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While we're bitching about Casey Anthony let's not forget about Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Age progressed photo of Giovanni Gonzalez

While we’re all whipped into a frenzy over the injustice of the Casey Anthony verdict let’s not forget about Giovanni Gonzalez.

Giovanni has been missing since 2008 and his father, Ernesto, is still sitting in jail and refuses to tell where his son is.

This is a case that could use the attention that the Casey Anthony case got but it’s not.

You can see all my previous posts on Giovanni here.

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  1. I pray to god that the scum bag comes to his senses and tells where his son is!!! Even if he is not here with us anymore he deserves to have justice!!!!! I am sad that this is so common now a days. I will never understand how these kind of people think it’s okay to hurt a innocent child, because they are mad or for whatever reason!!!


    1. No, we care…it’s their lying, abusing sub-human lying parents that don’t care.

  3. This asshole makes me sick. If he had an ounce of humanity, he would tell everyone what they already know, so maybe Giovanni’s mom and family could have a little peace.u00a0

  4. Personally, I think this is a case that waterboarding and any other interrogation method should be used!!u00a0 Eventually, the Prick would tell the truth!!

    1. Interrogation methods…. *sigh*… those were the good ole days.

    2. I STILL like the car battery attached to the nads for this guy.u00a0 🙂

      1. u00a0Maybe that and waterboarding at the same time would get some results!!u00a0 😛

  5. Something needs to be done, so that these piece of shit “parents” can no longer lie about where their child is to cover up that they killed them.u00a0 This is what I tried to tell people that were going off about the Caylee Anthony case all day yesterday – she is not the only child who this has happened to.u00a0 It happens too often, but she is the only one who the media reported crazily about.u00a0 Poor beautiful little boy ….

  6. They are NOW saying that a new bill is going to be passed in FL called Caylee’s Law which will carry a felony charge if a person does not properly report their child missing!!! u00a0SMH!!! u00a0Why does a tragedy have to happen before a law is passed? u00a0That is just crazy!!! u00a0Again our justice system SUCKS!!!! u00a0nnI have not forgotten about gorgeous Giovanni, I still pray u00a0he is alive and well. u00a0 This POS for a father that is so selfish and pure evil needs to be touched by God as many inmates claim they are, at least long enough to say the truth.u00a0

    1. I agree with you completely. As a parent I think it should be a felony not to report a child missing….typically the caregiver does not report the child missing because they have something to hide. Freaking Pitiful!nnAs for little Giovanni, it sucks that this poor baby had such a douchetastic sperm contributor. It is so sad that people can be this selfish. I am a firm believer in Karma and justice by the light of God will be served. While it may not be here on Earth the day of reckoning will approach for all that have disgraced these webpages. I am typically not one for vengance because I am fully aware of how karma works but when I am angry the gloves come off.

      1. Any real loving parent would call for help the moment they realize their child is not where they were supposed to be no matter what age they are, when my grown 24 year old doesn’t call me panic sets in, imagine with a helpless child. u00a0Natural instincts are within us that are really hard to control when it comes to our children. u00a0Giovanni and Caylee’s chances of growing up to be part of this crazy world where limited the moment their pure evil parents donated a bit of semen for Giovanni and u00a0an Ovum for Caylee.

    2. Or waterboarded into telling!

      1. I think that u00a0isu00a0an awesome idea!!!nnThe possibility of him being “touched by God” will possibly never happen…..n

        1. Personally, I’d love to “touch” the guy upside the head with a shovel…

          1. and then use the same shovel to dig a hole and put him in it while he is still breathing…. YEAH!!! u00a0that sounds really good!!!!!

          2. Save that shovel and use it for Casey too!

  7. Poor Gio & Caylee no justice for these babies, I look at my four year old daughter and cannot believe satanic a-holes like THAT SATANIC COW and EVIL ERNESTO could kill their sweet babies and that Satanic Cow got away with it, BULL-SH*T!

  8. Poor Gio & Caylee no justice for these babies, I look at my four year old daughter and cannot believe satanic a-holes like THAT SATANIC COW and EVIL ERNESTO could kill their sweet babies and that Satanic Cow got away with it, BULL-SH*T!

  9. The three Skelton boys are still missing in Michigan,too. Hey,it worked for freaking Casey. If the body isn’t found for long enough,it’s hard to find physical evidence. Sick mo fo’s.

  10. I can’t believe this jerk is getting away with this.   How can he just say oops, don’t know where he is and get off?
    There has to be a crime in there somewhere!!!!!

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