The ‘Let’s bitch about Casey Anthony’ post

This is the face of injustice.

As we all know by now Casey Anthony was found not guilty of both first degree murder and aggravated manslaughter in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. What’s even worse is that she was found not guilty of aggravated child abuse. To be found not guilty of all 3 of those charges is a great miscarriage of justice. Way to go Florida. Another reason for me to hate you.

After Anthony serves her time for the lying to police charge I’m pretty sure she’ll end up back in jail again. That will be after her failed reality show and the porn video which I’m sure will come out.

Also that smug douchebag Baez will now be the new Johnnie Cochran and his rat face is going to be all over TV for years to come.

Nothing about this outcome is right.

Feel free to bitch but any direct threats will be deleted.

  • eddeva

    it’s now 2013 and I still come back to these old posts in a righteous fury.

  • Aquila950

    She got away with tossing her daughter’s body in the swamp like trash, but wait we would get fined if we threw trash over there

  • Jadecrowe

    not sure how i missed this thread.  but He Who Sets the Rules said no direct threats, so i have to shut up now anyway.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Just change ‘I want’ to ‘they should’ and you’re golden. 

    • April

      Noooooo.  You are married to He Who Writes the Rules.  You do what you want.

  • Anonymous

    Fact is, Casey Anthony lied about everything concerning her child and as the mother she was the responsible party. So sad that a jury could not reason that this women  ( being the responsible  party ) should be held accountable for her childs welfare which in the end was death.

    • Trench Reynolds

      I can see the prosecution of not meeting the burden of proof for murder charges but how could the jury not convict her on child abuse charges, or at least abuse of a corpse?

      —– Original message —–

      • Benighted

        Because there was no direct forensic trace evidence linking Casey and Caylee’s remains. Jose Baez may have been a total asshole but he did a fantastic job of a) pointing out that all the eviedence was circumstantial and b) throwing George under the bus, George was his reasonable doubt, even if it was all made up, and he used him well.

        I hate to admit it because I watched the whole damn thing and I’m damn sure she killed her daughter, either intentionally or by accident; and even if by accident (the pool scenario) she didn’t care enough about Caylee to report it. But Baez, sleazeball that he was, used every legal loophole he could to absolve her of blame. Clever lawyer; sucky human being.

  • Adambomb747

    Does anyone else think she’s kind of sexy, albeit a complete psychopath and a murderer?

    • April

      No.  She has a horse face.  Her body is decent but face is gross.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Speaking as the lone male writer on this site….no. It’s just you. 

      • Clevo

        Go Trench!  😉

      • Clevo

        Go Trench!  😉

      • April

        Haaaahaaaaahaaaa.  You may be the lone male, but I appreciate a hawt chick.  She’s not hawt.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about desecrating the American flag.

  • Dee

    What about the bad smells coming from Casey’s car and the fact she didn’t report her daughter’s death?  If she would have drowned in the pool, no one would have duct taped her mouth.  Poor baby, RIP.  There’s no justice in this world.

  • Megs

    How about she never denied knowing she was dead a month before the cops got involved in her defense, that alone should have been manslaughter if we went by what HER OWN DEFENSE WAS.

  • Bistrogal

    Hmm lock the doors she is going to be out on the 17th. She may be knocking on everyones door begging for a place to stay. Restaurants not letting anyone in their doors there in Orlando to the jurors. Well, the wicked witch of the west will be on her broomstick come the 17th. She has this attitude like she is enjoying the attention for what she did. Disgusting that the Jerry Springer show offered her money to appear on the show. Totally disgusting. If she writes a book then everyone should never buy that book. It is totally disgusting. No one wants her in Florida, do you want her in your town, in your state? No one does. You would have to lock your doors in every state in every town she is in. 95% of people know she is guilty and she is the most dispised person in the entire world right now and especially the USA at 100% despised. Lock your doors and don’t let her in your stores, your restuarants and please do not buy her book.

    • Babyjanedoe17

      I wouldn’t pay a dime at a yard sale for anything that would benefit Casey. I’m kinda hoping someone offs her-and gets away with it!! How’s that for karma?

    • disgusted in NY

      I sincerely hope EVERYONE who EVER sees Casey for the remainder of her life harrasses her and lets her know WE KNOW she got away with murder.  That fucking pig!