective because he has yet to litter again.

    2. When me four year old won’t listen, his favorite stuffed animals go on vacation in the closet.

    3. So you think strangers in your community should be ae to hit your kids? You need to re read how you wrote about the “good old days” there, these days the neighbors are the ones raping and killing your kids, I know quite a few kids (2 of my own) that have never been physically punished and are doing just fine, violence begets violence

      1. No violence does not beget violence. I know for a fact that it does not. I had a very violent home llife and I very very rarley use physical punishment. My autistic son hits me and no I do not hit him back but I do physically restrain him as I was taught  when I was a CNA. Having that idea that violence begts violence is objective at best and should not be used in a valid debate.

        1. You are right it does not always but you and I are very rare, so many children raised in violence turn to violence which is in my opinion an excuse, I went thru all types of abuse and I don’t treat my kids that way but not everyone is like this

          1. There are many people that I know of that chose not to be violent. As you stated, it is an excuse a sorry one at that. From a personal standpoint and I know most will agree with me on this that violence is a choice and if anyone has a problem with anger issues they should get help, but ultimately the choice to abuse is exactly that a choice and a piss poor choice.

      2. I was only referring to a different time and how the children were raised differently.  Now if you even look at another person’s child for acting out you have to fear that their parents will chew you out.  I was at my kids track meet last week and  some kids were throwing rocks, I nicely and jokingly told them “You won’t be able to run at Regional’s if you get injured by those rocks, maybe you should leave them on the ground.”  Not only did I get nasty looks and smart ass comments from the kids, I got a parent tell me “I see them, worry about your own.”  Hell, my friend told some kid to stop splashing water all over people from a puddle and almsot had a physical confrontation because the parent was so pissed that she had the nerve to even tell her son to stop after he kicked water all over her. 

        I don’t have a problem with adults reprimanding my children as long as they know how to talk to and treat them.  I do not want someone to physicaly punish my kids as I wouldn’t do it to any one else’s.  It was a reference, not something literal as you are taking it.  But I do live in a smaller community and with my kids being in all sports they are very well known, as is our family.  If my kids are out somewhere acting up I would absolutely expect someone to deal with them accordingly and then they will surely call me because they know I don’t condone bad behavior.

  6. I did spank with an open palm occasionally,as well as other forms of punishment. I  have raised three decent,respectful adult sons. But now I watch my grandkids,and since they are not my kids,I won’t spank them and I have found that time outs or scoldings seem to work as well. I certainly would never put them in a bathtub of hot water! Evil monster mom.


  8. I believe what everyone is referring to is:

    Proverbs 13:24King James Version

     24He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

    And like every other passage in the bible it’s open to interpretation.

    As for spanking, I grew up in a family that spanked and I’m fine.  My brother, my sister and I would all spank the kids in the family if necessary up until my niece passed away at 8 due to sudden cardiac death.  That made me realize how short life really is…

    Since then I have not laid one hand on my nephews and won’t let my brother if I’m around! 

    We’ve found they respond to being talked about what they did, why they did it, and why it was wrong.  If that doesn’t work they lose computer and video game privileges.  The younger kids get corner time or time out and hate it. 

    All and all it works just as well.

    1. Spanked?  Heck.  My step father whooped me until I had bruises on my ass for wearing roller skates in the house.  I never thought of it as abuse and I’ve never raised a hand to my son.  Children all react to different punishments differently.  Spanking some may cause anger issues and violence, but not in others.  Not spanking some, but just talking to them, works fine – but other children may never learn the consequences of their actions with “talking”.  My son is sensitive (not like a girly boy, just thoughtful and sweet).  Talking to him works great.  My husband swatted his ass a couple of times and it only pissed him of and closed him off from us for a few days.  If I sit and explain what the possibility what  his actions could cause, he listens and understands.  He knows that calling names hurts feelings and that some children are not strong enough to handle mental abuse and they often kill themselves.  He understands that stealing
      hurts people – he has had things stolen from him, so he knows first hand and I’d be willing to bet he NEVER steals.  He knows not to tell people to shut up because they deserve a chance to be heard.  I could go on and on, but I don’t have to spank him.  That’s all.  I’ve seen kids that needed a spanking something fierce, and I wanted to be the one to do it.  But that doesn’t apply to all children.

      1. LOL Whooped is probably the better term to use…  Belts, switches (that I was made to go get myself!!  I always hated that shit!), usually it was his hand and he would lift your ass off the ground with it! 

        Today, he’s totally different.  He won’t even think of swatting one of the grandkids and is always telling us how wrong he was for ever whipping us…  He was much easier on us than his dad was on him and grandpa was beaten with a bullwhip when he was a kid… 

        I don’t now and never have felt like I was abused by my father.   I wasn’t whipped that often but when I was it was memorable!!

        1. Hey.  At least you were never stripped naked, handcuffed to a desk, paddled on camera for some dumb skanks perverted pleasure.  I’d say a switch beats the spank fantasy.  Ick.

      2. You got lucky!!  J is a great kid!!!

        1. Why thank you.  I think he’s pretty amazing.  He has been geeting picked on at summer camp.  I keep waiting for the phone call that he knocked the chunky little fucker on his ass, but I know he’s to nice.  Brown belt and all, he will never act in a violent way.  He just walks away.  Damn I love that brat.

      3. Exactly! 
        My oldest daughter… nothing works but taking everything away. My 2nd daughter (3rd child) never and I mean, never does wrong. The time or two she has broken a rule, I shook my head and said “I cant believe you did that” and her heart broke. My youngest girl (4th child) is 21 months old, so too young to discipline. 
        And then there’s my boy… he’s sweet, loving, respectful, softhearted, but ALL boy. He gets in trouble for boy stuff like throwing rocks or skateboarding at the school after hours. He got in trouble at school for something a few months back so I grounded him. Well, he got in trouble again about a week later, so I told him, I was going to have to spank him, because he was already grounded and that wasn’t working. So, I gave him a few swats, more a 5 year old’s spanking, than an almost 13 year old and he seemed pretty happy about getting off so easy. Until I… wait for it… sat down in his desk chair and started crying. I mean, like, head in my hands, shoulder shaking sobs. I start babbling about being a bad mom, and how he must need more attention because he got in trouble, and how I’m trying so hard, but if he would tell me what I’m doing wrong I would fix it… So, then he starts crying and tells me how sorry he is and that I’m a good mom, and it’s all his fault and he’ll be good from now on. 
        All kids are different with different discipline needs. And spankings have their purpose. Just not in the news, because they resulted in scarring and damage. The bitches from this story… scalding would be too good for them.

  9. when will these sex monsters be neutered, remove their testicles,  and eliminate some of the desire or just cut off their penis as well and women should be fixed these ppl can not be cured, healed, or changed they also should be chipped so we can keep track of em! I bet that would wipe the smirk off his face I think they do not deserve to live but at least this would be a better alternative then letting them go and there they go doing the same crimes over n over destroying more lives what is wrong with our justice system?

  10. “If you check Wynita’s medical history, you will see that she is capable of placing her kids in hot water.”

    Someone please enlighten me as to what the hell medical condition makes you capable of doing heinous like that!  I’m pretty sure I have a cure for it though.  How about mandatory spaying for these creatures without anesthetic and then placing them in a tub full of scalding hot water from immediately after the procedure until they get some burns eh? I would suggest some rubbing alcohol, but sadly that’d just cool the water off way too much. 

    I wasn’t aware stupidity and evil were diseases.  Looks like momma was a carrier and passed it on to her delightful daughter.  To hell with gene therapy.  Fix these bitches.  Breed them out.  It’s the only way.

    1. She my sister an neice and we was as child abrused and I begged my sibling to to theropy the declined it took me 3 years and the GOOD LORD on myself to recover from my childhood…… My sister has been needing help but never willing to face it I hope she stas locked up I hope my neice get help and be giving a mercy for no one know the trouble nor do children should be made to pay the price of affliction that was bestowed upon us

  11. BAD JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!u00a0 But never fear, after she gets “help” she’ll get the kids back or grandbitch will get custody and we’ll have Caylee all over again!!

    1. Sadly, that’s usually the way it is…

      1. that is so fucked. it is actually making me grind my teeth.

  12. why don’t you stop penciling in your fucking eyebrows you infested coochie having tw*t? that isn’t a head shot, it’s a mug shot.
    You are worthless and deserve nothing but what’s coming to you. stop breeding and jump.

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