Everyone failed Serenity and now she’s gone.

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Grandparents say DHS practically cut them out of their granddaughter’s life

Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers suspended over death of child

CPS report

Some if not all of you will remember the brief post April wrote about 5-year-old Serenity Deal, here.

Well since that post a lot more information has come out about the short life of Serenity and how it came to be that she would end up in the home of the man who would end her life.  It is nothing short of tragic and an epic failure by CPS of Oklahoma, well known for it’s involvement in the case of Kelsey Smith-Briggs.

Serenity’s story starts on June 4th when her father Sean Devon Brooks (31) called the police to report a child not breathing.  He would tell police that he had taken his daughter to work with him the night before, the next morning
while showering he heard and thud and found her unconscious.  He offered no explanation for the bruises covering the baby’s body, including her face, head and a gash to the back of her head.

Well if you read April’s post you know how it ended for the child abusing asshat… he is resting his sorry ass in jail, charged with first-degree murder.

But… April wanted you to know the story leading up to Serenity’s placement with her father and in evitably her death.  She has asked me to write and I am happy to oblige but it is heartbreaking to say the least, so let’s get to it.

Serenity was placed with her father, whom she had only met a short time before, after her mother was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy.  Samantha Deal entered a blind plea to a charge of forcible sodomy of a child and will be sentenced sometime this month.

DHS was involved in the case and pushed for Brooks to have permanent custody of the daughter, he only learned of a year prior following a paternity test.  Serenity had been living with her maternal grandparents, who were planning to adopt her, until it was learned that the grandmother was allowing her to have over night visits wither he mother and he boyfriend, a convicted sex offender.

Even with all of the messed up information above, it still doesn’t outline the clear failure to protect this little girl.  CPS pushed for this baby to placed with a man… who she cried and begged not to go with, she would return from visits with bruises and black eyes.  She would say he yelled at her all the time and hit her.   Brooks of course always had excuses for her injuries.  Feel free to read the link posted above that details all of the accusations and excuses… but consider yourself warned it’s going to piss you off.

Serenity Deal turned 5-years-old in May and died less than one month after being placed with her father.

She was failed by everyone who had a duty to protect her.

Four DHS employees – two supervisors and two caseworkers – are on administrative leave pending an agency investigation.

R.I.P. Serenity, you have the face of an angel.


  • CynicalMe

    DHS withheld photos and injuries from the court in the placement hearing and didn’t do a background check which would have showed him to be the violent prick he is!!  All of this was hidden from the court that placed her in his custody. 

    The mother is suing the state.  Warning there is a pic of the previous injuries in the link that is heart wrenching…


    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      The mother is a piece of shit. She better not see a dime. The money needs to go to programs for abused children – or to her other children. But not her. No fucking way. Dirty whore.

      • CynicalMe

        She’s asking for a million for each of her kids and a million for herself for a total of 3 million… What do you want to bet she gets it too… I really hate DHS at the moment!!!

        • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

          I always hate them. Remember – the CPS worker who failed Serenity was responsible for a couple of other deaths as well. And I bet the whore gets the money. I hope she gets it after she gets shanked in the shower.

          • CynicalMe

            Fuck!!  Please tell me that is the same worker that committed suicide…

          • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

            That’s the one. Did the world a favor.

          • Marsha

            I read that the worker who committed suicide was the one who kept trying to stop the so-called reunification but he couldn’t because his unit did not have jurisdiction.  He was the one innocent person in this.

          • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

            Interesting. I hadn’t read that. I thought it was just a shitty DHS worker who couldn’t deal with the guilt of not doing their job.

      • Clevo

        I believe that in this case one of your more historically used slurs is appropriate when referring to the birth vessel. That would, of course be “sperm burping gutter slut.”

        • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

          Right. It is genus North Americanas-gutter Ejaculous burpicanus Slutasaurus – AKA sperm burping gutter slut.

  • YourPalNancy

    Oklahoma’s DHS truely is a waste of time. I knew someone who never took care of her children, was constantly and literally falling down drunk laying in her underwear while her children crawled over her, dirty diapers everywhere, cops called on her and her husband every night and DHS closed the freakin case and were going to leave those poor children with her because there weren’t enough witnesses. I had to go to DHS and make a statement that I actually witnessed the horror of her household. They were finally removed a year and a half after the first person reported her.

  • Deena

    One of DHS workers associated with this case and Kelsey Briggs has committed suicide while on leave.


    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Boo fucking hooo.  Should have done his damn job.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ April

      Turns out 2 other children were murdered while under their watch.  Melissa Ellison (5) was beaten to death by her father and Aja Johnson (7) was kidnapped and murdered by her step father.  Sounds like these case workers have the blood of 4 children on thier hands.

  • Babyjanedoe17

    Poor little girl came from an entire family of people who didn’t give a rat’s ass about her. If the grandparents had really cared,why would they let her visit a child abusing mother with a sex offending boyfriend?

  • Ash2ash33

    must have been one of those home DNA tests because she sure does not look like him AT ALL…it is a shame everyone let her down…and just to think if gma hadnt snuck those visits they would have had her and she would be here today….smh…

  • http://sonowinx.wordpress.com/ Kae Lily

    Administrative leave? Doesn’t that mean they’re still getting paid? Yeah, that’s a real penalty.

    • BeMyGuest

      It is not unusual for police, school teachers, social workers etc to be put on administrative leave until a determination is made. u00a0Do not be surprised if you see criminal charges, something doesn’t smell right…one county the workers are saying dad had previously severely physically abused the girl and the other county totally overlooks the other investigations? u00a0In this day and age with the linking of computers and data bases it should have been no problem to access other investigation reports and findings. u00a0u00a0